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Wisdom in Quotations:Eric Hoffer

April 29, 2012

Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.
Eric Hoffer


Alliance between government and corporations and the Left

April 28, 2012

They aren’t doing Robin Hood. They’re hiring corporations to enforce taxation, just like aristocrats did with Jews. Hoping that when public hate boils over, the bankers, Jews, and corporations feel the full brunt of them, with the aristocracy carrying the torches themselves for a witch burning.

Then there’s another evidence that what the Left purports to solve, they actually created to gather more power via fear and intimidation.

The Religious Cultism of the Left and Black Enslaved Communities

April 28, 2012

How the Thug in Chief Obama learned how to govern America. Btw, it wasn’t Constitutional Law at Harvard that was the primary influence.

A Contest Between Wing Chun schools

April 27, 2012

They don’t advertise it as a contest between two of the top wing chun schools in Hong Kong, but if you know how the Chinese are, you’d know that that is exactly what is going on. One teacher trains one fighter, another teacher trains the other fighter, then everyone gets to see what happens. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the opponent of the two stars of the show came from the opposite training place, thus making it a direct, not just indirect, contest between two wing chun schools.

Now I noticed another interesting thing. Jimmy, the guy with the football shoulders, gets sent to the “Grandmaster” for training. That school has its pride of fame being a “direct descent” from Ip Man. They bow. They bow. And the guy speaks English. Now let’s compare and contrast.

The other guy, Doug former US army, gets sent to the second Wing Chun school and they shake hands with the main instructor and students. They shake hands, a Western greeting, yet the main instructor doesn’t speak much English. Notice any disparity yet?

Now I haven’t met a lot of martial art instructors but the ones I do know fall into a few specific categories. One category is the one with a chip on their shoulder. They demand respect because they think anything that goes against their way of doing things is “disrespect” and they get insecure and thus angry about it. You see this a lot in japanese martial arts, because the Japanese custom of bowing gives people an excuse to player power boss. They, who do not understand the Japanese mind and heart, the kokoro, are aping Japanese customs as a way to become “authentic”, because they lack skill and confidence. And I suspect that this is what is going on between those two wing chun schools. One school has superior skill and is based upon skill, the other is based around strength, external prowess, and borrowed reputation.

It was not unexpected that the more a martial arts instructor believes in their reputation, the less skilled they are. And the less skilled they are, the more impatient they become when teaching students, producing avoidable injuries that permanently set back a student’s progress.

Politicians and those with political connections routinely go overseas for underage girl and boy sex

April 27, 2012

I mentioned this topic before, but I don’t think many people believed it. Even after Frank ran a gay prostitution ring out of his apartment with his boyfriend live in.

Well, it isn’t so surprising when you consider the mad dogs Americans voted into power. And people think this is limited to the PResident or the SS? I don’t think so. Check out the black mail material on all those Congress critters. Ever wonder why some people’s votes can be bought? May be somebody found out their snuff sexual desires or rape fantasies or underage girl/boy lusts that somebody had been indulging overseas on government paid for trips.

And the media is designed to protect these incidents, not bring them to light.

Government sheep will be slaughtered wholesale more than even dogs for Thug in Chief’s breakfast

April 27, 2012

At least someone isn’t part of the sheep crowd.

Police say right now they have no idea what caused the suspect to go on the dangerous rampage.

Man, those Democrat plantation tactics and slave master intimidation in the race riots aren’t working off as well as they thought. Better vote for more Democrats so you can get more effective solutions to slavery.

Smith’s employee Dorothy Espinoza says, “He pulled it out and stood outside the Smiths in the foyer. And just started stabbing people and yelling you killed my people. You killed my people.”

Well, technically Tray killed himself by acting like the Thug in Chief, but since he didn’t have a Secret Service protective detail like MIchelle Obama’s underage child in Cancun, he felt the consequences of his actions immediately. So who are the minorities going to kill, the slave masters that feed them in DC or the target they are told to attack by the media?

Just in Case: Horseplaying and fights aren’t always safe or fun

April 23, 2012

For example, this could happen.