The Black Vote via Red Pill Black

This is a reprint of my comments concerning this topic, which you can read at Neo’s blog. I recommend reading this first to get the context. Essentially, there is a potential break in how the black vote will split between parties in the USA, given recent developments.

Protestant Evangelical mostly white churches (and by that I don’t mean the Body of Believers but just a human building with a human organization that is called a church) like the Westboro Baptists are pretty much the same: a political rally in the guise of a sheep congregation.

Compared to other religions, Protestant Evangelicals are not as conservative as I had expected. It’s not 80 or 70%. They are higher than the average for the US which is around 33% conservative. In comparison to the more hardcore religions, Evangelicals are surprisingly moderate, even though the doctrine and dogma doesn’t sound like it.

Jews, secular plus orthodox plus reformed, is about 75% Democrat straight party vote in the USA. That’s not even a single religion any more, but you can see how strong the culture slants towards Dems. That’s in super majority territory. Anything in super majority territory or approaching it causes extreme social and cultural duress and motivation to circle dance and maintain the status quo. It’s just human nature. Not even Leftist riches can change that.

As for people’s questions about the South: the South’s “racism” was primarily a control method inherited from the Democratic party.

Racism, meaning the idea that whites are superior and blacks need to be kept as dogs in a cage, was first created by eugenics based Southern philosophers to promote the control of the minority of white plantation slave aristos. It is easy to see this is true because even the Irish, white people, were treated as dogs and in fact were of lesser value and social status than black slaves (who if worked in the House, were considered upper echelon servants of the nobility). If black people were the family dog that people loved but could kill when they felt like it without consequence, then the Irish were stray dogs that anyone could kill if they didn’t like them. The identity of “whites” was not a European concept, but a US eugenics concept. Immigrants naturally steered towards their own ethnicity. The Irish with the Irish. The Scots with the Scots. The Anglo Saxons with the Saxons. There were no “white people” per say. Whether you were black or white, the Picts would still put an axe in between your eyes. No prejudice with that. The prejudice came from Southern aristo control methods.

By collecting all the white European tribes together, the Democrats could create a block vote system, similar to how they can get Jews or blacks to vote their “interest” in the Democrat party by majority plus numbers.

So Southern racism naturally declined and became rejected when the religious indoctrination system and the Democrat political system began losing majority totalitarian control. Civil War 1 did a huge chunk of damage but it didn’t kill the slavery mentality. People still wanted slaves, they just started talking about Sanger eugenics, whites can’t marry blacks (cause KKK people will lynch the white person first then the black boy), Jim Crow (if you are a white boy, you had better not serve blacks or else the KKK will burn your arse down first), and so on.

White Southerners didn’t necessarily agree with owning slaves, or Jim Crow, or anything else the Democrat aristos told them to do. But they felt powerless and just couldn’t bring themselves to vote Reagan, because it was like betraying their religion. Betraying your religion is a big taboo amongst humans. Families would rather disown you first, before you convert away from Catholicism and Vatican dogma. We’re in serious cultural supremacy territory.

There’s not as many “Kingdom of God” fortresses in the USA as people think. This country after all is not ruled by the 10 commandments, Moses, or YHVH. Just look at what is sitting on top of the US capitol to get an idea of what patron god or goddess is over the USA. It’s definitely not the God of Abraham or Isaac.
Black people were Republican voters, but the KKK fixed that in the South after the Northern abolitionists “won” against slavery 2.0

Due to Reconstruction (What Southerners call Re-Destruction by carpet baggers from the North), significant numbers of freed black slaves were “put back under the plantation” system, via Jim Crow and black voting codes. The Southern Dems couldn’t return all of their totalitarian power, but they got most of it back.

A black representative in the house of representatives of a Southern state was considered by most white people to be nothing but the “dog” of a Northern abolitionist. That’s because white supremacy beliefs ran deep into the Southern Baptist and Episcopalian religious sects. These organizations did not go against slavery, but rather for slavery. The Northern Baptists split off from the Southern Baptists precisely because they could not agree on which god liked or disliked slavery.

The years around 1830 were fateful ones for a developing sense of a southern sectional identity. While social and cultural distinctiveness had already developed below the Mason-Dixon Line, the Missouri Controversy (1819-21) nurtured a new political significance to differences between a “North” and a “South.” The vote on extension of slavery into the West seen in the debate on admitting Missouri to the Union went along strictly sectional lines, North and South, with profound political significance for the division of power within the Union. Two events around 1830 added to the growing sectional consciousness, and both had religious meaning. William Lloyd Garrison’s publication of The Liberator called for the immediate end of slavery, making the issue a predominantly moral one. Shortly afterwards, Nat Turner’s Rebellion brought a large-scale slave uprising, with Turner acting out of prophetic belief, rooted in the Bible’s Old Testament, that he would bring his people out of bondage. After these two compelling events, southern whites used religion to carve out new relationships with northern abolitionists by attacking their morality and with southern blacks, who represented to them internal subversion based in misreading the same scriptures they read.

Title page, Charles Colcock Jones’s The Religious Instruction of the Negroes in the United States, 1842. Screenshot by Southern Spaces.
One white response to these forces was a new mission to the slaves. South Carolina Methodists were most successful in establishing specific missions, while an evangelical alliance led by minister-planter Charles Colcock Jones in Liberty County, Georgia, promoted an idealistic vision of an evangelical biracial community that would lead to the end of slavery. These initiatives were of limited impact, but they symbolized a new willingness among slaveowners to allow white preachers and, sometimes, black exhorters to preach the gospel to their slaves. The gospel that appeared here was one that stressed moral discipline and obedience of slaves to masters, with ultimate hopes for redemption in heaven. White religious leaders assumed new responsibilities for the fate of slave souls, which was a response to their overriding concern to convert everyone, their concern to achieve greater social control of slaves, and their belief that slavery was not an inherently immoral institution.              –     1830 Southern United States

This is the power of religion as a control scheme. Human organizations, created by humans, to enslave other humans, in a human dominated socio political economic and military system.

Blacks are victims, yes. So is everybody else, the whites most of all.

Any human organization that loses its original leader and founder, usually decays and grows corrupt over time. This is as true for empires as it is for feminism and religions. I have never seen this reverse it, except in the hands of another leader/guru/messiah figure. The cycle then starts all over again.

The blacks are brainwashed, yes. But so are the rest of us on this world. The reason why Republican overtures to black people have not worked is because of 2 primary reasons.

1. Blacks were betrayed by the Republican abolitionists when Grant removed federal protection from black polls and freed slave areas.
2. Blacks understand that there is institutional racism in the US, so they won’t believe Republicans that deny that existence.

When Republicans say that institutional racism and plantations do exist, but that the Demoncrats are the ones running it, then Republicans may become “believable” to blacks in the USA (not African blacks, home born and bred American blacks)

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  1. […] When Republicans say that institutional racism and plantations do exist, but that the Demoncrats are… then Republicans may become “believable” to blacks in the USA (not African blacks, home born and bred American blacks) […]

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