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New military science fiction novel out

December 19, 2014

Don’t forget to buy from Neo’s portal if you know her.

I was reminded by that search result I happened to glance upon, that I know of at least 3 of those authors while hearing mentions of another. That’s quite a combo. Their reputations are all very interesting.

The various topics also seem very familiar in this current century.

Fantasy in Science and Science in Fantasy

August 17, 2014

Here’s the email I sent to Roberts:

This is a response to Even Fantasy Needs a Little Science by Tedd Roberts – Baen Books after reading it.

It reminded me of the recent work Brandon Sanderson has done in his fantasy, which utilizes strictly logical rules slowly exposed over the book, combining some mystery elements as one can figure out plot twists by collating and analyzing the rules themselves.

Also Japan has long combined science fiction with fantasy, such that there are very old and recognized stereotypes to Japanese RPG settings and backgrounds. Not only is there an Atlantis type advanced civilization that died out, but the residents are advancing out of the dark age with technological (re)progress. This ties into the work being done on Pillars of Eternity and Torment (1&2), given that regular fantasy settings has been done to death and it needs to be reformed if not recycled. PoE postulates a land of fantasy that is advancing into the colonial and industrial revolution, via the use of soul crafting to power technological applications. What people did with electricity in our time line, they do with the power of souls or magic as you will. This goes into the high tech = magic line of reasoning.

On another note, this is Robert’s concept applied to zombie apocs.


I believe people are bored of extremely stable social systems. They want change or to be more specific, they want to improve their social status. While others wish to improve their skills, their family, or their power levels.

Strangely enough the US South border isn’t the only war zone in contention

July 24, 2014

There’s the science fiction community as well.

At least the MSewerM had the good sense to create a private list, JournoList, to communicate. These… people obviously think Twitter is good enough.

The Left’s true nature

April 8, 2014

Most of the Left’s ops aren’t isolated incidents. They are coordinated, if only loosely.

So what is my objection?

My objection is to falseness, insincerity, propaganda, bad drama, bad art, and treason against the muses. My objection is to using art for propaganda purposes. My objection is to Politically Correct piety. My objection is to the Thought Police.

My objection is to the spirit of totalitarianism.

For about ten years now, I have been writing and posting essays and articles on my electronic journal, and in all that time, I have been subjected to the Leftist mob tactics of mass hatred once and once only. It was the time I mocked the Sci-Fi Channel for kowtowing to Political Correctness. My motive for objecting was perfectly clear to everyone: I would like to write without censorship, formal or informal, based on political considerations. Formal censorship is state enforced; informal is enforced by organized mob-tactics, minority pressure groups, yelling, screaming, boycotts, hysteria and general bullying.

Because I would like to write without informal censorship interfering with my livelihood, I objected to Sci-Fi channel, or anyone in my field, surrendering to the minority pressure groups screaming and yelling and mob-tactics and bullying. So I mocked the Sci-Fi channel for encouraging the bullies by bowing the knee to them.

And in return the mob tried to bully me, of all people. As if I give a tinker’s damn for the opinions of these yowling halfwits. (There was exactly one person of the seven hundred or so who wrote in to me who seemed sincerely offended, and to him I apologized. To remaining six hundred and ninety-nine or so, I offered defiance in public, and in private prayed for their fool souls, hoping despite all appearances they were not damned fools.)

This taught me a lesson, but not the one the mob organizers wanted to teach. It taught me what they were afraid of. Not of me: no one can be afraid of a fat and balding nearsighted science fiction writer with a dull swordcane.

Nor were they offended by calling sodomy a sexual perversion, which I have done frequently before and since, never eliciting a single angry comment in reply, or attracting the slightest notice.

Since my legions of drug-maddened terror troops are all stranded on Salusa Secondus, the third planet of Gamma Piscium, 138 lightyears away, surely the mobsters of Political Correctness are not afraid of any physical force I can bring to bear. Neither am I in a position to deny any man any economic opportunities, nor am I influential enough to provoke public opinion or create any controversy. I doubt I could even do as much myself against them as they have done to me, such as hack a Wikipedia page or send around an open letter and expect it to be published and reprinted.

To explain what they are afraid of, I am afraid I have to explain something of the pathology of Leftism.

It feels satisfying to see the rest or others of the 3% telling it as it actually is, without the limitations of intellectual retardedness or unwillingness to face the true nature of the Left.

Also per chance I liked the books of that author, but I never read his politics or blog posts. My instinct for the sane must be getting refined over time.

Golden Age of Science Fiction nostalgia

April 8, 2014

An introduction to the Golden Age of hard SciFi.

Science Fiction Writers of America

April 7, 2014

What America, that’s the question.

But for someone that got kicked out of SFWA, it’s an interesting backstory for the author’s books.

With a subtitle of “Purged by the Science Fiction Writers of America”, I have not heard of this author before. Now I have and while the backstory is insufficient to convince me I would like his books, it is a strong and persuasive argument so far.

Given that I’ve reviewed David Brin and John Scalzi’s beliefs concerning American culture and philosophy, it sets up a neat juxtaposition.

Larry Correia Tom Kratman
Sarah Hoyt Brad Torgersen
John C. Wright Lou Antonelli
Jerry Pournelle Michael Flynn
Kerry Nietz Mike Williamson
Andrew Fox SASS

His listing of outstanding SF writers has an amazing match with my own preferred reading. I recognize six names out of the box.

Since I already did the work of searching that post out, might as well read it. It covers a little of the background behind what Scalzi, purge, SFWA, and Vox have to go together. Background data is great for intel assessments and profiles.

Reading reviews about martial arts books

April 2, 2014

Chasing Dreams To China Successor

Chasing Dreams To China Successor

Buy from Amazon

I haven’t bought the book or read it, but I found it interesting to read what other people who did, what they had to say about it.

As a human that also studies and practices Chinese internal arts, and as a philosopher that has delved deeply into the Democrat slave plantations of Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, etc etc, the setting sounds familiar on several levels.


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