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Empathy in Sociopaths

April 16, 2014

“There are two kinds of empathy,” says James Fallon, a neuroscientist at the University of California and author of The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain. “Cognitive empathy is the ability to know what other people are feeling, and emotional empathy is the kind where you feel what they’re feeling.” Autistic people can be very empathetic – they feel other people’s pain – but are less able to recognise the cues we read easily, the smiles and frowns that tell us what someone is thinking. Psychopaths are often the opposite: they know what you’re feeling, but don’t feel it themselves. “This all gives certain psychopaths a great advantage, because they can understand what you’re thinking, it’s just that they don’t care, so they can use you against yourself.” (Chillingly, psychopaths are particularly adept at detecting vulnerability. A 2008 study that asked participants to remember virtual characters found that those who scored highly for psychopathy had a near perfect recognition for sad, unsuccessful females, but impaired memory for other characters.)

Good old empathy, a lot of uses for this.

To Change Yourself

January 23, 2014

There’s been some interesting articles recently on this topic of personal happiness and the pursuit thereof.

I think there’s two options people have: change themselves or change the world (other people). Leaders are mostly about taking up a position of authority to change the world and its people for some goal or purpose. Psychologists often tell you to change yourself, but that’s more to fit in with society’s rules than for any personal benefit to you.

When I speak of changing myself, I am speaking of making myself more resistant to evil and more resistant to mind control (propaganda). In so far as you should pursue your strengths instead of shoring up your weaknesses, try to pursue activities that improve your spine, your courage, your independence abilities, etc. Virtues come from personal experience and accomplishment. If you want to fix your weaknesses while doing good things, find a way to make your own self the goal of your projects. Instead of looking at society and considering how best to conform to the rules of Authorities, think about how to self direct your own evolution and adaptation instincts.

If you like this topic of self change, read the 3 articles linked here, they are very interesting background related to the central issue.

Obedience to Evil: Totalitarian Tyranny in Motion

January 2, 2014

“Did Your Father Touch You?”
She’s regretted the lie that sent him to prison ever since.

Once you obey evil, your soul essentially self destructs. Then the state will take over what is left, for all of eternity.

Old Socrates was right in more ways than one.

I would rather die having spoken in my manner, than speak in your manner and live. For neither in war nor yet in law ought any man use every way of escaping death. For often in battle there is no doubt that if a man will throw away his arms, and fall on his knees before his pursuers, he may escape death, if a man is willing to say or do anything. The difficulty, my friends, is not in avoiding death, but in avoiding unrighteousness; for that runs deeper than death.-Socrates before the Athenian death panel

Authority: What’s it good for

December 27, 2013

Authority is not always a bad thing. Meaning its mere existence is what has made human cooperation and civilization feasible.

Why is that? Merely because it prevents panic, it creates a meritocracy on the spot that puts the most confident, presumably also the most competent, person in charge of affairs. As humans who feel lack of confidence won’t take action, just like CPR in public.

Of course family and the authority of the patriarch also helps, on a cellular basis for self organization, but civilizations don’t have patriarchs standing on the corner all the time telling their clans what to do. That’s not modern civilization, at least not modern Western civilization.

From my experience, most people won’t step up and take a leadership position in a crowd of strangers or people they don’t know. Especially if they have doubts about their own power or ability. They will gladly step up and do a job, such as call 911 or perform CPR, but only when someone in their face tells them, “you, I need you to do X”. When it is phrased in the minds of people that “someone should call 911″ or “should needs to perform CPR”, then No One does.


Often the cultural, social, and legal forms for wives and husbands designated the man as the leader, as the authority, because someone has to be the leader. There can’t be two co equal leaders always arguing about the same thing, that would ignite warfare. As it already has in the West, between the sexes. In matriarchies, the woman was the leader. But in no human society has there ever been a case where two people have equal responsibilities and equal authority, who didn’t try to kill each other eventually to figure out who the top dog was.

The Good Old Days of America

December 24, 2013

1930s infiltration of American institutions and branches of power in:

School of Darkness by Bella Dodd told an interesting story, but now we have other sources that tell a similar kind of story.

A lot concerning American civic duties and virtues in that open essay formatted website. Also a story about how it all went away before any of us were born in the good old US.

Easy slide show to show the slide into Totalitarian Evil.

Learn about mind control or conversational hypnosis. It’s very important.

This is connected to subconscious hypnotic conversational techniques, Pick Up Artist dating and sex amplification techniques, and even the whole Creative vs Social Authority piece I wrote before this one.

I’ve never heard of this Darren Brown before or services he has been associated with. My research on mind control started with PUA community, or rather Pick Up Artist communities.

The Left is just creating more slave fodder for the coming war in Harvard.

Authoritarian regimes: Feminist Agendas

December 17, 2013

In Japan, most of these issues would be disciplined, resolved, and moderated by the actual students, who have the most to lose. In the US, it is authoritarian straight on down from the President of the school. That’s some micro there.

The article spends a lot of time on getting the kangaroo court procedures down, but that’s not what I’m primarily interested in. What I’m interested in is how Strange’s girlfriend “freaked out”.

This gives a hint to me that she has been conditioned in her past. By what? A former boyfriend? Female feminist hypnotists that implanted false memories? Prior experience with rape and/or porn emulation? Strange distanced himself from her, locking himself in a room and sending the keys down to her. That may seem natural or the right decisoin, but I think that’s the wrong decision. One of the only ways to deprogram and de-condition people who have been whipped as dogs and conditioned the way Skinner conditioned his rats, is to physically bond with them. To transfer your emotional calmness to them via physical touch, when words alone do nothing. Good intention on Strange’s part, but leaving her alone like that would automatically mean her conditioning and whoever was pulling her strings (like the school feminists) would have ultimate power over her.

A lot of what people do in that situation, such as the false accusations, are what they do because they obey their authority. And their authority isn’t you, the male or boyfriend, but the Leftist Totalitarian Regime and their reps. Some do it for revenge or greed, but many just do it because they were ordered to do so. Because they were commanded to do so by society, because this is “right”, and so forth. Those that lack a spine and an integrated self identity, are very vulnerable to being “told what to do”.

Strange, by giving his girlfriend space… ultimately merely lost control of her and access to her. If you have no control over your partner’s actions and if you have no say in her behavior, even though you care the most for her out of all the strangers around you two… nothing good will result. When she is given to the control and authority of those who will use her up as another tool in the Regime’s war.

Women, like men, can be conditioned similar to how animals are conditioned and trained. This is called dehumanization or rather demoting someone from a human that uses free will to an animal that can be controlled. In situations where your spouse, male or female, cannot control themselves, you can’t treat them as human. Somebody has demoted them. YOu need to first promote them, break them of the shackles of slavery first, before your words can do anything good.

Remember the Manson murders? How did he gain authority over so many young girls that males of this generation cannot gain, even though he was an evil Fer? Why are the ones in authority, always the evil and the ones who treat humans as cattle and as slaves? Because those who care for your lover, refuses to control them, refuses the throne of power, refuses the Authority and all that it means, because they want to treat their lover as an Equal.

I’m sorry to say this, but a person that has been tortured and conditioned for years by the Left… isn’t your equal. They won’t behave the way you expect them to.

How to view Leftists and non patriots in the US

December 9, 2013

Is my perspective, saved for future reference.

On Leftist mind control techniques:

“It bypasses thinking? Faith and religion has always taken a different path than merely logick.

Logic was present in science, survival, politics, and nature. But human beings sought something beyond logick. They sought the magick, the power to make a solution to problems that surpassed human knowledge and abilities.

The Left offers them that magick. And no amount of logick will persuade them that the death of millions isn’t a necessary sacrifice for their personal gain.

When people think they can negotiate with their kidnappers, enemies, and invaders, they won’t fight. It isn’t death ground for them. They aren’t desperate. They are willing to compromise.

When people start doubting their chances of victory or safety, then they become desperate, stop assuming enemies will be merciful, and begin to draw upon the hidden reserves of strength that make humans human.

What people don’t want to get is that fanatics, zealots, and members of a religious death cult (the Left) won’t be convinced by weak sauce words by “rational” and “logickal” people. It takes strength, true strength, to convince anyone in a war. To defeat their strength of belief with your own strength of belief.

Those who think their opponents are so weak they can convince them using mere words… are underestimating the strength of faith their opponents hold in their hearts. They take the Leftist alliance very lightly.”

The trigger pullers for the coming conflict won’t be the particularly old or those on the moral high horse looking down on us. It will be those with a hardened resolve, no authority, leader, or organization telling them when to shoot or what to shoot. If you lack a personal motivation or resolve sufficient to justify your actions, you like most people will merely Obey the authority and the machine. That would run contrary to any sort of free will or liberty people often protest about.

This is very different from how military authorities and officers conduct business. A warrior is produced by a warrior culture. A soldier must follow orders, he cannot shoot on his own will unless told to. In a sense, warrior cultures are hierarchical and based on authority, but only on the authority that derives from strength. Civilian authority in the US derives its power from the US Constitution and the legitimacy of democracy or voting (what is known as shared power or balanced branches of power). A civil war or conflict would shatter the traditional sources of authority for most people, leaving them alone. A single person fighting his own war by his own will? It has been known to happen, and successfully too.

“….that just means I do recognize that a Leftist member is a tool (i.e. slave) and one should not fight, kill, or defeat tools (if it can be avoided). That is pointless (Sun Tzu’s highest level of war skill). About as beneficial as Leftists trying to get rid of guns since they are “evil”. Evil or good requires some kind of will, an independent decision making ability. In this fashion, the majority of the Left can be fought and destroyed, without hating their members. Because hate is not a requirement for a successful war. It’s just merely one motivation out of many.

Thus it doesn’t matter whether there are good or evil people on the Left. As in war, one destroys the enemy: the good, the bad, the women ,the men, and maybe even the children. Because they’ll do the same, and worse, to you if you don’t stop them.

People were fine with bombing foreigners outside America, getting “necessary casualties” or whatever the mil speak was. It is slightly different, isn’t it, when one has to think about your friends, your neighbors, and your Leftist family members becoming those “casualties” of war. But the concept was always the same. The justification was always the same.”

Hate is just grist for the war mill. It is one kind of motivation strong enough. Others fight for love of family or love of country or abstract concepts like freedom, and that may be enough. For the average individual, hate is the catch all. It’s not necessary to fight a war by using hate, just that hate is oftentimes the strongest and most readily available motivator to push a faction to victory.

This means if people try to fight a civil war without hate, they will suffer enormous morale, psychological, and tactical disadvantages. They will suffer damages that will stay with them long after the war, no matter who wins. Hate is the shield that protects the heart and soul, that allows the killing blow to be struck. It is also a finite power derived from destruction, not infinitely continuous like creation or life. It has a limited shelf life. The Leftist alliance has spent decades conditioning their members to hate enemies of the State and of the Left’s Death Cult Utopia. They are trained. They are armored. They are protected. When the orders are cut to put the rod down on the enemies of the state, they will Obey, be certain of that. And they will suffer little to no psychological damage/hesitation from doing so. To the Left, whether the leaders or the cannonfodder at the bottom, you are merely an enemy of all that they hold dear, an evil monster or a henchmen of what would destroy their Utopia and peace on Earth. They feel no guilt or qualms about following orders to crush you.

It is unconscionable to expect generations of young Americans to fight for the sake of individual liberty, when you saddle them with moral high horse officers that strip away protection from PTSD and increase the cost of killing. If people don’t want to fight a civil war they can always leave the country while they can. They can always give up and join the Left. But to expect to be able to win, while other people are doing the fighting, dying, and taking the soul damage for you? That’s unconscionable. If it takes hate for people to fight an enemy, then so be it. They should get as much protection as they can. Soldiers should get body armor of the best quality if they think it will do any good, if they are fighting to protect us. Same concept.

It may not be necessary to hate tools, but if you do hate them, then the fact that they have been dehumanized makes the psychological costs and stress a lot less. Less stress means higher endurance and less PTSD. Less PTSD makes for a more effective war unit and for longer effective use of that unit. And if you cannot strike a deathblow against the Left because their zombies are in the way, then you must eliminate the zombies. If this pains you, then hate and other emotions are necessary to shield the heart from that damage. War is brutal and cruel. It is not a relaxing day on the couch.

Black vs White: Videos NSFW

July 4, 2013

Not Safe For Work. Not Safe for Family too.

There’s not much comment or analysis I got for these stuff. It’s potentially good material for demagoguery, but the time of Katrina and other such opportunities are past.

I got nothing to say other than “pay attention and feel the atmosphere”. The content is not necessarily important, but the atmosphere in those videos is.

Mental Focus

June 27, 2013

Martial arts instructors often talk about physical movements and techniques. I thought to talk about something else tangent to the topic: emotions and thoughts. What are the emotions and thoughts that I have when I exercise a technique and how does that affect whether the technique is efficient or not?

From early on I’ve been able to achieve a pure state of focus where I do not feel strong emotions one way or another, but an extreme drive to obtain a goal. This often showed up when my survival was at stake, at least from my personal perspective. Things dealing with water and high places when lacking oxygen. Reading what other people have wrote of similar experiences, leads me to think it is associated with adrenaline, survival instincts, the lizard brain, and various other names people call it (the machine mind). Since it’s not something literature speaks about, except indirectly and abstractly, each person has to find their own interpretation of what “it” means. Just as each person must learn what love is and how that relates to the words in poetry.

The Ancient Taoists promoted the concept that universal harmony and concepts like that are tarnished as entities when humans trap them using words. Yet how are we supposed to understand anything until we put them into words? And yet, we have to know that once we come to “know” something and are now communicating it with words to another person, we are no longer talking about the universe. We are now operating on human fallible levels of knowing and epistemology. In another way of saying it, those who know love understand the experience in some ways, but those who do not and only know love from reading words…. lack a full grasp of its power and depth. Something very simple and wise perhaps… but wisdom is of no use to those lacking the experience to use it. If children always obeyed their parents, they would never learn to think for themselves and if they obeyed wisdom, it would not be because the children were wise but because they obeyed the wisdom of another. Should a child not obey, they might be acting foolishly, yet it is only through recklessly challenging the status quo that one obtains real world experience and real wisdom in life.

To get back to the original point, when I cut something with my blunt steel sword, I first visualize the result. Then apply it to the problem and adjust my methods to suit the problem. Once I targeted a slim piece of plant growing 6 feet high for cutting, I swung the blade. Yet, it missed. Or rather, only the very very tip had cut one of the small branches, one of my targets. Why? I had aimed to cut the entire group of branches together, not just one leaf. When I had analyzed my technique, I noticed that my “kinesthetic awareness” of the blade extended to the very tip and stopped. And I was using that length as my targeting length. If I wanted to cut with more of the blade, I must reduce my kinesthetic awareness down a bit to adjust the targeting point. So instead of touching the tip of my sword (using my natural awareness of the length and range of things) to the target, I must touch the first third of the blade. In essence, I must step closer.

Most of my concentration is not on the technique, but the goal. At the time, I had construct the goal as “hit the target at maximum range”. By changing the goals, my methods automatically adapted. Whenever I have problems figuring out what to do, I clearly visualize my goal and then focus on my methods last.

In terms of thinking or OODA, I observe the target, I orientate on the target by collecting range and movement relative to me data, I decide what the goal is, I act to accomplish the goal. Then next loop I observe whether I have accomplished the goal or not. Then I observe what went wrong or what went right, decide what to do next, and act upon it.

Emotions like fear or anger, they can be useful at times to motivate me into deciding and acting, but they are not things I feel much when I decide to act. Pain is also illusionary as a feeling. It doesn’t feel real or rather it feels like someone else is feeling it and you’re just dreaming their thoughts. When I have come up with a plan and act upon it, fear goes away. I presume since it has already accomplished its task of kicking me into gear. Fear also is a sign that I need to drop my social restraints and go for the kill. Or to put it another way, release one’s own personal limitations and activate one’s full potential. When I feel no fear, I know I am confident of the situation and can afford to be merciful or compassionate. Fear, in this respect, feels very different than the common person’s reaction to it. It is supposedly the same thing from person to person, yet people treat it differently and use it differently. Or are used by it differently.

Emotions are a great source of power. They allow me to focus very well. I can ignore other people more easily. I can concentrate better. I can unleash just a little bit of the normal restrictions I place upon myself in order to function as a normal person in human society.

In many cases, I am in more danger from myself than other people, since I can exert more power on a physical plane than other people around them. Alternatively it makes me behave strange to the common sense perception. Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormon missionaries often, when invited from the door step inside to talk or just talking right outside, ask me why I invite them in and they give me this look like it’s something they don’t see often. And I tell them that I have no fear of them and may in fact respect them for taking risks and doing hard work that other people would normally shun. I didn’t necessarily go out of my way to say crazy things like “I could kill all of you in my house if I wanted to”, but perhaps the implication leaked out anyways. Strangely enough, it made them feel more comfortable around me to know why I was so at ease and so pacific towards them, even though many of them are in fact pacifists and won’t wish to learn about what I do when training. At least the Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses at least. Of course it gave me an opportunity to do my hobby of “people watching”, reading body language, detecting facial gestures and what not. Got to keep up the practice if one wants to be good.

Essentially, they detected my body language and it was not hostile. I’m not afraid of people converting me just by talking to me. I’m not afraid of people busting in my door and trying to harm me. They’d need to bring a lot of firepower and numbers to activate the fear. Of course I won’t know what they will bring, so I will assume the worst, thus the fear will activate, and allow me to de-activate social limiters. The system balances out eventually.

In that sense of dealing with other people who lack violent intent, I’m very pacific (now at least). Fear and anger tends to spread amongst human groups. If you don’t want the stranger to be angry or fearful, don’t act angry or fearful… Like animals, humans can detect that.

A warrior or a martial artist or whatever it is you decide to call yourself, must first defeat themselves before they can grow stronger. Your worst enemy is always yourself. You must change yourself for the better first, before you can change the world around you. Attempting to apply force to the world and its people, to make it conform to your will, will lead to yang exhaustion and your own eventual termination or self destruction as you exhaust your resources, energy, and allies. The only thing you can reinforce and change is yourself. Only after that, can you obtain the judgment to decide what else needs changing.

Young Teenagers in this World

June 24, 2013

A few minutes ago, right outside my window a group of disparate young teenagers, males and females, walked by from left to right. One of the taller, more muscled youths was carrying a thin 8 foot long staff by appearances. He was twirling it around. What I found interesting was how he pointed the end of the staff to each of the 3 girls in the back of the group, who he was talking to and gesturing to. The girls looked intimidated. After a time, they went to the far right. At the main intersection street, the two males turned back, one of them with the staff, and the rest of the group continued on.

I came outside with my practice steel sword and watched, crouched down low in front of my door practicing sword dance kinesthetics. After the groups had passed by my view, I went to the vegetable tree out near the mailbox and used an iai draw plus a blunt force cut through one of the 1-2 cm diameter stalks. I then threw the stalk into the air and drew my blunt steel iaito again to shatter cut it as it came down, using a Taiji Chuan rooted stance to reflect power and drive through force through the target. The stalk shattered/tore again, more messily, along the middle.

The power of that was driven by emotion primarily. Emotion. For this world has no idea of the meaning of “strength”. The common boy or girl are merely weaklings walking on the road of slavery. They will continue to do so until they smack right into the wall of despair. In all things, there is a scale/balance/harmony, a beginning and an end: a stronger and a weaker, a yin and a yang.

The new generations know not the jungle they walk through. They know not who is looking at them and judging them and their worth.

My blunt steel practice sword is the 1045 high carbon steel by Musashi, in the style of the katana. Normally it cannot cut anything. A mere simple force projection based upon the same mechanics as H2H fajin or explosive force, makes it act like a sword rather than a stick. While the edge is too blunt to cut, it is still a very thin plane of impact to apply force to an object, far smaller and narrower than a knife hand (and more rigid) and far narrower than a stick. Needle vs skin, after all: if the needle is not sharp, merely use more force.

People who need weapons and force to control other humans in their group, are trash. And eventually, they will be taken out. The only issue is when, where, and by whom.


Video for those who cannot visualize what an iaijutsu or iaido draw is. Suffice it to say that holding the handle “loosely” in such a draw on impact is pretty dangerous: and not for the target.

Iai draws have various jutsu and philosophical do interpretations and applications.

Here is one interesting application of an iai draw (one draw, one slice, one kill).


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