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Interview of Milo by Crowder

June 14, 2016

At around 38-45 minutes. This may be classified as an Alt Right interview, now a days at least. And it contains information about some of the genetic science being discussed. It’s about the sexes, male and female, but the research into the races is also discussed in the sphere elsewhere.

A weird alliance

May 5, 2016

This is kind of weird seeing it now but better late than never. It’s a speech conference at U of Mass. circa 2016 ish.

Historical armor vs fantasy armors

March 19, 2016

A funny look at male vs female depictions of metal and plate armor.

Rakugo : Japanese seiza comedy

February 26, 2016

Seiza, sitting, comedy rather than stand up. Must be the reason why Japanese radio dramas are so good. Links into the voice acting industry in Japan as well, all the actors who play our favorite anime and other characters included.

Pulsing lights for your bicycle instead of your car or mouse

November 6, 2015

Something interesting I found by mistake.

Lingerie football?

November 1, 2015

NSFW I somehow get the gut sense that the Leftist alliance used some of this material to program the military’s treatment of females in combat and at university campuses. It’s a rather good example of masculine pressure brought into a mix with female vendettas and verbal compression.

I doubt any of them will be all that effective against the Islamic Jihad. It’s sort of like the Roman Empire, the Greeks, who wanted something more than lions attacking Christians at the Coliseum.

Here’s a comparison to what other cultures are doing.

There’s also that video in Ukraine about a pre military youth club, the female division, that is. If Western culture hadn’t died in WWI and WWII, the world would look very different now a days. But someone will always replace the power structure in a vacuum.

Breaking Gender Norms

July 18, 2015

They call us homophobes or people who are scared of society, so we obey the “gender norms”. That’s actually a deception. That’s because this video about a cross dresser was posted on VoxDay’s blog. VoxDay, the right wing Hitler that the Left describes him as !

But that actor isn’t broken, like many Leftists are. He exudes a fun aura. There’s no hostility to genders. When Turd threatened to send Ben Shapiro, the Breitbart guy, to a hospital, that wasn’t fun. That wasn’t the loving atmosphere they accuse us of denying with their homo marriage policies.

So what’s the difference? I think the difference is that Leftist homos are broken inside. They allowed society to determine their identity and path, and are unhappy to the point where they justify oppressing the rest of us, because of how they were treated in the past. This Lady Beard, started cross dressing to entertain people at parties. He’s a panda. He didn’t change his sexual identity, he instead found a way to make his job into what he loved, like martial arts. Gender parameters weren’t something he allowed to hold him back. Being bullied wasn’t something he allowed to form his personality. And that’s why when you see that video, the reaction is not the same way we react to hostile, poisonous, Leftist homos or other such variants.

In most of the Western world, the Left is breaking gender norms in order to colonize and produce an insurgency, a militant society that is dangerous and hostile to the rest of us. In Japan, kawaii (adorableness) and cross dressing is for entertainment purposes, to induce or maintain social harmony. The Leftist alliance does not control Japan’s entertainment or otaku sub cultures.

Notice how different things can be, without the Left’s evil influence. If the Leftist alliance and all their cultural artifacts were to be extinguished from the face of existence, we wouldn’t go back to the regressive “bad old days”. We would move forward as a Race, the Human Race.


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