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Gun control stops school shootings

November 30, 2010

Or did it? Germany says otherwise.

Btw, Virginia Tech and Columbine were “gun free zones”.

Another nail in the coffin if you want to use it as a stake in that old vampire’s heart. The one that keeps saying gun control will prevent future deaths.

Deficit Spending over the years

November 27, 2010

Deficit chart and table

Pay particular attention to 2003-2005 then 2006-2008 when the Democrats took the House.

People elected Democrats in 2006 and 2008 often claiming that this will reduce the deficit. So why are people so gullible that they keep electing the party that absolutely spends more when in power?

Obama is Here

November 24, 2010

Elect a weak boy as leader of the free world and you won’t be seeing much freedom. You will, however, see more of this.

Japanese puns

November 22, 2010

This is hilarious for bilingual individuals. Well, certainly this individual at least.

Anime Philosophy: Origins

November 21, 2010

Naruto: Leadeship requires that you love those that follow you, yet be willing to risk their lives when necessary for the mission.

Bleach: To protect others requires far more power than to simply protect yourself.

Eien no Aselia: Responsibility comes from holding other people’s lives in your hand.

Clannad: The importance of family and the ties that bind: people cooperate for their mutual benefit.

Heroic Age: People are immature because they seek power. Those that have it, have other considerations than teen angst.

The Third Aoi Hitomi: Sometimes the needs of the people around you require you to override your own emotional considerations, if you are seeking to fix problems rather than make new ones.

Legend of Galactic Heroes: Pragmatism is often not necessarily the best course to follow in the long term. Democracy has issues and so does absolute monarchy; each system has its benefits and disadvantages. Human history often repeats itself because the nature of humans is static, not changeable.

Voices of a Distant Star: Short doesn’t necessary mean low impact or low quality.

Starship Operators: Media propaganda can often times be more dangerous a weapon than starship main cannons.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Sometimes things have to be replaced by destroying it all but that will pit the destroyer against those who wish to work within the system to minimize dramatic change and transformation stresses. Whether reform or revolution is the right way to go is meaningless, since it will all depend upon the strength of the revolutionary or reformist. The stronger one will prevail in the end, if only because they will ensure that all the deaths in the conflict would not be in vain.

Seirei no Moribito: Princes grow up strong if they learn integrity, strength, and virtues; they need to stop relying upon their family’s wealth and influence as a double crutch. Parents also teach their children in a way that the parents themselves were taught. Power of the hand in martial arts and war does not equal the power of one’s heart: as evidenced by those who are supreme in martial arts, yet their will and hearts are bound by merciless duty and obligations.

Sola: When people have conflicting needs, somebody needs to die unless there is a mutually beneficial solution around.

Baccano!: Sometimes a simple story gets more interesting when you jump around in it and do time warps. Egomaniacs find their match when there is somebody just as crazy, if not crazier, and can back it up with supreme power. Power enough that they don’t have to kill the weak to enjoy themselves.

Pandora Hearts: The responsibility of any high noble is to protect those that have given their fealty to him, else one is not a noble at all. Recklessly seeking to die is not equivalent to salvation or the preservation of a greater cause.

Fairy Tail: Sometimes having a bunch of people partying at a permanent bar can produce interesting effects on a magical world.

Scrapped Princess: When the world fears you and can’t do anything constructive, they’ll seek to destroy you instead of recognizing their own personal faults. Hate begets hate, so having been hated, humans are motivated to destroy the world. Such is the normal case for humans and it takes a special human to rise above that. Still, sometimes the ending to such sucks compared to a story’s beginning and middle. Plot introduction is similar to Naruto as well.

Fate Stay Night: Idealism vs practicality: is it better to save the whole world and lose the ones you love or is it better to save the ones you love at the expense of the world? Alternatively, the third question becomes, why is there never an option to save both? And the answer is very simple. Because individuals lack the power to save the world because everyone on this planet is a mortal and flawed human. Priorities and choices are a permanent issue in life. It was never mentioned as a solution to the conflict and dichotomy, but if you save the ones you love and the ones you love are then motivated to save people they love, you will have created a chain reaction that can very well save the entire world. One person alone cannot save the world, though he can push a bunch of launch codes and nuke the whole world (look up Trident missiles and Ohio subs on wikipedia). Heroes need people to be alive because they cannot save people they can’t see or are unaware of. They rely upon those they save to pass the gift along. That won’t happen if the people they save are simply strangers who come to resent and hate the hero for having power that they do not. In a nutshell, idealism is nice but you better have a solid plan to implement it and make it work. Otherwise, it’s not very nice at all.

EDIT1: A pretty funny, interesting, and comprehensive take on American entertainment.

Pain in the World

November 19, 2010

So much pain in the world.

Is this normal after an abusive relationship, what do i do about it?
I was in a abusive realtionship for a year, i finally got out. Im now with this guy an weve been dateing for three months. I really like him, but eversince the relationship before i havent been myself. Im sad more then i am happy, i have mood swings on the guy. I dont mean to, theres just so many emotions im feeling at once an thoughts an i just go crazy. &he feels bad when im depressed cause he thinks that he has done something wrong an he hasnt, i dont even know whats wrong with me. An sometimes i miss my ex, and i wanna talk to him which makes me feel horrible cause i shouldnt want to for the way he has done me. Im just an emotional wreck and idk what to do anymore. &dont say counseling cause i cant do that.


Im in a abusive relationship (guys only answere please)!!! ERGANT?
my boyfriend of 2 years has been putting his hands on me (only when drunk) since 6 months of our realtionship. i have gotten the cops involved and he’s seeked therapy but 2 days ago he attacked me brutally i have a balled spot and he hooked the right side of my mouth inside is all purple but you cant notice anything outside around the mouth is not swelled i do not want to get cops involved because it just makes me want to go back to him and give him “more chnaces” court is also very stressful i’ve already done it i wouldnt be writing this question if it helped in any way..
but why do i still love him ? when i try to leave he starts to cry histericly, he wrote me a 5 page letter of feelings i didnt think he had and if i still l,eave he thretens to overdose on a certain drug!
i feel so weak i just dont understand why he does this to me i always told myself i deserve the best.. he is now SERIOUS about getting anger managment and changing but who knows..
also when he had last attacked me he was SOBER and his parents were home defending him they dont see what hes doing is wrong its like so much caos(they also baby him like he is still a teenager)
i need help getting over this and over him i feel angry and sad put down all at the same time!
its like every guy i get serious with has a mean streak
ps: i may possibly be pregnant with his child i am crossing my fingers that i am not but i do not know what to do please help (against abortion)

if you are a guy who has ever been abusive , what is the real reason for this please help!


U and S are separate individual females, unrelated.

Dear Cary,

I was on the receiving end of a physically, emotionally and verbally abusive relationship for almost 10 years. It wasn’t easy, but I got out and I’m happy. After giving myself some time to recover emotionally and get my head straight, I started going out on dates here and there — fancy dinners with nice guys, but nothing too deep. I finally met someone whom I wanted to go out with more than once, and we started dating exclusively about a month ago.

I have decided that I will never tell my new beau about the physical abuse I suffered in the past. It is too shameful, plus I’m sure it wouldn’t accomplish anything productive. I disclosed the tip of the iceberg about the verbal and emotional abuse, just to explain why I avoid confrontation. My boyfriend was upset, naturally, and said that if he ever met my ex he would tell him off. I replied that I would do everything in my power to make sure that they never met, because my ex is a big, crazy dude. My boyfriend asked if my ex could “take him” and I answered honestly that yes, he could. Plus, he has guns.

OK, so can of worms here. My boyfriend now is constantly nervous that he’s going to walk out of my house on some random morning and come face-to-face with my crazy ex and a shotgun. There’s more — my boyfriend confided in his mother (I haven’t met her yet) about all of this, who now thinks that I’m “bad news” and no doubt has shared her feelings with others in their family. I’m sure she is telling him that I am not worth the trouble.

In my heart, I agree that I am not worth the trouble. I really don’t think that my ex has the motivation to track me down now (he’s very mean, but also very lazy), so I don’t believe there’s any real danger. Still, I don’t want to have someone feel uncomfortable just because I have this stupid baggage. I feel like damaged goods. Can this be repaired? What can I do? I guess I should have kept my mouth shut.

Damaged Goods

I regret that I cannot simply eliminate the source of their problems. It would be mighty satisfying. But that’s not how the real world works. At best, I can only offer them advice, avenues they can pursue to gain the resources they need to solve their issues.

But I just need to say something.

It is too shameful, plus I’m sure it wouldn’t accomplish anything productive.”

Actually, it would accomplish something productive. Specifically, if a man is strong enough to hear this and deal with it calmy and logically, then you will have strengthened your relationship as the strength of one partner now transfers to the other. Of course, if the other person isn’t strong enough to handle things like that, but you are, then not telling them means you aren’t confident in their strength or the strength of this relationship. Over a long period of time, it can creak cracks in the relationship. Doubt. Resentment at having to keep secrets. Alienation. Distrust. Suspicion. Negative emotions such as that, rarely makes a bad situation better.

I replied that I would do everything in my power to make sure that they never met, because my ex is a big, crazy dude.

That’s pretty shameful. A woman that’s been beaten before, protecting her jittery boyfriend from the one that beat her. I mean, is this the New Standard of Manhood these days? Can’t say I’m impressed. Weak.

There’s more — my boyfriend confided in his mother

Sighs. What is this. The daily show with Mama’s Boy. How many women are you going to have to be a bother to, so called “Boyfriend”, before you get a pair?

I feel like damaged goods.

Such damage is easily repaired given enough time and work. You’ll be as good as new. Better even. Stronger in the bargain. But not every person on Earth can handle such problems. Or help other people handle it. You just kind of met the wrong man, to be honest. In both cases, past and present.


Any so called “male” that is so weak he likes taking advantage of such women’s weaknesses, would be wise not to get within reach of me. I do not guarantee their safety at that point.

Zero Security for A lot of Liberty

November 19, 2010

Since I think there’s zero security gain from TSA’s policies, past and present, it’s kind of obvious what I think of the worth of full body scans.

Good stories from SSG Dave here on the matter. As well as Spartacus here.