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How the UK handles problem parents

June 14, 2016

Might as well have been inner city ghettoes fighting it out over some skittles. IN that sense, genetic ID isn’t predestination.

Of course criminalizing the issue isn’t going to solve it. But nothing does solve it, even. Without religion, humans tend to just have only a few things to rely on, and when even that fails, nothing much else matters.

Teachers had to usher children away from the area as the row escalated into violence.
Harrington then used her shoe to damage a door inside the building, causing £400 worth of damage.
Yesterday, Harrington, of Adderley Green, Stoke-on-Trent, admitted assault by beating and criminal damage.
Magistrates spared her jail but gave her a community order and ordered her to pay £820 in compensation, fines and costs.
The court heard how Harrington – who turned up to court in a blue dress and wearing red stiletto shoes – had been drinking before going to the school at 3pm.

Deciding for yourself how to live vs being a slave to society

May 18, 2016

The title is the theme I got from that blog post, courtesy of various old references from Bookworm.

It almost reads like a romance plot line, which is probably why it stayed stuck in Book’s mind for some time.

I’ll call it the story of “True Love” vs biological lust or social acceptance. Which links it to the Japanese stories. I’m satisfied with that.

A weird alliance

May 5, 2016

This is kind of weird seeing it now but better late than never. It’s a speech conference at U of Mass. circa 2016 ish.

Some kind of privilege there

April 22, 2016

What happens when the new OJ is up for trial. Also has a vid for those interested in H2H survival.

Actually it’s about the violence in PC games

April 19, 2016

This is some additional news about violence in video and pc games. In reply to that general topic:

Most of this is about a trade war between Hollywood having a monopoly on selling violence vs video and computer games, who are Hollywood’s direct and probably superior competitor right now.

AAA games make more than many movies now a days. Certainly compared to the frequency of Paramount’s Star Trek license franchise.

They should try out Homeland and see if they can indoctrinate Americans into becoming insurgents, that would be pretty funny to simulate.

Any kind of interactive game, including the smart phone apps, are conditioning tools, designed to make weapons out of humans. For livestock, it was animal training, where the interaction was with other humans. Here, programs are written to interact with humans instead, in order to have a vast cadre to do the work, that exists only as code and info on the wireless waves.

The problem, fortunate or not, is that properly socialized humans are very difficult to condition to kill their conscience or to obey commands without question. The military uses boot training to de condition civilians, but even in WWII the effects weren’t exactly optimal. With the addition of Pavlovian training methods on the range, Vietnam and Desert Storm kill effectiveness increased, along with PTSD too.

That’s because even if you can get a human to pull the trigger on command, that doesn’t quite kill his conscience forever. It wakes up as they get older and they start remembering and doubting the justification of their orders or the results of their own actions. For warriors, the culture takes hold of it, much like Islam does. When your entire family and culture praises you for massacring enemy babies and women, it’s easy to feel good. No PTSD whatsoever there, well except for the traitors, who Islam tends to execute as apostates and homos pretty quickly.

Games are a good first step in getting a person to pull the trigger on command, but much more needs to be done to train proper death squads, terrorists, insurgents, spies, hunters, killers, warriors, and saboteurs. Hollywood doesn’t have it, nor does getting it really provide them more profit.

P.S. The title is a reference to Beamdog’s Baldur’s Gate expansion.

Here’s another interesting source. Look at the comments specifically, for a look at how game devs think of the intricacies involved.

Internet videos reacting to feminism

March 16, 2016

Some of what the younger generation thinks of feminism on mass media these days.

This American State of Ours : To whom does it belong

March 3, 2016

Sometimes a war can’t be won with just a few short term battles.


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