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LEO: Obey or Else

September 16, 2015

Some of us were more clear sighted than others who said that this was justified lethal force and now we’re better than Ferguson who riot over a single death.

Better? Not sure what to say about that. The slaves still think they are free.

US military H2H competitions

August 4, 2015

This reminds me of Japan, where they constantly create merit by making different factions and levels compete against each other… in public.

Firearms self defense myths

July 20, 2015

A lot of those in the list reminds me of martial arts or H2H training arguments. The primary reason why people think something can’t be done, that’s high level, is because:

1. They’re incompetent, they’ve never done it, so they think nobody else on the human plane of existence is better.

2. The experts that taught them were incompetent, see 1.

The training methodology to squeeze out high dexterity and accuracy in situations where the heart wants to beat at more than 180 per minute, is already known to mankind. The thing is, a lot of people don’t do it, they don’t obey the training guidelines, or they just plain refuse to believe it. Then later on, they take the “evidence” of 99% of the race “failing to do this” as the proof that it can never be done. Crabs in a bucket.

In a normal feudal society, the representation of the best would be determined in tournaments or life and death duels (Miyamoto Musashi). Our modern world, however, is too soft for that. So we argue and debate and try to out capitalize the competition. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. Firearms at least have easy data to access and loads of practitioners, citizen or criminal, to source off of. H2H, however, is much more difficult to parse out. We’re not Hong Kong in the 1960s, with everyone fighting on the roof tops to test things. We’re certainly not at the Miyamoto Musashi level of muga shugyos (training pilgrimages).

Mentality of killers and psychopaths

July 14, 2015

Here’s something new, which most people won’t understand.

A higher level warrior in society was often someone who could flip the “switch”. Meaning, they weren’t pro social psychopaths or sociopaths. They didn’t have insufficiently developed emotional imagination and empathy. When they were normal, they were normal socially conditioned members of their society. But when a threat faces them, they can switch off their emotions, killing their emotions, and go to town on the enemy.

People who are abnormal, are the ones that flip the switch and then can’t turn it back off again. Then they are in trouble.

This is triggered via a state consciousness shift, similar to snipers or killers that don’t need an emotion to justify their killing. The machine mind. The Zone.

This is why martial artists and other socially conditioned denizens like citizen soldiers, aren’t the most dangerous. They may get to that point after some experience, but the most dangerous are the weapons in human form. The ones that turn off their social morality matrix, their conscience, or their empathy, in order to defend X by destroying Y.

A fundamental difference is that a normal person that flips off the switch, can feel guilt. The abnormal person or the dysfunctional person, doesn’t feel guilt. He doesn’t even know that he did anything wrong, since the brain processes used to imagine it are turned off 100% all the time. He’d have to consciously think about it to figure it out.

From one perspective, a warrior doesn’t need emotions other than as motivation. A warrior doesn’t need hearing. A warrior doesn’t need to see color. All of that is wasteful brain processes that take up time, bandwidth, and oxygen. Eliminate them, shut them all down, and divert all power to the physical senses, reaction speed, and balance mechanisms, to unleash a human body’s full 100% power, rather than the 90% most people are capped at.

Compared to a human maximizing their animal and lizard survival instincts, creating a monopoly of control and precision, training and human abstract knowledge is not in and of itself enough to best it. Combining life and death battlefield experiences with mental and physical maturation, education, abstract knowledge, creates an ideal warrior philosopher, such as Socrates or Miyamoto Musashi or Sun Tzu.

The psychopath that cannot learn to put themselves in the shoes of their prey, will not be as effective as the full human who can use empathy to predict and manipulate their prey. However, learning to empathize with targets you kill, generates inordinate mental stress and attacks against the conscience, guilt, when the attacker lacks proper justifications for their actions. Justifying it based on “I was only following orders” is not enough. is the context for this topic.

Close range brawling

July 12, 2015

A lot of very good precepts, which I had to work out on my own, is in there explained as a lecture or rhetoric.

Things like this are much akin to horse riding or other martial skills like marksmanship or swordmanship. Hearing it theoretically is very different from understanding it physically. There’s a lot of details in horse riding that even a book cannot fully capture. For swordmanship, they don’t usually talk about the methods used to sheathe a sword. But that’s one of the more immediate and fundamental problems one faces when wielding a sword or wearing one. The ancients didn’t talk much about this because it was easy and everyone knew that it was an issue. Everyone except us, that is, in the modern world.

So for this video, it is speaking of the very basics, using reason rather than form or rigid rules. Even still, without personal experience, it is difficult to grasp fully enough for one to apply it in training or battle.

If a military had the choice of spending 500,000 dollars and 50 man hours of work, would they use it on H2H combat training or marksmanship and weapons training? People tend to prioritize the more effective route, given limited resources. That’s because that is the route with the shortest distance to the target. Martial arts or ancient traditions are often curves or quantum mechanical shapes, used to get to a destination .What is the shortest travel distance between A and B on a globe, a straight line or a curve? It’s a curve, because the situation is not ideal. It would only be a straight line if you could burrow through that much crust. Martial arts is often times a detour, or a curve. And for others, it is a straight line. The straight line express we no longer have, since it requires experience of a particular kind of fighting range that is rare. Miyamoto Musashi could directly learn the art of the sword, by fighting duels to the death. For the rest of us, we might have to do a Columbus detour or a Magellan detour.

Chi gong in Zhan Zhuang

July 12, 2015

Courtesy of G6.

Anders Breivik domestic terrorist or freedom fighter

June 22, 2015

Many on the Left like to de-construct popular or traditional perspectives on individuals with an effect on history.

But they aren’t the only ones with that trick up their sleeve, so to speak. So on this topic, there are 3 links which tell significantly different stories about the same event and the man behind it.

Some key passages I thought were worth reading:

Recently I attended a public consultation held by the Australian government to address racism. This was part of its strategy to make Australia a true multicultural country.

What stood out to me was that the majority of attendees contributing to this public consultation were all migrant lobbyists, left-wing radicals, political Islamists.  There were very few representatives from the domestic population who had different perspectives.

Suggestions made at the public consultation included changes to our law, the constitution, various Acts, changes to the schools curriculum, further Affirmative Action policies in the workplace, etc.

Disinformation and lies were spread.  They wanted the media to not report on ethnic violence and crime and have more ‘positive’ stories about the migrant community.  One muslim participant claimed ‘Australians’ didn’t want to live in ‘ethnic’ areas because they perceived them to be dangerous.  A lot don’t perceive them to be dangerous, they know they are, especially for the despised Anglo majority.

That evening I watched a documentary about the massacre Andre Breivik is responsible for. It was truly heart wrenching to see the massive number of people Andre Breivik killed.

After attending this anti-racism consultation it also hit home to me the sheer frustration so many people are feeling.  Key decisions are being made by radicals and special interest groups.

At one point at the public consultation  I got into a disagreement with another white lady about whether the point that criticising religion is not the same as vilifying a person because of their race. This was to prevent political islamists from getting their way and banning the criticism of Islam. She wanted me to note that not everyone at the table agreed.    After the session ended this lady started to talk about her private life and announced she was gay with a minority partner.

I was gobsmacked. As a gay woman she either didn’t understand under Sharia Law gays get executed. We were trying to protect her and she was fighting us. Days later I told another gay acquaintance about this story and she immediately started to stand up for Islam, announcing that SOME Christians would also executed gays if they could.

As far as I am aware only Islamic countries ruled by Sharia Law execute gays.  I’m not aware of any gays being executed by Christian states.

I have started to understand why when there are regime changes certain people get rounded up and incarcerated; it is just out of sheer frustration of the damage they have done by pushing their ignorant and radical agendas and not listening to what other people are saying or learning the facts.

So much of my life has been adversely affected by Multiculturalism and enforced diversity. I got completely brainwashed as  a young woman and spent years being politically correct and tolerant only to find it was a one way street.

A lot of young people end up on the left and I blame the fact they are indoctrinated in school and then by the university system. This is why Andre Breivic’s massacre of these kids is so sad and needless.  They were victims of a system that wasn’t teaching them to think using the facts, but to take the facts and wrap them around an ideology.

I wonder how many of those murdered kids would’ve ended up seeing through the indoctrination and emerged as a strong voice against the left.  David Horowitz who actively speaks out against the left was once on the side of communists. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was once a devote Muslim who wore a niqab and she completely transformed her worldview.  People change their worldview.

There are moves to already curtail debate on all of this. During this public consultation the participants called for action against overseas websites that are influencing the Australian population, I guess sites like Jihad Watch, AmRen etc.,  We can’t debate this openly in Australia and if these people have their way we won’t be able to discuss it online.  The only places left will be the ‘whispering corners’.

They can enslave the people of Australia so effectively because the citizens gave up their guns, their power, and thus sold their souls for some material benefits. Which won’t last given the Islamic and Leftist hordes. You can take that as my personal bias in all this.

The post at Amren had this to say about what Brevik claims he is fighting against:

There you have a liberal coming as close as they are likely to get to an admission of what they all fear: that Breivik’s views (although not his actions) are shared by large numbers of people, especially his views on immigration and Islam.  Prof Eriksen is wrong in one respect: it is not a “dangerous minority” but humans generally who have these feelings, including, as mentioned previously, liberals. People may have been brainwashed but that does not means normal human instincts have vanished or that people generally believe in the propaganda. Instead people develop a fear response which drives them to shun views which clash with the ideology and to give evidence of their belief in the ideology in public situations by paying lip service to it.

While an ideology can be enforced, the public will display behaviours ranging from a servile adherence to the ideology to promote their interests to lip service just to remain safe.  But once the means of enforcing the ideology are removed these behaviours will rapidly vanish. The societies liberals have built in the West are houses of cards just waiting to be knocked over if the stranglehold of the politically correct can be broken.


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