Muv Luv Alternative Released for English audiences on steam

Posted September 22, 2017 by ymarsakar
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It is finally here, a kind of remastered version.

Not sure if this is a good timing or not, ironically. In Western genre, it would be classified as military science fiction with romance and action and political thrillers.

But it’s closer to a hybrid of many genres, a specialty of the Japanese writers.

The prequel is important too, called Muv Luv Extra. ML is the first two parts of the story, MLA is the last of the trilogy and the conclusion. It does something very unusual, it genre switches. What is a genre switch? It’s when you think you are watching a romantic love comedy, and suddenly you’re now in a single bachelor military drill sergeant environment training in a boot camp. Then the next novel, you’re in the valley of death fighting some kind of crazy war. Plot wise, it makes perfect sense. Genre wise, it is a little bit shocking to Western audiences used to the standard vanilla genre sets.

I also did a review of the MLA franchise here, which people can look up using the search bar or the internet search engines. It’s under the Visual Novel category.

As for my reaction, I think because I read this in 2008-2010, it greatly informed my reaction to what was going on with the US situation at the time. Even though the plot has little to do with America, and even less to do with our problems, the fundamental humanity and the fundamental problem of humanity, is still the same thing we face now with our current condition in America; there is also a civil war…. so, timely perhaps.

Watch the opening video link at steam, it is a good intro. Or check the kickstarter page if you want the background on how these games got to the US.


Factions in the Alt Right

Posted September 13, 2017 by ymarsakar
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A minor update on the Alt Right vs Ctrl Left context that underlines many of the events people hear on the “news”.

A Generation X reader sent me this analysis of the Fake Right Clown Posse, which somehow manages to be both sympathetic of the plight being faced by the young men of today and contemptuous of what some of them have become in response. I think he is largely correct, and explains why their attempts to defend their race and their nations so often go awry.

We have no choice but to help them. The challenge is that the only answer to ignorance is information, and as we know, as we have witnessed, there are some who cannot be instructed by information.-Context from VoxDay

As for me and my GenX classmates, not so much. We had the beginning of today’s anti-Western education, not quite as bad as now, but bad enough. As for Millennials and Gen Z (or whatever they’re called), what have they got? Those that are “woke” are only awakened to just how bad things have gotten. But because they have been cut off from their native tradition, they do not have the intellectual tools with which to think things through and find solutions. They are not grounded in anything real.

So they become extremists. Partly because the problems are extreme, and the times themselves are extreme, but also because they lack the wisdom, gleaned from a knowledge of history, that extremes seldom produce good results. Extreme reactions to extreme problems often just become a new problem.-Source author

The reaction to the Leftist alliance of adopting Alinsky to counter Alinsky, is understandable, but not a solid strategic option.

Similarly, the extreme elements within the Alt Right, who openly espouse Nazism and Fascism and any other extremism that they think will get a rise out of people, are the result of a thoroughly pozzed and decadent society not unlike Weimar (hence the oft-used Weimerica theme). They are a reaction to it – an understandable reaction, but not a healthy one. Since they have no moral or philosophical grounding (which, again, is not their fault) the only thing they can think to do is the opposite of whatever the culture is doing. So the solution to anti-fascism is necessarily Fascism. The solution to Jewish influence and power is blanket anti-Semitism. The solution to anti-white racism is white chauvinism. The solution to feminism is “white sharia” misogyny. And since Nazism is held by the dominant culture to be the supreme evil, it must, ipso facto, be the supreme good.

The solution to the War on Men is Alpha Game. The solution to Cruz Goldmansachs is Goldman Trum admin. And the solution to fascism is Aryanism, or in other words, the good parts but not the bad parts of white supremacy, i.e. 1830 Southern slave lords.

If even VD has to start going into the complexity of the factionalism in the Alt Right, it must be getting quite out of hand now.

The OP did a good and perceptive job with the current social factions. It mirrors many of the same estimates I made on the Alt Right back when people first came up with the term. All one had to do was to look at how the sub units which created the Alt Right and their origins: Gamergate, Hugo awards in fighting, Sci Fi Writers of America, PUA or Alpha Game.

New christian conversion

Posted September 4, 2017 by ymarsakar
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I always have a hard time with these types of stories, since they are pretty close in template to other stories. Almost as if it was all copy pasted out.

Utah Prepare for Persecution?

Posted September 2, 2017 by ymarsakar
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It’s about the Utah Nurse arrested by the police concerning the legality of drawing blood without warrants/permission.

Who needs Main Sewer Media when content creators from the grassroots will just provide it to us anyways.

The Giants of Past Civilizations

Posted August 24, 2017 by ymarsakar
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When researching the truth of events, I rely on the 3 independent triangulation method. Find 3 sources independent of each other, so that they do not contaminate each other, and use them to triangulate. The Nephilim are mentioned in Genesis and in the Book of Enoch. Now with corroborating stories and evidence from a continent that were not linked to the ME. If such links appear in the future, it would only reinforce the strength of the source.

To get past the propaganda we need the truth

Posted August 20, 2017 by ymarsakar
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We need not the history, the narrative of a person or his story, but at least some of the objective facts of what happened.

Christianity is a shadow of its former self. It is ironic and sad that believers and faithful still hold to the Ecumenical Councils, in the same fashion that Southern slave lords deceived white cannonfodder with a traditional propaganda history, the Europeans are no better off.

The Early Church Fathers : Apostolic Church

Posted July 26, 2017 by ymarsakar
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In my online discussions and arguments with Roman Catholics, the Early Church fathers often came up. I was unfamiliar with the term, so did not have a defense ready, thus I went and did some research.

The Roman Catholics believes that their religious authority comes from two apostles, Peter and Paul.

I already knew and demonstrated why that was incorrect but the Early Church Fathers argument was pretty vague on the part of Roman Catholic believers. They used it a lot though, so obviously their religious authority is closely connected to that period.

As for whether the apostles passed down their apostleship and authority, my answer is no. The only time when the apostles replaced a seat was when Judas Iscariot got his. And his replacement required every apostle’s agreement and power. Apostles are special witnesses, gifted with prophetic and seer gifts to start new churches and branches. Thus they can be prophets like John or even delegate positions like Deacon or Pastor or Bishop to others. Peter held all the keys, that means he had the ability to conduct any position in the 1st century AD church or delegate it. But the only thing they couldn’t delegate was the apostleship. Only Jesus the Christ designated apostles, which was seen in Paul, when no other apostles were “consulted” about Paul before Saul became Paul. That wasn’t part of their “authority”, even if Peter had all the keys. Even if they had this ability, the fact that they died so far away from each other precludes any kind of meeting of more than 3.

Since Rome killed Paul and Peter, the idea that their bishops had the authority is hard to believe. If Peter or Paul had passed down any authority, it would only be to the bishops, and a bishop isn’t a “Vicar of Christ” or a “Pope” in the Vatican that gets to stand between the people and the judgment seat of Jehovah.

No wonder Christianity is a mere shadow of itself. Every lineage came from the ecumenical councils or the Roman Catholics or the Eastern Orthodox. There’s only a very very few exceptions to this.