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Learn Lethal Force not because of Florida but because of the future Final Battle

February 24, 2018

Rather than dip into the whole fertilized bullsh of what is going on in today’s secure less environment, I’ll just pop down some resources for people who want to get self educated.


Billy Graham’s death

February 24, 2018

Billy Graham and Charles Templeton In Dialogue
Here is an excerpt from that book, about a pivotal conversation he had with Billy Graham as he was leaving the faith. The context is his desire to go to Princeton to study the Christian faith more critically. He wanted Graham to come with him. Please keep in mind, this is his account of the conversation:

“All our differences came to a head in a discussion which, better than anything I know, explains Billy Graham and his phenomenal success as an evangelist.

In the course of our conversation I said, ‘But, Billy, it’s simply not possible any longer to believe, for instance, the biblical account of creation. The world was not created over a period of days a few thousand years ago; it has evolved over millions of years. It’s not a matter of speculation; it’s a demonstrable fact.’

‘I don’t accept that’ Billy said. ‘And there are reputable scholars who don’t.’

‘Who are these scholars?’ I said. ‘Men in conservative Christian colleges[?]’

[Tweet “I believe the Genesis account of creation because it’s in the Bible. “]

‘Most of them, yes,’ he said. ‘But that is not the point. I believe the Genesis account of creation because it’s in the Bible. I’ve discovered something in my ministry: When I take the Bible literally, when I proclaim it as the word of God, my preaching has power. When I stand on the platform and say, ‘God says,’ or ‘The Bible says,’ the Holy Spirit uses me. There are results. Wiser men than you or I have been arguing questions like this for centuries. I don’t have the time or the intellect to examine all sides of the theological dispute, so I’ve decided once for all to stop questioning and accept the Bible as God’s word.’

‘But Billy,’ I protested, ‘You cannot do that. You don’t dare stop thinking about the most important question in life. Do it and you begin to die. It’s intellectual suicide.’”

‘I don’t know about anybody else,’ he said, ‘but I’ve decided that that’s the path for me.’”

(Farewell to God, 7-8)

For me, this represents one of the saddest encounters two people have ever had. It recounts a decisive breach in the friendship between two men as one left Christ, never to come back, and the other went on to, in my opinion, change the world.

I was looking up the background of the Florida school shooting, where three JROTC fatalities were recognized for their valor or actions. I had an interesting insight that religion, specifically one type, had to do with them, so went looking for their backgrounds. After I found it, I saw an article that Billy Graham had died. Which led me to remember that there was another evangelist, Templeton that recanted his belief in his religion, since he had some secular/intellectual doubts.

I was reminded of something else during a debate topic about Occam’s Razor’s proper usage.

In the philosophy of religion, Occam’s razor is sometimes applied to the existence of God. William of Ockham himself was a Christian. He believed in God, and in the authority of Scripture; he writes that “nothing ought to be posited without a reason given, unless it is self-evident (literally, known through itself) or known by experience or proved by the authority of Sacred Scripture.”[53] Ockham believed that an explanation has no sufficient basis in reality when it does not harmonize with reason, experience, or the Bible. However, unlike many theologians of his time, Ockham did not believe God could be logically proven with arguments. To Ockham, science was a matter of discovery, but theology was a matter of revelation and faith. He states: “only faith gives us access to theological truths. The ways of God are not open to reason, for God has freely chosen to create a world and establish a way of salvation within it apart from any necessary laws that human logic or rationality can uncover.”Infogalactic

Since I have received personal divine revelations, I can understand why divine truths are often incompatible with human logic and knowledge.

How is anything a demonstrable fact when nobody has demonstrated time travel to us? Wouldn’t one have to utilize time travel or create a facsimile of the Earth, before one can declare that millions of years of random X gravity produced it…

The point is, the Jesuit liberation theology and knowledge vs knowledge format of liberal arts education, has a crucial contradiction inside of it. It hinges upon epistemology: how does one know what one knows.

Now has become a popular time, due to the internet, of reanalyzing exactly what we knew and when we knew it. As a result, some interesting things have popped out.

The Sun-Moon-Earth system is an impossibility given the Three Body Problem. For those with a sufficiently high math IQ, they may be able to comprehend what that means just by that sentence alone. We have general and specific solutions for springs, bullets, bridges collapsing, etc. We don’t have one for a stable three body system, which is why it is called a problem. Specific solutions exist, but they look like infinity figure eights… Our solar system is also far larger than a three body problem. It’s like a n+2 body problem.

We can’t even produce a gravimetric model of a three body system, let alone a 9 body solar system with modern engineering and computer models. So what is gravity exactly and why is it inconsistent with the 3 other forces in physics?

Socratic questions breaks the limit of human wisdom.

Oh yea, about the speed of light that was supposed to be a constant. Atomic clocks have measured a decrease in the speed of light. So what happens to the theory of relativity when one of its constants is not a constant? Certainly, “demonstrate” these facts for us, if it can be done. So far, the Earth’s core is shown as a fact to us, but have they demonstrated this by drilling down to the mantle? Nope. Around 10 miles is the max we have ever drilled, but the authorities tell us that it is a “demonstrable fact” that they know what is going on with the Earth now and millions of years ago…

They haven’t demonstrated anything except intellectual arrogance. It would be the same as doctors saying they know what is going on in the human body before the age of MRIs. The usual counter is that they know because they use earthquakes to monitor the inside of the Earth. Oh really, that’s like doctors claiming they know what brain wavelengths affect which neurotransmitters, by hitting the knee with a steel hammer to create a resonance.

It’s not a demonstrable fact that humans know anything about what has been going on here. Case in point, Pyramid of Giza, utilizing technology far beyond 1900 USA. Carving out ten thousand + ton stone blocks using slaves and hand tools is their current theory. Well, we tried drilling holes in these megalithic granite crystalline structures. Our drill bits destroyed themselves, whether diamond or not. There goes that theory of “demonstrable facts”. Our drills destroyed themselves, so how did the ancients drill fine holes through these megalith structures that we could not do using 21st century tech?

There is still a lot more things to discover, Charles Templeton. And you’ll figure that out on the other side of the veil even if you didn’t on this side.

Analysis of the Alt Right analysis

February 13, 2018

The Alt Right is much like the Amish or Tea Party founders: misunderstood or disliked for various reasons that people never understood to begin with.

No such thing as a “healthy religion” either, to critique the article.

There are factions in the Alt Right, of course, between certain ideological groupings. A big one is the Nordic berserkers. Those sympathetic to the cause tend to be associated with the various nationalist wings of Europe, Knights Templar, or even HEMA. They form the foundation of militias and self defense committees, taking the front line against the Islamic Horde, even as they ignore all their internal traitors. The extremist version of this lineage would be Breivek.

Another one is centered around the US or at least the US Catholics. They propose to engage in the Last Crusade, as advocated and described by John C Wright.

Another faction is centered around Baen authors, of all people. (Notice how like Marx and Engels and others, intellectual revolutionary movements begin with authors…). I recently figured out that one of those Baen authors is part of the Latter Day Saints. They tend to be very stealthy at times. Their history goes all the way back, lineage and event wise, to 1830, the decades of warfare before the US Civil War was recognized as having a beginning. Significant conflicts between dogma and doctrine of the LDS faith and organization, vs the Protestant/Catholic lineages.

The last, and perhaps first, faction is the Pick up Artist, Men Going Their Own Way, Alpha Game sub communities and sub cultures, which VoxDay is a leader of. Very intellectual, somewhat Christian, but normally heretical in the sense that racial DNA theories and epigenetic facts are used for an ideological benefit.

The Last Crusade faction doesn’t like the usage of DNA as being the dogmatic basis of Salvation or moral worth. VoxDay and others of like mind, don’t like mud sharking. They are incompatible on this matter, but like blacks who hate homosexuals and Gaystapo who love homosexuals, they can work together if needed. The consumers and parasites at the bottom, though, tend to be the ones that bark the loudest and cause the most problems in intra and inter group conflicts, not the leaders. (Agent provocateurs like Hussein and Sharpton and Jackson being exceptions rather than actual leaders of their community).

Churchians from Alpha Game perspective is weakness incarnate and dogmatic in core principles. The Niceness is just a moniker or nickname, like Low Energy Jeb or “Lying Ted Cruz”. It’s a nice meme game for the psychological warfare field. If Churchians were winning or beating in somebody’s face, they would at least be accorded the “respect”, that Alpha Game factions accord to the Last Crusaders. The Last Crusaders are not at all nice, although they may appear tolerant. For example, the Last Crusaders justify the Vatican burning Christian Cathars for heresy and disagreeing with Rome, based on the flimsy false pretext that the Cathars were “devil worshippers”. This is witnessed first hand at John C Wight’s faction, with the implicit approval of John C Wright himself, if not outright approval. This is the tradition of the Crusades and especially the Last Crusade. JCW is a convert to the Vatican’s line but serves more of a Tolkien like figure to the faction. The Last Crusaders will begin with passionate intensity, but like their previous versions, Lucifer will eventually find a way to direct the Weapon of the Last Crusade against factions who refuse to bow under the Authorities and Powers of Heaven, the Watchers/elohim/Annunaki/Gregorim/Enki/Archons. It is only a matter of time.

VoxDay’s problem is that while he is good at analyzing and copying Alinsky, he was never fundamentally suited to human deception and spycraft. Thus when he forced himself to adapt to his enemies, in private, business, and public, he corrupted his personality or soul. This is easily seen by looking back in his archives, as he snarked me for not doing, and reading his post about when that radio Republican was caught hooked on prescription drugs. The tone and magnanimity was like it was an entirely different person. Living in Italy, the HQ of the Vatican and Roman organizations, isn’t necessarily a good thing either. He long ago gave up on America and left, both spiritually, philosophically, and physically. He was once invested in Republican politics, like a Tea Party member and Sarah Palin supporter. Perhaps if his IQ had not been so prodigious and if he had not become so successful providing alternatives to the Leftist monopolies and dominations, he could have chosen a different path using his abilities: which I classified as under autistic and genius categories.

The alt-right is not stupid. It is deep.

It is certainly deep, like the Deep State is deep.

The article attempts too much to analyze the Alt Right in the same lens of Marx and Engels. Unfortunately, they miss the crucial element that wasn’t present in Marx and Engels’ time frame: the internet. It is not the intellectuals that forged the Alt Right, it is the internet that allowed the bonds to be forged between intellectuals, warriors, and the resistance to the Leftist alliance. If anything, it was independent non Americans or those who lived outside of America, who created the core tools under the Alt Right, using their independent economic and social influence.

A nation will become an idol, however, if its cultural inheritance is not oriented toward, and inwardly transformed by, a divine inheritance.

A nation, by definition of patriotism, is an idol… Divine inheritance sounds nice, but the mortals who polish their pen sticks on a neat phrasing of artistic merit, pale in comparison to the fundamental truth and might of the divine. Nor are they actually serious when they mean the divine, since by divine they mean mortals who are worshiped and praised as popular elites. (By reason that the author quoted the Vatican leader, the “Pope”)

They are a bequest of the spirit, not blood.

Except the goyim are ignoring that the Life is in the Blood, per Torah language, and that only through Blood are sins washed away. The goy doesn’t read nor understand Leviticus apparently. Even Lincoln figured out his nation’s mistake by the time of Gettysburg. By not understanding the root concepts of 1st century AD apostles, they open an attack route for the Last Crusaders and Alpha Game players. The Alt Right aren’t stupid enough to just quote a “pope” as an authority, which isn’t the pope or vicar of christ but merely a patriarch of rome at best. The Heavens do not proceed from the Vatican nor any mortal authority figure.

The World as it might have been

February 6, 2018

Play the Giant killer BGM up above if you want to get into the ancient Hebrew mindset of Joshua and the nephiliim killers.

The above video is a short film featuring Rin, by A1 and Crunchyroll.

My conception of death today is that it was part of the original divine plan. Since everyone, righteous and unrighteous, is going to be resurrected for an unspecified amount of time that is still greater than the 120 years of mortality, I don’t see what people are worrying over. Short term and temporarily, yes it is inconvenient not to be able to see someone and one must adapt to life using funerals, wakes, and what not. But for a true believer in the immortality of the soul/spirit of what we call humans or humanity, it is merely going to sleep in cryo suspension and waking back up, without the need for tech defrostation.

They have passed beyond the Veil that overshadows this world. They have returned to their true source, essence, and spirit. This body is merely a tool, an avatar, that the spirit logs into. The avatar on our computer screens are not anymore “us” than our bodies are, although certainly we form spiritual and emotional and mental connections the longer we associate our identities with something. That is true for loves, as it is true for reading, hobbies, and politics. It is also true for this “garment” we call the body, living in the virtual reality “Matrix” we call this world.

Many cultures have this interesting clue in their histories and oral legends: the cosmic tree that connects heaven, earth, and underworld together. We moderns now have a different term for it: magnetic fields in a toroid hyperdimension.

One story went that as we enter the underworld, we drink from a cup and our memories are wiped away. We moderns interpret this to mean that once we die, we forget. Yet from the near death experiences of others, we do not observe that their memories decrease. If anything, they perceive and see and remember more.

Based on the cosmic tree, the Yggdrasil world tree, model, the “underworld” isn’t necessarily Hades or Tarterus. If we came from the Heavens as the stars themselves, to Earth, then we would be entering, what to us, was the world underneath us: earth. And having forgotten most, if not all things, the same as Rin, we are now living in a VR simulation, bound by the limits of the Earth and its rulers.

We live on Midgard also known as Middle Earth. Above us is the Heavens that science does not comprehend, although the credentialed authorities claim that they have measured it. Below us is Hades or Tarterus, a prison, which is deep like the DS (Deep State).