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The Moon

October 30, 2017

A good discussion in the comments.

And a different pov.

What do I believe? I believe humans should keep finding seemingly illogical things like quantum entanglement and time loops. It’s more interesting than the scientific orthodox Consensus.


Aliens as Demonic deception

June 23, 2017

I think this line of research is very valid.

Three Body Problem trilogy is finished

May 11, 2017

Found a neat fan made video here from the second novel in the trilogy, the Dark Forest. No spoilers.

Fandoms (kingdoms) vs Corporate Hierarchies in lawsuits: Star Trek holders and Axanar in conflict

January 15, 2016

I wrote a comment in reply to this pov on the title subject, so I’ll archive it here as well.

I See BS is using a passive income milking technique, often seen in Triple A PC game title producers.

It’s the mainstream marketing method, that puts a lot of money in, to get a lot of money out, relying on the mainstream, the 51% of the market, to buy the product.

But that means the fans, the fanatics, are left out. The niche markets, are ignored. That is rather ironic, since it was the fans who maintained the culture around the universe, the fictional world, being sold for entertainment. The word of mouth value, of the brand, is priceless. It cannot be rated, if CBS tried to pay someone to advertise to that extent, CBS would go broke immediately.

In a Kickstarter, the fans are the investors, the people pushing the money to pay for the production. They are not merely the consumers who can be ignored, because the investors, stock owners, and directors of CBS have determined so.

The economic article covers the history in greater length. Content creators have higher priority in the world market these days, than passive income mainstream status quo powers that be. The mainstream large title holders can buy rights to whatever they want, because they can outbid other people, but they cannot enslave the creative imaginations of the human population. They cannot lay claim to what original content creators produce, merely because they “own a license”. That would be like claiming one owns the “right to fire” because you killed the inventors behind human made fire, and now claim that everyone who uses fire and who makes fire, is using your “property”. It’s the difference between 1830 Democrat slave barons and 1930 corporate employees. It’s a moral difference, not merely an economic one, nor a legal fiction.

If people who like Star Trek’s post scarcity dream of a human society built upon cooperation rather than competition, first they will have to demonstrate that de-centralized communities, fandoms, are more efficient and more competitive than the large conglomerates and corporations at large. That is ironic in one sense, but also fitting. If “ownership” and “property” is no longer necessary in Star Trek’s universe, what then is left for people to do? Find challenges to overcome and improve their own selves.

Of course it isn’t easy figuring out the solution that benefits everyone. It’s not meant to be easy. It wouldn’t be worth anything if it was easy. If it was easy, you could just have a CBS buy it out and it would now be a “franchise” you can consume, but it is not and it won’t be.

Japanese visual novels have been brought to the US market through liasion services, using Kickstarter and crowd funding. This is with a LANGUAGE and cultural barrier. With a distance barrier and enormous licensing issues with many different US or Japanese factions. Yet it was the “fans” that created the company, Sekai Project and others, and it was the fans that did the translation. They acquired “negotiation leverage” because they had demographic data and a significant amount of funding, to offer Japanese companies that are starving for money.

Entities like CBS only care about the money. Stockholder issues and CEO prestige. If the fans seem weak and gullible, CBS will extract an appropriate extortion fee every once in awhile, when they need the cash. If people wish for a more equitable relationship, they will have to bring some serious cash and leverage to the negotiations table. That’s how human society works, before it ever becomes post scarcity, post property. Fortunately for them, it has been done before, and it’s not like Star Trek communities lack the organizational infrastructure. They are merely… too beholden to the ideal of a property less ideal, that they probably don’t want to think about how to make money or exploit their own asset advantage (creating content). That’s why CBS doesn’t get it. They care only about the money and maybe their own ulterior motives. It’s not merely a lawyer problem, but also a cultural problem. Even if the factions speak the same language.

If you want a company that licenses and produces films by sub contracting out to fan organizations… then do it yourself. Relying on corporate top down hierarchies, isn’t going to get the job done. Top down hierarchies are extremely inefficient, especially when it comes to projects of passion and creativity.

Hunger Games vs US Games

December 14, 2013

This was a pretty good comment I read, so I’m just reproducing it here.

liljenborg • 8 hours ago
What I find so funny about the popularity of the Hunger Games is how the left looks at these movies and sees themselves as the heroes. They see a story about the downtrodden 99% rising up against the 1% and cheer on the Occupy Wall Street movement as the ideological brethren of Katniss. They don’t see themselves as the denizens of “decadent metropolis liberally composed of foppish, narcissistic parasites.” Those decadent denizens are obviously right wingers. They see themselves as the outdoorsy, bow hunting heroine, sacrificing herself to keep her family safe (even though “outdoorsy”, “bow-hunting”, and “family” are strange words associated with evil people like those “bitter clingers”). They don’t see the press as a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC, it’s owned by “the corporations”. They don’t see Hollywood, the source of the enthralling wave of Reality TV, as the left’s very own propaganda service. They still believe that the Wall Street they occupy is their enemy and not the source of their very own funding and the primary donors to the politicians they support (because these politicos claim they will reign in those pesky rich folk, as soon as they get back from the $2,000-a-plate Sierra Club fund-raiser with emcee George Clooney). They still believe the Wall Street they occupy is the financial center of the country, when, by most measures, the financial center of the country has moved south to the Capitol.

They see Katniss’ wedding dress dissolve into her Mockingjay outfit and they see homosexuals destroying that outmoded institution of marriage as a rebellious act against those bitter clingers. They don’t see a young woman, whose romantic life has been scripted by the entertainment industry and media handlers to mollify the mob and somehow corral her into following their direction. They don’t see that even her transition into the focal point of the rebellion has been scripted for her by the rebels.

So successfully have the leftist who love this series transferred their guilt and their complicity in the destruction of American society that they look at the calculating and manipulative character President Harrison and his lackeys running his cavalcade of bread and circuses and see, not this administration and their whole hearted supporters in the press and entertainment industries, but everything conservative. They believe the foppish, effeminate mobs are the faceless 1% (who must be right wing, by definition). Because we all know that the people who make more than a million dollars a year only make that money by mysterious market manipulations and exploiting the 99%. They couldn’t possibly, say (and I know how ludicrous this sounds) earn it by working hard at something. The 1% spend their days playing golf (like the president) or living it up at parties (like the first lady) and vacationing with their rich friends in exotic locations (like the first family). The rich don’t spend their days working, so the only way they “earn” their money is by tricking their way into it (like Solyndra), or inheriting it (like the Kennedys) or marrying into it (like the Secretary of State), or extorting it from honest folks (like Rev. Jackson, Sharpton, et al). They know that those 1%, like Rush Limbaugh, and the mind numbed drones who listen to him are the real villains. Even though, if you come across someone bow hunting in the woods like their heroine Katniss Everdeen, that person is far more likely to have a “Rush is Right” bumper sticker on their truck than an “O” bumper sticker on their Prius.

I don’t think it even enters their head that THEY are the dictators. They don’t see that it is our growing rule by bureaucracy, by self-appointed “experts”, inexorably hemming everyone in with regulations and policies is tyrannical and totalitarian. They think all those rules are right. They think that totalitarian state is liberating. You don’t have to decide what to have for dinner tonight, Michell Obama’s website will tell you what to fix (i.e. the bread), now you’re free to decide whether you want to watch American Idol or that gay-affirming sit-com (i.e. the circuses). You are free to go to college and become an academic and live your life the way you choose (as long as you choose to live the way the “experts” say you should, that is, live the way we do) because you aren’t forced to live in district 12 and mine coal so you can afford health insurance. Besides grunt work like that can be handled by those ignorant bitter
clingers or maybe some of those poor souls coming to America sans
documentation, because they do the work Americans won’t do (so long as they join unions with a history of donating to
leftist politicians). You don’t have to bear the long, costly, emotionally draining burden of raising the kids that result from your sleeping around. You can abort it, or, if you chose (though we all really know you shouldn’t, Spaceship Earth is already overpopulated) the (union run) schools can raise them for you.

They have so convinced themselves that the Right are the villains, that they can look at a series of stories like these and not notice they’re really looking into a mirror and seeing the world their own utopian fantasies are building.

Force Cantrithor Book Review

September 23, 2013

Got this for 3 dollars on Amazon kindle.

The reviews sounded interesting and the plot was new to me as well. So I decided to give it a go.

I was not disappointed. Most of the material revolves around the special abilities of the protagonist, though there are other point of views. It really hits well upon the metaphysical concepts in philosophy and some epistemological methods as well. Basically, what is real, what is true, and how do you tell the difference?

What is the nature of existence, the universe, and man? That line can encapsulate much of the theme of the book.

The characters are very human, you won’t get much TV tropes concerning the out of control loose cannon police officer that always knows what’s just. Nor will you see the corrupt, power mad military officer or authority figure. There’s no immature kids here who can only form an identity by denying existing social and power structures. These aren’t just tropes of decadent and poisonous Western cultural transmission, but they are horrible pieces of “art”, if you can call it that.

Much of Hollywood’s propaganda effect comes from making people watch villains do horrible things to innocent people, then use X, Y, and Z to obstruct the hero from taking revenge. X, Y, Z being whatever the audience is supposed to hate, mistrust, and stop believing in. This is an obvious attempt at influencing the mind of the weak, which is why I’m glad I detected none of those influences in this book. Many of the independent authors of the kindle and ebook self publishing community are free of much of the evil miasma of popular Western culture, amazingly enough.

Chi Gong: Ancient Chinese energy

July 1, 2013

Best explanation still for the subject matter.

As a hint, breathing methods can be used for more than just giving birth or sniping people at 2 klicks.