Blast from the Past: Palin and Joe Plumber

Posted September 1, 2015 by ymarsakar
Categories: History, Politics

That was a reminder of how many people fall for Leftist propaganda like that Gibson video interview.

An old comment from Fred about things I can relate to. I also felt similarly back in that era.

FredHjr Says:
October 16th, 2008 at 11:47 pm
I am really more angry now than I’ve ever been about political events. What these thugs have done to this man’s life. I am so pissed off about it that it may just carry over into my feelings for Obama supporters, the bootlicking, goose-stepping parasites they are.

Obama is evil. There is no other way to finesse it.

This man just asked a simple honest question. He got some publicity for it, and now the Chicago gangsters are ripping his life apart and destroying it.

People, wake the f**k up. If this is not chilling, then you haven’t a brain and definitely no soul.

And the people who collaborate in this project are filth. What right does Obama and his gangsters have to the information they are getting about Joe? The people who hold that information in confidence who give it to Obama’s agents are scum. They contaminate the environment and culture.

I now have a very different take on Obama’s supporters. It is decidedly negative, because if they have no problem with this evil act then what does that make them? I’m not kidding around here; I’m dead serious with my moral accusations. It is deserved. Any Obama supporter who does not condemn this forfeits good standing in the human race.

Western decadence and weakness

Posted August 28, 2015 by ymarsakar
Categories: Politics, Unconventional Warfare, War

This connects to the SF personnel ejected after he defended the rape victim(s) in Afghanistan. It also connects to PlannedProfit. The Left has many appendages and many operations, with sometimes conflicting goals. But all of them, can work together at a moment’s notice. Nothing should be surprising. Everything should be expected.

And they’re all guilty too, in the system. Don’t expect them to protect your life or your property. That’s not what their orders will be.

Courtesy of G6

US military purges continue as public is fed cookies and rice

Posted August 27, 2015 by ymarsakar
Categories: War

Then again, having a lot of good solid warriors outside the military chain of command may have… interesting benefits.

Government Tyranny

Posted August 26, 2015 by ymarsakar
Categories: Politics, Unconventional Warfare

Well, technically a person should know the details so that they know how to counter it, but it’s gotten to a point where even knowing the details won’t help you much. Because it’s no longer the Rule of Law, now it is more like Lawfare or fighting an occupation. Might is effective. Right doesn’t exist without Might.

Courtesy of G6

Slavery 3.0 Details aka Human Farming

Posted August 24, 2015 by ymarsakar
Categories: Culture

3rd and 4th wave feminism, post Leftist hijack, reminds me of various slave rebellions. Once freed of their Authority, they often had limited ways of creating prosperity and security. After all, the only methods they knew of that worked, came from their overseers and white slave owners. The whip, the treatment of castes as inferior or superior, and the obedience to Power, Might, and Fear. So they duplicated the system of their enslavement, on each other, once slaves were freed. That’s why advanced societies when they “free” primitive societies, doesn’t create a utopia. No, the utopia has to be created from either top down enforcement or bottom up enlightenment.

Feminism sees male patriarchy as the slave owner, much as blacks see whiteys as the “Man”, always keeping them down, always being the source or excuse for their failures. However, once you notice where black power ascends or feminazis gain power, you notice the truth of their character when you witness just what exactly they do to people that are weaker than them or in their power. They say that the rape of women by male power justifies rebellion, revolution, and violence? What will happen when it is the women who are in power raping the weaklings? If it can’t happen, why can’t it happen? Once slaves are freed, there’s nothing stopping them from enslaving others weaker than them. They merely reproduce the system that they respect and acknowledge as being effective.

That’s why Leftist revolutions often end in bloodshed. They justify their violence against a regime that uses violence, because of the violence, but they have no other way to gain power than through violence.

This why trying to “convince” or “free” slaves/zombies is useless. They don’t deserve freedom until they become a human being. A human being can become free and become the captain of his or her fate, they are no longer conditioned to merely obey their instincts and conditioning like animals are. You have to graduate from zombie or animal to “human”. Until you are “human”, reason and freedom are useless. Slaves are thus useless and always will be. Dolphins and machines can do their job better. Cats are cuter and kill rats better.

Planned Profit and ACORN is what happens when you put the bottom 20% of the species, the slaves and trash, in charge. They’ve farmed and harvested a lot more useful humans than they would ever be.

The Police will protect you

Posted August 12, 2015 by ymarsakar
Categories: Unconventional Warfare

From having to live much longer under American freedom, that is.

21st century 4th generational warfare

Posted August 12, 2015 by ymarsakar
Categories: Unconventional Warfare

Most of the 4th gen warfare talk has been around previous insurgency campaigns, military campaigns usually overseas.

The internet and hatred/fear of the Leftist alliance has spawned something else though, a peacetime operation like Planned Profit’s video sting.

Perhaps the Americans are using distributed intelligence and organization to conduct 4th generational operations without even using a single bullet. That would be surprising. To kill an idea or a culture or a religion, what would it take?

People used to bomb abortion centers, out of desperation, and because they knew that serial killers and profiteers were in there.

But a few videos generated by insurgents of inside operations, I think has done more damage than anything could have below a nuke.


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