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Western decadence and weakness

August 28, 2015

This connects to the SF personnel ejected after he defended the rape victim(s) in Afghanistan. It also connects to PlannedProfit. The Left has many appendages and many operations, with sometimes conflicting goals. But all of them, can work together at a moment’s notice. Nothing should be surprising. Everything should be expected.

And they’re all guilty too, in the system. Don’t expect them to protect your life or your property. That’s not what their orders will be.

Courtesy of G6

Government Tyranny

August 26, 2015

Well, technically a person should know the details so that they know how to counter it, but it’s gotten to a point where even knowing the details won’t help you much. Because it’s no longer the Rule of Law, now it is more like Lawfare or fighting an occupation. Might is effective. Right doesn’t exist without Might.

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The Police will protect you

August 12, 2015

From having to live much longer under American freedom, that is.

21st century 4th generational warfare

August 12, 2015

Most of the 4th gen warfare talk has been around previous insurgency campaigns, military campaigns usually overseas.

The internet and hatred/fear of the Leftist alliance has spawned something else though, a peacetime operation like Planned Profit’s video sting.

Perhaps the Americans are using distributed intelligence and organization to conduct 4th generational operations without even using a single bullet. That would be surprising. To kill an idea or a culture or a religion, what would it take?

People used to bomb abortion centers, out of desperation, and because they knew that serial killers and profiteers were in there.

But a few videos generated by insurgents of inside operations, I think has done more damage than anything could have below a nuke.

Prophecies again from the past

August 4, 2015

Evil rules when good went out shopping at the mall thinking there was a sale on for happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Historically, some have comprehended the nature of the Left’s evil. They even wrote about it in a way normal people could understand. Yet, in the end, the logic was not strong enough to break past people’s delusions and weaknesses. They didn’t feel enough. Their survival instincts were not triggered. They did not understand it in their guts or soul.

Virtue and liberty always came at the cost of the blood of tyrants and patriots. We are not lacking in tyrants in this darkness filled world. And we will soon see the patriots sacrificed to the blood gods of Planned Parenthood Profit: PPP.

Those who attempt to “cheap buy” their way out via scams or sweet talk, can only last so long until the well dries. The payment will be made, one way or another.
10:48 PM
Ymar Sakar said…
While political Rear Echelons talk about debating the Left, making deals with Democrats, finding co-prosperity and co-existence with Democrat backed communities and groups, in the real world DC and blacks in inner cities have almost as high a voting percentage for the Leftist alliance as the Iraqis did for Saddam. The Jews have about a super majority of support. The Mexicans, immigrant or not, have a majority support. The Asians, same.

While the Rear Echelons are at the mall talking about getting rich off Democrat political benefis and favors, from the media, from book publishers, from Hollywood for profit councils and special interest groups, from porn for profit and Abortion for Profit and NABL for profit groups, the frontline citizens of the United States are getting hammered. They’re being whipped in the cities by Democrat slave masters, forced to vote for the clique, not their conscience. The front line political organizers and business leaders are terrorized by mobs and secret service agents to do as they are told.

The military’s REMFers are officially at least part of the war. The same cannot be said for the civilians of the United States. That’s because civilians in the US like to talk about weird things like the Left isn’t evil, the Left isn’t dangerous, Republicans do it too, the Democrats are just another political party, a little bit more competent and less corrupt than the evil Republicans.

They don’t get it. They won’t get it until 100 WACOs hurt them. Really hurt them. Humans cannot understand the suffering of another without empathy. Only through suffering do humans desire to change themselves for the better. Love and hate will work just as well, but not in this context. Those emotions will come after people comprehend that which their brains cannot, through their heart and soul, through the instinct of the spine.

The Leftist alliance for human slavery is not some weakling that needs government or guardian protection. Evil, whether weak or strong, is evil, and those on my side are not beholden to help the evil destroy the good.

Continue to underestimate the Left at humanity’s peril. They won’t mind working the people of the US to death. That’s what slaves are for. That’s what a Demoncracy is for. Rule by and for demons.

Most of this isn’t relevant to modern times, except I wrote it in 2013 and I prophesied something interesting about Planned Parenthood Profit, PPP. Profit? Profit from what? Hah, that was the question people were too stupid to ask for the most part, wasn’t it. Until recently. Just what exactly are they profiting off of? What demonic rituals are they using? What are “patriots sacrificed to the blood gods of PPP?”

No, I didn’t know exactly what Planned Profit was doing, but I suspected it.

Ethnic Cleansing in America

July 27, 2015

The crackpots and paranoid freaks seem to think Hussein hasn’t killed anyone nor executed them. They can continue to think so as things change around them. Perhaps when the American population is reduced to a tenth, they will become the majority opinion once more.

Step out of line and see what happens Americans

July 9, 2015

Do as you are told… or else.


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