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The World as it might have been

February 6, 2018

Play the Giant killer BGM up above if you want to get into the ancient Hebrew mindset of Joshua and the nephiliim killers.

The above video is a short film featuring Rin, by A1 and Crunchyroll.

My conception of death today is that it was part of the original divine plan. Since everyone, righteous and unrighteous, is going to be resurrected for an unspecified amount of time that is still greater than the 120 years of mortality, I don’t see what people are worrying over. Short term and temporarily, yes it is inconvenient not to be able to see someone and one must adapt to life using funerals, wakes, and what not. But for a true believer in the immortality of the soul/spirit of what we call humans or humanity, it is merely going to sleep in cryo suspension and waking back up, without the need for tech defrostation.

They have passed beyond the Veil that overshadows this world. They have returned to their true source, essence, and spirit. This body is merely a tool, an avatar, that the spirit logs into. The avatar on our computer screens are not anymore “us” than our bodies are, although certainly we form spiritual and emotional and mental connections the longer we associate our identities with something. That is true for loves, as it is true for reading, hobbies, and politics. It is also true for this “garment” we call the body, living in the virtual reality “Matrix” we call this world.

Many cultures have this interesting clue in their histories and oral legends: the cosmic tree that connects heaven, earth, and underworld together. We moderns now have a different term for it: magnetic fields in a toroid hyperdimension.

One story went that as we enter the underworld, we drink from a cup and our memories are wiped away. We moderns interpret this to mean that once we die, we forget. Yet from the near death experiences of others, we do not observe that their memories decrease. If anything, they perceive and see and remember more.

Based on the cosmic tree, the Yggdrasil world tree, model, the “underworld” isn’t necessarily Hades or Tarterus. If we came from the Heavens as the stars themselves, to Earth, then we would be entering, what to us, was the world underneath us: earth. And having forgotten most, if not all things, the same as Rin, we are now living in a VR simulation, bound by the limits of the Earth and its rulers.

We live on Midgard also known as Middle Earth. Above us is the Heavens that science does not comprehend, although the credentialed authorities claim that they have measured it. Below us is Hades or Tarterus, a prison, which is deep like the DS (Deep State).


One Individual against the World

March 22, 2016

A closer look at what happens when individuals are up against collective regimes that use power to make people conform.

Funny and interesting photos in this world

February 19, 2016

Some interesting photos.

Art vs Beauty vs Fashion

February 4, 2016



Google or twitch ads showed me this ad, in which I noticed this dress.

It reminded me of the one Winters (first picture above with the black/gold) wore on Babylon 5, second season, except Winters had a full body length skirt, gloves, and overall more complete black and gold accents. The black was situated on the sides of the waist, just like that dress in the ad, and it was more V shaped, accentuating the woman’s waist.

That’s when I was reminded that some women are said to prefer military uniforms on men. For me, nurse and maid uniforms merely look utilitarian. The style above is what I find good looking on a woman, however, even though there’s little of the post modern aesthetic. The post modern aesthetic I would define as what Hollywood or teen magazines try to push. Homosexual male fashionistas who create fashion designs that make women look ugly, as a way to cut down on the competition for nude males. That’s one theory at least.

This subject was inspired by Book’s post about Leftist women’s magazines. That’s the link.

Classic techniques for playing music

July 23, 2015

If Bruce Lee could find synergy between martial arts and dancing, then why not music too for the rest of us?

Courtesy of Grim Beorn’s post.

Music via artists on youtube

March 10, 2015

There is a calming emotion, with a slight bitter sweet aftertaste, sent through the melody and vocals. I remember the feeling from various Japanese works of art of a similar tone and aesthetic.

Feels like a Latin aria, flying through the air and journeying into new vistas.

Music Videos

January 15, 2015

This was mentioned on a top ten list by Misty Chronexia

When I looked up the video, the music was rather impressive to me.