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100 WACOs before America wakes up to things like BLM ranch invasion in Nevada

April 28, 2014

Blast to the Past temporal distortion detected.

I’ve often said that it would take a sequence of 100 WACOs to even begin waking Americans up to the true evil in their midst. Danny L was kind enough to connect the dots between the number of deaths at WACO vis Newton, Connecticut.

The fact that people are so deluded they need a lot more Newtons before they even “begin” realizing the extent of their true problems here at home, is both depressing and encouraging. At least it’s something, at least they are beginning to see. The Left has brought down many more cultures and peoples than we know of, and many of those didn’t even get a chance to “see” anything before the executioner shot them in the back of the head.

Whether America wins the civil war against Leftist evil and corruption, remains to be seen. The fact that we won’t be going out with a bang, and the world will probably see the second use of nuclear devices on civilian populations since Truman did it for America first in WWII, is something people will have to see to believe. But whether they believe or not, will not be up to me. It will be dependent upon the progressive greed and insatiable power madness of the Left. I, can definitely count on that however.

100 WACOs, count continues.


Mind Simulations for Ethical Training

April 28, 2014

Sounds like a new Obamacare initiative, doesn’t it.

As a reference to totalitarianism and the German way of saying Papier, Bitte (papers, please at every military, paramilitary, civilian, and civilian Hitler youth checkpoint), I present this intro link.

That’s an example of a game created as art. Not all artists are individuals beholden to One Man, One Will, Death to Tyranny kind of thinking, but the true artists are like that. The reader reviews at the bottom should give you a good encapsulation of what they have achieved with that low graphics, independently funded, pc game.

This connects back to what Book was saying about indoctrinated youths being exposed to mental simulation games. The Left uses a special kind of propaganda, what I call limited freedom propaganda, that slots a rat down a pre chosen route and has it end in death, tragedy, or stupidity. True art, however, must provide for unlimited or metaphysical, choices. Due to humanity being diverse, if an artist can only draw a reaction, a single one, out of people, then that is limited. If an artist can draw different reactions from all kinds of humans, then that is the Truth in and of itself. The truth is that being explicit and direct is tanjun, or simplistic, and does not cover all the shades of individual differences in humanity. It is the Left’s method of selective free will, as in the illusion of free will where the slaves think they are free yet everyone thinks alike, dresses alike, says the same things, and thinks the same allowed thoughts.

In a rare feat, it’s a combination of the pc game industry with American culture (of freedom, sovereignty, autonomy vs Obedience).

Masculinity problems in the modern 21st century

April 26, 2014

Male competition that has yet to achieve the state of complete independence from social morality.

Master Archery

April 22, 2014

They don’t show the “secret” technique on those wikipedia photos. But for those that want to go back to a sort of Wildfire type Hunger Games setting, that’s what you should be aiming for.

Smaller bows are better, using modern construction. Leave the long range stuff for the .50 caliber sniper rifle users.

General human mastery needs around 10,000 man hours of practice. A repost of something I got from

Highest mastery feat for handguns is to be able to shoot from the hip or from non conventional angles, and hit a target at about the same range accuracy point as regular people using two hand stances on stationary targets. Same concept. Cross wind calculation with 2 km sniping targets, same concept. Same concept, different applications though.

Ft. Hood deaths keep going on and on

April 22, 2014

Ft. Hood 2 happened, sometime in April.–less-manly-than-a-little-girl

I knew there was a reason I liked Z Williamson’s stuff. The article is a very old one about military officers that want people controlled via confiscating guns. Sort of like Ft. Hood.

The Power of the Dark Side

April 20, 2014

I’ve been finding this particular memory very funny. After all, the white guy shouldn’t have talked back at the Black Vader or scorned the power of the Black Side of the Force, right?

They should make parody videos using this template, the Hitler one just isn’t as applicable. This must certainly be what Hussein’s administration looked like on the eve of Benghazhi.

Democrat Rape Culture

April 19, 2014

Something rotten in Denmark.

And it’s not just DC.

It’s also science fiction writers of America.