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Mysteries of Water : Additional research

January 23, 2016

Same as usual, to me there is no scientific consensus, since it is not justified or legitimate. There’s no social consensus, either. When there is, it was created artificially.

It reminds me of when Maxwell or Ohms developed unified theories explaining a lot of natural phenomenon, which often appeared like crackpot pseudo science to their “peers”. Peers, hah, of idiots perhaps.

When people are agreeing with each other, it’s a sign of stagnation. It’s group think. It’s not advancing the progress of the Race or the Species. It’s not thinking outside the box. It’s developing and promoting the applications inside the social authority, inside the accepted status quo. It is not advancing beyond the limitations of the box, of the paradigm of the time.


On practical applications, people growing gardens can use this new viewpoint. Martial artists using neijia or chi gong can also keep this in mind.

P.S. Yes, I did notice the psychological manipulation of the background music in that video. It’s pretty obvious.

Training the body to use gravity instead of muscle leverage

January 1, 2016

Well, most traditional martial artists like to call this chi gong or Taiji Chuan or internal power, but I’ll use the more Westernized labels and translations, of my own devising. Since they make more sense to an English native audience, including myself on that matter.

Now the number one issue most people have when they start on this path, is leg conditioning and training. The legs are the power we normally use and stand on, to resist the gravity pull of the Earth on our upper and lower masses. So for a beginner, that’s where it starts, and for internal power as expressed in martial arts, it’s also the source of the power so to speak. The other source is your center of gravity, the dantien or middle of your guts and lower spine.

In the purely physics dimension, this doesn’t include any hidden or mysterious energies, we’re just dealing with gravity for the moment. And gravity, at least, is something Westerners have been taught a lot about. It is part of their paradigm in a way that power from the air or power from feeling/neural electricity, isn’t.

On the Chinese side, the beginning stance for a lot of leg conditioning is mabu or horse stance. Meaning, stand as if you are riding a horse… which could be a problem for Westerners that have never even seen a horse let alone stepped up to mount one. Most modern horses have stirrups attached… well attached somewhere, not a horse expert here. The stirrups hang down from near the saddle, so there’s nothing underneath the stirrup holding it up, so when you step on it, you are basically dragging it from its attachment point, which doesn’t move probably because it’s attached to the saddle, your seat. And the saddle is attached to the horse. What this means is that the stirrup is slippery, when you step on it. You have to direct all your weight in a straight vertical vector down on it, without wiggling else you might just push the stirrup to the side, slip through with your foot, and start getting dragged by your stirrup attached to your foot as the horse walks around in horror. Steppe barbarians and nomadic archers didn’t have stirrups, they invented them and later it got passed on to the Byzantines and the Westerners. A steppe archer can shoot his bow, on a horse without stirrups or saddles, merely via the power of his legs and thighs.

Cutting a long analysis short, the point is that when you step up to mount the horse, you need your legs spaced wide as in the mabu, but you also must direct your weight so that it becomes a vertical line through the bottom of your feet. If your begins sliding out from your base, like you’re doing a split, then you need to pull them back together using your inner leg muscles. Which, presumably, are the ones that kill people when they start using them, since they normally don’t use that when running or walking. Only skaters or ice skaters might use them or people walking on very slippery surfaces.

Theory about using gravity as an internal power source sounds simple perhaps, but the details are rather messy and complicated, as it would be for most other physical activities rather than abstract studies.

So that is perhaps why the Chinese internal masters stood on one leg, like a crane, all the time, with their body structured as if it was stone.

However, there’s a problem. Merely stabilizing your mass vector down or up, doesn’t give you horizontal power. Unless your enemy is right below your foot or right above your head, you can’t project energy into them if you cannot channel vertical vectors from gravity into horizontal vectors of force. That’s another tricky part when it comes to body mechanics, because the human body is made out of “Gears” or what doctors like to call joints and other connective tissues. For each joint which separates the point at which gravity powers flows into your body, to the point where it separates from your body, any malfunction can dissipate and eliminate that power.

To put it another way, if you jump on top of someone’s stomach, and assuming your weight is directly completely in one vector down, concentrated, that is using the power of gravity, your entire mass, and accelerating it at 9.8 m/s/s into the target. Internal power in martial art or neijia, seeks to take that foot drop and convert it into a horizontal attack vector force that channels and deposits the resulting power from the legs to something else.

However, your hands and shoulders are not designed to do that. You are not a monkey. Your legs and foot may be used to the stress of supporting your weight against the earth’s gravity well, but your hands are not. Especially one handed, like a punch. For each joint that exists in the human body, ankles and wrists including, is a potential failure source. Most people fail to generate the power or they fail to channel it. But if they did successfully channel it, they could just as easily break their own bones or joints or something else valuable, because they failed to resist the flow of power. Force flows in the direction with the least resistance, after all. You can shoot a bullet into a concrete wall, but that doesn’t mean it won’t bounce the bullet back into you, just because the bullet is traveling very fast. Sure, you can bring enough explosives or powder to penetrate even concrete, but if you are standing near the explosion, you also get blown away. So people use shaped charges, to shape the force in one direction. With det cord, even if the shaped charge fails, the user is safely some x miles away. With internal power, that doesn’t work. You are basically connected to the explosion of your power, by touch. There’s no shockwave in the air which allows you to connect distant target to your source of power, like a detonation cord would. Sort of like how a vacuum doesn’t transmit the shockwave from a nuke very well.

One of the first sets of feedback I got which verified I was using some kind of power, was that when punching air, my shoulders started to hurt. And when I fixed that, my elbow and wrist started to hurt. And when I fixed that mechanically by changing body techniques, my fingers hurt. What the Chinese call fajing or power projection. Air has little resistance, so whatever energy you put in there, just goes back into your body. Which is why the joints hurt, they are being ‘pulled out’, literally. For the shoulders, it’s normally just blowback when people tense them up and hench them, instead of seating the shoulders down like a socket or nail making a board flat. There are other ways of testing power projection, such as breaking boards or transmitting a shockwave through one material and destroying another material behind it. Although at a certain point, your hands start being destroyed, if the target is significantly harder than it. Which is why some people use iron palm conditioning or basically, deadening the nerves and increasing the strength of the hand tissues through constant repetition of trauma and impact. The neijia users probably just goes with the flat palm, like when a person does a hand stand or puts the palm down on the ground to stop them from face smashing. Less absolute reach distance compared to hitting with the fist, but you’ll still have a working hand after a few hits.

So normally after a person works on their legs, they work on their hands. Or it may be even vice a versa. External conditioning of the arms to create better hits, and then better leg conditioning to increase acceleration/de-acceleration when moving into and out of range of the enemy. Those two elements, the base foundation and the end point where the force projectile comes out of, tend to be the most focused on by beginners, whether for practical or cultural reasons. For boxers, they call it “hand speed”. The ability for your hand to accelerate and travel from your guard to the target in x seconds. Neijia users don’t always need hand speed for offensive, since they can just close the distance by using their legs, along with their hands. Or bump into someone using the shoulder, and use that as the point of power expression, impact, explosion.

The elbow is the next tricky proposition for people to work on, probably between beginner and intermediate. Between walking and running. Or between walking and swimming.

After that is the shoulders, which can be really difficult as most people are not aware of how their shoulders move or even that they are moving them.

Then the back and the spine.

From the point of view of the legs, it’s the foot first, the knees, and then the hips. Hips > Knees > foot in terms of ease of learning, from my pov. Gross motor to the more delicate, dexterity control needed via skill.

People have probably noticed that I haven’t said or written a word about techniques to use, other than to refer to them indirectly. That’s because from a certain of point, you don’t need an over complicated technique if you have the basic foundations which allow the channeling of gravity based power. Just as someone stronger and bigger than you doesn’t need technique to make you into the equivalent of a junkyard compacted car. Power is power, even in the hands of the inexperienced or incompetent.

Of course, many users of weijia or neijia, external and internal power sources, are not satisfied to stopping with the fundamental physical conditioning portions. They want the technique, the philosophy, the Way of Life, even, attached to this power, not merely the basic elements. Human ambition, so to speak. But once you know how to mix your own colors and have something to paint with, what you do next is really up to you.

For the background and subtext on vectors, this post I wrote covers it somewhat.

Why I don’t listen to social academics and authorities

December 18, 2015

This was my reply to a general internet comment about a person that preferred to believe in academics over random internet commenters like me, because academics had put the work into studying their field and subject.

Con artists have also put half of their life into being professional or studying the bag of tricks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean trust is automatically conferred due to their expertise in comprehending the system.

I prefer to trust in my own judgement over those of sub average or average social authorities. But that’s a question of hierarchy and cultural shock. Some are brought up to defer judgment to a technocrat elite or nebulous authority of elites, although their proof of eliteness is often untested and due to even greater levels of authority, not proof in and of itself.

In the same fashion that the collective defers ultimate authority and obedience to the “System” and individuals resist outsourcing authority/responsibility to unseen bureaucrats in the “System” or strangers, there are cultures which have preferences on a scale, but they are not purely in one camp or another.

On the note of collectivsm -> slavery, that revolves around the issue of which type of slavery. As I term it, there’s Slavery 1.0, Slavery 2.0, and Slavery 3.0.

A system where the uneducated and those who were economically subsistent and reliant on the powerful, such as women or Irish workers, foreigners that don’t speak your language, or lower class servants in the ancient Roman empire, would allow for Slavery 1.0, as the lower class can move to a higher class merely by having education (Roman and Greek slaves could buy their own freedom due to money from their education) or from having resources. They are still subordinate to the ruling doctrine, such as the Helots under the Spartans, or squires under Knights, or serfs under kings and royalty. Yet the unlanded commoner may become a knight, a lesser noble, due to deeds or special favor.

A caste system that does not allow genetic cross transfer or social mobility, such as the Hindu’s caste system with the Untouchables, Islam’s 750+ AD slave trade in Africa and the ME, or 1830’s American Democrat slave plantations, would qualify under Slavery 2.0

A space faring civilization which uses a meritocratic or not system in which a significant percentage of their resource production is manned by slaves, would be between a 2 and a 3. The slaves now comprise a significant portion of the population and is critical for the proper functioning of it. They are so essential, that it would be hard to equate them to the uneducated and disarmed slaves of the American Democrat plantations of 1830. Like the slave soldiers of the Ottomans, once they begin acquiring a critical cog in the system and also power, they may be called slaves later on, but actually treating them as inferior to everyone else, becomes less feasible.

On another note, the United State’s current mainstream culture can be summed up with these precepts.

1. Obey All Authority over you, no matter the orders given.
2. The selfish outliers will be punished.

The tradition and culture may have been focused on the individual, but it has now become the sub culture, not the mainstream. In this fashion, sub cultures can take over the mainstream and reverse the demographics, much like a game of Go. As for a society of individuals not allowing slavery, that of course depends on their definition of an individual. To the Democrat plantation land owners, an individual or a human was only classified as a male white land owner. Women, foreigners, and blacks were genetically considered different and/or inferior. The blacks were born and bred to work the fields so that the white aristocrats would have leisure and time for philosophy and art, the epitome of civilization. That was their justification under their society, why they fought for it. Well, technically the land owners didn’t fight, they were exempt from military service in the US Civil War 1.

What determines the system of slavery and whether it is used or not, is the hierarchy of the social status quo. If the hierarchy is any kind of top down system, there will always be an under class, an inferior spot at the bottom of the totem pole. Some hierarchies try to make this less intolerant by having their servants commanding those lesser than the servants, so that most people can have a superior and an inferior. Like feudalism, that can become stable over time: if the bottom class isn’t a caste system but can actually move up, so they can acquire subordinates of their own. If, however, a society rejects the top down hierarchy system, and adopts a bottom up hierarchy like the Grey economy of the internet, or the non aggression principle of liberty or something other equivalent, post scarcity Banksian derived/based culture, then there is no need for a superior or inferior in a class or hierarchy system.

Average common humans will still prefer to be in a hierarchy, much as pack animals will fight until an alpha, beta, and every other rank below it are established so that everyone understands the order. But voluntary equality or superiority or inferiority between individuals isn’t really an issue equivalent to a System enforcing that hierarchy.

Mathematics and Physics problems

December 11, 2015

Going back to the article, they seem to be talking about a certain kind of problem which reminds me of that Principle. Not revoking Heisenberg’s principle itself, but applying known unknowns to problems that divide between theoretical equations and actual experiments.

The reason why certain issues in physics have yet to be solved, is because the model is incomplete. And has been incomplete since forever, from the human pov. That doesn’t require the use of a broken mathematical equation. It just requires a different way of looking at the model of physics.

The mass-gap problem relates to the observation that the particles that carry the weak and strong nuclear force have mass. This is also why the weak and strong nuclear forces have limited range, unlike gravity and electromagnetism, and why quarks are only found as part of composite particles such as protons or neutrons, never in isolation. The problem is that there is no rigorous mathematical theory which explains why the force-carriers have mass, when photons, the carriers of the electromagnetic force, are massless.

The fundamental question of “what is mass” has been under research since a long time now. People thought the atom was indivisible once before. Then thought protons, neutrons, and electrons were indivisible, that this was the basic of matter. Then quantum mechanics went further and discovered something else.

The point is, hypervolumes, higher dimensional intrusion in lower dimensions. Experimentally, it is unfeasible, because the human ability to manipulate mass in other dimensions is limited, or rather non existent at the moment. Mathematically, equations can account for higher dimensions or lower ones.

As I may have mentioned before, fluid dynamics, light speed and gravitational lens warping, those things could not be calculated without an actual comprehension or model of the physical phenomenon. Theoretical mathematicians can create equations for them, but until they have a model from which to view the effect, they cannot find the cause or even close to it. Mathematicians need to know the unknown unknowns, the variables, into known unknowns. Thus Newton could use differential equation, calculus, to solve gravitational issues, on a planet. Yet Einstein used the same calculus field to calculate the manipulation of the space time field by masses of gravity. E=mc^2 is merely a rather cut down version of the longer differentiation equation. In a physical world where light traveled at different speeds depending on time, not space, it would be hard to create experiments for it and thus even harder to generate an actual eq with it as a constant. If it isn’t a constant.

The current model of the world under physics is incorrect. Thus until the defects are “corrected” to be more accurate, certain problems cannot be solved. Any more than the invisible energy of the magnetic field could be predicted without a comprehension of the energies at work.

I take a guess at higher dimensions as that which requires a better human comprehension, before mass and quantum particles may be better understood. I also take a preference at the Dirac Sea pov, as well as observational minds collapsing quantum wavefronts into physical phenomenon.

Once a consistent physical model of the universe is set down, it is often “good enough” to last a few generations before it is in need of an overturn or overhaul. That’s because as mad scientists keep pushing the barrier of human knowledge, there begins to be things that the current model can no longer adequately explain or calculate.

This has been true even for electricity and magnetism, let alone fields of physics where the human ability to influence or generate experiments is effectively close to zero.

The best tools humans have for finding weird quantum particles has been the particle accelerators, smashing one particle against the other to figure out if any new ones may be unaccounted for or missed due to the energy traces.

For example,

Hawking, in public, bet his reputation to Higgs’ face that such a particle did not exist presumably because Hawking’s “Equations” stated that it would not exist.

So much for his God Equations.

If there is a universe inside the Dirac Sea (to account for the infinite/extra energy) or negative dimensions within or below the various quantum particles in the Standard Model, it would become easier to generate models and mathematical equations for various physical particles. At that point, it might become feasible to determine why things have mass or not.

The way the quantum particles pair up and line up, seem very strange. Almost as if they are merely the consequences of some other thing at work. Or perhaps that is merely the normal human pov for something that doesn’t adhere to the classic system. For relatively new models of the atom, such as the electron cloud, neutron and proton in the element tables, it still felt similar to the gravity binding planets and comets. Barely within the same conceptual framework, but still within the paradigm.

Modern quantum physics seems much like a child smashing apart radios and miniature models, to figure out how the internals work. How such things are constructed, is beyond present day comprehension. The theoretical models seem to be holding as accurate, for now.

The problem is the things which currently have no models to describe them. How can people figure out where mass comes from, when they don’t even know about what matter consists of?

For Newton’s equations, they were accurate since space time distortion and warping didn’t exist on planet Earth to such a degree that it required equations designed to account for black holes or light speed limits.

However, when dealing with mass and elementary sub particles, it is all around us and within us. Mathematicians and physicists can no longer have an easy approximation of the prediction. Magnetism and electricity can be turned on and off, in order to experiment with it. To a certain degree, overriding whatever exists in nature.

Yet does humanity have the ability to turn off the existence of particles and their mass, to do enough experiments to equal humanity’s comprehension of electricity and magnetism? Ohms and Maxwell were human individuals who tore through the barriers. Perhaps humanity lacks the individual strangeness and or the technological metallurgy to do the same with mass and gravity. For now at least.

Humanity has often been on the wrong path to no where. It is only individuals that were ever any different. It is the individuals, outliers, which pulled humanity along on the endless path.

R and K selected strategies for genetics and 21st century

November 17, 2015

Courtesy of daitken


Funny combination. But also important for an alliance against the Left.

I did come to the conclusion in 2007 that the Leftist alliance was getting Americans killed intentionally.



One of those “K” selected emphasis on risk and long term development

Documentary explaining HEMA.

Industrial Revolutions in the future as well as devolutions

November 5, 2015

Here’s a glimpse at the effects of Western cultural reconstruction, rather than an explanation of it.

That was in the 1980s. Pray tell, what is being output by the big elite thinkers of Western America these days? A NASA engineer or contractor responsible for helping to put a probe somewhere in space, was seen on tv crying and apologizing to feminazis about his shirt. Sounds like high civ to you? Doesn’t to me.

Essential Oils Part 2 : Plant Therapy

October 25, 2015

Continued on from that, I’ve now used for several months in various quantities and dosages these oils.

Peppermint Lemon

Got another source of oil this time, from Plant Therapy via Amazon, which is a lot cheaper but less aromatic. They don’t recommend ingestion/internal use, but supposedly the oils are still food grade from them.

Lemon, winterleaf, and peppermint are pretty good for external wounds on the skin or muscle issues. Eucalyptus is very effective against infection, bacteria or viral. Although “toxicity” is generally what happens when you over dose in x amount of time. As in, many things are toxic because the body does not know how to deal with the large quantities, including Vitamin A… even an over abundance of calcium may have deleterious health effects.

For every substance or method of intake, the body has some ability to absorb, but at what level and rate is hard to pin down.

The DoTerra oils are more expensive but seem to be refined to smaller molecule sizes in the oil, which diffuses better in the air, providing a strong aroma. The actual strength seems to be about the same, although that’s a preliminary assessment.

This joins up with the water research because oils would have a special effect on water, especially as it is oil and organic in nature.


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