Announcement to co-belligerent parties of Ukraine vs Russia

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It has come under my awareness that John Ringo, Sarah (A) Hoyt, and Michael Z Williamson have contributed to the war hysteria and warmongering craze that has contributed to more than 1 death of the women and children under my guardianship duty.

As a result, this post is to simply declare and to serve them a fair warning, that they will now be registered as co-belligerents in the conflict between Ukraine and Russian Federation, which includes other parties such as Crimea, Lugansk republic, and Donetsk republic.

Other “authors” of the conservative sphere are also under investigation. The ability to influence millions of your fellow brothers, sisters, citizens, and readers were not given to any of you so that you could step out of line, and all of you have not only stepped out of line, but have done so with an arrogant pride unfitting for authors except for Marx, Ayers, and Alinsky.

Since I find it tiresome and needless to pile through the herd mentality of these millions 1 by 1, it is easier to cut through the chase so to speak.

I serve as witness and have served this notice to the best of my ability, under the authority granted to me in the True Illuminati and as a son of god. Here is my badge of office.

As for penalties, I cannot promise, guarantee, or even predict the potential consequences. I can assure you, the reader, that they do include individual and collective responsibility, extending to your relatives, by blood and contact, your social spheres and bubbles, and anyone else who you have fates entwined with. Some of the lighter consequences is an increase in hardship and lessons, in order to teach Ringo, Hoyt, and Z Williamson a lesson, as a chastisement. If they continue to anchor their distorted actions and beliefs, then increasing penalties will begin to be applied.

Previous penalties were applied to the Leftist alliance, Qabal media, social media, and socio economic political institutes of the world. “Insanity” might be a common byproduct of this kind of thing in the end run.

Until further notice, I am authorizing direct intervention in the lives of these co-belligerents until the state of affairs change.

The World’s Population is on trial

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The US/NATO is the military arm of the DS qabal. Both the 3rd Reich, and now the 4th Reich, were controlled opposition along with the Soviet Union and Bolsheviks.

It is hard to analyze why a nation so dead set against the Soviet Union is now the ally of Soviet Ukraine and Soviet Georgia. Ukraine itself produced 1/3rd of the military GDP, weapons sent to Vietnam and other proxy warfare fields against Americans.

What can be observed is that both America and its enemies, are all controlled by the DS qabal. This is not a REd vs Blue game, it is a uni party game. There are differences between the two sides, of course, but that is to make the game more entertaining and spicy.

Nobody reading this can escape their fate as slaves of the Qabal until they awaken to the spiritual truth. DIsney has been fooling you and fooling your father and grandfathers since before you were born.

Organized religion will often side with the state party line, because they are officially state religions given their tax status. They are autocephalous, in that they have a certain amount of autonomy, but they are also adherent to the state line, such as lockdowns or masks. When ordered by the State to close, CHurches obeyed. If one of your slave children ordered the churches to close, they would be in jail or hounded off public life and squares.

Who else hunts your children as xiden hunts for his teleprompter? Journolists? CNN? Planned Profit? They need more fetuses for the black market and their ferraris. The entire world is akin to this.

The Bolsheviks running the Soviet Union were not Russians. Just as the FBI are not US patriots. You were fooled, along with the rest of the world. That is not surprising, given who you are up against. Or rather what, Satan’s Hydra.

The primary defence of the hydra conspiracy is not secrecy; it is mind control. As Yuri Bezmenov attested to on public tv, even if we show you the truth and facts, you will still not believe it. Normalization has completed its job in America, just as the Russian Federation freed itself of Bolsheviks, who happened to hate Russians. Just like America’s ruling class hates AMericans.

They are lying to you. Your entire history is a sham. They were lying to your father and grandfathers too. You were a slave before you were born. Now you must suffer as you must, being weaklings under the rule of the Qabal. ANd you cannot complain that it was outside your power. You, all of you, were given the choice on mRNA waxxines, Fauci approvals, XIden fake elections, and now Soviet Ukraine. Nobody made you choose to side with darkness and evil. That would invalidate Satans’ test and God’s test. Will you choose the right side, even if all the laws are against you? Even if nobody rewards you for doing the right thing, will you still do it?

There are consequences to supporting Satan’s Own child fkers on and in the world, Soviet Ukraine included; collective consequences.

The Donbass front is beginning to close

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Very accurate information and analysis.

Analysis of Ukraine War

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I looked at the Ukraine on Fire video produced by Oliver Stone, plus Nikita Mikhalkov videos on rumble. Azov was essentially a violent protest group analogous to Soros funding Antifa/Burn Loot Murder. They increased violence in 2014, in order to get violence used on peaceful protesters. They then started a military coup de tat, defunded/killed the police, and then when their political heads were in power, they seized control of the country. Donetsk and Luhansk saw this happen and decided to vote for independence. Crimea as well. The referendums were over 90% turn out, 95%+ for independence. The nationalists or rather insane people controlling Azov, brought them into the NG, gave them military arms, expanded them, and “depoliticized” them. Meaning all the political leaders were given power in Kiev, and they were removed from Azov. Treason is not treason when it succeeds. Azov was no longer a paramilitary or violent BLM style group. They obtained legitimacy. They were then sent to invade Donetsk and Luhansk, as a punitive expedition to exterminate anyone speaking Russian. These human atrocities continued from 2014 to 2022 today.

“The Donbas — AKA Donets Basin — is Ukraine’s eastern energy-rich industrial area, populated in many cities mostly by ethnic Russians.”-Pj media

This region has historically been part of Russia. One nation, not two nations. The Soviet Union, Lenin, and Bolshevism carved people up and created Ukraine, the homeland of Khazaria coincidentally matching the old borders.

“Rudskoy isn’t making a whole lot of sense here. If “liberating” the Donbas was always “the main goal,” then why wasn’t the Russian Army focused on it from the start?”

Study the Fallujah 2 campaign in Counter INsurgency or COIN 2006 Iraq.

The main goal is full of its own military and republics. Sending in blood hardened Chechen serial killers into the Republic of Donetsk and Luhansk could produce “accidents”. They might mistake a Ukrainian/Russian kulak for an enemy, and behead them.

Ukraine TV has told people that Russian regiments are in Donetsk fighting since 2014. That is not the case, as it is the independent republics themselves and their armed forces fighting to defend their home land and families.

Artillery, armored, and air support is what the two Republics were getting and that was enough to hold the line. This looked like a bottleneck in the first weeks of the war. Kiev has not had full control of Donbass since 2014. Thus it is not necessary for Russia to invade an ally to “liberate” it unless the front totally collapsed, which it did not.

“A focused invasion of just the Donbas, using overwhelming force, could have been a repeat of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin’s annexation of the Crimea in 2014.”

This is another mistake in public perception, as Crimea was not taken by Russian troops. Crimea declared independence via referendum, inviting in Russian troops as peacekeepers. The media, guess what, were lying to you.

“That effort was completed so quickly that Moscow was able to present it to the world as a fait accompli, avoiding a protracted war and crippling sanctions.”

Crimea was not fighting their liberators. Any insurgents were all up in Maidan killing people. These events all were set off by 2013-2014 Maidan, funded by Soros/Azov/Nuland.

“Rather than that, Russia opened with a high-risk gambit of using their best troops to first secure Kyiv — all the way on the other side of the country. That failed coup de main indicates far grander ambitions than merely nibbling off a bit of Ukraine’s eastern border region, as the Kremlin now claims.”

This ensured that Kiev could not reinforce Donbass as they were needed to defend Kiev. This was a check move in chess, an apparent attack that required the enemy to position defenses. WHich is why all the screaming from Zelensky for NATO support and air caps. They thought they were gonna get decapitated. The normal scorched earth tactic used in Donbass was thus lessened. If Russia had stationed their elite armored forces in Donbass, Zelensky and Azov would have tried to kill as many civilians as feasible in order to ramp up the casualties and blame it on Russia, thus gaining NATO/World support.

They besieged Kiev much the same way US forces encircled Fallujah 2. It provided plenty of time for refugees and civilians to leave. Azov attempted to prevent it, but they were busy with Donbass. And Kiev the capital needed to be protected too. Kharkiv was also the site of the captured laboratory, with US documents captured in tact. The other labs torched the evidence.

Kharkiv was on the way to Kiev, in the northern front.

The Southern front is Crimea for those that aren’t familiar with the war map. Right next to Crimea in the NE is Mari u pol. And linked to Mari u pol is Donbass and further east or northeast is Russia.

So by driving an armored column straight into the heart of Kiev, this forced the enemy to defend rather than attack Crimea, or attack Donbass, or reinforce any other area that might be problematic for Russian black fleet logistics.

Why not drive into the center of Ukraine then? Probably because they wanted the closest laboratory that might have had the documents they needed as proof. This was the SECONDARy or tertiary objective. The primary objective should always be to fortify your logistics line. Which was accomplished simply by keeping Donbass from collapsing from Azov.

The Russians can position Multi rocket launchers, vehicles, to the north and south, covering the entire land supply route Kiev uses to reinforce/resupply Azov in Donbass and Mari u pol.

Odessa is left alone except for air strikes, as you saw with Lvlv. They also serve as a humanitarian corridor for people to escape the fighting in Ukraine, heading to Romania or Poland. Russia would prefer less civilians to be used as human shields. If they ever had to go kinetic or house to house, like Americans in Fallujah 2, they know that it would be a lot easier if the non combatants had already left.

Putin’s reaction to Aleksander Solzhenitsyn’s Criticisms

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Der Spiegel: Thirteen years ago when you returned from exile, you were disappointed to see the new Russia. You turned down a prize proposed by Gorbachev, and you also refused to accept an award Yeltsin wanted to give you. Yet now you have accepted the State Prize which was awarded to you by Putin, the former head of the FSB intelligence agency, whose predecessor the KGB persecuted and denounced you so cruelly. How does this all fit together?

Solzhenitsyn: The prize in 1990 was proposed not by Gorbachev, but by the Council of Ministers of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, then a part of the USSR. The prize was to be for The Gulag Archipelago. I declined the proposal, since I could not accept an award for a book written in the blood of millions.

In 1998, it was the country’s low point, with people in misery; this was the year when I published the book Russia in Collapse [Russia in the Abyss]. Yeltsin decreed I be honored the highest state order. I replied that I was unable to receive an award from a government that had led Russia into such dire straits.

The current State Prize is awarded not by the president personally, but by a community of top experts. The Council on Science that nominated me for the award and the Council on Culture that supported the idea include some of the most highly respected people of the country, all of them authorities in their respective disciplines. The president, as head of state, awards the laureates on the national holiday. In accepting the award I expressed the hope that the bitter Russian experience, which I have been studying and describing all my life, will be for us a lesson that keeps us from new disastrous breakdowns.

Vladimir Putin – yes, he was an officer of the intelligence services, but he was not a KGB investigator, nor was he the head of a camp in the gulag. As for service in foreign intelligence, that is not a negative in any country – sometimes it even draws praise. George Bush Sr. was not much criticized for being the ex-head of the CIA, for example.


Discussing the cooling of relations between Russia and the West, Solzhenitsyn’s analysis of the history of the previous fifteen years highlighted the sharpness with which he viewed contemporary events. When he had returned to Russia he discovered that the West was “practically being worshipped”. This was caused “not so much by real knowledge or a conscious choice, but by the natural disgust with the Bolshevik regime and its anti-Western propaganda”. The positive view of many Russians towards the West began to sour following “the cruel NATO bombings of Serbia”: “It’s fair to say that all layers of Russian society were deeply and indelibly shocked by those bombings.” The situation worsened as NATO sought to widen its influence to the former Soviet republics. “So, the perception of the West as mostly a ‘knight of democracy’ has been replaced with the disappointed belief that pragmatism, often cynical and selfish, lies at the core of Western policies. For many Russians it was a grave disillusionment, a crushing of ideals.”


On the first anniversary of Solzhenitsyn’s death, Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to Solzhenitsyn’s widow in which he described Solzhenitsyn as “a global individual, whose creative and ideological heritage will always hold a special place in the history of Russian literature and in the chronicles of our country”.[ix]

In October 2010, it was announced that The Gulag Archipelago would become required reading for all Russian high school students. In a meeting with Solzhenitsyn’s widow, Putin described The Gulag Archipelago as “essential reading”: “”Without the knowledge of that book, we would lack a full understanding of our country and it would be difficult for us to think about the future.”

Declaration to the Republics and people in the Kievan Rus theater

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It has come to our attention that the people there have been suffering punitive expeditions by the central regime of Kiev since 2014.

We recognize The Donetsk People’s Republic and The Luhansk People’s Republic as legitimate sovereign entities. We also recognize the Republic of Crimea.

I have been directed by God to assess the situation of these people and their needs. Preliminary data shows that they need military protection, supplies, and evacuation of civilians from the warzone.

Thus, in light of recent revelations, I am also directed to send all available relief forces to the region to promote the successful liberation of these entities and their respective people.

As a Son of God, I hereby authorize our forces to intervene in the situation. Let God and the Divine Counsel judge the guilty from the innocent.

Das Vadanya, The New Earth awaits its new members. Tuesday, March 15, 2022 10:34 pm local, for the time travelers.

Russia called for a United Nations meeting over bio warfare threats

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Look at the bottom, they have CC minutes where you can click start at. It is interesting watching which nations are controlled by the DS vs those who are less war hungry.

The Final War of humanity is reaching its Act 2 Climax. Enjoy it while you still can. Also if you have not stocked up already, this might be your last time to prepare a few weeks or months of emergency supplies.

God’s Hand is descending. No secret society will remain in power in this new age.

Documentary covering past Ukraine history and events leading to 2022 war

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It has elements associated with the J6 false flag operation and others like it.

I will write Bolshevik anti-Putin propaganda for you (Fiverr)

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The reason why the gas crisis hit America in 2022 is because of a foreign invasion by Russia. They disrupted the 2020 elections and tried to put their troll bot, Donald, into power, and Xiden the patriot along with Zelensky the warrior saint, put a stop to it.

These Dear Leaders are now recognized as the Founders of the new Holy Empire.

The massive casualties inflicted on the world by Russia in 2020, led to the eradication of much of the world’s children and civilian populations. They suffered due to AIDSs and heart attacks, due to Russian bio weapons. Often coerced civilian populations were required to inject themselves in order to pass Russian check points and avoid Russian restrictions on freedoms.

Internet fighting back against conspiracy analysis and truths

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Addendum 1: Conspiracy analysis as I like to do, involves a lot of connecting the dots. Logickally, they need a few different premises as the obvious premises won’t make sense given how complex the web is. I use a lot of intuition to connect the dots correctly. In 2007, I did not have the advantage of what you all have in 2016 or 2020. There was no Donald showing the Left’s true colors. People were still trapped in a cycle of rah rah war and America bad bad bad conflict action reaction mind control.

I started looking at the various factions that were aligned against the war, and they were linked by money and other connections. I saw no evidence of a similar thing for the war, until way later (military industrial traitors). The Left never pinpointed what was wrong with the military industrial complex. They just made stupid accusations that I dismissed because they were stupid and had no substance to it. If they had any legitimate complaints, CIA would hijack it and ensure nobody heard about it.

The same thing is happening with Putin and Zelensky. And it happened with Fauci and Donald.

I will provide a simple example from my history in 2006. When I realized that unions were milking members of money and using that money to fund Demoncrat mayors, who would then increase crime in cities, benefiting police unions that use fear to control their members to get membership dues…. this was a co dependent or parasitical relationship that made sense. But then these unions are linked to an alliance of Demoncrats, government corruption, and anti war protesters. Which are in turn linked to international players like Soros. I did not go further than that in 2006 but it was enough to make me believe that an alliance of Leftists existed that were full of traitors to the USA.

They were arming the insurgency in Iraq and providing aid to the enemies of America. Later I realized both sides were being controlled by blackmail (Epstein) and the military industrial complex (Operation paperclip).

This framework made it very easy to analyze why there were riots in 2020. They are funded by SOros, same as the anti war protests were. They create fear, which the Demoncrat mayors and treason uses to make more money. They destroy property, which aides Demoncrat mayors that get a cut out of whatever low price property they can deliver to the real estate buyers.

The “ideology” behind this is something to cover up their crimes, as ideology is not illegal in the US. Conspiracies and monopolies are, when their plans are federal crimes.

When this system is applied to Zelensky, then the real hidden agenda has nothing to do with defending Ukraine or Ukrainian democracy. It has nothing even to do with Putin’s invasion of a so called sovereign country.

Nothing is ever as it seems, and what was once ridiculous to talk about online in 2007 and 2014, now seems “feasible” at least to many readers here.

Now you even need a VPN from a free country IP to watch Putin criticizing Lenin and Ukraine. This is how bad Bolshevik America has gotten. The channel is Russian Insights on ytube.