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The State of the Union

July 25, 2016

The issue, as people here including Parker and GBritain have noted on Neo’s blog, are the voters. H RodDamn Clinton and John Fing Kerry and Trump may die in 10 years or 30 years. Or just tomorrow. They aren’t the source of the problem. The problem is the voters who support Kerry and Clinton, who cover for them, who do the evil work of their bureaucracies. Faith and good, require works, or else they are empty. Evil, if it is merely malevolence, violence, and hate, is not enough to serve the goal of evil, one must have henchmen and bureaucrats to do the actual leg work.

So the issue isn’t whether Trump or Cruz is a totalitarian wannabe megalomaniac. The issue is the voters, they, we will always have with us. Even if this generation totally dies out, the next one can be renewed or replaced by Muslims or Europeans. They’ll still be the same, human Poison at large.

Once the voters become obedient Democrats on the human farm plantation… well, then it’s all over. Not even God will be capable of extending a hand over that mass of human trash. But becoming a Demoncrat doesn’t mean joining their religion, it means becoming like them, closer to them, using their methods, understanding their hate, subliming their free will and conscience under the dictates of Power, Victory, Elections, and Fear.

To become like evil is to copy evil. To win elections or wars may mean copying the enemy, as US operators did with Mao’s insurgency manuals in the Phillippines. To win against evil, however, and H RodDamn Clinton may indeed be evil just like all your family and friends who voted for Hussein Obola killing American children with a toast and smile on his face. But fighting evil requires that you not be evil. Once you become like evil, whatever you think you are doing, is now for them. The House of Evil is not divided, although it appears so.

Free will and moral agency, once given up, you cannot get back. Doesn’t matter what your leaders call themselves, Crusaders, establishment, elites, Trump blue collars, Cruz, or anybody else. They are all human. They are all mortal. I do not consider them gods, not anything even close.

That is why America and the world will Burn. Not merely the USA but all of the Americas. Because that is what humanity deserves. People can only learn to value what truly matters through adversity and pain. That is not my fault, that is your nature’s or creator’s fault.

I, personally, feel honored to be at the bonfire. While terrorists and communists have burned their enemies, while the enemies of Charles Martel’s descendants and Charlemagne’s descendants burned Jean De Arc, I wasn’t there to see, or think, or do anything about it. Now that people who truly are responsible for the evils of this world, can feel the heat of the fire, I do not regret missing out on all those historical events. For we also live in interesting times, where we may glorify our own lives and souls by picking good or evil. Whichever team people may be on, let us continue to fight, until the Last Battle.

It will be a fun battle, one full of meaning, fate, and justice. Even God is allowed to be bound by the results of this war. A Kardashev 2 or 3 type civilization or entity bound by the events on a Kardashev .6 civilization on one planet… ironic.

If evil exists in HRC, Hussein and Leftists, what then opposes evil? If light exists, what is darkness? As there is matter, opposed by anti matter, this universe is strangely balanced between black and white. The grayness is more of a mixing, of supernovas and battles, contests of will. The black can turn white. The white can turn black, just like a Go board. The brighter the day, the darker the shadows. The more powerful good becomes on Earth, the more people will fall into evil and hateful unrighteousness. The more evil there is on this planet, the more people begin to understand what good is.

Predicting Civil War 2 for the USA is easy, even 7 years ago. Trying to see into the fate of all things, that we know of, is far more difficult.

No Saviors

July 22, 2016

Turns out the Anti Christ was’t an actual being, but more like a phenomenon. The ability to reject the Covenant with Christ and replace it with a human, Deus Ex Machina style.

Trump’s not a savior — but neither was Obama

This Day’s News

July 21, 2016

The RNC convention and the pangs of conscience.

Nuclear weapons, 50 tactical nukes, in Turkey that Hussein probably won’t move.

TWP Traditionalist Worker Party analysis

June 28, 2016

Since the media is corrupt and incomprehensible, here are direct information data links for who the protesters are and why people were counter protesting them.

My impression is that they are Alternative Right, in promoting the economic and spiritual well being of Western culture, specifically whites. It’s almost a reaction to the racist classwarfare of the US. Their enemies would be the Leftist alliance, Mexican nationalists, Leftist racists, etc.

Interview of Milo by Crowder

June 14, 2016

At around 38-45 minutes. This may be classified as an Alt Right interview, now a days at least. And it contains information about some of the genetic science being discussed. It’s about the sexes, male and female, but the research into the races is also discussed in the sphere elsewhere.

The Mormon Christians and the Church of Latter Day Saints

May 29, 2016

I was doing some background research on the Latter Day Saints church, aka the Mormon/Christians, due to the article Book linked to some time ago.

What my open database sources showed was interesting. Did people know that Stephanie Meyer, of Twilight fame, and Harry Reid are both confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ, Mormon Christian?

Oh yes, and the juicy part is Reid’s arrogance. He’s still Reid, a Democrat, and helping advance the cause of evil. That hasn’t changed.

Apart from accusing Romney of not paying any taxes for decades on the Senate floor or via whisper campaigns, Reid also said the Mormon church was wasting money supporting Prop 8 in California. You know, the one that opposed state enforcement of homosexual marriage. And of course people know why now what “enforcement” really means, it’s not merely an armchair re characterization, that was what they intended it as. Not a right or a privilege or an open/equal access law, but an enforcement upon the Disobedient and those Against the State.

And supposedly, Reid received critical injuries from some exercise equipment falling on him… which brings us to the other thing I researched and pulled data point wise. Connecting the dots.

“Reportedly, “About three weeks after this, Sidney was lying on his bed alone. An unseen power lifted him from his bed, threw him across the room, and tossed him from one side of the room to the other. The noise being heard in the adjoining room, his family went in to see what was the matter, and found him going from one side of the room to the other, from the effects of which Sidney was laid up for five or six weeks. Thus was Joseph’s prediction in regard to him verified. “[10]

On July 28, Smith re-ordained Rigdon to the high priesthood for “the Second time” after Rigdon had “repented like Peter of old.”

Sidney Rigdon was an early church leader in the Mormon branch line and histories, but eventually split with the mainline Latter Day Saint church and formed his own splinter group due to succession issues after the Book of Mormon prophet Smith died.

The histories on the aspect are interesting, because Reid might not have just had something fall on him…

If you read the subsections here, there is various information on divine punishments inflicted on people who misuse their authority and Church membership. The mainline difference between Catholicism and Mormon Christianity is probably the belief that God/Jesus is no longer a God/Savior of miracles, while the Mormon Christians believe that God is still directly linked, spiritually, to prophets on earth and saints on earth, with the concurrent Biblical power to go with it, as an Eternal god of covenants (Look at the House of Israel banished for almost 2000 years from their homeland as one notable example).

Here’s a good contrast, since a lot of people may know Romney is a Mormon, but they don’t necessarily know the details or what it means. Me, I like to look things up on my own and verify it using my own reliable methodology. Too bad there’s a lot of details I couldn’t put into it, but the information is merely out on the internet if they want to look it up. Pay close attention to Reid’s alleged injuries and what else Reid has said about the Mormon vs Democrat/Republican split.

I got some odds rolling around concerning what’ll finally break and destroy America, the continent or the nation. Divine Punishment is definitely one of the options. Along with the Russians and the Chinese, of course. But the point of argument is generally, at least the Chicom oligarchy and Russians have the strike capability to do something, but if God doesn’t exist, why fear punishment from the heavens? So evidence and data point correlations where humans connect the dots, that demonstrate that there is some unexplained power at work, would produce a lot of questions. More evidence than can be found in Global Warming death cult anti humanity streams at least.

P.S. Usually when I start down this kind of road, I end up somewhere very unpopular. Just like in 2007 when I wondered “what if the Left wasn’t what it appeared to be, what if it wasn’t a political party or a bunch of idealists”.

More background on the Alternative Right

May 28, 2016

In response to this link post by Neo Neo, I wrote my own intel digest of the Alternative Right.

First, an analysis of the word “cuckservative” which Neo’s linked article claims is about miscegenation or pornography.

Cuckservative comes from the term cuckhold. And that comes from the word cuckoo, the bird that lays eggs in the nests of other birds. Sort of like fed welfare.
I was there online when the Alternative Right was coming up with the term, before it got popular. A lot of this comes from how Palin fought against McCain’s traitorous and greedy staffers, which weren’t Democrats I remind people.

Then there’s Peggy Noonan, Reagan religious priest and speech writer, who voted for Hussein. Need I go on.

The fact that Leftist bribed agents at NR don’t even know this much or are unwilling to state it with some modicum of accuracy, implies that they are hopelessly contaminated. The next thing they might as well claim is that Hussein is the Light Bringer and will calm the oceans and remove Global Warming, humanity’s Original Sin.

The Alt Right is an alliance, just like the Left, and that means there are often factions in it which have mutually exclusive ideologies. Just as the Leftist alliance has blacks who hate homos and gaystapo who hate blacks and other homos even.

While the Leadership Cadre of the Alternative Right is exemplified in Breitbart and Milo, as well as various other internet Gray Market economies and leaders online, the majority are content consumers not creators. They, whether consumer or creator, aren’t political operatives, which probably confuses people when they look for who is in charge. It is grassroots like the Tea Party, but not organized in a fashion that the IRS can comprehend. So just like with the Tea Party, they begin their plan of attack with charges of racism, just as they accused the Tea Party of spitting on Black Caucus zombies.

The connections to Russian propaganda and operations are interesting, although still very vague at this point. The Russians are very good at promoting nationalist points of view, their own nationalism that is, when invading Georgia. Just like the Chinese, all Russian nationalists and patriots are required to defend Russian foreign policy, even if they don’t agree with it. They defend it by attacking the incompetence of the other people, like Georgia’s presidency. The issue is whether Russia has enough English language channels to promote their ideology to the Anglosphere. China’s foreign propaganda arm is CCTV. What is the Russian’s?

If they have one, they don’t actually need agents online, because their culture spreads automatically and their pov is picked up automatically given the faster mutation and breeding of memes online now a days.

The Alternative Right is just as good at picking up Russian propaganda tricks as they are at picking up useful Leftist tricks. The only thing the Alt Right lacks is the military arm, which is exemplified in survivalists, patriots with guns in the US, and those of us with a peculiar interest in logistics and military strategy. But even there, they might not be lacking for one, for long. If they can incorporate that group, they will gain real punching power, outside of the political sphere and arm.


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