Hebrews recognizing Yeshua and suffering setbacks as a result

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The Arabs have commonalities with the ancient Hebrews, since they are Ishmael and Isaac: in competition.

Just as Islam has issues with converting out of it, Judaism, the religion of the human tribe of Judah, and the Vatican, have similar reactions.

Those 3 religions have one thing in common : The State Religion where the secular state tells the religious heads what to do and the religious heads tell the population what to think and how to behave.


Cyclopeian Masonry or Mortarless Masonry

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This I found while researching the Pyramids of Giza and why you can’t fit a razor blade between these stones that were supposedly moved by slaves.

As Islam advances what did the Vatican do in our past

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Two competing narratives.

To respond to the Vatican side, the Old Hebrews had many factions: Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, before Titus destroyed the Second Temple.

It is not surprising that the Essenes were considered “mighty men” and were the faction responsible for preserving un altered scripture in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Caves of Qumran. The latter Jewish Masoretes not only altered scripture, but it was a death penalty if you went against their human made laws under the Pharisees. Something Jesus of Nazareth took care to point out as hypocrisy. They tried to kill him for blasphemy too, but he had a time schedule that prevented him from dying until a certain end point. The Masoretes in the 3rd century and beyond, attempting to fight this Christian heretical sect of the Nazarene, rewrote the scriptures taking out important doctrine points such as the Two Powers of Heaven. Once accepted even by Caius the high priest and the Pharisees, but now deemed a Nazarene heresy.

So the Vatican argument from the Catholic news agency that “friars” and other monks preserved scriptures, doesn’t really mean anything. Those monks were not Dominican torturers or Jesuits, they were some other faction. And so long as they kept their scripture copying to the authorized copies and were under Authority of the Patriarch of Rome, they were deemed fit to survive.

Additional history here from the Vatican’s own archives.


One Vatican official, Father Pagano, was one of few figures allowed into the archives when he was sent, on the Pope’s orders of to collect the documentation referring to the Galileo case.  He told the Italian newspaper La Stampa last week that the archives of the Inquisition and Index, housed in two rooms, had suffered badly down the centuries and were now “modest.”  Pagano said the Church had a tradition of burning many of the most delicate heresy files and the Inquisition’s archive was almost entirely burned on Pope Paul IV’s death in 1559


Index of Forbidden Books, which Roman Catholics were forbidden to read or possess on pain of excommunication.  They showed that even the Bible was once on the blacklist. Translations of the holy book ended up on the bonfires along with other “heretical” works because the Church, whose official language was Latin, was suspicious of allowing the faithful access to sacred texts without ecclesiastical guidance.

Protestants, who split from Roman Catholics during the Reformation in the 16th and 17th centuries, were allowed to read holy works directly.   The Index of Forbidden Books and all excommunications relating to it were officially abolished in 1966 [only 3 years prior to I becoming a Christian!].  The Inquisition itself was established by Pope Gregory IX in 1233 as a special court to help curb the influence of heresy.  It escalated as Church officials began to count on civil authorities to fine, imprison and even torture heretics.

Not quite the history of the virtues of the West that people want to hear about as they wage another holy war on Islam. Islam killed and enslaved many saints of the Christ. Well, so did the West’s Vatican. Hard to argue for moral superiority there.

I’m not interested in the Crusade arguments or the Galileo divide, because those are merely distractions.

A Mormon Author I missed

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I should have known with the little data points that could be connected, but it never came up when I was reading about him or reading his books.

This list has been going on longer and longer.

Dave Wolverton, Brandon Sanderson, Stephanie Meyer, Dan Wells, Virginia Baker, Shannon Hale, Julie Wright, Aprillynne Pike, Jessica Day George, James Dashner, Brandon Mull, Eric James Stone, Dan Willis, Robert J. Defendi, Larry Correia, and John Brown.

I’ve verified some of these names before, but many are new to me.

Why is this important? Look at cultural trends is always important. Researching Pick up Artists is why I knew about the Red Pill before 2007, and the Alt Right before 2014-15.

By looking where others do not. Data points, connecting the dots, is an open source data mining and intel analysis method. One needs intel in wars. Especially this war.

Introduction for those entering BJJ or competitive martial arts

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In response to this article I read randomly online, I left a comment and now reproduce it here.

Not every training system uses the tap, so always be sure to clarify what each side is expecting from the training limits.

If you are verbally giving a demonstration of a shoulder lock to someone that is new, and talking his head off, and then start the crank at normal speed, how is anyone supposed to react in time for the tap if they aren’t used to tapping on themselves to make a sound. Because you aren’t going to go from “listening mode” to “find something to tap on” due to pain interference. You have to be on “waiting on pain to tap” way before anybody does anything to you.

That’s why BJJ who see demo videos like this will “imitate” that rhythm and speed timing. While forgetting that the training partner isn’t always like the person in the video, he is ready for it.

Or in other words, be cautious of people who like to talk about techniques while showing it to you at full power. If they use a body weight leverage, they don’t realize it is grinding your bones and joints out, because body weight doesn’t have the same resistance as muscle pulleys. Neither does a leverage technique or lever.

It is safer, and thus more effective for long term training, to find people who are safe to train with, even if they can’t verbally explain anything. Or to put it another way, for people who verbally explain things but aren’t safe to train with, just watch from a distance. You don’t have to be their demo partner. Find somebody else.

This is a little bit different from the 20 yos that are reckless. There are older more experienced people who don’t know what their techniques are doing either, because they overly rely on the tap and that is only effective for the training partners that are used to them.

Full mastery at least requires you to know the difference between sparring and teaching techniques. In sparring, it is easier to tap out because your resistance is giving you the time to do so and you are in the preparation mode of almost tapping out. In teaching techniques at full power, the danger is always on the person you are demoing off of. And for people who focus on their talking over their technique control and power down mode, they’re can be used to ignoring consequences. Everybody else tapped out okay with them, why are you any different? Well, don’t try to Russian roulette that one.

BJJ has picked up and changed the randori requirements of Judo and Aikido. In Judo and AIkido, if you don’t fall correctly and break something on the ground, that’s on you, not on the upper level technique users. That’s why they spend months teaching falls and counters and defenses. As well as partial throws, so that people can avoid throwing someone on their head, because they practice both ways. They know the difference.

In BJJ, there probably isn’t all that much focus on the technique user protecting the training partner. The concept is more competitive, or more self orientated. You are practicing the technique to benefit your own power and skill, not to make sure the other guy can get back up at 100% 5 seconds later. That is why this isn’t just the 20 yo being reckless. The sport itself is centered on different priorities. Of course there are users who have spent time controlling themselves and they know what limit to put their techniques at based upon the other person’s reflexes and defenses. But if you are training for competition, you don’t have enough “reserve” to care about that in a spar. Which is why when someone brings that mentality to teaching, there’s a danger to any beginners. The experienced ones either avoid touching hands with that person, or they have their own defenses and “tap ready” mentality to go.

Try not to count on humans being infallible just because they are experienced. It’s the experienced ones that have holes in their mastery, that are hard to detect, not the 20 yos that want to win. The masters will sometimes have fun by not showing their skills at all, or smurfing as white belts. To them, the game and skill absorption is at a reserve where they can pull up the “game” of lowering their own attacks and abilities in response to the other person. They have enough reserve to do so without losing. This is the “Win at all costs, sweep the leg” philosophy vs “just by having fun, my skills increase”.

Gates’ Common Core failed

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But don’t worry, even if Gates messed up the children’s education, he still has the vaccination program ready. Zombie Apoc here we come.

I wish I could say that this isn’t science but a hoax… but it is real. And they are creating human genetic combinations with chimera animals. Sort of like just before the Divine Flood and in the Days of Noah… heh, yea, you might know what that reference means if you look it up.

The Moon

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A good discussion in the comments.

And a different pov. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ps-c-JBUJw

What do I believe? I believe humans should keep finding seemingly illogical things like quantum entanglement and time loops. It’s more interesting than the scientific orthodox Consensus.