Force Cantrithor Book Review

Got this for 3 dollars on Amazon kindle.

The reviews sounded interesting and the plot was new to me as well. So I decided to give it a go.

I was not disappointed. Most of the material revolves around the special abilities of the protagonist, though there are other point of views. It really hits well upon the metaphysical concepts in philosophy and some epistemological methods as well. Basically, what is real, what is true, and how do you tell the difference?

What is the nature of existence, the universe, and man? That line can encapsulate much of the theme of the book.

The characters are very human, you won’t get much TV tropes concerning the out of control loose cannon police officer that always knows what’s just. Nor will you see the corrupt, power mad military officer or authority figure. There’s no immature kids here who can only form an identity by denying existing social and power structures. These aren’t just tropes of decadent and poisonous Western cultural transmission, but they are horrible pieces of “art”, if you can call it that.

Much of Hollywood’s propaganda effect comes from making people watch villains do horrible things to innocent people, then use X, Y, and Z to obstruct the hero from taking revenge. X, Y, Z being whatever the audience is supposed to hate, mistrust, and stop believing in. This is an obvious attempt at influencing the mind of the weak, which is why I’m glad I detected none of those influences in this book. Many of the independent authors of the kindle and ebook self publishing community are free of much of the evil miasma of popular Western culture, amazingly enough.

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