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The USA: A goyim nation

April 29, 2018

The word “goy” or “goyim” comes from a Hebrew transliteration. It means “of the nations”, the nations being those divorced and divided at the Tower of Babel. Israel is not goy or gentile or a nation, but the people of YHVH: a special status. Israel being originally not a State but a term given to Jakob, the son of Isaac, which was the son of Abraham.

Normally we are told in the USA that the God of Abraham and Isaac and such created Divine Providence, giving the USA power of Divine Mandate and Manifest Destiny, and superior power over the natives and other foreigners. This portrays the National Mythology in a rather different light.

What’s the good news? Nobody here is under the 10 commandments! Pron is actually legitimate under ISIS/Ianna/Queen of Heaven, because it is considered “holy prostitution”. There’s probably more taxation and regulations of the marijuana, cigarette, and alcohol industry than there is on Hollywood movies and hardcore pron.

What is the bad news? It means the USA is actually under the dominion of something akin to the Prince of the Air or the God of this world. Or at least an equivalent power. During the  Tower of Babel, humans wanted to worship and follow other elohim. They declared war on the Most High and created the Tower of Babel to reach the heavens and strike fear into the Heavenly Court, the Divine Counsel.  Since the Most High respects free will, he gave humanity what we wanted. Now we live under the Authorities, the Deep State, and so on. Maybe people should have been careful what they demanded

<B>“The Rock, his work is perfect,
    for all his ways are justice.
A God of faithfulness and without iniquity,
    just and upright is he.
They have dealt corruptly with him;
    they are no longer his children because they are blemished;
    they are a crooked and twisted generation.
Do you thus repay the Lord,
    you foolish and senseless people?
Is not he your father, who created you,
    who made you and established you?
Remember the days of old;
    consider the years of many generations;
ask your father, and he will show you,
    your elders, and they will tell you.
When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance,
    when he divided mankind,
he fixed the borders of the peoples
    according to the number of the sons of God.
But the Lord‘s portion is his people,
    Jacob his allotted heritage.</b>

This is like Human Alt History. The stuff they don’t tell us in public education. Wasn’t the story supposed to be that we fell from some Garden of Eden back when humans lived up to 1000 years? Hard to know what happened back that long ago. It is possible to determine if the Tower of Babel was an actual event. All we had to do is to follow the hypothesis. If all of us came from the same starting point and culture, then we would have myths and legends that would be almost the same except they would be in a different language.

The term “Sons of God” is used to refer to spirits, elohim, those who do not have physical bodies or who reside in a heavenly dimension rather than a physical dimension. Usually counsels are made out of 70s. 7 times 7 or 7 times 10 was often used to refer to a metaphorical context. For some reason, the number system runs on a base 7 instead of a base 2 (binary) or base 10 (our system). The sub unit (subordinates of archangels and elohim) leaders run on a base 10 or base 20 as each sub unit leader is a leader over 10 or 20. A Son of God also refers to someone that is given authority over their own divine family, such as the story of Jesus of Nazareth the Son of God, and thus Messiah/Lord of the Israelite tribes. Dividing the human nations up according to the number of the Sons of God, would imply that the Sons of God, also called Watchers, would become the rulers and authorities meant to Watch over and rule over these human tribes and nations.

On the idea of monotheism: it was not a concept people accepted back in 50 AD or 200 BC. That was something people made up later, centuries later. Almost all ancient societies had the concept of a pantheon: the father god, the mother goddess, which create a pantheon of similar entities. The Greeks had legends of Zeus copulating with mortal women, producing hybrid demi gods like Hercules. In fact, the Hebrew texts such as 1st Enoch, corroborates this story and says basically the same thing. The Garden of Eden term “seraph” can be interpreted as a flying burning serpent. Well, what is the depiction of an Eastern Dragon? A flying serpent, with feet, that breathes fire. They must have had the internet back then and copied each other’s artistic and legendary designs, right. Maybe not. None of these data points are conclusive in and of themselves, but they at least are clues tracing back to whether the Tower of Babel was a real event or not. The Sumerian and Hebrew texts often tell the exact same story: they just have opposing viewpoints, such as reading German/Japanese diaries vs American/British ones during WW2. I do not believe that the similarities are because the Japs “copied” American stuff during the war. I reject the theory that the Hebrews copied the Sumerian story because the Sumerian story is considered “older”. Of course papyrus doesn’t last as long as the Sumerian clay tablets. If the Hebrews had used metal plate etching, they would have older materials too. (If they did, somebody has probably stolen them already and melted them down for the gold by now)


Mono Atomic Gold: The New or Old Philosopher’s Stone

April 27, 2018

If anyone has seen Full Metal Alchemist, this is basically the modern research version of the same thing. I’ve written posts concerning my own research on essential oils and it is hard to believe the claims but it is easy to believe the benefits when you see or feel it. Eating natural products or metals to improve your energy circulation sounds way too much like the cultivation novels written in China concerning how the old 2000+ year generations did things.

This relates to the Ark of the Covenant, which was a mathematical golden box which is ironically also measured as a golden rectangle in math. Gold, silver, electrum (ore of silver and gold), was often used for religious reasons but we do not know why exactly. Gold may have had a use other than ornamentation.

Now rocks like quartz and sapphire have unique electrical properties. View quantum lock for how sapphire can be used in quantum physics. Quartz is classified as piezo electric like our bones: it produces electricity charges when pressure is exerted. It all goes back to electromagnetism which is Tesla. Electricity may be the third force and magnetism may be the fourth force in physics, with gravity being excluded. That would mean we have already Unified all of physics ; )

Primary Sources: Church of Lucifer

April 26, 2018

This won’t be a sermon about why Lucifer is bad or witchcraft is bad. I believe in freedom of humanity to believe in whatever god or goddess they want. Think of it as a scholarly research into secret and semi secret societies.

Many communities and human churches tend to be overly paranoid. They are constantly going with “spiritual warfare” against Others or those outside of their organization. They call them cults or heresies or apostates, and treat them as enemies. Then they turn around to a convert or potential convert and it’s all smiles, sunshine, and love…

Here are some examples of what chasid translated to agape translated into English as love meant. Here is a sample context of how it is used in the Old Testament Hebrew, when translated into English.

NAS: With the kind You show Yourself kind,
KJV: With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful,

It’s the Meta Golden Rule, not necessarily the Golden Rule. Treat others as they treat their subordinates. How you treat subordinates, your superiors will treat you (even a god). This is not a brotherly love or relationship but a different kind of relationship. This is not romantic love or unrestrained love of a parent. The complete love of a parent is not negated even for serial killers and serial rapists. That kind of love means that no matter what you do, you are still loved. Chasid and agape are closer to the meaning of Righteous Justice. Yes, there is room for love, but the primary aspect is giving people what they deserve, whether good or bad. It’s not about complete love as we understand it.

It’s not about loving your enemies because how can people be afraid and so hostile with enmity towards spiritual enemies then? Pretty sure that isn’t love but “fear” or “enmity” in the heart. How can you force yourself to feel love for someone or something that you Do Not Love? Humans, by trying to adhere to Jesus=Love, just ends up hating people because it forces their hearts into a corner. If they instead treated people the way justice required, it wouldn’t require such a subjective criteria as “love emotions”. In the legal system, it doesn’t matter if we love or hate the defendant, his due process is still his due process.

Whether the State Mainstream religion is dominant or not, whether witches are dominant or not, is meaningless before the Most High’s Justice. You are all treated as equals. Your actions and intent are judged individually, not collectively. This is what has been missing for 2000 years in the State Religions. It is what led the Vatican to declare a Holy War against Albigensian Christians, burning alive around 1 million of them. It is what led the Vatican to Declare War against Islam for the Holy Land, but while enroute sack and loot Constantinople, the capital of Eastern Christianity. That’s some Holy War, dontcha know, we got to kill them Muslim infidels. Apparently anybody that is not in your State Religion is an “infidel” that can be killed without legal consequence. It doesn’t matter if a human church declares X or Y as their leader. The Divine Legal standards are the same. That is what chasid and agape were meant to convey.

Human language has changed over the millenias. Now we look back and think it was about “love”, even though that was a word we created from different contexts and cultures later on.

On a different topic, the video soon talks about card games like Pokemon in the second hour. My view is that just like sexual education, education on the existence and nature of the supernatural is critically needed. If parents and priests won’t educate the children, the children will find the information they want online or through games. This isn’t the Amish community lifestyle, people. This is the 21st century, and even the Chinese have smartphones with internet access. When teenagers and young people ask me about whether giants are real, gods are real, whether spirits and rituals work, I tell them the truth. I don’t hide what I know. I just tell them fire burns and steam also burns. It’s up to them to decide what they want to do. If people don’t like Magic the Gathering, make their own trading card game like Gwent online. The knowledge of power isn’t something that can be restrained forever. It is like trying to control technology while using technology.

For people that are worried about deception being taught to their children: there’s a model of a globe Earth in elementary school. Kind of too late to worry about putting a stop to misleading information.

The Black Vote via Red Pill Black

April 26, 2018

This is a reprint of my comments concerning this topic, which you can read at Neo’s blog. I recommend reading this first to get the context. Essentially, there is a potential break in how the black vote will split between parties in the USA, given recent developments.

Protestant Evangelical mostly white churches (and by that I don’t mean the Body of Believers but just a human building with a human organization that is called a church) like the Westboro Baptists are pretty much the same: a political rally in the guise of a sheep congregation.

Compared to other religions, Protestant Evangelicals are not as conservative as I had expected. It’s not 80 or 70%. They are higher than the average for the US which is around 33% conservative. In comparison to the more hardcore religions, Evangelicals are surprisingly moderate, even though the doctrine and dogma doesn’t sound like it.

Jews, secular plus orthodox plus reformed, is about 75% Democrat straight party vote in the USA. That’s not even a single religion any more, but you can see how strong the culture slants towards Dems. That’s in super majority territory. Anything in super majority territory or approaching it causes extreme social and cultural duress and motivation to circle dance and maintain the status quo. It’s just human nature. Not even Leftist riches can change that.

As for people’s questions about the South: the South’s “racism” was primarily a control method inherited from the Democratic party.

Racism, meaning the idea that whites are superior and blacks need to be kept as dogs in a cage, was first created by eugenics based Southern philosophers to promote the control of the minority of white plantation slave aristos. It is easy to see this is true because even the Irish, white people, were treated as dogs and in fact were of lesser value and social status than black slaves (who if worked in the House, were considered upper echelon servants of the nobility). If black people were the family dog that people loved but could kill when they felt like it without consequence, then the Irish were stray dogs that anyone could kill if they didn’t like them. The identity of “whites” was not a European concept, but a US eugenics concept. Immigrants naturally steered towards their own ethnicity. The Irish with the Irish. The Scots with the Scots. The Anglo Saxons with the Saxons. There were no “white people” per say. Whether you were black or white, the Picts would still put an axe in between your eyes. No prejudice with that. The prejudice came from Southern aristo control methods.

By collecting all the white European tribes together, the Democrats could create a block vote system, similar to how they can get Jews or blacks to vote their “interest” in the Democrat party by majority plus numbers.

So Southern racism naturally declined and became rejected when the religious indoctrination system and the Democrat political system began losing majority totalitarian control. Civil War 1 did a huge chunk of damage but it didn’t kill the slavery mentality. People still wanted slaves, they just started talking about Sanger eugenics, whites can’t marry blacks (cause KKK people will lynch the white person first then the black boy), Jim Crow (if you are a white boy, you had better not serve blacks or else the KKK will burn your arse down first), and so on.

White Southerners didn’t necessarily agree with owning slaves, or Jim Crow, or anything else the Democrat aristos told them to do. But they felt powerless and just couldn’t bring themselves to vote Reagan, because it was like betraying their religion. Betraying your religion is a big taboo amongst humans. Families would rather disown you first, before you convert away from Catholicism and Vatican dogma. We’re in serious cultural supremacy territory.

There’s not as many “Kingdom of God” fortresses in the USA as people think. This country after all is not ruled by the 10 commandments, Moses, or YHVH. Just look at what is sitting on top of the US capitol to get an idea of what patron god or goddess is over the USA. It’s definitely not the God of Abraham or Isaac.
Black people were Republican voters, but the KKK fixed that in the South after the Northern abolitionists “won” against slavery 2.0

Due to Reconstruction (What Southerners call Re-Destruction by carpet baggers from the North), significant numbers of freed black slaves were “put back under the plantation” system, via Jim Crow and black voting codes. The Southern Dems couldn’t return all of their totalitarian power, but they got most of it back.

A black representative in the house of representatives of a Southern state was considered by most white people to be nothing but the “dog” of a Northern abolitionist. That’s because white supremacy beliefs ran deep into the Southern Baptist and Episcopalian religious sects. These organizations did not go against slavery, but rather for slavery. The Northern Baptists split off from the Southern Baptists precisely because they could not agree on which god liked or disliked slavery.

The years around 1830 were fateful ones for a developing sense of a southern sectional identity. While social and cultural distinctiveness had already developed below the Mason-Dixon Line, the Missouri Controversy (1819-21) nurtured a new political significance to differences between a “North” and a “South.” The vote on extension of slavery into the West seen in the debate on admitting Missouri to the Union went along strictly sectional lines, North and South, with profound political significance for the division of power within the Union. Two events around 1830 added to the growing sectional consciousness, and both had religious meaning. William Lloyd Garrison’s publication of The Liberator called for the immediate end of slavery, making the issue a predominantly moral one. Shortly afterwards, Nat Turner’s Rebellion brought a large-scale slave uprising, with Turner acting out of prophetic belief, rooted in the Bible’s Old Testament, that he would bring his people out of bondage. After these two compelling events, southern whites used religion to carve out new relationships with northern abolitionists by attacking their morality and with southern blacks, who represented to them internal subversion based in misreading the same scriptures they read.

Title page, Charles Colcock Jones’s The Religious Instruction of the Negroes in the United States, 1842. Screenshot by Southern Spaces.
One white response to these forces was a new mission to the slaves. South Carolina Methodists were most successful in establishing specific missions, while an evangelical alliance led by minister-planter Charles Colcock Jones in Liberty County, Georgia, promoted an idealistic vision of an evangelical biracial community that would lead to the end of slavery. These initiatives were of limited impact, but they symbolized a new willingness among slaveowners to allow white preachers and, sometimes, black exhorters to preach the gospel to their slaves. The gospel that appeared here was one that stressed moral discipline and obedience of slaves to masters, with ultimate hopes for redemption in heaven. White religious leaders assumed new responsibilities for the fate of slave souls, which was a response to their overriding concern to convert everyone, their concern to achieve greater social control of slaves, and their belief that slavery was not an inherently immoral institution.              –     1830 Southern United States

This is the power of religion as a control scheme. Human organizations, created by humans, to enslave other humans, in a human dominated socio political economic and military system.

Blacks are victims, yes. So is everybody else, the whites most of all.

Any human organization that loses its original leader and founder, usually decays and grows corrupt over time. This is as true for empires as it is for feminism and religions. I have never seen this reverse it, except in the hands of another leader/guru/messiah figure. The cycle then starts all over again.

The blacks are brainwashed, yes. But so are the rest of us on this world. The reason why Republican overtures to black people have not worked is because of 2 primary reasons.

1. Blacks were betrayed by the Republican abolitionists when Grant removed federal protection from black polls and freed slave areas.
2. Blacks understand that there is institutional racism in the US, so they won’t believe Republicans that deny that existence.

When Republicans say that institutional racism and plantations do exist, but that the Demoncrats are the ones running it, then Republicans may become “believable” to blacks in the USA (not African blacks, home born and bred American blacks)

They translated the Bible incorrectly: again

April 24, 2018

This has to do with the famous/infamous line from Jesus of Nazareth: love your enemies as you love yourself. It also includes the greatest commandment of the Old Testament summed up as: you will love your God with all your might, mind, and soul.

So what did they get wrong? They got the word love wrong.

The Greek word used in the New Testament is agape or phileo. Agape is used usually.

The original Hebrew word used in the Old Testament was something akin to Chesed. Chesed needed to be translated into Greek, so they used agape. Greek has 4 words for love. Eros being erotic or romantic/sexual love. Phileo being brotherly love, family love, comradeship (war buddies). Agape being an intellectual or spiritual love, freely chosen, based upon mutual respect. There was no Greek cultural term for Chesed because Greeks at the time had a totally alien culture compared to the Hebrews. So agape was chosen because it was the best fit.

So when secular readers of the Bible notice that the New Testament sounds a lot different than the Old Testament, they are correct. Jesus did not speak of love as we understand it. The Old Testament was not about love either. There is no mismatch there as would be the case for the Old Testament’s wars and executions vs the New Testament’s “love and non violence”.

Translating Eastern languages into Western and vice a versa is very difficult. Hebrew reads from right to left, just like Japanese does. Western languages read from left to right. It is why Japanese mangas read from the right panel to the left panel, then the bottom right panel, then the bottom left panel unlike Korean or Western comics. Japanese has a word for ai uchi, meaning two duelists kill each other in a single strike, ensuring mutual death and destruction. English doesn’t have a term for that, although we can describe it. That is because to the japanese, ai uchi was a skill that people could go for. If you are too weak to kill the enemy without dying, then you can at least take them down with you. We call that a Pyrhhic victory, but to the japanese it is often a good result or an intentional result, not a bad one. So how would you translate these Japanese term into English when English has neither the cultural context nor a word that describes the situation? What word we do have, Pyrhhic victory, is incomplete and has negative, not positive, connotations.

This illustrates some of the very alien differences between languages. When King James’ translators, none of which were given the authority of apostle or prophet, translated the Masoretic Hebrew text into English, they did the best they could, but they were merely human. Putting humans on pedestals is not a good idea for people will fall off it. Now just because part of the Masoretic text was corrupted by the scribes and the King James bible team make unintentonal mistakes, doesn’t mean the entire witness testimony from the Old and New Testaments are invalid. It just means as a mad scientist I should take a look at them and determine for myself what is Truth and what is False. It doesn’t matter if the entire world believes in A or disbelieves in B, I will take a look at them myself. There is no subject that cannot be mastered or proficiency obtained in. It only takes me 100 hours of study in a field to comprehend it enough to explain it to others. 10,000 hours are required for mastery. 1000 hours are required for proficiency: the skill level needed to do it at an amateur or professional level. The gain in knowledge and confidence between 1 hour and 100 hour is several magnitude of folds greater than the skill gained between 1000 hours and 5000 hours. It is a logarithmic curve that decreases exponentially as a person becomes more and more specialized in a field.

So what did Jesus ultimately mean when he said you must hate your father and mother before you become a disciple of Jesus? What did Jesus ultimately mean when he said you must love your enemies or your god?

You shall treat your enemies with the same respect and humane treatment as you would treat yourself. If you made a mistake or are responsible for evil, atone for it, thus give your enemies the same chance as you would give yourself. If you can kill yourself, then you can kill your enemies too. Respect for others does not mean treating them special as you would your lover or father or grandfather. The Father in the Heavens, the Father of Jesus, agrees with the existence of free will so that people can decide to love or not love the Father. Forcing someone to love a god at the expense of violating a divine command which is punished with Hell Fire in the Lake of Fire, is not love.

You must love your father and mother less if you wish to follow Jesus of Nazareth. You must love and value your life less, if you wish to follow in the path of a human leader that is going to make the entire world his enemy. If you value wealth, the world, or family more, then do not make the oath of allegiance to that leader, for that leader will become the Enemy of the World. At that time, your mother and father may become your enemies as well. For those that wish to avoid this consequence, do your own thing.

Does this mean The Father and the Son does not love certain humans? If the divine spirits have emotions like humans do, of course they can love and hate. But it was not the Plan of Salvation or War in scripture to make people feel an emotion that they did not, by threatening them with Hellfire. That was something the Vatican and other Religious Control systems created, to glory themselves and their New World Order powers.

The Power of the Gods

April 23, 2018

Notice how “gravity” doesn’t even exist in this context, especially since it is not a unified force in Physics.

Also notice how sapphire, a rock, is used as a power transmission system. There’s a reason why people said the ancient pyramids were power generators. This relates to the Ark of the Covenant as well.

When the scientific consensus dies off, when Newton/Einstein dies off, when the students of Newton/Einstein dies of, then humanity can obtain individual breakthroughs in progress.

Earth Marbles are photoshopped

April 16, 2018