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Humanizing the demonized conservatives

December 29, 2013

Re-humanizing our people.

Beyond their business successes, Michelle and Jesse Malkin have been invaluable in keeping conservatism front and center in the social media. Michelle pointed out that Twitchy, with its wide range of coverage encompassing topic areas where conservatives rarely tread, including entertainment and the full range of media, has been “reaching out to non-traditional people and giving (them a conservative) perspective” they might not otherwise ever see.


The Power of GLAD: Phil Robertson suspension

December 27, 2013

When the Leftist alliance declares you a non-human, watch out, there will be consequences.

When the Left Attacks

December 27, 2013

Only difference between the mass gang rape of that loyal Leftist on the net and Duck Commander’s public burning is that Duck Commander has the war resources to fight back.

Nobody is allowed to step off the Leftist plantation. Nobody is just going to be allowed to leave their Jim Jones death cult.

Corruption of the Youth

December 27, 2013

Wait a moment, I thought only religious folks like the Catholics were responsible for gay homosexual child molestors? How can it be possible that anyone else trafficks in such things?

There’s the fantasy the US Leftist media feeds us via tubes. Then there’s reality.

Human beings crave authority. And so long as there is an authority, there is also evil and corruption. The only counter against that is to get people to make their own judgments as much as feasible. Or re-engineer humanity into a livestock slave race, like the Left wants to do.

Authority: What’s it good for

December 27, 2013

Authority is not always a bad thing. Meaning its mere existence is what has made human cooperation and civilization feasible.

Why is that? Merely because it prevents panic, it creates a meritocracy on the spot that puts the most confident, presumably also the most competent, person in charge of affairs. As humans who feel lack of confidence won’t take action, just like CPR in public.

Of course family and the authority of the patriarch also helps, on a cellular basis for self organization, but civilizations don’t have patriarchs standing on the corner all the time telling their clans what to do. That’s not modern civilization, at least not modern Western civilization.

From my experience, most people won’t step up and take a leadership position in a crowd of strangers or people they don’t know. Especially if they have doubts about their own power or ability. They will gladly step up and do a job, such as call 911 or perform CPR, but only when someone in their face tells them, “you, I need you to do X”. When it is phrased in the minds of people that “someone should call 911” or “should needs to perform CPR”, then No One does.


Often the cultural, social, and legal forms for wives and husbands designated the man as the leader, as the authority, because someone has to be the leader. There can’t be two co equal leaders always arguing about the same thing, that would ignite warfare. As it already has in the West, between the sexes. In matriarchies, the woman was the leader. But in no human society has there ever been a case where two people have equal responsibilities and equal authority, who didn’t try to kill each other eventually to figure out who the top dog was.

Independence of Will in Martial Arts

December 27, 2013

A lot of this applies to martial arts, at least at the higher levels of cognitive development. You don’t necessarily need independence of will, creativity, or free will to improve your physical conditions. You just do what you are told and you can grow stronger, faster.


I see the world in my own conceptual framework, of the contest between yin and yang or what I would like to call Individual free will and Authoritarian power.

A single human or person attempts to develop a sense of self identity and an ability to exercise free will, around puberty. Before that period, there’s little to no instinct to want to make decisions or judgments yourself, as your cognitive development is solid but still perfectly capable of accepting authority as the determination of your reality and ethics (Santa’s metaphysical reality for example).

In order to distinguish yourself from other people, so that you can distinguish your own will from what other people tell you to do, generally people try to find a subject matter that they have knowledge on or special expertise in. This is reinforced when society praises the individual for attempting to master a complicated and productive field. If society does not praise but instead condemns, then you get what might be called “sub-cultures”. It’s still obedience to societal norms and thoughts (because people are not yet free), but it’s obedience to a society of people like yourself: a sub culture.

Until a person is able to accept themselves, trying to get society to accept them may or may not work. Creative people or those with a burning internal desire for something, have to not only create a self contained identity that is able to control and make use of these burning desires but must also cooperate or adhere to community standards to function as a normal human being (herd or pack).

Many people have found success by finding a societal niche or role where they can put their energies to creative and productive use. So they benefit not only personally by having an outlet for their drives, but also recognition from society for being a productive member.

However, that’s not always the case. There are many individuals exercising free will or dissidents, where the state or high authority does not accept the existence of. If you say something you shouldn’t against Hussein or North Korea’s leadership, you may not find yourself as warmly accepted as a “creative thinker” as you might in the United States of America. That’s because it is not in the interests of authority to cultivate competition or rebels. The American system allows leaders and authorities to make bank on cultivating products and services, but that is only in the sense that they are tending livestock. It is not a system that makes you have free will. It just assumes you do have free will and lets you use it without dropping you into the river with concrete attached to your legs.

A popular phrase that might provide for easy visualization is: the nail that stands out is hammered flat.


Martial arts has its own unique combination of authority, authoritarian views, community standards (black belts), and individual will (technique deconstruction, construction, philosophy, and teaching).

Question your teacher, to see whether you are doing what your teacher tells you to do or whether you are learning from the teacher and learning how to do things on your own by your own judgment. It’s not very complicated. But that very simplicity masks the utter difficulty in the task of learning how to be your own person, act on your own judgment, become your own authority.

Home Invasions

December 27, 2013


People in Australia and Britain think they live in a superior utopia to the US, because they think they don’t have shootings and mass killing sprees. Instead, they have this social benefit, called home invasions, where burglars and other criminals think a house is just some rest and recreation station along the way of a criminal career in getting rich.

In many parts of the US, that isn’t controlled by EUropean style politicians such as the cities, burglars do not ever want to confront a human when conducting theft, burglary, or breaking/entering. Why? Because chances are they will be executed. Being shot is not worth 1000 dollars. Or 40 dollars. Or 40,000 dollars. Because being shot means you can die, and even if you don’t, you’ll likely be in a hospital when the police come pick you up. Which isn’t bad, as prison is just another R and R spot for career crims, but it puts a stop to their money making. So while the profit and the value of sexual satisfaction may be high, it’s not worth the damage or the prison time. Criminals are free to make this decision, the state and Leftist utopias cannot stop them, short of keeping them locked up as animals.

For every killing spree that the Aussies and Brits think they avoid, they only do so by sacrificing countless families and children, to save themselves. America is no different, at least in the cities. Outside the cities, though, like I said, criminals would be fools to risk such things. Contrary to public opinion, Brits and Aussies that support their gun ban laws are merely sacrificing the lives of strangers and their families, in return for a false sense of security.


When a crim demands my money, most people raised as cattle on the city farm say, “just give it to him, your life isn’t worth 50-150 dollars anyway”. Well, yes, my life is worth proportionally more than 50 dollars. But a criminal’s life is also not worth 50 dollars. But he’ll give his life to me, in return for 50 dollars? Let’s re-frame the issue. Whether I kill him or not, is my decision alone, not anyone else’s. By getting in my range, he is trying to make me decide whether his life is worth more or less than the money I have. And as such, that is the difference between the thinking of prey vs a predator. That is the difference between a city raised livestock cattle and a person raised in freedom and independence.


“Citizens” that cannot even protect their own life or property, have no ability to command their government or higher authority to do anything. The livestock on a farm doesn’t tell the human owners what will be.