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DC’s Child Trafficking vs Snowden’s NSA security breaches

May 6, 2017

I used to say around that time, when everyone was still debating this and listening to the fake news main sewer media propaganda pipes: it doesn’t matter what Snowden leaked because DC and Demoncrats already sold the intel to the world.

And guess what happened later, the Hillary Clinton email leaks and the IRS email “disappearance” and various other things. Then they find out that the IP for the copied classified documents went directly to Saudi Arabia, which is suspicious since her aide is linked to Muslim Brotherhood.

I don’t have intel sources other than open end data mining. So how did I know? Angels and holy spirit probably. It’s pretty effective as a spying and intel tool, as it ended up.

Resist Evil Authority

May 19, 2016

A bit of my contribution to the current cultural conflicts going on.

To Democrat zombies, they are always Obeying Orders. Pedos in children toilets? They Have Obeyed. Rapists on campus and in CPS? They Will Obey. False rape charges authorized by oligarchy trials? They will and have Obeyed. To a Leftist zombie, their entire life is the activist cause and war front. They never backtrack, they never give up. That’s how they can advance, as a collective, as a zerg, as a mass Fist, the pure avatar of strength in the State and the Utopia.

The problem with humans is that when 99% of people go along to get along, everyone thinks they should as well. After all, if literally nobody has the strength to resist the public, why should anyone put their head on the line? The nail that sticks out gets hammered first and hard.

Somebody has to stand up and say the Emperor has no clothes, and then everyone can disagree or agree with that. But first, there has to be some kind of fight about it. People really shouldn’t just go along to get along, promised rewards from some government entity.

There’s a good Christian story about the 40 martyrs.

They refused to obey orders to convert. It was so easy. Convert, get some food and shelter. Why not. Your God isn’t here to save you. Convert and it will be easy.

But the ancient Christians were made of a sterner faith. They just Refused to Bow down to the Authority of the State, even on pain of death.

I look around today at this so called home of the brave America, and I see something a little bit different. Just a little bit.

Europe is “Stabilizing” the situation

January 16, 2016

In the sense that Yuri Bezmenov meant it, of course, when the Leftists, now longer of use, is eliminated. Except this time, the Soviets are gone mostly, and it is Islam triggering the weapon that I call the Leftist alliance, a viral WMD similar to how HIV functions in a human host.

Yuri Bezmenov giving a lecture on Leftist operations.

Impressive, and also ironic. The audience reaction, happy go lucky, conformist individuals that were a product of the oligopolies of WWI and WWII, Leftist inventions in all but name.

Things are different when the threat is much closer and eminent. The very atmosphere is different. Even for those Americans that wanted to fight communism, they did not understand that the US system after 1950, was already half Communist Totalitarian to begin with. The levers of power had been shifted and sabotaged.

Totalitarian Regime in the US Again

January 14, 2016

Obey the Law. Or else BLM will burn you out.

Yuri Bezmenov Defector from the KGB Twice Again

January 13, 2016

I first saw Yuri Bezmenov’s video from a commenter on Neo Neo’s site, Art I think it was. And probably later, I also saw it at Cassandra’s blog, but doubt it was more than once in total over the entirety of the observable internet from my point of view. At the time, I had already observed the various data points, although more were soon to come as I became self educated on the matter. Once I saw the data points, I drew lines connecting them and realized their significance, much in the same fashion Bezmenov noticed certain things happening when he was de brainwashing himself in India. My experiences and skill sets are different from Bezmenov’s, but also very similar in some respects. He also came to see his own culture and nation with a more accurate and objective view/judgment, after learning from a foreign culture/language. By definition, he thought outside the box, the box of the social restrictions he was born with and the box the Soviet regime reinforced using social consensus and other control techniques.

At the time, so many years ago, I had wondered why so many people, on the internet, chose to downplay or just pretend to be blind to these conclusions, which became ever more obvious to me as time went on. Why is it that people do not connect the dots? And the answer I’ve consciously and subconsciously arrived at is, “they do not connect the dots, because they don’t see the dots”. Why do they not see? Because they lack the personal experience or ability in certain fields, to be capable of recognizing the existence of certain things they have no experience/expertise/capability in. The rest would be blamed on a lack of Willpower.

2007-2010 period for above. More recent scenario below.

If people are beginning to recognize and accept what is going on now, that is because of the actions of the Left. That is not because ordinary normal humans have gained any peculiar experiences or obtained expertise in any particular field. It is an outside force acting in on them, not an internal force pealing away the onion of the world. I have no expectations that they would improve, an individual would already be different if they had an internal motivation. Theoretically, I had predicted that people would come to know in time, but that was an abstract conjecture. It didn’t become reality until recently. Which is probably why I am still surprised, in a state of surprise, lacking appropriate contextual settings.

Watching 8 minutes of a 1 hour plus interview, isn’t going to provide the context or the data points. Just as watching an hour long plus interview is not going to provide the data contextual points for people to connect the dots. More is needed. Just as a person on September 11 of 2000 needed more than just empty promises, to believe the claim that Islamic Jihad was a threat to the world’s only superpower, a mortal one even. For those that had no idea about the Caliphate or the history of Islam, it would seem preposterous, crazy even. A conspiracy theory, right. It would be downplayed on September 10, 2001, almost a year later. Certainly it would be. Certainly it was. Certainly it will be in the future in some other context or scenario.

That is how humans are.

[Reproduced in full because the internet is going to delete the data eventually, as the original website is down]


The Tree of Liberty requires blood

January 6, 2016

Here we go again.

Some points I wanted to make.

Facebook is the flytrap. While I approve of using strategic offensive as a stance, then setting up a tactical position on the defense to force the enemy to react to you, that doesn’t apply if the enemy already knew what you were doing ahead of time because you were using Facebook.

A good General, would be able to make use of even idiots on the strategic level, even if those idiots couldn’t be trusted to use good tactics. If Bundy’s faction is full of agent provocateurs from the Left or from the Feds, the way Fast and Furious and Waco 2 turned out to be, then they can still be of strategic use by using Mao’s principle of insurgency. Force the occupation to crack down on the inhabitants, thus gaining new recruits for the Resistance or the Revolution.

You can just let them die, although make sure the agent provocateurs are really dead, else they’ll just recycle them. If American patriots are truly to have a de-centralized command network that is based on 4th generational warfare, they can afford to lose a single faction like Bundy’s, nor are they required to “kick it off” merely because Bundy or the John Browns, cannot wait. The idea that everyone has to be on the same ball of patience, same timeline of the op tempo, is not 4th generational warfare, it’s some kind of top down hierarchy, like an army. People’s ideas and imaginations are still stuck in the past, due to lack of experience, even though they know in abstract the theory of unconventional warfare. Sometimes in war, you just have to sacrifice a bunch of troops that have been trapped in a pocket, as a result of their own initiative or not, for the greater logistical and strategic objectives of the war. If the Leftist alliance over reacts, we will obtain valuable information, in the same fashion that a real dry run could not achieve even. If the problem is agent provocateurs, then bringing them to the open, as the Tet Offensive ordered the Vietcong to take the front line directly, would be the fastest way to terminating and purifying them. People, who are used to fighting the “feds” all the time, are starting to de-volve back into the old Army Way of things. This isn’t the Army Way any more.

There’s the background detail for those that want an omni link source.
For triangulation purposes. Courtesy of Grim Beorn’s blog.

R and K selected strategies for genetics and 21st century

November 17, 2015

Courtesy of daitken


Funny combination. But also important for an alliance against the Left.

I did come to the conclusion in 2007 that the Leftist alliance was getting Americans killed intentionally.



One of those “K” selected emphasis on risk and long term development

Documentary explaining HEMA.