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Police Protection underneath the State and Regime

November 22, 2015

The police will protect you all right, from the MPAA lawyers.

Virtues and Vices in the 21st Western civilization

November 20, 2015

But if a man’s efficiency is not guided and regulated by a moral sense, then the more efficient he is the worse he is, the more dangerous to the body politic. Courage, intellect, all the masterful qualities, serve but to make a man more evil if they are merely used for that man’s own advancement, with brutal indifference to the rights of others. It speaks ill for the community if the community worships these qualities and treats their possessors as heroes regardless of whether the qualities are used rightly or wrongly. It makes no difference as to the precise way in which this sinister efficiency is shown. It makes no difference whether such a man’s force and ability betray themselves in a career of money-maker or politician, soldier or orator, journalist or popular leader. If the man works for evil, then the more successful he is the more he should be despised and condemned by all upright and far-seeing men. To judge a man merely by success is an abhorrent wrong; and if the people at large habitually so judge men, if they grow to condone wickedness because the wicked man triumphs, they show their inability to understand that in the last analysis free institutions rest upon the character of citizenship, and that by such admiration of evil they prove themselves unfit for liberty.TR

The idea that the greater the man, the greater his vices, that virtues are tools evil may use just as the good may use vices for the greater good, is why Western civ is decadent and deserving of no salvation.

Elise Ronan said…
I do take exception with your description of ISIS terrorists as “brave.” It does not take bravery to behead unarmed people, rape,crucify children, shoot into a crowd of unarmed people, blow up a plane, or murder people on their way to a religious celebration. It takes a certain amount of psychopathology, belief in an all consuming supremacist ideology that has not been employed by the majority of the world since the Middle Ages to commit these atrocities. But no it is not brave.

The West is lost, people don’t even realize what the virtue of courage is any more. They think anyone that wants the reward of jihad for dying, is brave because they go to their deaths. I suppose it is not unexpected, since many Westerners have no physical challenge to surmount, so there is no real point for them to develop courage as a virtue. It’s just an abstract concept they read about which other people have.

Government black helicopters

October 25, 2015

This is what happens when the “crazy” becomes normal. And there was a helicopter too.

Two websites were mentioned, Yelp and

Yelp is a facility review site for the masses and meetup is a user content site for distributed organizations and small teams, like the Japanese have to convert online meets into physical meet ups.

Tools designed for the consumer, but can be used to counter occupations and the Authorities too, by circumventing barriers to entry and all that jazz.

Saw it on Instapundit.

Economic Equality vs Power Equality

October 11, 2015
Courtesy Texan99
One of the reasons why Northern Abolitionists thought slavery was horrible under the Democrat plantation is because it made the South poorer and disenfranchised white workers as well.

The South lacked any real industrial power because slave labor was undercutting white workers, while aggregating wealth under white land owners. In the North, people had to be paid, so it made more sense to make factories and other jobs that were highly productive on a per manpower basis. In a feudal system, the Industrial Revolution would never happen, because serfs wouldn’t be allowed the freedom to just move anywhere and work in any city, for any wage.

Slave was becoming dangerous not merely to the blacks, white people may not necessarily care about black strangers and their families, but because it was going to start affecting white workers, normal American families that had “equal” rights.

Some people even recognized that ahead of time, such as General Lee, but they weren’t given any power to reform the system. The system didn’t want to be changed and all the land owners in power, had the power to punish and destroy anybody that thought different. A few KKK episodes, a little bit of canning here and there, and nobody would be left to contest the issue. Even poor whites and normal middle American families had to obey Jim Crow or else be punished. The State’s Rights to tyrannize their own people, even without the Black Question being involved.

The author perceives power dynamics as being above and directly connected to economic dynamics. Most people don’t really think of it like that. They think technology will end slavery sooner or later, that it is inevitable. That economics will naturally balance out the power scale. They think if some top law makes the wages better or introduces a better way of doing things, that this naturally makes things more productive or more fair for everyone involved.

From what I’ve seen of human nature, that’s a little bit too idealistic.

Got to love lawyers and their unreformed torts

October 6, 2015

The History of Fiorina and HP before the great 2008 Hussein Wall

September 29, 2015

Some information from before the Left managed to mobilize their anti Fio squads, same with the anti Palin stuff.

There’s no strict conclusion from that, more for flavor and context. Context is important when connecting the dots together.

CNN deleted the link so that’s why the archives are necessary. Coincidence?

Was actually looking for support to the claim that Hewlett later said he regretted getting rid of Fio in a board coup de tat, after HP had been stabilized, because there were a lot of HP scandals and CEO embezzlement issues later on which tarnished his friendly family business (tongue in cheek).

Now take a look at the modern interpretation of history. Propaganda is so transparent to me, but it is not so transparent to the normals.

Then another flip.

Ah, found it. It was Perkins, not Hewlett. Hewlett sounds like one of those early SJWs, except he came from a rich family and inherited his success.

Gallup propagandists with their polls

September 21, 2015

Second, the explanations offered by those who hold this view reveal more traditional or political types of complaints about things the government is doing, rather than more radical beliefs about the government using power or force against its citizens.

These fools and tools of the Left actually think that any one with two working thumbs who believe in “the government using power or force against its citizens” would answer a Gallup poll at all… is rather statistically significant.

Each sample of national adults includes a minimum quota of 60% cellphone respondents and 40% landline respondents, with additional minimum quotas by time zone within region. Landline and cellular telephone numbers are selected using random-digit-dial methods.

Yea, like the first 50 survivalists they reach will answer the poll questions, because hey they’re off grid, might as well advertise that to Gallup…


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