They translated the Bible incorrectly: again

This has to do with the famous/infamous line from Jesus of Nazareth: love your enemies as you love yourself. It also includes the greatest commandment of the Old Testament summed up as: you will love your God with all your might, mind, and soul.

So what did they get wrong? They got the word love wrong.

The Greek word used in the New Testament is agape or phileo. Agape is used usually.

The original Hebrew word used in the Old Testament was something akin to Chesed. Chesed needed to be translated into Greek, so they used agape. Greek has 4 words for love. Eros being erotic or romantic/sexual love. Phileo being brotherly love, family love, comradeship (war buddies). Agape being an intellectual or spiritual love, freely chosen, based upon mutual respect. There was no Greek cultural term for Chesed because Greeks at the time had a totally alien culture compared to the Hebrews. So agape was chosen because it was the best fit.

So when secular readers of the Bible notice that the New Testament sounds a lot different than the Old Testament, they are correct. Jesus did not speak of love as we understand it. The Old Testament was not about love either. There is no mismatch there as would be the case for the Old Testament’s wars and executions vs the New Testament’s “love and non violence”.

Translating Eastern languages into Western and vice a versa is very difficult. Hebrew reads from right to left, just like Japanese does. Western languages read from left to right. It is why Japanese mangas read from the right panel to the left panel, then the bottom right panel, then the bottom left panel unlike Korean or Western comics. Japanese has a word for ai uchi, meaning two duelists kill each other in a single strike, ensuring mutual death and destruction. English doesn’t have a term for that, although we can describe it. That is because to the japanese, ai uchi was a skill that people could go for. If you are too weak to kill the enemy without dying, then you can at least take them down with you. We call that a Pyrhhic victory, but to the japanese it is often a good result or an intentional result, not a bad one. So how would you translate these Japanese term into English when English has neither the cultural context nor a word that describes the situation? What word we do have, Pyrhhic victory, is incomplete and has negative, not positive, connotations.

This illustrates some of the very alien differences between languages. When King James’ translators, none of which were given the authority of apostle or prophet, translated the Masoretic Hebrew text into English, they did the best they could, but they were merely human. Putting humans on pedestals is not a good idea for people will fall off it. Now just because part of the Masoretic text was corrupted by the scribes and the King James bible team make unintentonal mistakes, doesn’t mean the entire witness testimony from the Old and New Testaments are invalid. It just means as a mad scientist I should take a look at them and determine for myself what is Truth and what is False. It doesn’t matter if the entire world believes in A or disbelieves in B, I will take a look at them myself. There is no subject that cannot be mastered or proficiency obtained in. It only takes me 100 hours of study in a field to comprehend it enough to explain it to others. 10,000 hours are required for mastery. 1000 hours are required for proficiency: the skill level needed to do it at an amateur or professional level. The gain in knowledge and confidence between 1 hour and 100 hour is several magnitude of folds greater than the skill gained between 1000 hours and 5000 hours. It is a logarithmic curve that decreases exponentially as a person becomes more and more specialized in a field.

So what did Jesus ultimately mean when he said you must hate your father and mother before you become a disciple of Jesus? What did Jesus ultimately mean when he said you must love your enemies or your god?

You shall treat your enemies with the same respect and humane treatment as you would treat yourself. If you made a mistake or are responsible for evil, atone for it, thus give your enemies the same chance as you would give yourself. If you can kill yourself, then you can kill your enemies too. Respect for others does not mean treating them special as you would your lover or father or grandfather. The Father in the Heavens, the Father of Jesus, agrees with the existence of free will so that people can decide to love or not love the Father. Forcing someone to love a god at the expense of violating a divine command which is punished with Hell Fire in the Lake of Fire, is not love.

You must love your father and mother less if you wish to follow Jesus of Nazareth. You must love and value your life less, if you wish to follow in the path of a human leader that is going to make the entire world his enemy. If you value wealth, the world, or family more, then do not make the oath of allegiance to that leader, for that leader will become the Enemy of the World. At that time, your mother and father may become your enemies as well. For those that wish to avoid this consequence, do your own thing.

Does this mean The Father and the Son does not love certain humans? If the divine spirits have emotions like humans do, of course they can love and hate. But it was not the Plan of Salvation or War in scripture to make people feel an emotion that they did not, by threatening them with Hellfire. That was something the Vatican and other Religious Control systems created, to glory themselves and their New World Order powers.

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One Comment on “They translated the Bible incorrectly: again”

  1. GregorM Says:

    I’m not religious at all, but I agree with the sentiments in this article wholeheartedly!

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