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This sounds like a peaceful way to do things

February 21, 2014

Whether this comes to be sarcasm or not… really depends on what happens in the next 10-15 years.


Yu Gi Oh

February 21, 2014

Yu Gi Oh

[Language filters needed if others are watching]
This is absolutely ridiculous, but still amusing.

In the context of more serious problems like this,, I find it funny that people would pay so much attention to a trading card game.

Whether that’s good or bad… well, that’s a different issue.

Americans think they live in a democracy

February 19, 2014

But even if you think it should be a Republic, neither are true. The US is neither a democracy nor a republic now. It’s just an ordinary banana totalitarian regime.

Earth war plus space war

February 19, 2014

That’s what I said at Neo’s blog as well, that the planet killer asteroid are cloaked up and that’s why astronomers miss seeing their regularity.

Given there’ll be a land war in America soon, it’ll be interesting and fun to pair it up with a space conflict as well.

The Real Black History Month

February 14, 2014

Tactical Map of SWAT raiding wrong house with fatality

February 14, 2014

Well, with or without fatalities in this case.

Global Warming is here

February 13, 2014

Yesterday was pieces of ice dropping and clinking off windows.

Today, it’s shiro from the trees to the power lines to the streets: white snow.

Generally around this time, things start heating up rather than cooling down.