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The Year goes up and down

December 31, 2014

Leftist infiltration of the US military proceeds as planned

December 28, 2014

They got to start somewhere. I hypothesized that the reason for getting women combat experience was in large part to buy loyalty from suddenly promoted officers. Although the enlisted NCO ranks are also good for obtaining influence over the command hierarchy.

I wonder if she knows she is being manipulated by these cultural prohibitions about sexual conduct or programmed control (PC) thoughts. The Left, by being responsible for a lot of the rapes and the ineffective counters against them in civilian and military life, can have an influencing lever against a certain group in the US military. They proclaim that if programmed controls are set and activated, these things will go away, like the lack of combat for women, when it went away the promotion chances became better. However, little do they know that once programmed controls are activated, the Left will use up the US military like they did with their black slaves in the US cities.

By looking at the strategic context, I can be sympathetic to both sides, but that doesn’t mean I’m picking the side of programmed controls. Tactically, former and current military members must address the policies and personas they see and meet with. They do not have the luxury of seeing in the far scale, unless they choose to work towards that goal.

Making the body into a machine of gears

December 23, 2014

Planescape Torment 2007 Retrospective

December 21, 2014
[Huge spoilers, so skip the pdf if you plan on playing PST. Read my summary instead.]

This vision document is hilarious.
Lead in Torment: Tides of Numenera
Part 1
Part 2

So after checking out the various articles there, I got to say this. Annah was, amazingly, CRPG’s first tsundere. It’s a Japanese conception in creating attractive and personable female characters. It combines tsun with dere, meaning thundering hostility and scorn with lovable and attractive behavior. Fall from Grace would be, I would assess, a coodere, someone that is cool to the main male lead but gets warmer later on. It’s amazing that the developer vision for Planescape Torment had all the ideas and mechanics of it in the construction, but never marketed it or even mentioned it. Perhaps it would seem sexist in the 21st century to speak of stroking the main male player’s ego concerning a “harem” of girls and loyal followers… but as various HBO and cable movies have proven, sex is attractive in the free market. What are romance novels for then if not?

I imagine that a lot of the reasons why players found Planescape Torment’s characters “memorable” was because of the male-female attraction factor, detailed in the vision document itself even. But in the American culture, it seems crude and rude to speak of it directly. Americans are becoming more puritanical and restricted as time goes on, not less. Certainly when compared to Japan it is so. Things like Gamersgate, Bioware’s reaction to their customers at the end of Mass Effect 3, and various infiltration and conquering of Western institutions by corrupt and rotten fanatics, are merely signs of what had started a long time ago.

Meanwhile the long sought after and imagined successor is finally working towards the Golden Finish line. It wasn’t done through corporate sponsorship or advertisement or petitioning some Powers that Be. It was done through the masses, through the crowds yearning for what the elites told them wasn’t profitable. Through belief and passion, the fan(atic)s of PST continued living through life, accumulating wealth, until they had an opportunity to spend it on what they wanted but did not know how to create.

For those that like “romances” in games, they should check Fate Stay/Night, Utawarerumono, Eien no Aselia, and various other PC games that are classified as Japanese visual novels or Story RPGs.

Morte, another character in PST, reminded me of various male friends (of the main lead) in VNs like Clannad. Dakkon reminded me of the Japanese’s priority on having the worthy lead, followed by valuable and skilled retainers (in the feudal sense).

There was also a sound clip file I linked long ago concerning Planescape’s companion dialogue and bantering. They were and still are, very fun to listen to.

New military science fiction novel out

December 19, 2014

Don’t forget to buy from Neo’s portal if you know her.

I was reminded by that search result I happened to glance upon, that I know of at least 3 of those authors while hearing mentions of another. That’s quite a combo. Their reputations are all very interesting.

The various topics also seem very familiar in this current century.