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Modern Day American Policy in the ME: Consequences

September 13, 2015

The price of being an American ally.

Is to be betrayed by a nation that is so decadent and weak, that its own people can’t even fulfill their own promises, protections, or loyalties at home, let alone overseas.

Of course Turkey isn’t technically Islamic… any more, nor was it a target in the US campaigns of the early 21st century, but then again, they are in a much better position than the Yazidi of Iraq and Syria.

Western decadence and weakness

August 28, 2015

This connects to the SF personnel ejected after he defended the rape victim(s) in Afghanistan. It also connects to PlannedProfit. The Left has many appendages and many operations, with sometimes conflicting goals. But all of them, can work together at a moment’s notice. Nothing should be surprising. Everything should be expected.

And they’re all guilty too, in the system. Don’t expect them to protect your life or your property. That’s not what their orders will be.

Courtesy of G6

US military purges continue as public is fed cookies and rice

August 27, 2015

Then again, having a lot of good solid warriors outside the military chain of command may have… interesting benefits.

Propaganda changes when the hate of the people sharpens a weapon

August 4, 2015

Here’s what someone at that blog wrote in 2009.

During that time or era, people didn’t hate the Leftist alliance or Democrats. Not really, it was just politics, right. It wasn’t real hate. More like chocolate over vanilla at the mall.

Baklava Says:
July 3rd, 2009 at 3:12 pm

Democrats are idiots. America suffers.

Democrats don’t know squat.

Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

Democrats aren’t interested in prosperity. Vote Republican.

Democrats Bankrupt

Democrats – Subsidizing personal irresponsibility

Democrats mean a weaker nation

Democrats bad. Strong nation good.

Democrats. Illogical.

Democrats are for fascism, socialism, anything big governmentism

Democrats Lie People Die

Now… heh, now it is different.

Democrats are so general, so stale or sterile. Could be anyone walking down the street, like your babysitter or something. Very different from Planned Profit selling humans for profit, isn’t it.

It transcends politics. Propaganda forces people to transcend politics, by making them agree, whether they like it or not. So how do you setup a line about abortion so that people will always reject abortion? Just tell the truth about the Left’s evil. Is that so hard?

The future in America’s past

July 27, 2015

Reading the past like this feels different, when one understands that it is also one’s future.

List of American Casualties

July 23, 2015

• Jonathan Ferrell — Charlotte NC, running to the police after surviving an auto accident….gets gunned down.
• John Winkler — LA, gunned down running towards a sheriff’s deputy as he was fleeing the man who had held him hostage with a knife.
• Michael Davidson — USAF, gunned down by a state trooper as he was walking towards him after a traffic accident he was involved in.
• Alfred Redwine — Albuquerque, NM, unarmed and shot on the front porch of his home after he’d been SWAT’d and was dumb enough to come out into the direct line of fire as the police had demanded.
• Eric Scott — Las Vegas, NV, gunned down in the Costco parking lot because he had a concealed carry permit. And the security camera that was watching the incident reportedly ‘malfunctioned’ so that evidence of the shooting was lost.
• Tamir Rice — 12-year old playing in a Cleveland, OH, park with an airsoft pistol. Police shot him dead within 2 seconds of their arrival on the scene.
• Aiyana Stanley-Jones — 7-year old in Detroit. Shot by police while she slept on a couch.
• John Crawford III, 22, was fatally shot by law enforcement inside a Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart on Aug. 5 within minutes of a 911 call from a fellow Walmart shopper. He was carrying a BB gun he considered buying.
• Dillon Taylor — Unarmed. Killed by the Salt Lake City police because he moved his hands when the officer demanded he show his hands. The DA found no reason to charge the officer.
• Jose Guerena — Tucson, AZ. Shot 60 times in a no-knock drug raid that found no drugs. He had the temerity to think the crashing of his door down was a home invasion and was prepared to defend his wife. So they shot him.
• D’Andre Berghardt — Las Vegas, NV, had been walking down the highway trying to hitch a ride when police approached him. His behavior was erratic, and eventually he tried to climb inside a police vehicle — at which point he was shot dead. He got a ride….in a meat wagon.
• Jerame Reid — Bridgeton, NJ, shot six times by police with his hands empty and up.
• John Warna, Jr. — 95-year old WWII veteran shot to death—five 12 gauge bean bag rounds at close range—by police in his assisted-living room because he refused to take his medicine. The officer ‘feared for his life’ because Warna had a shoe-horn in his hand.
• James Howard Allen — 74-year old war veteran. Had recently had heart surgery. Saturday afternoon the family in North Carolina asked police officers to check on his welfare. In response to the request, the cops went to the man’s house at midnight, broke in, and then shot him dead.
• Lavall Hall — Mentally distrubed in the care of his mother. He had an episode so she called the police to help calm him down. When the police showed up, he waved a broom at them. So they shot him dead and then cuffed him. He’s ‘calm’ now.
• Darrell Gatewood — Oklahoma City, was having a fit. His girlfriend called the police to help him. They tasered him until he was dead.
• Derek Cruice — Shot in the face and killed during the botched raid in Deltona. Unarmed and half-naked, wearing nothing but basketball shorts, he approached officers breaking down the door of his house and was immediately shot.
• Walter Scott — North Charleston, South Carolina. Unarmed and running away from Officer Slager when shot in the back.
• Freddie Gray — Baltimore, run down and beaten to death by police for no apparent reason.
• Justin Way — Florida, shot by police after girlfriend called for help because he was threatening to harm himself. So to prevent him from going to Hell by killing himself, they did it for him. Police tell girlfriend….’That’s what we do.”
• Deven Guilford — Murdered by County Sheriff Sergeant Jonathan Frost for flashing his headlights at Frost’s vehicle because his cruiser’s highbeams were on. And Frost didn’t like that common vehicular ‘comment’. Caught on the sergeant’s body-cam. No charges filed.

That came from a source online. However, expending the resources to verify each line is going to take a substantial amount of time. But later on, who knows.

Without Iraq and Afghanistan to kill terrorists the US will see mass casualties

June 1, 2015

Bush II’s plan, intentional or not, was working quite well given that the kill ratio was about 10 to 1 in Iraq.

What was the kill ratio in favor of jihadists at the Marathon Boston place again? Mumbai?

When the terrorists shoot civilians in places like France’s anti Muslim atheist publications, they tend to do pretty well. When terrorists fight US military at war, when the leader is not a traitorous Hussein, things don’t go so well for the terrorists.

So the reason ISIL and AQ 3.0 has so much manpower to spare is because Iraq and Afghanistan is no longer operating as they did under Bush II. Which is perhaps, the intent of the current rulers of the US. Somebody has to get the foreigners to come invade to setup the pretext for emergency rule, right. When the terrorists can kill 100 Americans with only a few jihadist sacrifices, that’s a good attrition rate for them.

J’s response, anonymous for now, to this.

Y, I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with some of your points. I understand the idea that they are mostly killing each other and yes a lot were being killed during the war. But we never went far enough to actually win. But did that make the world safer?

By destabilizing the area with no coherent plan, or rather a pipe dream of democracy as we know it, we have embolden many who would not have chosen the Jihad path. Many will have no choice. They see themselves as winners despite losing so many people.

That said I always encourage taking the facts and making decisions based on what we know, as best we can.

So that’s the other side of the argument right, that we didn’t go far enough. Which is valid, but how far a country does in war isn’t up to the Dictator or President. They are term limited precisely because it’s up to the country to fight and die for their principles and ideals. It’s not up to the Warrior King, cause we don’t have Warrior Kings. So if the country or the next successor abandons the fight, do people think electing a Hero King will save them and the country? That’s not how America was founded, given Washington gave up power. I don’t think we can count on people like that or MacArthur to save America. America has to save America.


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