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TSA satire and female make up

December 23, 2010

I found the TSA harassment video funny and somewhat accurate. Somewhat in the sense that under 18 females or children, are not excluded from the pat down.

More importantly, I went to this person’s channel

After the credit to the TSA video had her as one of the actors.

At minute 14:00 I had the thought that that is the same as what I think when watching H2H or Martial Art instruction videos or demonstrations. Detail orientated.

For the first part, her expose of her genetic background got me thinking on how inbreeding amongst humans is something nature is against. Physical form or perfection or performance is increased by diversity in the genetic background, not homogeneity or purebreedness. This, however, often runs counter to human cultures. Especially European royal nobility, the Hapsburgs, which were infamously inbreed. Or the Egyptian Pharaohs who married their sister to keep the royal blood pure.

It also exposes a self-bias in that people of different ethnicities, when they see her, think they are from their own cultural/ethnic background. People are most familiar with their own people.

When she mentions the bonds between family, it reminds me of Clannad (a clan) and why blood is indeed thicker than water. Most of the time at least, even though there are exceptions to all rules.

When she mentioned that her brother was beautiful in appearance and that she was envious, reminded me if Ore no Imouto. Unintentionally funny.

The makeup issue, well that’s something females would be more familiar with. My color depth and coordination is not adequate for such.

One of the little games I like to play, which you can see here, is setup a parallel thought process. On one thread, I am thinking of how attractive and charismatic she is. On the other thread, I’m thinking about issues dealing with logic and memory concerning the substance of what she is saying. Then I interpolate and try to guess how thread 1 impacted thread 2 or vice a versa. It’s one of various little mind games that I find fun to do. In my experience, most people react by mingling the two together as if they were the same thing. If it is a charismatic politician, they mistake the charisma and magnetism for the truth of substance. Or they mistake truth and substance for a person’s charisma, because they believe that only a smart or good person could say or describe such things. To me, there is a clear delineation.

@16:00 she talks about how musicians have degraded in terms of artistic lyrics or construction. Which I agree with and many other people I know would agree with as well, even though they are neither artists nor musicians.

Dating sims, visual novels, or eroge?

December 21, 2010

A dating sim is mostly about number crunching and setting off flags for a specific girl. The point is to maneuver through a maze of logic choices, get the right flags, avoid the bad flags, and eventually your score gets tallied. This is mostly just a mechanic. Whether the story around it is this or that is solely dependent upon the author and publisher. A game like Galaxy Angels uses dating sim mechanics but the gameplay is mostly star fighter esque and visual novel reading.

An eroge is simply, at its base, 18+ rated. Many are written in the visual novel formats. Such as Tsukihime. Some are hybrid SRPGs like Eien no Aselia or Utawarerumono. Actually, I heard Tsukihime was originally made as a doujinshi: fan based production. [This is like your friend making a starter company out of his garage)

When an eroge is sold in the mainstream culture, which means PS1-3 and PSP consoles, most of the time the mature content is removed. So you could say the production is meant to be dual use in terms of appealing to two different demographics: Between kids and young adults then actual adults.

I say “most of the time” because depending on the content, removing just the sex won’t remove all the mature content. Short VNs like Saya no Uta probably will never get an all ages rating even if you removed the sexual parts. The mature parts are integral to the story and it would greatly exceed in changing the original story past recognition. Only manga and anime adaptations practice dramatic changes so routinely.

As for the overlap between sims, eroge, and visual novels, it all goes back to their definitions. A sim has a simulation component. An eroge has an 18+ sexual content rating. A visual novel has text you read and a choice you make sooner or later. Clannad is one of the longer VNs around. It was originally created for all ages, unlike Kanon and AIR, which was first released for 18 plus audiences. When a title has mature content with the 18+ rating, it is an eroge. If it also has simulation number crunching, then you could say it has dating sim mechanics. And if that’s the only distinguishing attribute (number crunching), then it’s a dating sim. If it has a text story and plot, then it could be both an eroge and a VN or an eroge and a dating sim.

Usually though, you don’t find dating sims and VNs to be compatible. Dating sims usually require more user input, like a real game, which puts it closer to SRPGs than VNs. A visual novel is just that. It reads and plays like a novel. You flip pages. That’s about it when it comes to user choice. When you finish the book, you then reread the book, except this time you might have “different endings and choices”. That distinguishes it from a paperback novel, plus Visual Novels combine movies, audio, and text together in one cohesive design.

Eien no Aselia is a hybrid VN and S(story/fight simulation)RPG. Utawarerumono is a hybrid VN and S(strategic/tactical)RPG.

They usually conform to their gaming production company’s history. Games like Daibanchou are sort of like an eroge, SRPG, dating sim all combined. It’s a jumble of a lot of different mechanics. But they’re not visual novels because the gameplay isn’t that of a visual novel. A VN is pretty specific about how you play it, so there’s less variation around. Air and Kanon, on the other hand, are visual novels. And since they don’t have number crunching, there’s no way you can say they have dating sim elements.

Planetarian is neither a dating sim, an eroge, or an SRPG. It is, however, a short VN, aka kinetic novel.

FSN (Fate Stay Night) is an eroge/VN. Ore no Imouto had a satire CD promo image around episode 9/10 on Kate Stay Night: Unlicensed Blade Works. A good bit of fun concerning Unlimited Blade Works, the 2nd of the 3 total routes for FSN the pc game rated 18+. For things like FSN, the eroge content is pretty low compared to Utawarerumono or Tears to Teara. So for matters of classification, it is generally more useful to simply label it as a VN with an age rating.

Dating sims, VNs, or eroge are not “genres”. They are not fantasy. They are not science fiction. Nothing labeled a dating sim, a VN, or an eroge will ever tell you what the content is about. It’s more of a production format.

Hard pornographic production companies or games will always cater to the more extreme range of the adult sexual market. It’s the same for porn in America as well. Since there is no/little (story) content there, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s not the case in Japan given how their censorship laws work.

As for “hentai”, that’s the point. Hentai is porn. Specifically, strange or BDSM hardcore porn. It’d be like going to the BDSM section of hard core porn and being surprised there’s leather and whips in it as “keywords”.

Anime, meaning mainstream broadcast on Tokyo TV anime, has little relationship with hentai. Hentai, in fact, is more related to adult material, aka pornographic magazines and videos. They serve the same niche even though one’s made by drawings and the others’ made with real actors.

Btw, Chaos Head and Himawari Shoujo Sharin no kuni are two other titles I thought I would mention. Both are visual novels. Although the first is only a satire about eroge while the second one actually has sexual scenes in it. But otherwise, the story doesn’t really change if you remove the H (ecchi) scenes due to the fact that the story in those visual novels are the “Primary” draw.


This post has been edited and hopefully it will be of greater help to those taking a step on this strange road called Japanese entertainment media.

Long Beach Shooting: Douglas Zerby

December 18, 2010

For fifteen minutes the Long Beach Police watched Douglas Zerby sitting on an interior courtyard stoop playing with a toy gun. They never announced their presence. There was no danger to anyone. They never announced their presence. There were at least five police officers there. Then, after fifteen minutes, two or three of them opened fire with shotguns and pistols. There was no warning, and no command to drop the weapon. Apparently his first notification that the police were present was to be shot dead.

This, according to the LBPD, was to protect the citizens and make certain no one got hurt.


—-Jerry Pournelle

First you de fang the herd then you cull them.

Another issue with relying upon the state to “totally” solve problems.

The police unions give money to the Left. The Left helps elects Democrats. If an officer dies from a criminal, more gun laws are passed. If a citizen dies from a gun, more gun laws are passed. Gun laws then increase crime and societal instability. More police officers are killed or endangered. More lawsuits made against police. The more the police officers get afraid, the more control the unions have over them. LEOs give the unions more money. More money for Dems. More Democrats are elected. More police unions are solidified and financed. More money goes into Democrat coffers. Basically how it works.

“As the subject was in a seated position, he used a two-handed pistol-grip hold on an object with his arms fully extended,” McDonnell said. “Somebody that is impaired and waving what appears to witnesses and police to be a handgun. That’s what the officers were faced with.”

These are essentially cowards. They were afraid to approach the man. They were afraid to call out to him. They were afraid to take cover. So while sneaking around acting like ninjas and assassins, the police acted like they were the ones being attacked, when in fact they were the ones attacking. It’s the reaction of bullies and tyrants. Those who don’t got what it takes to fight and who are afraid to death of regulations and their bosses whipping their ass. They think they are going to be “safe” by “getting the other person” first. Then when the other person reacts suddenly, the tyrant gets scared and starts ordering mass executions because he pissed his pants.

Interesting Shootout in Florida

December 18, 2010

There are multiple things you could do if you were behind someone with a gun. Hit them in the back of the neck (upper cervical, unprotected by the bone covering the spine) with a maximum force strike. Strike them in the kidneys simultaneous with a stomp to the back of the knee to break the knee in front when it lands on the ground with the weight of two bodies, bringing them down backwards and cracking the cervical with a base 1/2 leverage applied with your body leverage.

Most importantly, you need to stop concentrating on the gun. The threat is the person, meaning their ability to think and move. When you have a gun and you are up against another person with a gun, do you shoot the gun? If you had a knife, would you try to stab the gun? No you shoot either center mass or headshot. You stab the gun wielder in the kidneys or some such. Shut down the person, and the gun becomes just a lump of metal and plastic.

The 3 principles you use here are penetration, rotation, and injury. Shutting down the threat is the injury part. Hitting a person or causing a bruise, is not an injury. “It hurts” is not an injury. Rotation is part of what you do to get the gun out of alignment so that the vector isn’t pointed at you or someone else around you that you want to keep alive. The penetration part is to ensure that he never gets the vector back on you.

For example, in a counter-point view, a simple thing to do when someone tries to grapple with you for your gun and you are the one wielding the gun, is to simply step back and sit down on your back. This uses your body weight to extend your arms and point the gun right at the grappler. He then catches a full clip in his chest, center mass. Reload and shoot the next guy on the way. Or alternatively, if they are too close and you lack time, use the gun butt as a sort of bronze knuckles.

Penetration is to ensure that you never allow the other person to get enough distance to point the gun at you and fire, whether intentionally or by accident.

Some training sources for people that want to know how to handle such situations in the absence of a ranged/melee implement.

Juuni Kokki: The Twelve Kingdoms

December 16, 2010

I’m currently reading Thousand Leagues of Wind: The Sky at Dawn by Fuyumi Ono.

I first encountered it when I watched the anime some half a dozen years ago. A recent re-watch brought back a lot of my previous impressions of the anime. Namely that it was a spectacularly intricate and well thought out plot invested with rich world building, consistent internal mechanics and politics, with some interesting characters managing these complicated mechanics of the world at large. However, it also had some annoying and vaguely out of joint elements such as the character of Asano. It wasn’t until recently that I read up on the matter and found that Juuni Kokki was a novel series by Fuyumi Ono and that it was recently published in English by Tokyo Pop. Hrm, I thought, that’s interesting. It would certainly explain why the character of Asano never really fit in with the rest of the events and characters of the story. That’s how anime adaptations generally are with these complex light novel or novel works.

Continued when I get done with the book in question.

Hate Democrats correctly

December 9, 2010

For all the right reasons and not the wrong reasons.

Notice how many years Ramos got before he was released.

Laws don’t apply to Democrats. They themselves said, they make it up as they go along. Don’t take their lies at face value all the time. Moderation is wiser in the long term.

Review of Jerry Peterson’s S.C.A.R.S training

December 8, 2010

Comprehensive and describes a lot of Peterson’s training methods in detail.