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Tea Party Convention: Breitbart Interview

October 28, 2013

Of course several years later, we started realizing that the LEft’s response to these ‘eyes’ and accountability is to use the IRS and other federal ABC organizations to suppress what, to the Left’s eyes, are insurgents and terrorists.

The Japanese and Chinese have these legends about single individuals rising up to rebel against tyrannical regimes or huge numbers of military forces.


Yang manifestations: Destructive applications

October 27, 2013

Building on the previous post, which concerned itself with health, recovery, and healing, this one will focus on the obverse or opposite and contradictory side of things. Just as a coin has two sides stuck to each other, so the same applies to yin and yang, passive and active, light and dark, matter and antimatter.

A neck and shoulder stretch can be nice. Apply a sharp and continually accelerating force at the neck in the same angle and the upper vertebrates will be damaged, snap, or transmit to the brain and shut it down. Hit at a slightly different point on the neck to shoulder connection, and the arteries/veins will be shut off, starving the brain of oxygen, commanding a System Wide Shut down due to lack of power/coolant. Hitting a different spot on the neck, will shut down the central nervous system via overloading the neural shafts that conduct electricity amongst nerve clusters, overloading, overheating them, causing the brain /spine to shut down part of the CNS to avoid catastrophic damage/loss.

While warming your extremities can be nice when things get cold/windy, funneling air warmed in your abdomen to your muscles will result in additional explosive power and acceleration. The intent: blow a hole through a person’s internal organs, exceeding their capability to absorb the shock and energy. This is similar to the Ki Ai shout in Karate’s kimei, or focusing punches. Much as a woman breathes in air and uses it to help the muscles involved in childbirth, so the same method can be used to unleash maximum potential muscular power in attacks. Alternatively, a sniper uses the yin manifestation of breathing air in order to stabilize aiming and process bullet trajectories better in the mind. The explosive power of yang manifestations is not required when the bullet and powder does most of the work. Yin and Yang are not so much creation and destruction (that is the Wu itself, the infinite harmony), but merely different methods of achieving all kinds of goals. Yin can be used to destroy. Yang can be used to help create. The reverse is also true.

Destruction and Creation, not always as far apart as the majority thinks it is.

Barbarians at the Gates

October 24, 2013

When the barbarians come for you, what color code security level will you be at?

There have been a number of black attacks on whites in revenge for the Zimmerman case

Technically, they’ve been doing the same thing or worse to other blacks in the cities, which people try very hard to ignore since those cities are Democrat fiefdoms.

Martial Arts: Healing Aspects

October 24, 2013

A list of various techniques or methods I use to deal with problems in life trying to kill me. But instead of martial arts “boom” techniques, this is the other side of things. You know how in League of Legends you can specialize in dps (damage per second) or healing? Yeah, similar concept.

1. Huge pain in the neck, left or right, due to muscle cramps that also reach the side side of the ocular nerves: Shoulder and neck stretches via extending the fingers straight to the left and tilting the head to the right and chin up.

2. Nervousness or anxiety: with the hand held on the stomach, breath in starting the expansion there first, then when it feels full slowly relax to exhale.

3. Being cold on a windy day: focus the mind on the extremities, pull in air, heat it up inside the belly, and then crunch the abdomen as you exhale and visualize the blood flow to your extremities. Also helped by using your hands to touch the channels on your skin to better connect mind to body.

4. Take pride in doing something well, for yourself, by yourself: disconnect your sense of reliance on society and others via independent resources and identity. All the common fears and anxieties, including worries about the future are attached to people’s sense of survival, rooted in human instincts.

5. Watch sunrises, sun sets, the sky change color, and various other aspects of your environment that is growing or alive. Update, maintain, and increase your microbiome symbiotes.

Civil Rights Corruption: Human Nature

October 17, 2013

Not all that glitters is gold. Many institutions were hijacked and taken over by Leftists with ulterior motives, not just the civil rights movement.

American Military reconfiguration and the draft

October 14, 2013

Never did like the draft. Bill Clinton and the various other Dems either skipped to Canada, got exemptions, or went in like Kerry in order to bulk up their resume.

They also kept trying to push it in the 21st century. Their motives were suspect.

Now, their motives aren’t suspect. It’s almost guaranteed that they are up to no good, draft or no draft, with the US military.

Mystery of Human Biology Systems

October 12, 2013

One of the reasons individuals are resistant to authority telling them what to do in life is because at a certain level humanity knows that its future success depends on mutual benefit and symbiosis, not parasitism or slavery.

If you gain no benefit from obeying a US President’s order to give up your money so he can spend it on his cronyies, not much other than force can be used to make you obey. Force then exerts energy and wastes it, energy that life needs to sustain itself.

The individuals that are resistant to hypnosis, resistant to obeying authority, and resistant to interrogation are a small minority in any country. For the most part, humans obey orders. If they don’t have a God as an authority telling them what is right and wrong, they will look to a man made god, a messiah, to tell them what is right and wrong, who needs killing and who is righteous. They will then obey. The US park service did obey in enforcing the order to make sure Americans aren’t allowed on Obama’s public property. The IRS obeyed orders to audit Tea Party activists and authorize funding for Obama’s supporters. The ATF obeyed when Eric Holder told them to force gun sellers to ship assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels. SWAT teams obey the order to fire on innocent people, because they had a gun in a house the SWAT raided by mistake due to getting the address wrong. Anyone that points a gun at a LEO gets what they deserve, was the reply from the police union bosses. When Americans in Libya requested military assistance as they held out for day and night, were met with the obedient military response of “we are told to stand down, we obey and the officer that wished to disobye was relieved of his command”.

Judging by how human biology works, whether you think nature created humanity or God created nature to maintain the system, it doesn’t work in the long term this “coercive” experience of ours.

The scientists can tell us the “science is done”, that there will be no new data. But we know there’s always new data and that science is never done. The authority of scientists to tell us what to think because we’re too stupid or uneducated to get it, is the same authority telling us how to live our lives.

Many people are satisfied with this in the world, because their family/clan reaps the benefits and riches of resource redistribution. It’s redistributed to them, stolen from those that earned it. This coercive, parasitic relationship is never healthy in a human organization. Just as it is not healthy for a human body.

It is now more important than ever that people learn to think for themselves, by themselves, instead of relying on authorities to tell them what is what.