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This time you will be tried by the media and convicted by the aristocrats: Zimmerman

March 29, 2012

There will be no due process. There will be no trial by jury.


If you wanted to fly in your car…

March 29, 2012

People are still working on them. Unless the government slaps them with death taxes and nationalizes their business, that is.

If you Ain’t Cheating you aren’t Trying

March 29, 2012

Because this is war in America, one way or another, whether you like it or not.

Sword users in the Modern Era

March 29, 2012

This is what some American males do in their free time.


For those interested in owning some home defense weapons that aren’t easily legislated or regulated out of existence like guns are in DC, LA, Chicago, New Orleans, and other Democrat fiefdoms, I can recommend a blade from any of these reputable manufacturers.

For practice, I recommend the 50 dollar Musashi Iaito, with the blunt edge that won’t slice off your shin or ear if you really don’t skill or training with swords. While it has no edge, I’ve tested the point and it can indeed go straight through a person if you apply enough thrust in a stab. And a hit with the false edge or the back, is going to do a lot more damage than any baseball bat in existence, given the impactgeometry. If the police come looking for your guns, you can always say that it’s an art piece and just meant for decoration. Conveniently placed over your bed or other critical access points.

For true sword users, however, they will want something a little sharper and more functional. The cheness 9260 silicon spring steel or the Hanwei tactical wakizashi 5160 spring steel blade are some of the toughest swords modern metallurgy has ever given birth to. The chance of the blade being damaged, chipped, or broken from an improper cut through human flesh and bone will be minimum. Those with skill sufficient to cut a straight plane through the target will appreciate the fact that nothing the blade hits, metal pipe or rifle stock or steel barrel, will degrade the metal of the sword or cause a permanent bend.

Cheness also produces a tanto, dagger, that is pretty good for thrust attacks. Most homes will only have enough space to swing a wakizashi, a shortsword around, so make note of that when choosing between full length katanas (40 inches) and short sword wakizashis (30 inches).

And the list of manufacturers have all kinds of products for people who want something just a bit different from what I’ve described. From Western swords to Eastern, all is listed.

The advantage of steel blades is that they’re just like the metal in guns. You need to oil them and maintain them. That’s definitely an advantage if you already have gun cleaning skills and kits. And they are both lethal implements, tools. But unlike guns, there is little legislation controlling who can own them and where they must be “stored” in a home.

The disadvantage is that you must have some level of skill in the use of live steel or else take some quick lessons on using it as a stabbing device that lets you get more distance from a foe.

I’ve seen some of Obata Toshishiro’s Shinkendo. Practicing with a false blade iaito means that one must work their arms to exhaustion in saburi in order to test whether they will accidentally hit themselves with the false blade, which would have dramatic consequences if it was a shinken (live blade). It’s much like pointing a gun at your head when you’re looking through the barrel. You better make sure it is unloaded and the safety is on and the chamber itself is empty.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

I wonder if they had social media management tools like this during WACO

March 28, 2012

If, that would have looked like it does now with obamaCare being judged at the Supreme Court.

Healthcare at the Supreme Court

Grappling tips for Women

March 27, 2012

Came across these and thought some people might be interested.

How to bypass strength, somewhat, in BJJ

Basic guidelines and recommendations for beginner female grapplers.

Special Treat: Traitor Rail Shooting Fun

March 26, 2012

Doesn’t take long to play and is very simple to run. It’s mostly a different experience than you have had before with these web based games. This one is more of a short story with some rpg and shooting elements as part of the gameplay

This short game is more of a dark science fiction. By the same author. I found them very entertaining, especially since they are free…