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American Primary election 2016

March 24, 2016

News about Breitbart power struggle.

Some of us won’t forgive Trump’s Democrat voters, the same ones that voted Hussein in for 2008 and now want to use the same strong arm tactics on the rest of us in the US, or what’s left of it. This doesn’t affect foreigners or ex patriates over sea much, but it will affect the domestic civil war.

The order of cleaning house was set in 2007 or 2008.

1. Purge the GOP.
2. Purge the Leftist traitors.
3. Break the back of the Leftist alliance in the US to secure the logistics.
4. Take on Islamic jihad with an unbreakable support chain.

The problem happens when Leftist traitors jump ship from the Hussein bandwagon, the whites on welfare being broken to Slavery 3.0 as easily as the black middle class was broken by the Democrat slave lords, to the Trump band wagon.

Their culture isn’t going to change over night.

Another suspicion is that Trump is running for the nomination due to Clinton favors. That’ll depend on whether they bring up that underage sex offender and billionaire, that the Clintons and Trumps have socialized with. That would burn Trump’s bridges with the Clintons quite well. Until then, American patriots will often wonder if Trump is going to throw the match, as was intended by the Clintons.

In reply to some news from the Alt Right sources.

One Individual against the World

March 22, 2016

A closer look at what happens when individuals are up against collective regimes that use power to make people conform.

Three Pillars supporting Trump’s advent

March 5, 2016

Since I was reading how other people tried to explain the Trump advent, I thought I would give it a try as well.

Southern Jacksonians are still Democrats due to indoctrination. The generations have not all died out. What people call the Dixiecrats, the people who moved over to Reagan’s side of things, might be different.

Trump is pulling on 3 pillars of support.

The Alternative Right, Red Pill, sub cultures, etc.

The former, current, and new Democrats, because Democrats have a common culture, irregardless of what Yankee vs South is about. The South was for FDR as well.

Angry life long conservatives and Republicans, who feel betrayed at the company level policies made way above their heads, but have not found independence of economy or power for themselves to avoid political desires/solutions/help.

The tribalism of Trump’s class makes him natural allies with Chris Christie and Reid over in Nevada’s casinos. But it doesn’t particularly mean tribalism is a big thing in American culture. Democrat and Leftist culture has destroyed much of mainstream American culture to the point where the only tribes that now has enough influence are the two contesting tribes: Patriots vs Leftists.

The neutrals, the fence sitters, are going to get hit by both sides, and probably already have. The smaller sub cultures, like biker clubs, are getting wiped out, along with the ranchers. They have more immediate personal problems, one in which politics isn’t going to help them with. The middle neutral fence sitters, will be forced to pick one side over the other however, sooner or later.

Right now, people are confused because they only recently woke up to the threat of the Leftist alliance. In order to harness power to fight the Left, humans naturally cannibalize organizations like the GOP. Just as people picked apart the stone foundations of Roman civilization, to build their own.

Evangelicals are splintered as well, between heretical Christians that believe in liberation theology and equality, with the Catholic Pope, and the other Christians who believe in the message of Christ, not temporal power.

The reason why civil war is inevitable is because it’s not about 1 faction vs another. It’s about everyone vs everyone. When the Left demolitioned America’s foundations… what did people expect, that they could hold up an Empire of 300 million humans with nothing but elections?

Trump and the Alternative Right

February 25, 2016


Red Pill cultural article about their generation connecting with Tolkien and his generation.

Much though modern conditions have changed feminine circumstances, and the detail of what is considered propriety, they have not changed natural instinct. A man has a life-work, a career, (and male friends), all of which could (and do where he has any guts) survive the shipwreck of ‘love’. A young woman, even one ‘economically independent’, as they say now(it usually really means economic subservience to male commercial employers instead of to a father or a family), begins to think of the ‘bottom drawer’ and dream of a home, almost at once.

I found that line interesting, because I also have come to the same conclusions, independently. But on to the main point.

Trump is no John Adams, because Trump is a follower, not a leader or originator of the Resistance in America.

Generation wise, Trump is too old. The reverse engineering of America has been made by Leftists for decades now. And the resistance has only cropped up recently, due to the internet.

Trump is merely riding the wave of popularity, as he has always done. If he was engaged in social engineering, it would have been on the side of the Leftist alliance, not on the side of the Red Pill or the Alt Right.

As for people wanting information on the Alternative Right, they should check the blogs and the culture. Learning the culture, will allow them to understand the politics, which will also allow them to understand why the Alt Right supports Trump as President.

About Roosh V

[Most of this was in reply to or inspired by internet comments concerning recent political shenanigans in the United States of America]

Modern Day Communism : China

February 3, 2016

Same as they always have been. Secure internal power using fabricated “enemies”, much like the US has been doing with Fast and Furious vs gun users, and then find an “external enemy” to cook up a war to justify emergency powers. For China, they got Japan or Taiwan. For the US, it’s the entire world at large, anyone or everyone.

Why I don’t listen to social academics and authorities

December 18, 2015

This was my reply to a general internet comment about a person that preferred to believe in academics over random internet commenters like me, because academics had put the work into studying their field and subject.

Con artists have also put half of their life into being professional or studying the bag of tricks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean trust is automatically conferred due to their expertise in comprehending the system.

I prefer to trust in my own judgement over those of sub average or average social authorities. But that’s a question of hierarchy and cultural shock. Some are brought up to defer judgment to a technocrat elite or nebulous authority of elites, although their proof of eliteness is often untested and due to even greater levels of authority, not proof in and of itself.

In the same fashion that the collective defers ultimate authority and obedience to the “System” and individuals resist outsourcing authority/responsibility to unseen bureaucrats in the “System” or strangers, there are cultures which have preferences on a scale, but they are not purely in one camp or another.

On the note of collectivsm -> slavery, that revolves around the issue of which type of slavery. As I term it, there’s Slavery 1.0, Slavery 2.0, and Slavery 3.0.

A system where the uneducated and those who were economically subsistent and reliant on the powerful, such as women or Irish workers, foreigners that don’t speak your language, or lower class servants in the ancient Roman empire, would allow for Slavery 1.0, as the lower class can move to a higher class merely by having education (Roman and Greek slaves could buy their own freedom due to money from their education) or from having resources. They are still subordinate to the ruling doctrine, such as the Helots under the Spartans, or squires under Knights, or serfs under kings and royalty. Yet the unlanded commoner may become a knight, a lesser noble, due to deeds or special favor.

A caste system that does not allow genetic cross transfer or social mobility, such as the Hindu’s caste system with the Untouchables, Islam’s 750+ AD slave trade in Africa and the ME, or 1830’s American Democrat slave plantations, would qualify under Slavery 2.0

A space faring civilization which uses a meritocratic or not system in which a significant percentage of their resource production is manned by slaves, would be between a 2 and a 3. The slaves now comprise a significant portion of the population and is critical for the proper functioning of it. They are so essential, that it would be hard to equate them to the uneducated and disarmed slaves of the American Democrat plantations of 1830. Like the slave soldiers of the Ottomans, once they begin acquiring a critical cog in the system and also power, they may be called slaves later on, but actually treating them as inferior to everyone else, becomes less feasible.

On another note, the United State’s current mainstream culture can be summed up with these precepts.

1. Obey All Authority over you, no matter the orders given.
2. The selfish outliers will be punished.

The tradition and culture may have been focused on the individual, but it has now become the sub culture, not the mainstream. In this fashion, sub cultures can take over the mainstream and reverse the demographics, much like a game of Go. As for a society of individuals not allowing slavery, that of course depends on their definition of an individual. To the Democrat plantation land owners, an individual or a human was only classified as a male white land owner. Women, foreigners, and blacks were genetically considered different and/or inferior. The blacks were born and bred to work the fields so that the white aristocrats would have leisure and time for philosophy and art, the epitome of civilization. That was their justification under their society, why they fought for it. Well, technically the land owners didn’t fight, they were exempt from military service in the US Civil War 1.

What determines the system of slavery and whether it is used or not, is the hierarchy of the social status quo. If the hierarchy is any kind of top down system, there will always be an under class, an inferior spot at the bottom of the totem pole. Some hierarchies try to make this less intolerant by having their servants commanding those lesser than the servants, so that most people can have a superior and an inferior. Like feudalism, that can become stable over time: if the bottom class isn’t a caste system but can actually move up, so they can acquire subordinates of their own. If, however, a society rejects the top down hierarchy system, and adopts a bottom up hierarchy like the Grey economy of the internet, or the non aggression principle of liberty or something other equivalent, post scarcity Banksian derived/based culture, then there is no need for a superior or inferior in a class or hierarchy system.

Average common humans will still prefer to be in a hierarchy, much as pack animals will fight until an alpha, beta, and every other rank below it are established so that everyone understands the order. But voluntary equality or superiority or inferiority between individuals isn’t really an issue equivalent to a System enforcing that hierarchy.

Police Protection underneath the State and Regime

November 22, 2015

The police will protect you all right, from the MPAA lawyers.


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