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2 things David Brin shouldn’t have written

January 2, 2014

Suppose the pattern holds — and remember this is just a thought experiment — what might it mean about the true 21st century?

One, what might it mean for an Obama fanatic in 2008 to talk about the century starting in 2014?

Remember what he said in 2008? Neither do I, I have to look it up.

Grayfort, we respect and welcome you here. We honor your service and your viewpoint.

And, yes, ask anyone around here. I was among the first in America (2004) to speak up for the hard-pressed United States Officer (and NCO) Corps. (Ask anyone!) The US Officer Corps makes up the 3rd best educated clade in American life and by far the most dedicated. I am irritated by (some) liberals who reflexively fail to notice that.

As I am irritated by “conservatives” who reflexively keep calling Democrats “socialists” (back it up!) and who refuse to recognize just how much damage has been done to America — and Pax Americana — by the monsters who have taken over your movement, lock stock and barrel.

Yes, you do seem very much an ostrich. Typically, you repeat mantras that bear no scrutiny. Clinton left a military in which every brigade was ready for full scale combat, the reserves were in top shape, special forces were all over the world, making useful contacts (that we used in Afghanistan. Re-enlistments soared after the incredibly successful Balkans tiff and standards were high.

To nurse resentment over the Balkans is to zero in on minutiae in order to maintain delusion. All major war aims were achieved swiftly, professionally, and according to military advice. With not one US life lost to combat and all equipment/supplies replaced within six months.

The proof is in the outcome, a Europe at peace for the first time in 8,000 years, with US popularity skyrocketing across all of the continent except Russia and Serbia. And, yes, higher popularity in muslim lands!

And no, popularity is not everything, but it is how to keep allies (and we have pretty much lost all of ours.) It is the fundamental bulwark upon which Pax Americana rested. It reached a pinnacle under Clinton (as did every other measure of US strength, from military to fiscal to economic). And our world popularity, and all other metrics of health, and power, and success, have plummeted under Republican rule.

Socialist? Then why do small business startups thrive under dems, while monopoly soars under gops? The stock market does better, 90% of our national debt was accrued by gops. What the ###$ do you need, before you’ll stop pressing your hands over your ears yelling “NAH!” in order not to hear?

Look, you seem a bright guy and I will grant you that there are some liberals who are the fruitcake lefties that you envision. But they do not control a political party. The democratic party is (for now) run by its pragmatists, while yours is run by a pack of raving loonies.

And that includes the same horde that McCain now surrounds himself with, while promising (with no details) reform.

Please try this experiment. Go to
and don’t just skim it. (Which is what human nature would have you do.) Actually read it all… aloud.
And I mean aloud! Because (as you know) we humans have a million tricks that let us scan-dismiss things we don’t like reading.

Okay, skim down to the section that begins “Which President…?” and start aloud from there.

If you do this, it may not change your mind. But at least you’ll see why we moderate/independents and centrist liberals are riled up. (And that’s only the stuff up to last May. There’s been lots more, since then.)

You will have proved your openmindedness and given the moderate opposition a chance to lay out their case. And we will honor you for it.-David Brin

Damn, even I can’t believe it. And I was part of that blog warf (barf?).

Brin boyo probably should have deleted that like his idol Obama did with the Obama healthcare promises and website propaganda.

Wait there’s more.

It would be one thing, if these were normal times. Goldwater’s version of conservatism had much to recommend it… though even he, late in life, looked with chagrin at the things that he opposed, like civil rights bills and environmental bills, with regret.

But these are not normal times. By any stretch og the imagination, Republican rule has been catastrophic for the United States of America. The US army has been nearly destroyed, the reserves demolished, our allies driven away, our finances ruined, our credit gone. There are NO metrics under which the previous democratic administration was not better.

That’s the problem with guys like the two (above) who come in and wave a general and theatrical statement, without offering a single reason why it would actually be so. Even worse than the harm done to America has been the harm done to Pax Americana. In 2000, the US was the unipolar leader of the world, respected, admired, and apparently all-powerful. All of our brigades were combat ready (none are today), were were strong by every possible metric.

I invite these fellows to offer one unambiguous and clearcut-provable way that things are better. Instead, we have seen a tsunami of outright corruption and theft.-2008 David Brin

A few years after 2008, I wrote something else there. Facts and detailed analysis are not tools that can reached a brainwashed Leftist zombie. So it was easier to just leave things as they were and come back later.

So the US military was well funded and prepared for combat under Clinton, but not in 2008 after fighting 2 wars and sustaining operations in two foreign countries across the globe. So they voted in a “pragmatic” Democrat that isn’t controlled by the Leftist loonies on the fringe, to… what fix things? To make America the unipolar power, Pax Americana, of the world? This is too stupid to talk about, so I’ll just stop. Even zombies are expected to do better than this.

Here’s your unambiguous, clear cut, proof that things were better under George W. Bush and Sarah Palin than under Brin’s messiah, Obama, and his non-socialist, non-left wing, non-US power vampires. Can’t even get the grammar for that streamlined, since the healthcare website just none none nommed numbed us all to death.

Time machines are great. You don’t need to prove anything. You just go leap back to the past, write something, then leap to the present and voila.

Plenty of people look like they did the same thing. Oracular and prophetic powers.

What actually happened with Zimmerman and Tray

August 7, 2013

A repost for those that might have missed this amidst the Leftist propaganda.

Two things that people should be mindful of.

1. When people are using verbal violence (aggression), do not take your eyes off of them, do not turn around and “walk away”, and definitely do not attempt to be reaching for something in your pocket like you got a hidden weapon there.

2. If you don’t feel confident in dealing with the threat (humans), then retreat back to your fort and base (in this case, his car). That doesn’t mean run away. It means a fighting withdrawal. Side stepping or backing away, while you keep your eyes, frontal torso, pointed at the enemy. While maintaining situational awareness, an open palm in front to prevent them from entering your inner area, continuously withdraw to your base. If you have another person to protect, pull their arm behind around your back, and then pull/lead them away. Do not attempt to talk them into following you. Same for if you or they need to duck. Make them duck, do not shout out words. Most people have problems processing words in violent situations and will be slow, even if they could react, to do things in the right order at the right timing even with verbal warnings.

First, however, learn to protect yourself, before you can protect anyone else. This goes double for defending your nation from foreign and domestic enemies.

Diet Programs

July 24, 2010

I personally found this explanation of metabolism and weight class quite interesting, as well as true. It combines together a lot of what people may say is common sense with weight loss but it also includes some other details and learning tips.

I recommend it as an easy to understand and easily accessible explanation on what advertisers and scientists have made complex.

How to Make HTML links: Or the Onion Security Effect

August 25, 2007

This list of comments by this poster is what I mentioned to Cassandra and company of Villainous Company.

  1. RebeccaH Says:
    August 25th, 2007 at 11:54 am How to do links:

    the silly name you give your link

    Note the quotation marks and the . Don’t leave anything out. Html is unforgiving.

    Very good post, but you left out “political correctness” and “liberal white guilt” in the list of diseases that need to be mitigated.

  2. Theo Spark Says:
    August 25th, 2007 at 11:59 am Rebecca darling, don’t get me started on the PC mob
  3. RebeccaH Says:
    August 25th, 2007 at 11:59 am Oops. The stupid thing thought it was a real link. See what I mean about html? I’ll try putting in question marks to fool it, and hope that works.

    the silly name you give your link

    Remove the question marks, but nothing else, and you have your link.

  4. RebeccaH Says:
    August 25th, 2007 at 12:02 pm Nope, sorry. I give up. Evidently Jules’ site can’t reproduce the symbols.

Maybe for my sanity if nothing else, I will place a permanent link-post so that I am only one or two clicks away from refering to. And I will make this a page.

Trotsky and Stalin: Leftist behavior

July 23, 2007

People often wonder about freedom fighters and revolutionaries, if only because in America the Founding Fathers are praised and revered as both freedom fighters and revolutionaries. Obviously this is not all that correct, and not just because of human fallibility. The Colonies had been running themselves for awhile now, so folks didn’t need a revolution, they just needed a guerrila war to get rid of the British and reform the system. Reforming the system is not a revolution, in which everything comes down. That is why American Revolution succeded but the French one went down in tears and red blood ruin.

Anyways, I was making a comment over at Villainous Company and while researching some evidence for my positions, I found two great links on how the Left often accuses people that are not ideologically pure enough for their tastes, of being Trotskyites. Then there is Stalin’s purge of Trotsky as you will see here.

This is the comment I made at Villainous Company.

After Lenin died, Stalin purged Trotsky and that is why people on the Left calls folks “Trotsyites” because to them, Trotsky was a traitor of the Revolution and therefore justifiably purged by Stalin. The Left almost never talks about Stalinites, assuming they even know what Stalin was to begin with.

Here’s proof I’m not just making this stuff up, btw.

As a scholar researching for several decades the migration of United States intellectuals from Left to Right, I have been startled by the large number of journalistic articles making exaggerated claims about ex-Trotskyist influence on the Bush administration that have been circulating on the internet and appearing in a range of publications. I first noticed these in March 2003, around the time that the collapse of Partsian Review magazine was announced, although some may have appeared earlier.

One of the most dismaying examples can be found in the caricatures presented in Michael Lind’s “The Weird Men Behind George W. Bush’s War” that appeared in the April 7, 2003 issue of the New Statesman. Lind states that U.S. foreign policy is now being formulated by a circle of “neoconservative defence intellectuals,” and that “most ” are “products of the largely Jewish-American Trotskyist movement of the 1930s and 1940s….” Moreover, Lind claims that their current ideology of “Wilsonianism” is really Trotsky’s theory of the permanent revolution mingled with the far-right Likud strain of Zionism.”

However, I am not aware that anyone in the group of “neoconservative defence intellectuals” cited by Mr. Lind has ever had an organizational or ideological association with Trotskyism, or with any other wing of the Far Left. Nor do I understand the implications of emphasizing the “Jewish” side of the formula, although many of these individuals may have diverse relations to the Jewish tradition–as do many leading U.S. critics of the recent war in Iraq.

It is pretty simple. The Left are very aggressive in purging the non-ideologically pure and extreme from their ranks. Just like what Kos is doing right now with the Kidz and such.

That very aggression, based upon insecurity, bullying interests, and desires of dominance and patriarchal or matriarchal control is what often leads them to accuse the military of being sadistic killers. The Left sees in the US military what the Left could never hope to accomplish for themselves, because Leftists are too weak and lazy for the mental discipline required for true killing. But sometimes one of them overcomes their inherent limitations, as Stalin did when he purged Trotsky.

Leftists don’t play.

Eliminating the Threat of Trotsky

With his position inside the party secure, Stalin began to solidify his power. His greatest adversary was Trotsky, who he battled on the direction that the revolution should now go. Trotsky wanted to spread the revolution around the world as Marx had predicted. Stalin argued that the Party must protect and rebuild Russia first.

By using his supporters, and creating deals with other powerful members of the party, Stalin was able to push Trotsky out of the Party 1925. Trotsky was exiled to Siberia as punishment, and ultimately exiled out of the country. Fifteen years later, Stalin had his secret police assassinate Trotsky in Mexico. Although he was under heavy guard, an assassin was able to sneak in and drive an ice pick into Trotsky’s skull. He died one day later. Stalin was was ruthless in his attempt to gain power, and with the elimination of Trotsky, his grip on the Soviet Union became tighter.

UPDATE: Btw, when the Left talks about civilian control, what they mean is this.

B using the power of the secret police, Stalin purged or cleaned his political party, the army and Russian citizens of those he thought were a threat. By 1940, he eliminated the best and the brightest from the government and army. This left him in absolute control of the Party and the country. Unfortunatly, as a nation, she would be weakened in a future conflict with Germany.

Numbers of Military Officers Purged in the Red Army in one year (1937-38)*

  Original Number Executed
Marshals (generals) 5 3
Army Commanders 16 14
Corps Commanders 67 60
Division Commanders 199 136
Brigade Commanders 397 221

* Of the total of 35,000 officers in the army, about half were shot and the rest were imprisoned.

[UPDATE: Btw for those interested in why I call ETC spank, anon, neo-conned, etc. Here is the reason. I posted a blog post more than a year ago about an anonymous stalker on my blogspot site, that kept coming around and talking smack. Now that “etc” has taken a name, he sounds much more reasonable, no? Human behavior is so easy to manipulate and corrupt. More so when the person under the knives has already bisected himself. Spank loved to talk about how everything I knew of military history was based upon Warcraft games and novel writers like David Weber and John Ringo. You really got to watch out for the personality traces you leave, given that it is just as bad as a paper trail. Hell, maybe I have a fan club at George Washington Universty in DC. The entire Leftist faculty and student body might be reading this blog for critique papers. Certainly I keep getting readers with an IP matching that, what else am I supposed to think?]

Spycraft and Idiotcraft

July 15, 2007

A little later the CIA [Directorate of Intelligence] asked if I was interested in starting the clearance process to join them. But the bureaucratic tribalism in that organization scared me. I consider CIA employees to be patriotic as individuals but when it comes to their Group Think and turf wars they are near-treasonous in their actions. Most of them are cowards who don’t want to rock the boat. That might cost them their job. They’ll just wait until they retire to write a critical book. The guy who was trying to recruit me gave up after three telephone conversations. I told him I was enlisting in the Army.

Bad news on the civilian DoD area. It is not that surprising. Neither for the CIA or for DoD.

Q: Enlisting? In intel?

A: Yes. As a 96b [intelligence analyst]. I had failed the medical before college and was rejected for enlistment. They lowered the enlistment standards so I was technically qualified after college. I tried a second time and was failed by MEPS [Military Entrance Processing Station] for the same reason despite the rules having been changed. It was obvious that they made a mistake so they sent my file to some Army doctor in Kentucky who rejected the waiver request for a condition that was not even disqualifying anymore. So I sent letters to three different Senators and 6 months later my waiver mysteriously appeared in a manner which my recruiter could not explain. So I went back into MEPS with a waiver and a maximum score on [the aptitude test]. I was qualified for every single MOS in every branch of the military. I signed a contract for 96b and was given a guaranteed date at Ft. Leonard Wood and at intel school in Ft. Huachuca.

Q: So what happened?

A: Well, you have to get by the civilian who does the security clearances. I need a top secret clearance. I was totally clean but I was not born in the United States and I technically have dual citizenship with [a friendly NATO country]. So the security clearance person rejected me on the spot. I offered to renounce my citizenship in exchange for the clearance. But it was like “You failed. Go home.” The funny part is my brother is in the same situation as me and he has a top secret clearance. I even met a fellow dual-citizen from the same country recently who was in Army intel until last year. So much for consistency.

Q: Can you do any other jobs for the US government?

A: No. I’m disqualified security clearance-wise from working for the military, CIA, NSA, FBI, State Department and Department of Defense contractors.

Top secret clearances take time. I don’t see how any civilian bureacrat from DoD or whatever outfit they have doing the checks, can say no right on the spot without actually traveling to the various people, places, and references to discover that this guy is who he says he is or not. It is not as if Sandy Berger got a Top Secret clearance because everybody knew he was a hack and saboteur, but that didn’t stop his security clearances from eventually being returned to him, you know. So it all comes down, in the case of secrets and competency, to political power and corrupt bureacrats. Which is I keep saying that you can’t go easy on the bureacrats and the folks.

More bad news.

Despite past high-profile security breaches, the FBI is providing top-secret clearances to 50 District of Columbia students this summer. The move is part of a recruiting effort to identify future agents and analysts for the fast-growing bureau.

The program, in its second year, is the only one of its kind in the federal government that grants such access to students, some as young as 16, for paid research and clerical positions…

[Assistant Director Joseph Persichini said] “This is our chance to provide opportunity to the youth of our city …

I don’t know how to better explain this. If you want to crack the intel field and be competitive with our enemies, then you need people that were once of the enemy or around the enemy or somehow or in someway MOTIVATED to fight against the enemy. Motivation first, competency comes afterwards. And I ain’t talking about financial motivations. In the case of Soviet defectors like this one, competency comes first, then motivation. But regardless you have to have one or two to start with. 50 District of “I ban all guns here except for the bodyguards of politicians” stuff is strictly…. DC. As in, insular and political.

I started off on this branch courtesy of Soob.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

July 5, 2007

Truth has been an interesting concept to me, since it is at times challenged, manipulated, and just plain ambiguous as seen from human arts. Yet one thing I’ve dug up is that people who truly fight for the good don’t need deception and the covering up of truth to maintain their power and growth of strength and wisdom.

However, the Islamic Jihad needs deception simply in order to survive. That’s… not a very good recommendation for the goodness of their side.

Courtesy of (I think)