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The Things They Did Not Know to Teach in Public Indoctrination

November 23, 2018

Some good stuff, rarely known by the masses.

Frozen aircraft

July 10, 2017

Maybe this is why planes on non stop flights have to keep refueling. Not sure what to make of this.

Resist Evil Authority

May 19, 2016

A bit of my contribution to the current cultural conflicts going on.

To Democrat zombies, they are always Obeying Orders. Pedos in children toilets? They Have Obeyed. Rapists on campus and in CPS? They Will Obey. False rape charges authorized by oligarchy trials? They will and have Obeyed. To a Leftist zombie, their entire life is the activist cause and war front. They never backtrack, they never give up. That’s how they can advance, as a collective, as a zerg, as a mass Fist, the pure avatar of strength in the State and the Utopia.

The problem with humans is that when 99% of people go along to get along, everyone thinks they should as well. After all, if literally nobody has the strength to resist the public, why should anyone put their head on the line? The nail that sticks out gets hammered first and hard.

Somebody has to stand up and say the Emperor has no clothes, and then everyone can disagree or agree with that. But first, there has to be some kind of fight about it. People really shouldn’t just go along to get along, promised rewards from some government entity.

There’s a good Christian story about the 40 martyrs.

They refused to obey orders to convert. It was so easy. Convert, get some food and shelter. Why not. Your God isn’t here to save you. Convert and it will be easy.

But the ancient Christians were made of a sterner faith. They just Refused to Bow down to the Authority of the State, even on pain of death.

I look around today at this so called home of the brave America, and I see something a little bit different. Just a little bit.

Where hatred of the Jews came from

January 23, 2016

This was an interesting question, which I had thought about for some months now.
Where anti-Semitism comes from is a puzzle. Most of the accusations against Jews seem, to me, to be after the fact. First, the anti-Semitic believer hates Jews and then takes up or makes up falsehoods to support the hate…..

So where did it start? Why?– Richard Aubrey

From my research, it goes back to Islamic slave raids, where Italian/Lombardian merchant patriarchs and Jews in Europe and the ME, helped in the selling of European slaves to Islamic Caliphs and harems.

Islam had a direct market for slaves, they would go raid for them directly. Then there was a secondary market, economic, where slaves in general were sold, to the highest bidder.

Europe’s DNA was built upon hatred and fear of Islam, and to a lesser extent the Vikings. The Vikings mellowed out pretty soon in Normandy, and converted to Christianity soon afterwards, by around 1000 AD.

Islam was significantly more virulent and aggressive in expansion.

Humans tend to fear foreign enemies, and begin hating them. But it was easier to develop a genetic hatred of Jews, who they could touch and kill, than to take on the Islamic war machine, which they could not even touch. They could only huddle in their fortified baronies and pray.

That’s my theory and research results, at least. Some of it is explained by epigenetics as well.

  1. relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.
  2. relating to the peoples who speak the Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic.
    A question in the future is why anti Semitism is only used for the Jews, when in fact that also includes the Arabs too. The Arabs and Muslims have figured this out, but the Westerners only talk about the Jews, as if the only Semitic people are the Jews. That’s why Arabs and Muslims often claim they aren’t anti Semitic. They don’t hate themselves, they just hate the Jews.

How families can protect themselves against internal corruption and external force

July 14, 2015

Families must be restructured to feudal or clan lines if one wishes to promote individual liberty and security from the bottom up.

This habit of relying upon the feds or some outside force to interfere in your own issues, is part of the problem, not the solution. When you don’t defend yourself, the person that has the power to save you, is also your slave master. There’s nothing stopping them, given the power imbalance.

Of course, feudal or clan lines merely requires one thing, a hierarchy, it doesn’t require a change in cultural or social values.

For a prototypical clan head, the male is it, sometimes the female is instead.

The male patriarch handles the hierarchy for the males, the females handle the hierarchy for the females, with some cross over due to age or authority.

Presupposing 3 males, 3 females, we have this structure.

Clan Patriarch 45 years old
Clan heir male 20 years old
Clan second male 15 years old

Clan Matriarch 45 years old
Clan third oldest 14 years old
Clan fourth oldest 12 years old

The second oldest male cannot be commanded by the third or fourth oldest, the age gap is too wide and they aren’t even in the same hierarchy or chain of command, necessarily. But the matriarch can command the second oldest male with authority equal to the patriarch, mostly.

The heir commands protects the second oldest male, forming a fraternal relationship similar to feudal relations. Protection in exchange for obedience and loyalty, honor for honor, love for love, obedience for security. The second oldest male then has his own responsibilities, he commands the third and fourth oldest. The third oldest, in the absence of any higher authority, is responsible for the guidance, protection, and safety of the fourth oldest.

Many US families are a de facto dictatorship. Extremely weak to insurgents or other attackers that prioritize hitting vulnerabilities and soft targets. A feudal system is not as “soft”, even the Japanese aristocrats, the samurai lineages, had their women train in the naginata for home defense. The women were objectively inferior to the males in the Japanese hierarchy, however, but that doesn’t stop them.

Btw, in a modern world, it wouldn’t necessarily matter if the heir was male. The designated heir, oldest scion, could be female as well. And they would have the same feudal responsibilities as a male heir.

In order to reinforce the chain of command and the loyalty of subordinates, special names and marks are used to designate one’s proper rank in the hierarchy. This rank is then reinforced when every member of the hierarchy recognizes who is above them and who is below them. Just like a very stable dog and wolf pack. Once the hierarchy is confirmed, violence reduces to almost nothing, everything else is handled via social reform and pressure. The males set an example as the protector of their families, so that their younger sisters can take as an example of what masculine qualities they would like to find in a husband. The younger sisters obey their brothers and help keep the family traditions alive with food culture or some other thing.

The issue of personal freedom usually comes into conflict, but given the social metamorphosis of the 21st century, most of that can be re-engineered. America has a black traitor on the Throne whipping whites and blacks around as a traitor King. Don’t tell me social norms can’t be modified, they certainly can be if the Will is there. Most people are gutless though. That’s what the hierarchy is, to force people to learn how to take responsibility and care for those weaker than them, while obeying those with stronger authorities of a proper nature.

The older family members are trained and conditioned to place their lives at risk to protect the youngest.

Thus even a 13 or 11 year old male is expected to jump in front of a rabid dog to shield his little sister or brother.

Insane and harsh? Perhaps. Warrior training, though, it qualifies. Better protection against pedos than the others, especially the ones in the family.

Because yes, the uncle can come in and scoop up some children for his fun, like Hollywood and Demoncrats do. But first they have to go through the direct superiors of those children, for those superiors will be watching their subordinates like a hawk. After all, without someone to obey them, they are just the gophers of their older brothers and sisters, appendages of their fathers and mothers. Parasites, helpless parasites. The motivation to change themselves, to become stronger and better humans, comes from the deepest depths of their heart. It cannot come from a dictatorship at the top suppressing dissent and Ordering People to Obey.

Too Much Survival in Place

October 4, 2014

It’s like an rpg character skill set progression, perfect for polymaths or jack of all trades.

Western civilization is more like a religious cult

January 28, 2014

It really is more like a religious cult than a rational society.

Want to know a sure way to be seen as immoral, unethical and unlikable? Raise $1 million for charity. Want to know how to have people think a lot more favorably of you? Raise nothing at all. If you think that’s entirely irrational, you’re right. Welcome to the human condition.

The key to being thought of as a louse for helping the sick or the poor is not the act of giving by itself, but the act of benefiting from it. That million dollars looks a little less princely if, for your troubles, you kept 10% of it—even if you made that intention clear from the start and even if $900,000 still went to the folks who need it most. Fork it all over or don’t expect any applause.

This has the effect of either making sure people can’t sustain their economic life via doing jobs for donation drives, or it will actually draw in con artists that look like they aren’t benefiting but are taking 90% of the pot. Such as Arafat + terrorist charities or union organizations + 501s in the US.