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The Context of Japanese Honorifics

February 1, 2015

The closest approximate adaptation of Japanese keigo and polite/hierarchy speech, to me, was the military system in the US.

Adults, civilians, and middle/high school students are expected to speak in a certain way to their seniors and a certain way to their subordinates or juniors. Even if that divide is by a difference of one year in school, or if a student entered the club one year more than the others. Competence and experience is expected from the senior leaders, while obedience and loyalty is expected from the juniors in exchange for the senior staff taking care of the juniors, training them up, and protecting them.

Sound a bit familiar?

It’s not gender based either, since many societies have gender roles about which one takes the lead in certain situations. This was a pure hierarchy based only on seniority, power, or experience. Merely based upon how Japanese people speak to each other, I can infer what their relationship is, which one is the superior and which one is the subordinate.

Equal title access is only granted by permission. Using someone’s first name without honorifics or titles, is a recognition of a very close relationship in the ranking hierarchy, a personal equality that doesn’t need the rigid senior/junior scale.

I cannot help but think that a life time of this kind of social discipline has made the Japanese even weirder than the Westerners can imagine. It is, unnatural perhaps, to expect civilians to act like fresh Marines formed by military discipline except in special circumstances, yet they have made it work and seem natural. Although from their perspective, the American character of freedom and equality is to be preferred in order to pursue personal goals.

Japanese fast food and family restaurants also have an abnormally high level of discipline and courtesy in the staff. I keep thinking somebody is trying to make a parody, because it can’t be like that. It’s unnatural. In many ways, I’m like that email writer, being exposed to a different way of things in social greetings, and then reflecting on what I actually knew about cultural rules.

This comment was originally intended as a reply to the topic of military courtesy. Now reproduced as a post here since I thought anyone looking to understand Japanese language and why they are so stuck on certain forms and courtesies, would be able to make use of this analogy or relationship.

Norwegian and Swedish culture in the Longest Journey

January 22, 2015

However, not every experience with the community has been a cheerful one. Earlier in the year Red Thread Games made a wonderful gesture towards the Euro Pride events happening at the time, releasing a picture of Zoë wearing a t-shirt supporting it. Unfortunately the move created a rather strange backlash towards the time, and I brought up how, along with the team at RTG, the responses caught me off guard. “That made me so sad,” Ragnar began. “Like, on Facebook to see people saying ‘oh, you shouldn’t take a stand on this, it’s a controversial issue,’ and I’m like ‘It’s controversial? To say that you’re in support of the rights of gay people? I’m sorry – how is that controversial?’ It really pissed me off, especially as companies such as Disney & Apple are all out in support of gay rights. It’s a normal thing to do, and to see that there are people that had played Dreamfall & The Longest Journey, and who still thought that way – did… did you actually play those games?!” I mentioned that, considering how two important characters to heroine April Ryan in The Longest Journey are in a homosexual relationship – a fact brought up within the first hour of the game –  for fans to make an issue out of a kind real-world gesture was truly baffling. Ragnar agreed by reiterating his original point – “Yeah, that made me so, so sad.”

Ragnar Tornquist has produced some very good art in games, however, as you can see there is a flaw in his world perception.

Ragnar misinterprets the resistance as being one of anti liberty or anti homosexuality. What he doesn’t realize is that the totalitarian dystopian viewpoint is becoming reality in the US and other countries, where there is no freedom of conscience or thought, so long as the Gaystapo are around to punish erroneous concepts. Even tech CEOs from Firefox’s development and reality tv show Duck Dynasty and even rocket type scientists have been sanctioned and punished for irregular thoughts and speech. Far from being free, homosexuals are merely enslaved to a different mafia group, one not based upon religion but based upon a different ideolog: one totalitarian in scope and allied with the Islamic Jihad even, there’s tolerance for you.

Bakers, Christians, and other people in a business related to marriage, are being forced to act against their conscience, or else the State will destroy them and their lives. That is a far greater reality than Stark ever was in his world. But global strategy and war is not the specialty of people who make art in entertainment, is it.

On another note, Sweden and Ukraine both raided a server farm/setup, confiscating the data before any guilt was determined. Sweden did so recently while Ukraine’s incident was several years past. It’s like the police in the US confiscating funding and assets, then taking a long time with the trial on purpose. It’s like the process is the punishment, because the guilty verdict is hard to acquire. People will find a way, even if the system has limits. Whether this has any connection with Hussein Obola’s Regime in the US, may be easy to tell in the future. What makes this something of interest for me to track is that the state isn’t using their stolen power and resources to crush the actual internal and external threats. Sweden and Norway are under rape invasions by Islamic Jihad, jihadists brought over intentionally by their government to re colonize uppity natives that believe in “freedom” and “rights”. It won’t be long now before Sweden and Norway will have their people executed in the streets, like France and Africa has already seen, for supporting “homosexual activities”. It will be interesting to see who falls into a civil war first, Europe or America. Or perhaps the Japanese will get into a fight with Korea or China next.

The Left isn’t just connected to the Nazis and Communists politically

January 18, 2015
Evil is more of a character issue and much less of a political issue.

John C. Wright had the likes of Bakker pegged when he wrote: “They think they are smarter than us. These undereducated boobs who cannot follow a syllogism of three steps, who do not speak a word of Greek or Latin, who do not know the difference between Arianism and Aryanism, who have never read ORIGIN OF SPECIES or DAS KAPITAL or THE REPUBLIC and who do not even know the intellectual parentage of all their ideas, these vaunting cretins whose arguments consist of nothing but tiresome talking points recited by rote and flaccid ad hominem, whose opinions are based on fashion, they, of all people, think they are smarter than the rest of the world.”

So basically the academics claim that the Nazis and socialists were opposites, enemies. I wonder if that was before or after the Stalin-Hitler alliance to split Poland came about. It turns out that the “opposite” thing was more of a smoke cover.

What were they covering for? Perhaps the fact that the same kind of people tend to join both causes. The Left with their cultural pollution has been corrupting many youths.

I am reminded of another thing. Leftists want to change the world, because they are too weak to change themselves. Why are they too weak? They seem to have Daddy issues or something else fundamentally flawed with their spirit and soul. They can’t or won’t do anything about it, so they join extremist anti authoritarian systems that just end up as totalitarian nazi, fascist, communist, or Leftist organizations. Their souls are empty, and they need to fill it with a lot of promiscuity, sexual aggression, anger, hate, or just plan victimhood self righteous megalomaniacal power trips.

Frankincense history

January 16, 2015

One of the essential oils I tested out was frankincense. The name sounds a bit peculiar, until I read later on that this was one of the 3 gifts the wise philosophers gave to Jesus Christ.

That would provide a lot of external verification for what “wise” meant back then. It would also explain why they called it an incense.

Brainwashing isn’t only for interrogations

January 5, 2015

This is often why people said going to shrinks was going to make you crazier.

And it’s also probably why regressive hypnotic therapy (brainwashing and indoctrination) became very popular and profitable.

This is why I said years ago, that torture, the true art of torture, can make people believe that they are on our side and should disclose all the details of their terrorist cell operations. Because they will honestly believe, that they were on our side, and not theirs. It only requires sufficient pressure to shatter a person’s mind and reform it. Merely that. Breaking the body is only making the mold easier to form, the mind is what we are truly searching for, because the mind thinks it knows the truth. Having problems getting people to tell you the truth? Either the interrogator used his authority to demand something other than the truth, or more processing is needed.

And the media is responsible for most of the crime in America. (This was written before the race riots of 2014 or Civil War II)

All of these techniques, the Left knew about and knew how effective they are. They are using them even now in universities against American kids. And they knew the effect of Authority in interrogation when they claimed GitMo was about using torture to get false confessions. They know very well what false confessions are, they are the experts on such after all.

This is the Left. In the Middle East, they are ruled by similar folk and have been so for generations. What people think are the “causes” of such violence, like poverty or land… they have no damn clue. And never will. To know the art of indoctrination requires a brain, after all. The Palestinian death cult is not concerned with poverty or injustice. That’s not what cults are for.

Remember the Renos during Clinton, how they went after David Koresh at WACO? This following a long line of the prosecution making a name for themselves by prosecuting parents for, get this, satanic cult rituals and child abuse. All from testimony obtained through torturing and isolating the children in Reno’s concentration camps. This is the Left. Never forget.

This is what they are. This is what they always have been. The weak minded, the dependent, the drug addicted, the kiddies lacking a spine, all are meat and grist for the Mill of Indoctrination. They will Believe what they are Told to Believe. And there, they will end, as puppets forevermore.

Such is the power of the Leftist alliance that they can create a Slave Empire where the slaves honestly and falsely believe they are free. How do you think they do it? That is not covered in public education and for good reason. Only specialists and crazy people have ever touched upon the forbidden knowledge.

Powerful anti Kool Aid as civilization falls

January 4, 2015

Many things sound familiar. Although to me, the timeline started getting obvious in 2007, and not because of Hussein Obola, the current US Regime powers that be.

Not Obeying Society

January 4, 2015

The Japanese have had to do things like that, to live in a conformist society. It allowed them to create various sub cultures and private zones, for good and bad. But America the free, suddenly needs such? Perhaps we are not as equal or free as people thought.


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