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From SFWA to the Hugo Awards battle of SJW

May 31, 2015

Lesser known front on the war.

Huge number of un edited spelling mistakes, but I got through most of them. They really need a reader that can get 99.5% of written errors in one pass though.

Politics and books didn’t use to be a shared category, until recently perhaps.


The Fruit of Grisaia review

May 23, 2015

Aka Grisaia no Kajitsu review

I read through all the plots in this novel, visual novel, adventure reading game. They were all very different, with a strong emphasis on the main character’s attributes as applied to the particular heroine’s plot arc. The character development was rich and appealed to my sense of multi dimensional complexity. But first, I’ll explain what this genre is mostly about, since it was developed in Japan (like that toilet some people like, but is weird). A visual novel is a basic computer program written to incorporate a large amount of text (novel length) along with a sound track, sound effects, music, voice acting, and limited or full motion animation. It shares similarities with some of America’s old user developed MUDs or adventure games, except in adventure games you manipulate the world via items. The gameplay mechanics are pretty simple, low key, to allow almost anyone to use them and to pull the reader/player deeper into the atmosphere of the story.

So for people who dislike cable, tv, or Hollywood movies, programs, series, etc this is a potential substitute. If you can’t find books you like or if you don’t like how they adapt movies from books, this is a potential genre substitution.

The main theme behind the Fruit of Grisaia is the main character who roleplays as a high school student. I say role play because that’s what he is actually doing, his background is not a normal civilian or citizen history. He gets inducted into a school and thus he begins his adventure in civilian life. There’s two potential cultural shocks. The main character gets cultural shock every time he sees something in civilian life that he never saw in his previous lifestyle. Returning military veterans get a similar dosage when going from war time to peace time. Also the user gets a cultural shock because this is a Japanese nation, spoken in Japanese, with Japanese people. This ain’t Kansas any more, so if the user/reader/player isn’t Japanese, you can appreciate the shock. Thus you role play as the MC and the MC role plays as his role. The verisimilitude of the two situations makes it easier to get into the setting. For the Japanese market it was marketed to, I suspect that the verisimilitude would be based on the school setting, the every day slice of life atmosphere which is something the Japanese can remember from their own school days. For them, it’s a genre shift which surprises and pleases. For us, it’s an entirely new world, so everything and anything is new and strange.

The secondary focus or theme is about love, relationships, trauma, and ways of dealing with previous setbacks. So for the genre, it would be a combination of romance, adventure, drama, and a light spy mystery. These genres are placeholders, they aren’t Japanese genres, but it makes it easier for an English speaker to get an appropriate sense of what they might be getting into. Meaning, that if a Westerner doesn’t like the current romances and dramas, it’s mostly because that’s Hollywood romance and drama, it’s not done the Japanese style. I call it part of the romance and drama genre to familiarize individuals with what they can expect, but what they can expect is not going to be close to what they’ve seen in the West. For me, the cultural shock is all part of the experience and for me new invigorating experiences are hard to come by.

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Minor comment on current day Americans and loyalty to country, Christianity, and the Left’s Messiah death cult

May 14, 2015

People place too much confidence in their ability to determine people’s motivations, beliefs, and thoughts. They may be accurate for some people, but that does not extend to the majority of either faction.

It is especially inaccurate for people who cannot make accurate predictions about the present or future, to then use that inaccurate personal judgment to decide what a bunch of people they have never met, feels, thinks, and knows.

It’s not something they can know. All they know is the people they’ve interviewed and interrogated, which isn’t even a good sized sample.

[This is a reference to the subject of whether Democrats are guilt or not, and whether they are ignorant or not, and whether they harbor malicious intentions or whether Hussein is just incompetent. The entire manifold complex]

A profiler or interrogator that tries to take random samplings of what people say and then use that as a way to judge the expressions, lies, and emotional reactions of the subject in front of them, isn’t conducting any kind of professional operation.

It may be a scientific study, but the results will be less practical and far too abstract to be of immediate use.

Of course the reverse may also be true, where anyone who interviews a single family member then somehow thinks they have the Skeleton key to unlock the psychological secrets of everybody else on this planet.

In the end, the proof is in the prediction and the percentage of accuracy. I told people that the Left obeys authority and that all of them would have little trouble obeying the Death Squads or giving those extermination groups the locations of American patriots. GB talked about people being innocent because they are ignorant. As the US authorities care about ignorance as being a defense in crimes. But even if they do, it doesn’t change the highly inaccurate portrayals and theories presented by the “we know they are ignorant of this” line of theorizing.

Are we supposed to take their words at face value? So when Islamic Jihad says Islam is peace and that they are peaceful, we take at face value their “good intentions”. Of what purpose or benefit does that serve?

If the Left and Islam says they will kill you and then they actually go out and kill someone, that has weight to it. But the mere words people espouse about their own intentions have little weight to them in and of itself.

When the Left shows by their words and actions that they are innocent, does that mean they won’t ever push the security button to let the death squads in the door? What matters are their actions, not the words they use to cover up their intentions. Nor does it matter what their intentions are, what matters is what they actually do and how their behavior fits into the predictive models. A model using good intentions and the previous words of people to gauge their danger levels is not going to be able to handle things. Humans are fickle, they can decide at any time to obey evil, and they already have.

In the past it was difficult to obtain relevant examples of people obeying death squads or providing information detrimental to American patriots. The IRS changed that. The Texas shootings changed that. But even then, there were plenty of examples before then. They just weren’t relevant to the people who obtained the “good intentions” of the Left from their friendly neighborhood association of families. They just weren’t relevant to the people who obtained their good impression of homos and Islamos from their friendly neighborhood proto Gaystapo and Islamic Muslim “free speech” good intentioned “Americans”.

Since a good intentioned Muslim can obey the evil of Islam at any moment, what does it matter whether GB says their intentions are good or not? What does it matter if the Left says their intentions are good or not? It doesn’t even matter what their intentions are.

Homos had good intentions? Maybe. Until the Gaystapo told them to find the heretics and make them pay. Then those good intentions kind of evaporated. Funny enough that’s the reality people don’t want to deal with. They keep making excuses that they couldn’t predict it ahead of time. Obviously you can’t predict anything by relying on people’s proclaimed good intent.

That’s what happens when people place an overly high importance on reading intentions. Being right doesn’t mean they can deal with what people do.

Public officials and individuals like Clinton are much easier to read. Their profiling is much more useful and calculating the intent or not of Hussein may or may not be useful. But I avoid the claim that Hussein had good or bad intentions. Evil isn’t about intent. Whether Hussein destroys the US or not, is an element of fate, it is not an element of what people intend to do. But if it helps people understand that someone is evil by convincing them that they intended it, there is plenty of evidence to support that as well if needed. But the proof of evil does not require intent. Obedience to evil does not require bad or good intentions.

A so called American can claim to be for free speech and still be against Palin and Geller. Hypocrisy is not the point in this context, the point is that their actions matter more than what they say.

If the predicton is correct that Leftists obey evil, then until someone with “good intentions” refuses to obey the Left, what does it matter what people think that intention is? Once they refuse to obey the Left, they stop being a Leftist. Of course there are people who fall from the Circle and try to get back in, I’m sure their good intentions will not save them from the fire or from the guilt. Getting back into the den of evil after they threw a person out, is that person good or bad? Good intentioned or bad intentioned? I’m not sure it matters and in fact there’s a lot of arguments I use to demonstrate that it matters not.

When humans are under Authority, what they will do is based on the orders they get from that Authority. There’s no such thing as free will there in the enemy. That’s not what we are dealing with here. If they are told to give up the locations of Tea Party patriots to the death squads, the Left will. And it does not matter whether people like to differentiate them into “innocent” ignorant savages with good intentions or whether they want to differentiate them into the elite priest leadership cadre of the Clintons and Messiah Husseins. One may give the orders and the other obeys, but both are guilty. Merely because one party has more guilt, does not exonerate the other parties involved.

Southern Poverty Law Center linked with terrorism

May 12, 2015

Of course this isn’t the first time. It’s not the first time they were linked to other members of the Leftist alliance and while people like to excuse their practices as merely soliciting money from ignorant Democrats, there’s a lot more going on than people want to acknowledge.

I called it first Pamela Geller would be dead if she worked with the FBI/DHS

May 9, 2015

People like me may be seen as paranoid. It comes through a unique insight into human affairs, that is far and above beyond what is capable by most normal mortals. It’s almost a sixth sense, preternatural abilities. Except that this can merely be acquired through hard work and vigilance, not blood inheritance. Or not merely blood inheritance.

I wrote, in bold:


That’s a good thing. If she gets into contact with DHS, she’ll be dead soon given the Left’s alliance with Islam. The DHS and FBI are so full of Muslim agents and Leftist sympaticos that I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole if it could be helped.

Last time the FBI “contacted” a group in WACO, they and their children mysteriously all died.

Besides, America has a number of excellent mercenary, executive protection, and VIP protection private teams. I can refer her to some, even, for close in detail support. Don’t look to the traitor Government to protect you, look to your fellow Americans, who accept honest and solid, for now, cash.

There are enough socialized killers working as security in America’s private firms that no amount of ISIL could overwhelm using merely small arms. You don’t hear about them because they aren’t stupid.</b>

Activists interviewing Californians on gay and homo marriage

May 3, 2015

I wouldn’t call this edifying. I would call this a grand example of mind control, a WMDeception.;v=5;m=3;l=401071;c=776283;b=3368032;dct=http%3A//

But for the record, it is a good progression of mind control techniques. On to my reply for it.

What the activist is doing is called conditioning the subject via a verbal conversation, thus developing a personal relationship in order to exert a personal influence.

It’s much akin to what any charismatic leader can do to their subordinates, merely by being present.

Mind control is where a person changes his mind, and he thinks he did it himself. In reality, some other puppet master was pulling his string son that matter.

While it is relatively easy for a person to become a puppet if they fall for certain influences, it is much more difficult for a patriot to attempt to take away the puppet strings of someone who is already a puppet.

You have to be better than the original puppetmaster. Are you?

Being influenced by other people, even strangers who talk to you, is something I’ve seen and done. But propagandists and those who resist the lure of authority, cannot become the subjects of their own experiments or power. If they are, they’re incompetent. They cannot become better than other puppet masters by being incompetent.

It is extremely rare to find a person who cannot be influenced by external factors.

When the Homos used burning churches and terror tactics against Prop 8 in California, that didn’t achieve desired results, other than the destruction of enemies of the state. So they did a more subtle trick, which is called mind control or aka Deception. They claimed that homo marriage would not coerce or affect the majority of Normals, that in fact the Majority of Normals are crushing the minority of homos.

As we can see, that was a mere fabrication, a deception. You’ll have the same rights as other Americans. You just won’t have a family, a life, children, or a business. You’ll be in a camp, same as other Americans.

Link Courtesy of Neo Neocon

Dixie crats turning Republican is what people use to defend Democrat racism

May 2, 2015

It’s often been used as an excuse or justification, to explain why Democrats in the Solid South turned their backs on the Democrat party, whether nationally or at the local level.

It is a strange propaganda defense, used more to justify Democrat racial and hierarchy policies than anything else. It covers up the real foundation of the Democrat party which sparked the US Civil War I and it gives people an easy enemy to dislike, the Republicans, by projecting or displacing the Democrat party’s faults and historical crimes against their enemies, the Republicans. Like the black communities of today, it is easy hating and blaming the “Man” for various things the Democrat community did. And if you criticize that status quo stance, they think you’re a race traitor or betrayer of your community, when you go up against the community organizers.

It may have been pretty useful and strong in the days when the Democrat party rewrote the history books for the South, after winning the post war Reconstruction with KKK terror tactics, but it is getting far weaker now.

People like to forget that the Democrat controlled Southern ancestors considered those black Republicans to be low class serfs, slaves in all but name except to the Republicans rather than to the Democrats. It shows the kind of racial superiority profiling and prejudice that was produced in the South as a result of Democrat culture, politics, and money. The Democrats were using blacks to bolster their representation slice in Congress as well as using slave property to boost their personal wealth. The fact that most Southerners didn’t own slaves mattered little, given that loyalty to home was strong enough to even draw General Lee back to the Virginian cause, even though Lee despised the ownership of slaves. He wasn’t the Democrat political elite that decided a war was a good idea, however.

A minor group at the top bringing their home to destruction and wasting the lives of the community, sounds familiar to Ferguson or Baltimore or any other Democrat fiefdom aka city. History merely repeats itself in a different arrangement, a war that must be fought again for the same general reasons.