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November 29, 2013

They just look like prophecies, but it’s merely common sense; gather the data and connect the dots.

Facebook is already a tool for gathering information that the government is not allowed by law to gather. The servers that store the info, strangely, also don’t delete the data such as pictures. All the feds have to do is to nationalize FB.

It looks like the feds were already telling Facebook what to do and how to do it, but everything appeared privately owned and controlled. Until the fascist economy suddenly bloomed and everyone goes “hey, nobody told me about this”.

Snowden’s Going Rogue on the NSA/CIA (including their backdoor mirrors of Facebook, Google services) happened in the same year around summer. But I remember as early as 2008 telling people that the gov already had the power to use things like FB for setting up death squad target lists of Americans. The reply back then was that I shouldn’t “give the feds ideas”. As if they didn’t already have these “ideas”…

Probably has something to do with lingering Democrat attachments in the South. People just can’t think straight these days, even if they have “lots of guns”. I guess the guns didn’t do the thinking after all. But it’s better than what Leftists propagandists would have said, denying the existence of such programs or blaming it on scapegoats.


Human Ingenuity

November 22, 2013

At its best

Household Troops: Secret Service in America

November 18, 2013

I suspect the prostitution and soon to be child prostitution, are just favors given out to keep the loyalty of the new Praetorian Guard.

Whether Obama declares himself President for Life at the near future won’t prevent America’s destruction. The Left always has a replacement 1000 times worse than the current tyrant in power.

Indians burn widows, Islam FGMs

November 18, 2013

I missed this the first time, but the Indian culture developed the whole widow burning thing as a reaction to Islamic conquests. Once Islamic hordes killed all the males, the women would be kept in perpetual sexual slavery. Thus the practice of a widow killing themselves when their husband is dead.

There’s not a lot of theories about why people would do that otherwise. Even the Bhaalists in Cartilege only sacrificed first borns of the nobility to control population. Widowed women were normally a valuable commodity or had social protections/property. They didn’t just kill themselves because they felt like it. Nor was Romeo and Juliet’s fate something the world had an economic reason to emulate.

Islamic hordes can cause a lot of “adjustments” in local culture. The fact that people aren’t even aware that there is a connection between Indian practices and Islamic practices, shows the power of Islam and of their allies, the Left. Knowledge is power. An ignorant slave is not a full step above a tool. Even if the Left does not destroy America’s immune system via AIDS, somebody else will finish the job against a weakened America. Whether the 2nd Civil War occurs or whether it is interrupted by a conquering invasion, there’s no avoiding fate.

Tao Te Ching 56

November 17, 2013


He who knows (the Tao) does not (care to) speak (about it); he
who is (ever ready to) speak about it does not know it.

He (who knows it) will keep his mouth shut and close the portals
(of his nostrils). He will blunt his sharp points and unravel the
complications of things; he will attemper his brightness, and bring
himself into agreement with the obscurity (of others). This is called
‘the Mysterious Agreement.’

(Such an one) cannot be treated familiarly or distantly; he is
beyond all consideration of profit or injury; of nobility or
meanness:–he is the noblest man under heaven.

A state may be ruled by (measures of) correction; weapons of
war may be used with crafty dexterity; (but) the kingdom is made one’s
own (only) by freedom from action and purpose.

How do I know that it is so? By these facts:–In the kingdom the
multiplication of prohibitive enactments increases the poverty of the
people; the more implements to add to their profit that the people
have, the greater disorder is there in the state and clan; the more
acts of crafty dexterity that men possess, the more do strange
contrivances appear; the more display there is of legislation, the
more thieves and robbers there are.

Therefore a sage has said, ‘I will do nothing (of purpose), and the
people will be transformed of themselves; I will be fond of keeping
still, and the people will of themselves become correct. I will take
no trouble about it, and the people will of themselves become rich; I
will manifest no ambition, and the people will of themselves attain to
the primitive simplicity.’

Quantum Physics: Reality is not simple

November 17, 2013

The lower the human eye searches for things below the sub atomic plane, the more irrational the constructs become. The more macroscopic the scope, the more irrational things become.

From both ends, the explanation goes towards entites equivalent to gods.

From a biological perspective, the argument can be that simple proteins formed molecular and cellular systems by accident or the argument is that the complexity of the proto-cellular system is too complex to be formed from simple ingredients alone. So evolution is supposed to take simple systems and make them better or more complex. But what if evolution is merely making something that was originally complex and reducing it to a simpler frame of reference by downgrading the scale of complexity via increasing the scale of size?

God created the heavens and the earth, is what the prophets declared and wrote down, in one form or another. Is the creator of a simulation not equivalent to God? But if divinity is not found in the cosmos, then you can also search for it by delving deep within the ingredients of energy and matter, below the sub-atomic plane of existence where will itself is more powerful than atomic energy.

If divinity is found within the small things, then evolution merely makes them work together as something that is greater than the sum of its part or evolution removes a creation from the origin source: divinity.

If divinity is found out in the cosmos, at a macroscopic or higher dimensional level, then the question becomes why did divine power go to the effort of creating a universe. Just to simulate what life would think of things? To simulate how to create life, how to sustain it? To create DNA computers called humans, that will use crowd sourcing and distributed calculations to figure out questions that the Divine Creator doesn’t have the time to figure out? All kinds of things become possible to think of, that is not limited by the concept of evolution vs Genesis. There are more threads in the fabric of reality than two simple theories.

New Orleans Gun Confiscation

November 13, 2013

A bunch of domestic American livestock and some foreigners often use the excuse that “gun confiscation is just a slippery slope that doesn’t exist”.

Unfortunately for us, it’s already happened. Nobody told them though. Nobody in authority gave them permission to think about this kind of stuff.

The video is a bit out there in terms of emotional tones, but the eyewitness testimony for the gun confiscation operation is very interesting.

It looks like due to a lack of guts to send the US Marines into Detroit and Chicago to clean it out like Fallujah, we’re the ones going to be “cleaned out” by the US Armed Forces and police forces. Well use em or lose em. Guess we didn’t use em when we had a chance. However, occupying 300 million Americans will be far harder than the 50m in Iraq. Or was it 30m in Iraq.