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Rage against the Machine and the Dying of the Light.

Now that’s a bunch of money sufficient to power a Deep State.

The Things They Did Not Know to Teach in Public Indoctrination

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Some good stuff, rarely known by the masses.

Non Human political bodies and Space Force

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I do not think it is unrelated that Trum is producing a new (or rather old) branch of the US military and meanwhile people are beginning to make this topic mainstream.

Scientific Respect

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There goes that idea that scientists are enlightened wise individuals here on Earth to pursue truth and objective knowledge. From my experience with humans, the story is almost always better than the reality.

Abraham Lincoln the Lawyer years

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I found many of the primary historical lines and sources very interesting, in light of all this Civil War 2 news out there. Which to me is merely old news.

The next significant series of events involve a Roman Catholic priest by the name of Charles Chiniquy. Now while it is true that such Jesuit priests play both sides, this particular man seemed, by his actions, to be a man of integrity. Chiniquy consistently roused the ire of his bishop and even of the Vatican itself by speaking out whenever church actions conflicted with the Bible.

In one such exchange, Mr. Chiniquy had called the Bishop of Chicago a usurper for improper use of church power to take the property of Catholics. Bishop O’Regan of Chicago raged “You are half a Protestant! Your words smell of Protestantism! The Gospel! the Gospel! that is your great tower of strength against the laws and regulations of our holy church! If you think, Mr. Chiniquy, that you will frighten me with your big words of the Gospel, you will soon see your mistake, at your own expense. I will make you remember that it is the Church you must obey, and it is through your bishop that the church rules you!”

“My lord,” Chiniquy answered, “I want to obey the church. Yes! but it is a church founded on the Gospel; a church that respects and follows the Gospel, that I want to obey!”

It was after this episode that the bishop’s agents brought around trumped up charges to frame Chiniquy. The case appeared before the Criminal Court of Kankakee (Illinois) in November 1855. Chiniquy won this round in a series of legal battles with the powers of the Bishop of Chicago. The lawyer for the prosecution was Peter Spink, who appealed the case to the Court of Urbana, in Champaign County.

The heavy-hearted Chiniquy began to leave the court building when a stranger approached him and said: “I have followed your suit from the beginning. It is more formidable than you suspect. Your prosecutor, Spink, is only an instrument in the hands of the bishop. The real prosecutor is the land shark who is at the head of the diocese, and who is destroying our holy religion by his private and public scandals. As you are the only one among his priests who dares to resist him, he is determined to get rid of you: he will spend all his treasures and use the almost irresistible influence of his position to crush you. The misfortune for you is that, when you fight a bishop, you fight all the bishops of the world. They will unite all their wealth and influence to Bishop O’Regan’s to silence you, though they hate and despise him. There was no danger of any verdict against you in this part of Illinois, where you are too well known for the perjured witnesses they have brought to influence your judges. But when you are among strangers, mind what I tell you: the false oaths of your enemies may be accepted as gospel truths by the jury, and then, though innocent, you are lost. Though your two lawyers are expert men, you will want something better at Urbana. Try to secure the services of Abraham Lincoln, of Springfield. If that man defends you, you will surely come out victorious from that deadly conflict!”…..”Abraham Lincoln is the best lawyer and the most honest man we have in Illinois.”~ Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.

After hearing this Chiniquy asked his two lawyers about this “Lincoln” and if he should seek his representation at the court in Urbana. They both answered: “Oh! if you can secure the services of Abraham Lincoln, by all means do it. We know him well; he is one of the best lawyers, and one of the most honest men we have in our State.” The priest sent an immediate telegraph to Lincoln asking to procure his services and within twenty minutes he had received the telegraphed answer:

JFK assassination and why DJT watches infowars

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This article isn’t too much into paranoia land and I think it is a useful assessment, along with today’s Trum vs Deep State antics, of USA conditions precursor to CW2.

Of course DJT would be interested in JFK’s assassination and who ordered it: especially given DJT’s position now in the White House.


<B>In spite of Donald Trump caving to the CIA and holding back hundreds of the classified files-which the government had 50 years to alter – there are still some admissions that are simply jaw-dropping. What was once the talk of conspiracy theories – such as false flag attacks – now has government documents to prove them as facts.

Because of humanity’s reluctance to start unprovoked wars, governments must trick their citizens into thinking countries they want to attack are posing a genuine threat. This deception of the citizens is often done so through either real or staged events-carried out by the citizens’ own government-and then blamed on the country who the state wants to invade. This act is known as a false flag and governments have long used them as a means of deceiving their citizens into war.

In the early 1960s, the military-industrial complex along with their alliance in the CIA wanted war with Cuba. Their only problem was selling this war to the American people as they wanted nothing to do with it – because it would be their sons and daughters who would die in it. </b>


Not really surprising to me. I’ve heard rumors and sources claim things of this nature for some time now.

Nutrition Research

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Well, it is stuff I didn’t know at least. But it does explain why nutrition research is so up and down recently.