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The Super moon with once in a blue moon blood moon

January 21, 2018

To summarize, there were or will be 3 full moons between 2017 and 2018 January that are considered supermoons, 14% larger and 30% brighter. January is once in a blue moon, since it has 2 full moon periods in one month.

Now this ties in with a little Alt Earth research concerning the light of the moon producing temperature variations on objects at night incompatible with the model that the sun is shining light on the moon. The thermal radiation signatures would make the temperature of objects in moon light rise or at least stay equivalent to ambient. Instead, some tests show that moon light cools or negatively affects the energy of matter, living or otherwise. I noticed a potential correlation between various data points because this month of January in 2018, was quite cold by more than 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit at times for our locale. And for the rest of the USA, the situation is comparable at least.

Why is there a cold period just as 3 supermoons are rising? The data points presents an extended, but very short window in which to contrast data points, allowing more accurate points to be assessed and analyzed. This is different from specific experimental dealing with the temperature of water under moonlight. Another experimental variation might be that moonlight has more effect on human and living water systems with their own electromagnetic field, than inanimate rocks and dead matter. There’s always been crime statistic rumors that more fights and brawls happen on full moons.

If moonlight produces temperature dips into the negative of ambient, then the moon getting closer and brighter would necessarily produce a greater temperature variation.

The full blood moon is a moon that is behind the Earth as the sun is on the other side. How this doesn’t produce a new moon of total blackness, I have no idea. The idea that the moon is red because of the earth’s shadow, makes less sense once the periods in which the sun and the moon are in the sky at the same time, morning or evening, are accounted for. A crescent moon should not be possible given the three body problem of the sun, Earth, and moon system. If the moon and sun are in the same sky, then that means they are within 180 degrees of the Earth and the moon should obtain at least half full status due to the sunlight. Celestial mechanics were hard to visualize, probably because mathematically it doesn’t work. There is no calculus equation for a three body problem, because the system or the function is something we humans cannot construct. Yet celestial mechanics is described as a three body problem in which we can predict, but only because we are given the answers in the sky.

Can we really understand and predict the celestial mechanics, of systems with greater than 3 bodies? Even 3 bodies is producing the Three Body Problem. If the orthodox status quo science is correct, then we have already solved the three body problem since we have fully described the sun, moon, earth system. However, if that is not true, then there are hidden mysteries still left for humanity to dig up.


Kubrick and Apollo missions

December 2, 2017

The link itself concerns the photographic analysis of Kubrick filming methods vs Apollo filming methods. Below is my response to the timeline of Apollo, Operation Fishbowl, Operation High Jump, Operation Deep Freeze, Admiral Byrd’s missions to Arctic and Antarctica, and Operation Paperclip that led to NASA.

This is so much like Three Body Problem by that chinese author. No wonder the Chinese made it popular. It linked to so many NASA conspiracy facts.

The USA and Soviets needed a WallFacer. A solution to present to the ETs, that the ETs couldn’t spy on. So they pretended those ICBMs were against each other, and layered national security over national security secrets, knowing UFOs were watching them. Those ICBMs weren’t meant to irradiate the planet (they weren’t worried about that lobbing nukes at the sky). They were meant for an alien invasion.

They may have gone in contact with ETs from a gate at Area 51 (opened by Aleister Crowley’s faction), but they fell for the lie. So they’re just killing people for national security, even though they don’t know who is manipulating whom here. ETs may have said “oh, we’re here to help you, we didn’t build the dome, that was the hostile aliens”. Yeah, right. Believe as much of that as you wish.

No wonder there are secret black ops in the US that don’t even receive Congressional funding. That way they don’t even have to tell the US President anything.

Here’s a fanmade video of the Three Body Problem’s encounter with an ET entity called the “waterdrop“. It is easier to summarize the kind of content there than with a “wall” of text from the wikipedia articles.

What do I believe? I believe humans deceive. It is easy to believe in things you fear and things we want to be true. As for me, I utilize parallel processing: entertaining a theory without believing in it.

NASA Never a straight answer vs Flat Earth Model Alt Earth

November 25, 2017

A lot of “Alternative” things these days. When what everyone “knows” came from tv, is contested by youtube, people will prefer to believe their memories of tv over the competitors.

This gets to the heart of American cultural supremacy and superiority. But foreigners also believe that NASA told the straight story, since they believe in what they see on CNN too.

I wouldn’t believe what the government says about conspiracy theories. After all, the IRS and the Benghazi arms sales and the destruction of emails and hard drives were just “a conspiracy theory” from their pov. What difference does it make if NASA has been deceiving the world?

Flat Earth Model has gone 401c3

November 23, 2017

So weird and new.

Gates’ Common Core failed

October 30, 2017

But don’t worry, even if Gates messed up the children’s education, he still has the vaccination program ready. Zombie Apoc here we come.

I wish I could say that this isn’t science but a hoax… but it is real. And they are creating human genetic combinations with chimera animals. Sort of like just before the Divine Flood and in the Days of Noah… heh, yea, you might know what that reference means if you look it up.

The Moon

October 30, 2017

A good discussion in the comments.

And a different pov.

What do I believe? I believe humans should keep finding seemingly illogical things like quantum entanglement and time loops. It’s more interesting than the scientific orthodox Consensus.

The Giants of Past Civilizations

August 24, 2017

When researching the truth of events, I rely on the 3 independent triangulation method. Find 3 sources independent of each other, so that they do not contaminate each other, and use them to triangulate. The Nephilim are mentioned in Genesis and in the Book of Enoch. Now with corroborating stories and evidence from a continent that were not linked to the ME. If such links appear in the future, it would only reinforce the strength of the source.