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R and K selected strategies for genetics and 21st century

November 17, 2015

Courtesy of daitken


Funny combination. But also important for an alliance against the Left.

I did come to the conclusion in 2007 that the Leftist alliance was getting Americans killed intentionally.



One of those “K” selected emphasis on risk and long term development

Documentary explaining HEMA.

The Anti Leftists : Easy guide

November 8, 2015

Additional alternative points of view about those opposing or reacting to the Leftist alliance, what I call anti Leftists since they are so diverse and difficult to track using any common line.

VoxDay has its own independent publishing house, which he probably owns a majority share control in, and is economically tied to publishing sci fi and fantasy novels, that aren’t accepted by Leftists.

I consider him a useful weapon and tool, in the war against the Leftist alliance. But he will get less useful if he is so weak as to believe in Leftist propaganda, whether he likes it or not. The older generation of cuckservatives or conservative “bipartisan” people, I expect to fall for cons, but VoxDay makes his “authority” online and economically, as being hostile to SJW mind control.

Eric Says:
November 7th, 2015 at 8:32 pm
Ymarsakar: “The anti Left wants to put into power a US President that focuses on Fortress America, because many of them don’t even live in the US and they would prefer that America’s foreign adventures stop, allowing people to focus on fighting the Leftist alliance.”

I’ve noticed they tend to be pro-Putin and align with Russian worldview propaganda.

Some additional talk over there about this subject. In reply I wrote:

It’s a way to counter balance American adventures, since they assume Putin’s power projection is too limited. Whereas America’s logistics allows our power to project very far, which means the evil or good in the Seat of the Presidency tends to magnify the world population’s desire to “vote in our elections”.

Much of it was based on Soviet and Leftist propaganda as well, which turned people against America, making them anti America. Well some people are more anti American than the Left’s anti American.

Some of them live in Paris, VoxDay lives in Italy or thereabouts. The invasion of Europe is something they are concerned most about, and the Islamic Jihad is their secondary priority, apart from the SJW totalitarians online they fight with all the time. Internal domestic disputes in America have no real effect on them, and what they know of it comes from Facebook or prior Leftist propaganda. Few ever Awakened before 2008, for example, to the Leftist alliance and various gray/black operations which I know of, but others do not.

Heck, Snowden lived in the US, but now where is he? That kind of independent roam around, is classic of the anti Left. I can’t even call them an alliance or a coalition yet, they haven’t matured to that stage. They are getting there though. Cuckservatives, conservatives, patriots, there’s a lot of factions in this war, on top of the Left’s 1000+1 internal factions.

Generally I’m very good at running independent simulations where I decide what is being tested, rather than listening to some Leftist controlled gatekeeper authority telling me how things are. And so some people might want to get to the source of the data, if they wish to spend that much time at it. Or they can listen to other people give executives summaries, which aren’t necessarily always accurate or useful for your line of life/work.

Industrial Revolutions in the future as well as devolutions

November 5, 2015

Here’s a glimpse at the effects of Western cultural reconstruction, rather than an explanation of it.

That was in the 1980s. Pray tell, what is being output by the big elite thinkers of Western America these days? A NASA engineer or contractor responsible for helping to put a probe somewhere in space, was seen on tv crying and apologizing to feminazis about his shirt. Sounds like high civ to you? Doesn’t to me.

Lingerie football?

November 1, 2015

NSFW I somehow get the gut sense that the Leftist alliance used some of this material to program the military’s treatment of females in combat and at university campuses. It’s a rather good example of masculine pressure brought into a mix with female vendettas and verbal compression.

I doubt any of them will be all that effective against the Islamic Jihad. It’s sort of like the Roman Empire, the Greeks, who wanted something more than lions attacking Christians at the Coliseum.

Here’s a comparison to what other cultures are doing.

There’s also that video in Ukraine about a pre military youth club, the female division, that is. If Western culture hadn’t died in WWI and WWII, the world would look very different now a days. But someone will always replace the power structure in a vacuum.

Government black helicopters

October 25, 2015

This is what happens when the “crazy” becomes normal. And there was a helicopter too.

Two websites were mentioned, Yelp and

Yelp is a facility review site for the masses and meetup is a user content site for distributed organizations and small teams, like the Japanese have to convert online meets into physical meet ups.

Tools designed for the consumer, but can be used to counter occupations and the Authorities too, by circumventing barriers to entry and all that jazz.

Saw it on Instapundit.

Essential Oils Part 2 : Plant Therapy

October 25, 2015

Continued on from that, I’ve now used for several months in various quantities and dosages these oils.

Peppermint Lemon

Got another source of oil this time, from Plant Therapy via Amazon, which is a lot cheaper but less aromatic. They don’t recommend ingestion/internal use, but supposedly the oils are still food grade from them.

Lemon, winterleaf, and peppermint are pretty good for external wounds on the skin or muscle issues. Eucalyptus is very effective against infection, bacteria or viral. Although “toxicity” is generally what happens when you over dose in x amount of time. As in, many things are toxic because the body does not know how to deal with the large quantities, including Vitamin A… even an over abundance of calcium may have deleterious health effects.

For every substance or method of intake, the body has some ability to absorb, but at what level and rate is hard to pin down.

The DoTerra oils are more expensive but seem to be refined to smaller molecule sizes in the oil, which diffuses better in the air, providing a strong aroma. The actual strength seems to be about the same, although that’s a preliminary assessment.

This joins up with the water research because oils would have a special effect on water, especially as it is oil and organic in nature.

Economic Equality vs Power Equality

October 11, 2015
Courtesy Texan99
One of the reasons why Northern Abolitionists thought slavery was horrible under the Democrat plantation is because it made the South poorer and disenfranchised white workers as well.

The South lacked any real industrial power because slave labor was undercutting white workers, while aggregating wealth under white land owners. In the North, people had to be paid, so it made more sense to make factories and other jobs that were highly productive on a per manpower basis. In a feudal system, the Industrial Revolution would never happen, because serfs wouldn’t be allowed the freedom to just move anywhere and work in any city, for any wage.

Slave was becoming dangerous not merely to the blacks, white people may not necessarily care about black strangers and their families, but because it was going to start affecting white workers, normal American families that had “equal” rights.

Some people even recognized that ahead of time, such as General Lee, but they weren’t given any power to reform the system. The system didn’t want to be changed and all the land owners in power, had the power to punish and destroy anybody that thought different. A few KKK episodes, a little bit of canning here and there, and nobody would be left to contest the issue. Even poor whites and normal middle American families had to obey Jim Crow or else be punished. The State’s Rights to tyrannize their own people, even without the Black Question being involved.

The author perceives power dynamics as being above and directly connected to economic dynamics. Most people don’t really think of it like that. They think technology will end slavery sooner or later, that it is inevitable. That economics will naturally balance out the power scale. They think if some top law makes the wages better or introduces a better way of doing things, that this naturally makes things more productive or more fair for everyone involved.

From what I’ve seen of human nature, that’s a little bit too idealistic.


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