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Leadership, social hierarchies, and US 1820-1880 history

March 6, 2015

In a hierarchy, the leadership usually occupies the alpha position in part or in whole. Marc MacYoung wrote some interesting social descriptions of what that entails, although he gets into too much playing his own role with the violence vs prison debate.

A leader usually has to have someone who obeys them, male or female. The group can consist of 2 people or more. In exchange for fealty and loyalty, protection and resources are offered, along with civic virtues or social harmony. Similar to feudalism in that respect.

Most of MacYoung’s social descriptions can be found at no non sense self defense dot com.

Principally, an alpha would be at the top of one hierarchy, so would command obedience and loyalty from their group. If there is evidence of contested issues, or there are rebels there, and basically if people in the group don’t look like they obey one leader, then the alpha’s position is eroded in the views of others. This often incites verbal or physical violence, in order to discipline members. Which is often why people part of gangs cannot backdown when they are in sight of their women or their male subordinates, it is a loss of face or respect. People who might normally backdown if they were alone, would refuse to in a group, because they are thinking of the future social status they would lose.

Cockney humour, being crazy, or escalating violence to a point where it pressures the entire mob, may be used as justifications for the group backing off. If everyone in a group is scared or doesn’t find it offensive, then they are just waiting for the leader to tell them all to go, there will be less reasons to contest that decision later on.

There’s usually that one guy, the lieutenant (beta or gamma), who might find certain things offensive, whether to himself, his group, or his leader. So to defend his leader’s honor, he often picks or starts fights with people. That’s because in a sense, the lieutenant’s social status is dependent upon his leader and group’s social status in the urban jungle. If it there is insult or decline in it, then his own status also declines. For someone lower on the totem pole, that’s not really a concern, but for someone near the top of his own social hierarchy, it is a concern.

The ideal of an alpha is one that has hidden resources, talents, powers, or non physical traits like ruthlessness backing it up. That makes em like a superhero or masked ally of justice, to his own team. But only to his own team. This resource may be political or alliance connections. It may be economic wealth. It may be physical prowess or mastery of arcane or lethal force.

In modern society, people follow orders because their Authority told them to, but their Authority is generally the Law or some nebulous, arcane, or abstract figure who they don’t know. I think people are usually somewhat dissatisfied with that. Women used to subordinate themselves to the authority of their father, mother, older brother, older sister, etc. Which seemed to work fine, mostly. Now they are told they are equal to everybody else, except the Omnipotent Abstract Authority on the throne of political and legal power. And they don’t feel comfortable with that position of equality. They don’t feel confident, they rebel at any hint of disrespect, questioning, or challenge from their significant other. There is no hierarchy, and that usually means war and conflict. It was one thing for their ancestors to rebel, they knew what they were getting into with feminism and lobbying for equal voting or work opportunities. They had a chance at motherhood and even tried it out, but wanted something more. These days, the modern “normals” are on the path because somebody told them to get on that path. Which is little different from the patrician authority the feminist first wave ancestors fought against, refusing to do as they were told.

[Transition to the writing about the South before and after Civil War I]

The legions still loyal to the Democrat culture and cause, must paint Lincoln and Sherman in one fashion because of how they defeated their enemies, even though Grant killed a lot more on both sides. Much in the same way Pinochet is feared and reviled for killing Leftists. It’s because he actually killed Leftists, too many of them, and the majority weren’t just innocents, which the Left would prefer in the case of Ted Kennedy at least.

The Democrat cause became aligned with the Leftist cause soon after they joined into an alliance. Never were they for civil rights, state’s rights, or anything else that the propaganda claimed. It was mostly to support the Democrat aristocracy’s base of power, economic or political.

As a result, most of America’s recent wars have been literally sabotaged by Democrats for one reason or another. Even in the countries that America’s military was not told to go to, such as Cuba, Iran, Rhodesia, etc, the Democrats still helped them to be destroyed. The war thing is mostly a distraction or an unintended consequence of two different factions fighting in the US, and when one loses the fight, the allies overseas is lost as well. It’s not just a proxy war between the Taliban and America in Afghanistan, or the Soviets and the US in Vietnam, those conflicts are also proxy wars between Democrat traitors and every other faction in the US.

Democrats own blacks as slaves because blacks were always told that the Man was keeping them down and only white Democrat politicians could give them jobs and freedom from tyranny. Ironically, that’s what was told to white Southerners to get them to die for the Democrat power base in Civil War I. Somebody had to be a villain back there.

Reconstruction failed mostly because Sherman didn’t kill nearly enough of the Southern aristocracy. That was intentional. All the starvation, looting, and economic collapse was mostly the result of Democrats hoarding all the money and wealth in order to gain absolute control over the people, by conveniently finding a scapegoat while controlling the economic handouts. The KKK was ordered back then to lynch white Republicans, black Republicans, and anybody else that opposed Democrat political control. Any money that might have flowed in from Northern investors were killed off by assassinations and then Democrats took it over. But it was never going to be enough to actually feed the people or fix the broken Southern economy.

The Southern economy wasn’t fixed until people admitted openly to voting in Republicans and breaking the Democrat stranglehold. To the point where even now, Democrats have never forgiven the betrayal of the “Bible and gun clinging” Southerners. But that doesn’t mean the propaganda from 1820-1880 was merely forgotten by descendants of propagandized and manipulated families. Black families often believe Lincoln was a Democrat, thus giving their fealty to an enemy of their race, the Democrat machine. It is easy for them to justify, and that was only a few decades under Democrat rule. The Southern families have been under Democrat rot for a lot longer than that.

Brainwashing isn’t only for interrogations

January 5, 2015

This is often why people said going to shrinks was going to make you crazier.

And it’s also probably why regressive hypnotic therapy (brainwashing and indoctrination) became very popular and profitable.

This is why I said years ago, that torture, the true art of torture, can make people believe that they are on our side and should disclose all the details of their terrorist cell operations. Because they will honestly believe, that they were on our side, and not theirs. It only requires sufficient pressure to shatter a person’s mind and reform it. Merely that. Breaking the body is only making the mold easier to form, the mind is what we are truly searching for, because the mind thinks it knows the truth. Having problems getting people to tell you the truth? Either the interrogator used his authority to demand something other than the truth, or more processing is needed.

And the media is responsible for most of the crime in America. (This was written before the race riots of 2014 or Civil War II)

All of these techniques, the Left knew about and knew how effective they are. They are using them even now in universities against American kids. And they knew the effect of Authority in interrogation when they claimed GitMo was about using torture to get false confessions. They know very well what false confessions are, they are the experts on such after all.

This is the Left. In the Middle East, they are ruled by similar folk and have been so for generations. What people think are the “causes” of such violence, like poverty or land… they have no damn clue. And never will. To know the art of indoctrination requires a brain, after all. The Palestinian death cult is not concerned with poverty or injustice. That’s not what cults are for.

Remember the Renos during Clinton, how they went after David Koresh at WACO? This following a long line of the prosecution making a name for themselves by prosecuting parents for, get this, satanic cult rituals and child abuse. All from testimony obtained through torturing and isolating the children in Reno’s concentration camps. This is the Left. Never forget.

This is what they are. This is what they always have been. The weak minded, the dependent, the drug addicted, the kiddies lacking a spine, all are meat and grist for the Mill of Indoctrination. They will Believe what they are Told to Believe. And there, they will end, as puppets forevermore.

Such is the power of the Leftist alliance that they can create a Slave Empire where the slaves honestly and falsely believe they are free. How do you think they do it? That is not covered in public education and for good reason. Only specialists and crazy people have ever touched upon the forbidden knowledge.

Changing people’s religion

October 29, 2014

A few paradigm changes in belief.

It’s not a change via logic or debate, but a change in a person’s faith based beliefs. That is far more difficult to change, especially when people like to cover it up and call their religion their ‘Politics’. There have been various rebellions of this sort in black communities, although they are often ignored or crushed into disappearance.

After all, with the IRS on Tea Parties, it’s not as if Republicans or Democrats have not used the national force to get rid of competition before.

Baseball story

October 1, 2014

Watching Ace of Diamond makes baseball make a lot more sense. Moving fastball with cutters.

Yin and Yang

July 19, 2014

Some people must constantly wonder how these concepts even apply to the modern life of a Westerner.

Well, for me, yin is me doing this for several years while ignoring Hussein between 2008-2012.

Oh wait, that’s the funny wrong gif.

I answer questions and help people out. That’s yin.

And if I can’t do that, I find something to smash, break, and destroy or bite people’s heads off while online. That’s yang, applied strength and force to overcome the World Itself.

When things are unbalanced, go for the opposite. Then swirl it together, mix it, and you got something of an interesting drink concoction there.

Autobiographical manifesto review of mass murderer Santa Barbara

May 29, 2014

It’s a good narration and the author is someone I’ve checked on to verify the strength of his rationality.

This is a second view of the same incident.

Rod boy there, our grand villain of the week, is a weakling. There have been plenty of people under more strain than he is, but he and other people seem to think he was in pain. Compared to his targets or to other humans, who have exceeded their limits for higher callings, Rod’s life was average.

Instead of taking the leadership role and the role of the senior, over his sister and his brother, he allowed his own weakness and his family’s Hollywood moral weaknesses, to do him in. As a result, he self destructed and he is no longer a problem, for anyone. With the internet, anyone with savant level or genius level abilities, as he thought he had, should have been able to figure this out in 10 or so years. All he did was play World of Warcraft, snickers.

Manifesto of Californian Hollywood Normality

May 25, 2014

That was a pretty cryptic title, but it’s mostly about mass murderers.

(click on the lower right hand button to view in full screen)

Hilarious manifesto, I read most of the last half. Judging by a bit of corroboration in the news reports, the details given in the manifest are correct, such as the murderer refusing to speak to his sister’s boyfriend. That may just be the 99% truth to hide the 1% deception, but it’s good to have confirmation via independent sources. Presumably independent.

So here we have a… person who wants to kill his sister because he’s jealous of his siblings. He thinks he is God, a divine entity that punishes the guilty. Like Dexter or something. His father is a big Hollywood producer or some smuck high up. Hollywood has raised enormous funds for the Leftist alliance’s war on humanity. How, poetic, that this ended up influencing one of their valuable scions to go ballistic on other rich families.

No paste and copy at scribd. Humanity is a disgusting, wretched, depraved species. If I had it in my power I would stop at nothing to reduce every single one of you to mountains of skulls and rivers of blood and rightfully so. You deserve to be annihilated and I will give that to you. You never showed me any mercy so I will show you none.

As I’ve come to learn more about humanity and its flaws, it truly does look more disgusting and wretched. I don’t believe in humanity as a species. I believe in the potential of humanity itself. That may be a rather copy pasted remark from another author’s words, but it will have to suffice. I have seen for myself valor, honor, dignity, liberty, and strength in individual humans. The species itself may be hopeless and full of 68% evil, but that is why it is so exceptional that there are individuals who don’t let the crabs pull them down. The murderer of our little story here, never did meet a single person like that. Not a single one. He grew up in the Hollywood, Leftist, culture, why would he ever meet one? All they have are zombies, child rapists, Polanskis, gun runners in California, and supporters/Obamacans of Hussein O and Eric (Justice is not blind, for I am her eyes) Holder .

The price of enlightenment and knowledge is pain, despair, and hate: hating the very thing one valued and loved. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is not merely an allegory for me, for I’ve seen it in the lives of humanity itself.

The murderer in our final story would have been a good Islamic Jihad convert. Virgins in heaven, using jihad to kill infidels, it’s pretty much the same thing.

(side stepping to a different topic)

The conditioning used on soldiers to make them obey orders to pull the trigger and kill, is mostly using game feedback to reinforce the consequence of accuracy on target with immediate reward, and punish bad actions such as shooting friendlies or hostages with punishment. This makes it into a semi automatic decision, where people are not pulling triggers on humans, but merely targets, scoring points, etc. If the shooter lacks a justification afterwards, guilt and PTSD hits. But this training allows people to distance themselves from the act, allowing them to pull the trigger without hesitation, in most of the cases. In WWII, there was a lot of rumours that most people didn’t even fire their weapons. The training was different. What is seen in this manifesto is the obverse selection. The actor removed himself from humanity itself, he did not remove humanity from his targets. That is interesting, but as a consequence there are no “safeties” on that kind of conditioning (violent conditioning).

The natural hesitation of humans when it comes to killing humans has to do with our desire for love, comraderie, and social acceptance. We don’t kill, because we fear being hurt and killed ourselves in return. If we remove even ourselves from being human… the sky is the limit to what one can do, free of social restrictions. It will then answer the Ultimate Question posed by Socrates.

I would rather die having spoken in my manner, than speak in your manner and live. For neither in war nor yet in law ought any man use every way of escaping death. For often in battle there is no doubt that if a man will throw away his arms, and fall on his knees before his pursuers, he may escape death, if a man is willing to say or do anything. The difficulty, my friends, is not in avoiding death, but in avoiding unrighteousness; for that runs deeper than death.——Socrates before the Athenian Democratic Utopia

Without social restrictions and social morality dictating what a person does, is that person Good or Evil? If we presume to exclude God and the Devil from the picture, and the temptations of the snake con artist, how would a person decide what is Good and Just without external influences?

Socrates made one decision. The murderer makes another. People who hate humanity’s flaws, as I do, would never forgive humans for their evil, just as Plato never forgave humanity and its politics for the death of his sensei, Socrates. But it is the very existence of Socrates, those who society commands to be evil, and yet can refuse in the presence of Death itself to obey evil, that makes a difference for us. There are people like that, for real, living amongst humanity. The truly righteous, those who are on the side of justice, even if everyone around them demands that evil be done. The 3% who fought for freedom in the American Revolution, before it was popular and risk free. The geniuses and Cassandras that are always rejected, misunderstood, and disbelieved. Human history is really a history of these 3% pulling the rest of us along. People in the modern 21st century may benefit from microwaves, economic logistics, and science, but they never built any of that. They contributed 0, to the advancement of human ingenuity and progress.

The murderer fell into despair when he thought society itself was evil and that no one was strong enough in society to resist temptation and evil. Not even himself. He had no role models. The one he constructed of females, fell apart. It may have been saved by one virtuous woman, but he saw none in Hollywood and California (no surprise). So he just self destructed, taking as many people with him as he could. For such a pathetic example of “humanity”, he couldn’t even get as many as Ft. Hood 1’s Hasan did. Whether this is tragic, comedic, or just a downright hilarious waste of resources, will depend on your personal taste.

I’ve seen far worse. This is little more than theater to me. Californian and Hollywood theater at that.


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