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To know yourself, endure, in enduring grow stronger

October 10, 2016

A kind of semi public personal reply to this post.

If a person wants to pretend to be civilized and disciplined to me, they should keep that mask and illusion up for as long as they can. It’s rather pointless to drop your mask to me one day, and then act like you’re a civilized human that can keep control of yourself, as if my memory is so frail I don’t notice the fact that it’s a two face act.

I, out of all people, with these Eyes of mine, do notice and remember, at least.

Everything you write after the fact, T [there seems to be a lot of Toms out there that may or may not be the same person], is just more pointless self rationalization. It makes you feel better, but that is pretty much it.

The truth is spoken when people are drunk, wine and veritas, was an old Roman or Greek line. To me though, any kind of strong emotion tells me the truth that people hide behind their masks.

Even if people online refuse to write about it, I can tell, if they remain in contact long enough. Communication bandwidth using letters is pretty small, but enough of it will form a connection to get enough data through for a complete analysis.

By reason alone or obedience to human laws, man is not justified in the eyes of God. Which is another way of saying, reason is just self rationalization and self deception, and obedience to human laws is just power megalomania and human corruption. If it was otherwise, people wouldn’t need masks or anything to hide their two faces and more.

As Grim so wisely put it once, online there is no justification or use to escalating one’s emotions, since there’s no way to justify acting on them due to the distances involved. If you act on them, it’s to cut people’s powerlines using rationality and planning later, it’s not because your emotions gave you cause in the moment. All a person does online in getting angry or upset with me is to turn their own hate and negative feelings back unto themselves. As mirrors and force reflection goes, it’s better than human laws. Less effective than divine laws. Humans transmit emotions like a disease, due to body language forming 70% of the total communication bandwidth, voice tones being the other 20%, and the words are just about 10%. That means when other people get afraid or angry, that transfers over. But online, the only anger or emotion you receive is what you yourself produce, from imagination, when reading. There’s no voice tone. There’s no body language. It’s all in the mind, meaning your own emotions feeding on itself. Just 30% of the voice tones and words themselves, can lead to misunderstandings due to international “accents” that sound like “tones” and words which aren’t the words people think they heard. Yet far more data bandwidth is there for humans to comprehend.

A person that lacks control of their emotions, also lacks accurate judgment. It’s part of why people blame alcoholicism for a lot of things. This group therapy thing of yours isn’t much better, and probably far worse, than AA. The need for the approval of other humans, of the world and its authorities, corrupt and ephemeral, is indeed a human weakness. I tolerate it by pretending not to notice at times. I pretend not to notice a lot of things, since online it’s as easy as not writing or reading.

Of course, if T is going to accuse me of wasting his time again, let it not be said that I made him use his time here. That was not my decision. Part of the reason why people do not understand me is that they don’t even understand themselves. Even Grim once wrote that I shouldn’t stop people from commenting on one of his favorite blog threads, as if I ever wanted or had that power here to begin with.


Wake Island

June 1, 2016

Here’s an example of how propaganda is done in war. This is to illustrate that no matter what country wins or loses a war, no matter who the victors proclaim as the righteous or who the defeated complain started the war, human nature is static and the Art of Propaganda used to manipulate humans is the same. Only the technology has changed, not the art or the principle.

The humans in the German and Japanese Axis/Alliance, are the same types Americans see on the streets today. Unless people have a peculiar spine or internal resistance to Obeying Orders from their state, if you exchange the positions of these people, they would do little differently in their new positions.

Often times the only difference between people loyally following their authority, is that some people’s authorities are mistaken and evil, while others have bad intentions but are generally on the right path. Or the more common variation, good intentions but on the evil path.

At that time slice, the topics shown should be the Wake Island movie and how returning Wake Island veterans that surrendered to the Japanese, thought about it. The difference between truth and patriotic or nationalistic propaganda. “False but accurate” isn’t merely the Leftist MSewerMedia’s motto of news. Americans have had it for quite some time now. It is, after all, why FDR was elected President for life and why the Democrats were such good warmongers, under the national cause. Wilson and FDR both campaigned and promised not to get involved in foreign wars. They were using Weapons of Mass Deception of course. Not against foreign powers, but against their own citizens.

Where Scott Sonnon and TacFit are now

February 20, 2016

These are the principles intro.

That would be an example of application.

I think I first heard about TacFit, from some website or something, around 2010. Cannot pin it down, it was definitely after Target Focus Training, and probably a reference from their social/business circle.

Benghazi movie and interview video up

January 6, 2016

Was actually pretty fun, courtesy of Grim Beorn’s blog

“What do you mean, the film depicts absolute hell” said the civilian and non warrior, albeit kawaii interviewer.

It’s an emotion that is hard to describe. Being so proud of the actions of people in your team, connected with them, that their life decisions are literally etched unto your heart as a physical sensation. I have experienced a similar simulated scenario, so I can only imagine how much their adrenaline imprinted emotions are stronger than even that.

That being drained, that hole in the heart, feels very familiar. It’s hard to describe the emotions in words, because they do come in sequence, they mix together to the point where it no longer is a normal emotion. It’s something else, a hybrid, depending on what mix and when they were mixed.

It’s similar to the bitter sweet pain that comes from watching a sunset or sunrise. The light hurts, but it is also beautiful, yet fleeting at the same time. That is how the lives of honorable men and women, who die in battle exemplifying the greatest warrior virtues in human history, look like. That is one ideal at least, and perhaps actual human experience is something different, due to words and languages changing the meaning and distorting it.

But it’s why when the civilian non warrior says that it is horrifying, it may not be horrifying. Or rather, without the horror, the pride and the etching of emotions unto the heart, would not be the same. The Tao is no longer the Tao when called the Tao in human language.

One justification I had heard is that many people are strongly motivated to ensure that their comrades had not died in vain, that they want to go back to the battlefield partially to ensure that the memories of their comrades are preserved, down the line or to future missions, and also partially in order to uphold their duty to the current generation in making sure they don’t die needlessly. Human emotions are kind of funny in that sense, the stronger it is, the more it needs to be expressed in physical action. Bottling it up isn’t necessarily a good idea.

And yes, it is funny at times too, recalling.

What I recall is that I remember thinking, that it was such a sad thing that this kind of unity would never reach the upper ranks of America’s chain of command. Maybe even before Benghazi happened. It was just a stark contrast. So many people fight to ensure the deaths of their comrades are not in vain, to save their fellow humans, yet I look above, and I see the darkness of utter evil. I hear their command:

“Stand down, let them die”

Internet economy

November 7, 2015

It’s an interesting collection of various internet economies, which only work because of the unregulated and tax free nature of the internet.

I’ve seen other, simulated, economies work like that as well, the ones with 1-5% taxes on everything. Some have passive incomes, others do not.

This economy, also is backdropped by a culture, and that culture is not necessarily going to go along with what the Leftist alliance for human utopia wants.

Now rebels without a cause or without a logistical economy, is pretty much dead. But the internet solves the economic issue at hand, but not the military one.

This is an interesting example of a “fight” which didn’t involve physical fists. It interests me because the person plays psychological games and setups. Reminds me of certain things.

The Left’s mind control history

October 2, 2015

@196 @187

Speaking of mind control and Leftist techniques, there’s a couple of historical incidences which I’ve researched.

1. Patricia Hearst’s kidnapping and subsequent direct neural programming via rape and fear (Stockholm Syndrome like) by a Leftist para military gang.

2. 1970 ish direct memory programming via regressive hypnosis, to implant false memories of child rape and molestation in targeted subjects, allowing lawyers to get rich off law suits, destroying families.

These were all proto type Leftist, Communist, Marxist, New Age, or merely Soviet KGB funded weapons research and development of modern mind control techniques. I say it is prototype, because the kind of rape conditioning by PProfit and the universities these days, are orders of levels more effective, mass reproducible, and more effective than the type of brainwashing Leftists had to use before. Leftists often had to use direct methods, to reach the neural systems of their subjects directly, via physical contact or close authoritarian auras, before affecting reprogramming. Jim Jones is another example of using the iron fist to control subjects.

Without the iron fist most of these subjects would revert, as Patricia Hearst reverted, and Jim Jones’ cult would have escaped since they were more afraid of him than the CIA. The die hards would be left behind. Jim Jones was using assault rifle armed (Leftists love gun control and people control) guards to keep the families there, and telling them that if they don’t force their kids to drink the Kool Aid serum, that the CIA will do horrible things to them when they capture them.

The Left’s modern mind control programs revolves mostly around self reinforcing shackles people have willingly placed on their mind and their heart. It cannot be removed, because while a slave may be freed if you cut down the shackles and make him aware that there is a better life in freedom… can a slave be truly freed if that slave loves being a slave?

For people familiar with game, this is the ancient form of NLP. Neural Linguistic Programming, some people in the various game or pick up artist communities use or find useful. In other words, conversational hypnosis and implantation of triggers. Mass reproducible, effective, techniques which does not require the hard fist of a police state or a gun to activate.

Linguistics, as a kind of human programming code which can be cracked and hacked, is also research that Leftists like Chomsky have conducted. All of the Left’s research is piled together and weaponized, using funding from money laundering orgs like PProfit, ACORN, SEIU, etc.

A potential reason why a lot of feminists believe all men are rapists or the 1/5 fake stat on university campuses, might be due to displacement. They cannot become angry at being raped by Leftists, so they get angry at other people who they think are enemies and easily crushed. This provides a smoke screen for the Left’s rapists and rape gangs, since the victims they damage, will merely become a weapon that they can use against non Leftists. It is one theory as for why the Left’s brainwashing is so effective.

Blast from the Past: Yuri Bezmenov again

September 26, 2015

This is a great time to watch one of the oldies, for those who wondered how Western culture got to where it is right now. Disinformation, cultural subversion, good stuff.

Disinformation part comes in after the 1 hour mark, right at the end almost. That’s usually what was extracted from this much longer interview, since the end was what caught people’s attention, mostly.