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R and K selected strategies for genetics and 21st century

November 17, 2015

Courtesy of daitken


Funny combination. But also important for an alliance against the Left.

I did come to the conclusion in 2007 that the Leftist alliance was getting Americans killed intentionally.



One of those “K” selected emphasis on risk and long term development

Documentary explaining HEMA.

Inside the war against the Left’s SJWs

November 9, 2015

Pretty good video for a random recommendation on youtube. SJWs often likes to take on nerds and tech specialists, because that group of Democrats or fake liberals aren’t known to be warriors or ruthless. Well, there’s always the 3%.

The Anti Leftists : Easy guide

November 8, 2015

Additional alternative points of view about those opposing or reacting to the Leftist alliance, what I call anti Leftists since they are so diverse and difficult to track using any common line.

VoxDay has its own independent publishing house, which he probably owns a majority share control in, and is economically tied to publishing sci fi and fantasy novels, that aren’t accepted by Leftists.

I consider him a useful weapon and tool, in the war against the Leftist alliance. But he will get less useful if he is so weak as to believe in Leftist propaganda, whether he likes it or not. The older generation of cuckservatives or conservative “bipartisan” people, I expect to fall for cons, but VoxDay makes his “authority” online and economically, as being hostile to SJW mind control.

Eric Says:
November 7th, 2015 at 8:32 pm
Ymarsakar: “The anti Left wants to put into power a US President that focuses on Fortress America, because many of them don’t even live in the US and they would prefer that America’s foreign adventures stop, allowing people to focus on fighting the Leftist alliance.”

I’ve noticed they tend to be pro-Putin and align with Russian worldview propaganda.

Some additional talk over there about this subject. In reply I wrote:

It’s a way to counter balance American adventures, since they assume Putin’s power projection is too limited. Whereas America’s logistics allows our power to project very far, which means the evil or good in the Seat of the Presidency tends to magnify the world population’s desire to “vote in our elections”.

Much of it was based on Soviet and Leftist propaganda as well, which turned people against America, making them anti America. Well some people are more anti American than the Left’s anti American.

Some of them live in Paris, VoxDay lives in Italy or thereabouts. The invasion of Europe is something they are concerned most about, and the Islamic Jihad is their secondary priority, apart from the SJW totalitarians online they fight with all the time. Internal domestic disputes in America have no real effect on them, and what they know of it comes from Facebook or prior Leftist propaganda. Few ever Awakened before 2008, for example, to the Leftist alliance and various gray/black operations which I know of, but others do not.

Heck, Snowden lived in the US, but now where is he? That kind of independent roam around, is classic of the anti Left. I can’t even call them an alliance or a coalition yet, they haven’t matured to that stage. They are getting there though. Cuckservatives, conservatives, patriots, there’s a lot of factions in this war, on top of the Left’s 1000+1 internal factions.

Generally I’m very good at running independent simulations where I decide what is being tested, rather than listening to some Leftist controlled gatekeeper authority telling me how things are. And so some people might want to get to the source of the data, if they wish to spend that much time at it. Or they can listen to other people give executives summaries, which aren’t necessarily always accurate or useful for your line of life/work.

Prophecies about stuff that already happened

October 11, 2015

Sometimes my predictions or prophecies are too close for most people’s comfort. Then again, if they had taken it seriously, they might have gotten out with their lives intact. To each their own, I suppose.

Ymarsakar Says:
August 24th, 2015 at 1:53 pm
Hussein ensured that the info on the SEAL Team Six that did the raid, was leaked so they would get shot down and ambushed. Solid theory with good evidence backing it, as well as modern day anti air shoulder pads sold from the US to Taliban forces, on Hussein’s orders.

Hussein will also ensure that a Fort Hood 1 type scenario will occur here which targets the families of those counter revolutionaries and noted domestic terrorists, the Marines.

The Marines were a reference to the initial report that the French resistors were Marines, which the MSewerM got wrong as usual. It is also a reference to the shooting at the Air Force and Marine recruitment offices that happened before in the timeline.

So after I made that note in the days of the media coverage of the France shooting incident, look at this, courtesy of G6.
Which happened after the school shooting, with the school being related to one of the 4 civilian defense agents fighting against the Mohammedan wannabe mass shooter.

Once is coincidence. Twice is bad luck. Three times is enemy action. So people might not want to just wait for the boot to fall. It might fall on them if they don’t take preparations now.

The Wages of the Left

October 3, 2015

It is what happens when the Left takes over and disarms people, making them into very easily harvested human livestock. And they thought guns were going to be the primary problem.

The Left’s mind control history

October 2, 2015

@196 @187

Speaking of mind control and Leftist techniques, there’s a couple of historical incidences which I’ve researched.

1. Patricia Hearst’s kidnapping and subsequent direct neural programming via rape and fear (Stockholm Syndrome like) by a Leftist para military gang.

2. 1970 ish direct memory programming via regressive hypnosis, to implant false memories of child rape and molestation in targeted subjects, allowing lawyers to get rich off law suits, destroying families.

These were all proto type Leftist, Communist, Marxist, New Age, or merely Soviet KGB funded weapons research and development of modern mind control techniques. I say it is prototype, because the kind of rape conditioning by PProfit and the universities these days, are orders of levels more effective, mass reproducible, and more effective than the type of brainwashing Leftists had to use before. Leftists often had to use direct methods, to reach the neural systems of their subjects directly, via physical contact or close authoritarian auras, before affecting reprogramming. Jim Jones is another example of using the iron fist to control subjects.

Without the iron fist most of these subjects would revert, as Patricia Hearst reverted, and Jim Jones’ cult would have escaped since they were more afraid of him than the CIA. The die hards would be left behind. Jim Jones was using assault rifle armed (Leftists love gun control and people control) guards to keep the families there, and telling them that if they don’t force their kids to drink the Kool Aid serum, that the CIA will do horrible things to them when they capture them.

The Left’s modern mind control programs revolves mostly around self reinforcing shackles people have willingly placed on their mind and their heart. It cannot be removed, because while a slave may be freed if you cut down the shackles and make him aware that there is a better life in freedom… can a slave be truly freed if that slave loves being a slave?

For people familiar with game, this is the ancient form of NLP. Neural Linguistic Programming, some people in the various game or pick up artist communities use or find useful. In other words, conversational hypnosis and implantation of triggers. Mass reproducible, effective, techniques which does not require the hard fist of a police state or a gun to activate.

Linguistics, as a kind of human programming code which can be cracked and hacked, is also research that Leftists like Chomsky have conducted. All of the Left’s research is piled together and weaponized, using funding from money laundering orgs like PProfit, ACORN, SEIU, etc.

A potential reason why a lot of feminists believe all men are rapists or the 1/5 fake stat on university campuses, might be due to displacement. They cannot become angry at being raped by Leftists, so they get angry at other people who they think are enemies and easily crushed. This provides a smoke screen for the Left’s rapists and rape gangs, since the victims they damage, will merely become a weapon that they can use against non Leftists. It is one theory as for why the Left’s brainwashing is so effective.

Blast from the Past: Yuri Bezmenov again

September 26, 2015

This is a great time to watch one of the oldies, for those who wondered how Western culture got to where it is right now. Disinformation, cultural subversion, good stuff.


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