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Susan Boyle: Crowd Reactions and Analysis

April 20, 2009

[These are three of my comments concerning Susan Boyle and the reactions of both the audience and the judges.]

The I have a Dream from Les Miserables really did capture the emotional impact of her musicality.

People heard the song from many levels. Simon’s been a past master at emotional manipulation, aka drama, so it is no surprise. And it doesn’t even matter whether he heard her rehearse before the show, either, he has seen enough of these surprises to know how the audience will react and he plays his part dutifully.

I am not a master at reading facial language, but the female judge looked genuinely surprised and the other male judge only looked moderately surprised but got himself in check very fast when it came time for comments to the effect that I didn’t read any surprise latent in his mannerisms once he started talking.

The first thing people heard was the audience’s amusement at this middle age woman who has a quirky mannerism and a subtle, not pronounced, accent. The image and expectation with singing devas and stars were too incongruous for the audience and some of the particularly younger members (including one foolish and inexperienced young female who rolled her eyes and was caught on camera). THen the audience heard the expectation and the fear, their own and each other’s. People feared a train wreck, others expected one, and still others were hoping for an underdog extreme success. One girl was holding her hand against her mouth, cause she was so gripped with expectation and dread of a embarassing moment. Still others were envious and admired her for her pluck and determination in front of such an audience reaction, something most of the audience knew in their heart of heart’s that they could never ever withstand such a thing as she has been doing.

And then the song. First the surprise reaction and the applause. Not sure who they were applauding, as she was here to show her talent and she hasn’t finished just yet. I surmise the audience was applauding fate or serendipity or luck that had them be the audience to see such a thing at such a moment in such a show.

THen after the relief and the joy and the various other emotions started cropping up in the audience gripping them, came the musicality. People started actually hearing the words and it interspersed with what they heard from her auto-biographical details and some of Obama’s Hope and Change mantra that has filtered into the dull wits of the young and the foolish cynical minds of the old.

They saw her success and heard the words of the song and knew she was living her dream. Her hope. And they then started applauding that.

I could not have planned a better propaganda event had I the resources of an entire government and I had been given the charge of improving morale for an existential war effort.

# Ymarsakar Says:
April 14th, 2009 at 12:44 pm

I rewatched the judge’s expressions during the song and here are my more conclusive judgments.

The other male judge on the left didn’t hear her first rehearsal so he was surprised. Neither did the female judge. Simon, however, I suspect, did know. If not by actually hearing it then at least because he was told by those that did hear her before her stage performance.

Btw, the female judge, while very attractive before, became stunning once you started seeing the interplay of emotions on her face.

And, of course, not everybody was against Susan. That was just a judge’s projection or displacement or theatre act. There are those like me, I am sure, who watched the reactions of others far more than we watched the actions of Susan on stage. And this would have been true even had we been tipped off that this was something special, spectacular, or spectral.

Simon, of course, was perhaps surprised only in the sense of how powerful the words of her song was combined with SUsan’s singing voice and the reaction of the audience. You could see Simon enjoying the audience’s reactions and even once started glancing around before he caught himself.

# Ymarsakar Says:
April 14th, 2009 at 12:55 pm

Okay, I just heard Simon’s comments for the first time and he admitted he knew. Which is as I surmised.

The female judge commented that “we were cynical”. I wouldn’t phrase it that way, actually. Rather, it is more like when cynics don’t believe in things, they will then believe in anything produced by a good con man, as Obama has testified and demonstrated.

I would term it this way. The people are fools not because of what they believe or do not believe, they are fools because they do not pay attention to the emotions and reactions of others. THey are not vigilant. Whatever they feel and whatever they think, they are unable to control because they don’t even notice what causes it in others, how can they notice what causes it in themselves?

They do not understand the power of emotional manipulation or psychological adjustments. THey do not understand the basis of power or what moves the masses. They are not a Simon or a Reagan or even an Obama.

They do not respect work because it has been drilled in our society that 1. either you are born with talent and genetic benefits like intelligence or 2. you are relegated to the bottom classes, economically or otherwise. Social Equality is such a big deal because people believe that things cannot be balanced any other way except through the all powerful government, which they have been taught brought the US out of a World Wide recession and won a world war in the bargain. They want that kind of comfort. THey want to be able to say “I am not responsible for this, therefore I need not feel any guilt for the government will take care of the inequalities for me”.

Dirty Jobs has already proven that there has been a war on honest work in favor of “intellectual pursuits”. But the cost of that is a further handicap on people, young or old, to misinterpret their reality.


Obama’s Character: The Reality Beneath the Veil

April 2, 2009

Very useful in setting up an accurate psychological profile on Obama. We’ll need one if we are to predict his actions and to distinguish his real actions from the fake actions that we will see very often, if I am not mistaken.

How I Would Counter-Attack: George Carlin’s Propaganda and Nihilism

April 2, 2009

Please watch the video first before reading the below. View at least the first half. And then view it again as you read, because you won’t be able to get the context unless you “hear” the words and the interplay as I quote and reply to them.

This is one of the best highlights of Leftist thinking and modus operandi I’ve seen yet. Perhaps they are more loose lipped on such a show than they would be on cable television, Fox News or no Fox News, but it is valuable data for any strategist or tactician, let alone those like me.

In what fashion is that true? In this fashion: notice how the host says that it doesn’t matter to (them) people whether OJ was guilty, everyone knew he was guilty, thus it doesn’t matter what Nagin did, they probably know he was incompetent to boot. No, what matters is that the “greater society” did not give what was owed to the poor blacks, which was “help”. One of the arguments of the black community leaders was that all the money spent in Iraq and all the soldiers there could have been put to better use in America’s inner cities. Of course, the reality is that they would have done better under the aegis of the Left, that is the real plan behind their facade, but in general this is still an argument of wealth redistribution. It is an argument born of entitlement. And it is their Achilles Heel in the end.

So let me present my attack, the counter-offense to all the things that was said and unsaid by the white guy on the Left trying to explain, hesitantly and emotionally, that blacks can’t lift themselves out of poverty by volunteering to be house and plantation slaves of Democrats, Republicans, or anyone else in government.

These elections are a charade. These elections are in place to give the people an illusion of choice-George Carlin

Of course, which is why Obama’s election is a charade and why blacks continue to believe that voting Democrat will get them the help they need.

Class and race are inseparable in America. It is impossible to talk about class in America without talking about the fact that the preponderance of black people in this country are disproportionately poor. It is also impossible to talk about what happened in New Orleans without some white conservatives focusing on the crime, instead of focusing on the vast majority of poor black Americans who were law abiding, who were frightened themselves.-Woman

Of course the preponderance of black people in this country are disproportionately poor. Because the preponderance of black people VOTE DEMOCRAT. *Move to face the audience and give a sweep of the hand* If you people are happy with your bread and circuses, just continue with the sham elections of Democrats, keep voting for the fake Democrats and the fake liberals.

Then is it not wrong for the President to issue an ultimatum that there was zero tolerance and thereby encourage his right wing flacks in the liberal media that this gives us license to shoot people on sight, as if in the middle of this crisis where so many people are dying already what we need to do is to shoot Tyrone because he is getting out of Circuit City with some soddy twiddlers.-Bill Mayer

Bush did not give the order to shoot looters on sight in Baghdad. He was charged with demonism and lack of compassion for letting the looting get out of control. His “right wing flacks” learned from this, from you, and anybody that dies from being shot is on your hands. Or did you think you could destroy Iraq’s civilization and not have the same thing happen on your own backyard? How is it wrong for the President to order law and order to be maintained in New Orleans after the black and Democrat owners in charge had disarmed the population and ordered a sack of the city by criminals and out of control maniacs?

Smiley shirts, Carlin boyo? Or hope and change. But you died before you got around to aiming your crap cannon at the right administration. You were perfectly right that you had no skin in the game. That was up to people who will actually suffer from your actions. *Mutters Blowhard Leftist rich liberal tea sippers sitting at the top lording it over the rest of us*

Bill Mayer: Fascism is where corporations become the government.

Carlin: Yes.

Me: (or the government becomes and owns the corporations)

The owners of this nation are rich and will continue to get richer when Democrats raise taxes so that rich people pay for the entire federal budget of the United States government, not to mention all those bribes to the corporations paid by Democrats and the Obama administration. If you want to see this country owned by bread and circuses given out by the rich and the corporations? Keep raising taxes so they will own all of you house slaves sooner or later. Just keep voting Democrat.

Mayer: It is not that looting is good, we all know that looting is bad, it is the priorities. It is the fact that white people obsess on one black guy getting away with a crime once, when it has worked in reverse a billion times more, the same as they are obsessing over a few people getting away in the middle of this much bigger crisis. It is a matter of what is proportional.

Woman: There were so many rumours. Rapes of small children.

There are so many rumours of US military atrocities as well, but do you think you can cheer those on and show your face here, to the American people, and say those rumours are true and then come back and say that when the Leftist media gives your people the same treatment, it is suddenly a large problem? Bullshit.

Woman: Much of what you believe happened, didn’t happen. But once you see, once many white people see a few, a Very Few Black Men who are lawless, then the entire country is under attack.

Much of what blacks and rich whites thought happened in Iraq under Bush didn’t happen. Once you believe one miscarriage of justice exists when the defendant is white, as in the Duke racial hatred case, you see a Billion other miscarriages of justice. Once you see one lawless military member in Iraq, suddenly the entire United States military, Bush, his Betrayus Generals, and Rumsfeld, now must be held to account. Don’t you think giving a pass to your high and mighty owners like Nagin, OJ, looters ordered to loot by the government of New Orleans, will motivate people to hold the real criminals, Bush and his gang, responsible when you wish to suddenly direct the mob’s fury? Do you think, like Carlin here, that you have no stake, no skin, in the game when this country is disrupted and undermined by your philosophy? What a dream that will soon turn to the nightmare of ages.

Glassman: I agree with you on that one. The education system in New Orleans is atrocious. The public housing system horrifying.

Glassman, you are an idiot. A well intentioned idiot, yes, perhaps even a good idiot, but still an idiot. You are an idiot precisely because you are not ignorant. You are not ignorant of Leftist ideas. Hell, they shoved your damn face in it. But you are still caught off guard. You still act surprised. You still act emotional as if you were angry at the unjust things they were saying but you couldn’t explain why. That is excusable on the part of a neophyte mugged by Leftists after 9/11, somebody new to politics and to the history of the Left and their Democrat party accessories. But it is not excusable for someone like you, someone who knows, who knows these Leftist dupes and those with malice forethought (Carlin), and has heard their views, face to face, air to air, word to word. You have no excuse for your lack of preparedness, no excuse, and no time. No time at all, with the election of Obama. You could have tied up the strings, at least made the motherpocking attempt to throw the anger of the mob on where it should have gone, Nagin and the Democrat system of lawful slavery, but you didn’t. You crapped out and the entire country went with you.

I honor and respect your heart, but it ain’t the heart that’s going to win the fauking Sunnis over to our cause. It is cold, hard steel, bombs, and political machinations that will. Machiavelli to the fifth power magnitude. To win the Democrat shills and dupes and craptards over, we will need even more than what won the Sunnis over in the end. And you, sir, have not the wisdom nor the brilliance of a Petraeus, he who they called a traitor to this nation. He who, because you were unable and unwilling to defend him, will no longer be able to defend you from your own government.

I hate sociopaths. But I hate Leftist fucktards on Mayer’s show even more, cause they know better, but choose not to. Sociopaths know better but don’t care, but Leftists care, at least some of the fake liberals in the Democrat party pretends to. Ignorant shills as they are. But sociopaths can be killed, which erases the hate, until I see another one. Democrats can’t be killed, assassinated, and not even character assassinated like they did to Palin, cause the Right, the decent majority, won’t stand for my methods. I understand that. So guess what happens. Now I’m unto you, the talking heads and public relation diaster fauk ups for the Republican party and the conservative movement.

You, and you are typical of the breed, have no idea what the fauk you are dealing with here. You are dealing with mob mentalities so ancient you might as well read the ancient fracking records of the Athenians hauling victorious generals unto the street and beating their brains out. THAT for fauking democracy and the will of the people. This shit has been going on for so long as mankind learned how to use fire, and how to burn a man, woman, and child alive with it. This manipulation of the masses have been going on since the Athenian assemply, all 4 freaking hundred of em, ordered Socrates to drink poison, Socrates the greatest educator of their age, because they disliked, mother fucking disliked, how he was a mentor to one of the Spartan warlords currently in charge of the city. It was not the Spartans that took out and executed Athen’s greatest teacher, it was the Athenians themselves. And I assure you, that assembly cum mob, didn’t do so on their own. They had leaders. People who instigated. Leftist intellectuals in an older skin. Don’t forget. Never forget history or the crimes they have done unto our people.

That is what you are dealing with here, Glassman. Your pretentious, and yes that is how they see it, notions of “fair play’ and “equal justice” are worth fauk all to the Left. Until you recognize this, accept this in your heart of heart’s and drill it into your damn soul and brain, you are nothing but a hinderance to the rest of us suffering under the yoke of Leftist totalitarianism. Because while you act all “reasonable”, they are doing the real work of destroying everything I care about and perhaps everything you care about. You remain certain in your knowledge and belief that America and the Constitution will take care of things for you, that things won’t get bad enough for another Civil War. But aren’t you the one that told the New Orleans shills that they shouldn’t be begging for help from Bush, but rather they should get off their arse and help themselves or at least demand their local Democrat dupes help them directly? Oh wait, you didn’t, my bad. You just talked about looting and law and order, as if the people who executed Socrates cared at all that Socrates refused a prison breakout by Plato because Socrates believed that a man must obey the rule of law, especially when it disfavors him, or else anarchy will develop. Plato learned much from the example made of Socrates, and America is the direct product of his thoughts and wisdom on this score.

You have blinded yourself. You think America is great, and she is, and that simply because of this, the inequalities in the black community will naturally balance out so long as capitalism and honest American virtues are given a time to work. Well, guess what, all you armchair media heads forget one thing: No Plan Survives Contact With The Enemy. You forgot to include the Enemy, the Left, in your calculations of American exceptionalism. A mortal mistake. But you are mortal, so that may be excused on the basis of human fallibility.

Don’t kid yourself or me. It will not balance itself. So long as the Democrats remain undefeated, so long as what was done to the Nazis and to AL Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq is not meted out to the Dems. So long as counter-insurgency, COIN if you will, is not utilized…. The Democrats will keep resurging like the Soviet sex trade and the Soviet dehumanization of human beings, in the guise of Putin and if not him, somebody else. Such a simplistic and concise terminology: COIN. It is much more subtle than “war”, much more subtle than “revolution”, and much more subtle than social inequality “transformations” and “redistribution of wealth”. Because in the end, warfare is based upon insurgency and counter-insurgencies, for warfare requires logistics above all else and logistics are based upon humans and humans are directly the targets of insurgency or counter-insurgency. And thus COIN? It contains all of the above.

[“It’s Called the American Dream Because You Have To Be Asleep to Believe It” Link] [Courtesy]

It would have been nice to see how the Left would have destroyed Carlin when Carlin started in on Obama. Amusement and entertainment, if nothing else. But Carlin crapped out on this before then, some months before the election in 2008.

It would also have been interesting if the Owner, Carlin, had his dream (discussed in the interview with the View) taken away from him for the good of the “masses”. All of Carlin’s wealth, that somehow magically appeared and was not the result of the “American Dream” he says you have to be unconscious to believe in, taken away from him. That would have been poetic justice.

THe only way to teach hypocrites the lesson of their folly is to smash their faces in the iniquity of their own pretensions. But once dead, they are out of our reach for all time. They are also out of our way for all time. That removes most of the fun, and most of the point in it too. They are free from justice, after a lifetime of committing injustice upon the American body politic. Leading people to cynicism and not even getting the target correct.

Creativity through drugs and getting out of drugs by “having something to live for”. But he would strip that reason for life out of other people’s lives, because he doesn’t need religion so that must mean nobody does. Hubris, arrogance, rich white boys thinking they can tell me what to do. Hypocrisy. A fauking drug addict, worth millions, got his dream, lived it by doing what he liked and loved and created what he wished after some hard work, telling the rest of us the American Dream is a fake, is dead, is only believed in by the unconscious. This piece of slime thinks he has the balls to tell me what is true or not? That the government is the one that doesn’t want people educated to become able to critically think for themselves? But it is not the government alone in that respect, for Carlin’s audience is the same way, isn’t it.

Look at the time mark 6:00. George Carlin is talking about the extinction of the human species via viruses. This is what he dreams of and what his “Greater Wisdom” means. The death of humanity. He is a nihilist and his goals are no different, were no different, than the environmentalists he sought to “lambast”. Well, George, you got one wish, nature offed you and it was by cause of no human (human medicine did much to save your retarded life and keep you healthy for more years than you would have had in Cuba).

In case people haven’t noticed by now, what I feel is called hate. And it is the emotion the Democrats have been cooking up for generations. But hate can’t be controlled. It consumes and I know it very well. If you fan the flames and keep it going, eventually it will get out of control, for not all people have my philosophy on self-control and self-discipline. They can’t control their hate, they can’t control it because they let it burn: burn themselves, burn others. That is what hate wants. It wants to hurt people, it wants to hurt people like Carlin because it believes they need to be hurt, and it doesn’t matter whether it is their family, their business or their life, or even whether it is their inheritance left over from death. I understand hate, how to use it, how to control it, how to witness its use, how to recognize when others are stoking it up and manipulating it, perhaps better than most. But I do not understand it perfectly. Can never understand it perfectly. But I know it better than George Carlin, that woman on Mayer’s show, or Glassman. They have too much. Too much education. Too much class. Too much wit or smarts or money or something. They don’t understand that inner burning desire, not as I do, not as those at the bottom do. It is their gift and curse, just as it is mine. The difference, you may notice, is that they curse their gift and blame the effects of the curse on people richer than they and living just as good, if not better lives, such as Rush Limbaugh or George W. Bush or Sarah Palin. I, on the other hand, harbor no ill intent towards those who have more than I do. That is, up until I see that they are fucking people weaker than they are and unable to defend themselves.


I apologize for the long absence to my readers. I was kind of in a tunnel vision: studying, researching, contemplating, holding my contempt in, being diverted by some RL activities, etc.