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The Unified Theory of the Leftist death cult

March 28, 2014

I would put a lot of the topics there in a different way, but fundamentally we’re thinking along the same lines.

For a practical demonstration of the theory, see this:


Sweat Deal on Tactical War Gaming

March 21, 2014

This game was hard, octagonal, but strategic and fun.

Now you can get it for as low a price as One Dollar. That’s more than B Hussein O paid for your healthcare, you know.

War of the Human Tanks

Thematically, it’s similar to Mecha girls. What divides us from the class of human and weapon?

Wrist alignment in power transfer via punching

March 18, 2014

The concept of different wrist alignments was something I discovered through experimentation and re-engineering.

Whenever the hand is palm facing down or vertical fist with the thumb on top, the elbow is no longer in the angle closest to the chest. Thus there may be speed and external power, but no internal acceleration to back up the movement after it has been extended beyond the angle the elbow can sustain the power link.

Developing smooth muscle activations has gotten to the point where I have to use the palm up alignment of the hand/wrist, or else my own power can damage my tissues. This also applies to open palm movements. Brushing off attacks, moving opponent’s limbs around, all requires that the contact surface connects to the wrist, the wrist connects to the elbow, and the elbow to the shoulders.

Like an intricate gear system, the small is attached to the large, and as the small moves with little power, the large ones are affected and move with greater power. But the moment a link or cog is out of alignment, the whole system grinds to a halt or destroys itself trying to work.

It helps to have a basic anatomy understanding of the six ways human joints can be broken, the six degrees of freedom of movement for each human joint. The Ancients such as Aristotle had their essences and the Ancient Chinese had their 5 elements. We are probably talking about the same thing, but in different frameworks. Thus to a Westerner educated in anatomy or physics, we understand the martial skills through that lens.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Left

March 18, 2014

Or you will come to regret it. Although whether people are right or wrong about Russia and Ukraine are different side issues.

In other news, Bookworm is striving to stake out a share of the book reading market from her base in Democrat Marin.

That’s worth its own tactical analysis, as part of the ongoing and far reaching US conflct (internal). How do you stay under the grid when every neighbor is part of the Leftist alliance for human Utopia and totalitarian ideology? Well…

In still other news, the unified field theory is becoming more practical than 273K+ superconductors.

The Research of Scott Sonnon

March 14, 2014

I had heard of his TacFit demonstrations, but I hadn’t read the background research enough to know that he was the leading researcher on this theory and applications web. I just thought it was a good demo of physical movements and exercise, modeled after normal athletic training. Now that I’m reading his background theories and tying things together, he seems to be the center, the keystone or lynchpin, of a different kind of research and thought experiment.

That interview provides a good chunk of info on the difference between his kind of thinking and conventional exercise regimens.

While I don’t take what people say at face value, I do store them until I’ve experimented on it myself later on. Often times I can detect where people have acquired their theories from, because I’ve done the same kind of research. A lot of Scott S’s research conclusions sound familiar to me, not because I’ve been a part of anything like his exercise groups or instructor cadre but merely because the principles of the science and of human movement are something I’ve learned from another path.

Rmax international’s training methodology

March 12, 2014

Found this while looking for the weight of club bells. I was comparing it to the steel swords I use for training, to see what kind of difference in force the circular motion was generating.

If I use fajing, energy projection, with the sword swing, it often tries to lock my elbow out, producing tennis elbow. Otherwise known as one of the six ways a joint can break. That energy must be directed to my core/torso by nailing the shoulder socket down into the seat, allowing smooth energy to pass from hand to shoulder. The shoulder thus acts as my elbow, given the sword creates another joint on my arm. I eventually have to go over my movements in slow motion, to re-correct things via reconstruction.

But going back to the clubs, which weigh about 10-15 pounds starting off, the exercises look interesting and somewhat similar in mechanics to sword training. The circular rotational movements plus chi gong have also healed some joint problems I had before. Ones I thought would never heal.

What the author there calls “fascia” is the same thing as the fat deposit in the gut that stores chi or energy in chi gong and taiji chuan. Martial arts have often spoken about power coming from the guts or the hips. That’s the fascia at work in Western science translation. The bones function much like metal rods, they generate electricity when compressed like piezoelectric crystals. The fascia then is an insulation around the bones, rotation and movement thus produces chi or an electromagnetic field effect. Invisible, but can be felt. The “core” is thus strengthened internally via internal energy as well as externally via blood/muscle and heat. Although technically blood and heat are internal ingredients.

EDIT: Just reconstructed my training for today using the knowledge by author Scott S. I had avoided using the widest potential movement, since I was training with realistic attacks in mind, minimizing my degree of movement and excess energy, blocking the lines that can reach my body. Extremely long forms of curves such as the shoulder and arm going behind my back were avoided, as that would place my defending sword out of line of my center, where my head and organs are. By de-focusing on precision and edge control, I could tax my fingers and relax my shoulder joints far more than I could when training with only the martial movements in mind. This has given me a great workout and I can already feel the forearm and hand muscles I’ve wanted to strengthen, recuperating from fatigue. I acquired an iaito, an unsharpened steel katana, precisely because I wanted to exercise with fatigue in mind, given that hand soreness can produce lack of edge control which can carve out body parts unintentionally with a sharp sword.

The wide angle “club” swings feel very loose and I can additionally add taiji chuan and target focus training slow movement methodology to it as well.

Indie Games

March 12, 2014

Dark Salvager was pretty fun. It seemed like originally a Facebook or web browser game, given its functionality, but plays like a very surprising and entertaining rpg adventure game.

Limited time sale, only a day and half left. I like this kind of marketing, I hope it succeeds. Since it is based on freedom rather than forcing people to pay money, which most of the time doesn’t work given the black market; or the gray market. The customer can pay what they wish. It’s like cable advertisement, where you pay the cable tv for advertisement spread, given the cable companies can tell their advertisers that X something million people watch Y something million channels (which they don’t).

Payment can be as little as 1 Dollar, in exchange for spreading the word and raising the critical numbers necessary for market penetration.