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What happened to gun control successes in Australia?

February 20, 2013

Last I heard, some Australians were telling me that gun control policies are a great success in protecting Australians. Now I hear a different take.


True Strength of Michael Jai White

February 12, 2013

I mentioned before that this person had true strength. What did I mean?

Jimbo said he was the “real deal”, but I would phrase it more like, Michael has figured out the foundational theory and principles of human hand to hand. Whether that’s because of his martial arts study, his life long discipline in the arts (Hollywood acting, action star, martial arts, etc), or because of his fight experiences in the streets, doesn’t matter. When you got it, you got it.

I learned this in a set of simple biomechanics. Keeping my shoulder seated, as if a nail was put on top of it and hammered down. Keeping my elbows in line with my chin or chest. The results are the same.

People tend to use their eyes too much to detect attacks. Slow. Very slow. The frontal lobes of the brain that handles vision is not the same as the mid brain that controls reflex and coordination. There are only about 3 critical things that triggers our coordination command center: pain, touch, and visual motion. Many people find that their eyes immediately track to whatever is moving, before they even notice it exists. By using these natural instincts, people can develop linear direct line defenses against these linear direct line attacks.

Practice this stuff and circular attacks will seem slower than the Matrix. Because it is already slower than linear attacks.

Very good explanation, and a fun one, by MJW. (Btw, for firearm users and marksman, a similar thing happens when trying to shoot people moving diagonally, not horizontal or forward/backwards, and zig zagging too. It’s a little bit strange without appropriate counter training.)

The ability to fight by itself is nothing special. Teaching is a bit more specialized, but Bill Ayers has taught too. Doesn’t make one a good person. Or a strong one. What makes this person different is that through finding out such abilities and “secrets”, he has put them to productive and beneficial use for humanity.

What’s the Japanese version of school life and death?

February 12, 2013

As a change of pace, it’s a significantly different one than the normal US politics and good vs evil. Refreshing, at least. Well, with the stuff rotting around us, refreshing might be all we need for a bit.

An uncorrupt and just person who grew out of corrupt beginnings

February 12, 2013

In both Hollywood as well as his childhood, he remains uncorrupted while staying to the true path. As a result, he has gained true strength.