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Forgeries and human deception con schemes for Civil War 2

November 2, 2016

Basically, in summary:

Mark William Hofmann (born December 7, 1954) is an American counterfeiter, forger and convicted murderer. Widely regarded as one of the most accomplished forgers in history, Hofmann is especially noted for his creation of documents related to the history of the Latter Day Saint movement.[1][2] When Hofmann’s schemes began to unravel, he constructed bombs to murder two people in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has been serving a life sentence at the Utah State Prison in Draper since 1988.

The reply from the Latter Day Saints organization is thus:

Despite the Church’s publication of a complete list of its acquisitions from Hofmann, the allegations of suppression continued. For example, an 11 February 1987 New York Times feature states:

“According to investigators, the church leaders purchased from Mr. Hofmann and then hid in a vault a number of 19th-century letters and other documents that cast doubt on the church’s official version of its history.”

This kind of character assassination attributed to anonymous “investigators” has been all too common throughout the media coverage of this whole event. One wonders why the New York Times would not mention in its long article that almost a year earlier the Church had published a detailed list of its Hofmann acquisitions? Is the Times’ motto still “All the news that’s fit to print,” or has it become “All the news that fits a particular perspective”?

Also conveniently omitted from mention in most of the repetitious media recitals of the Church’s “suppression” of documents is the fact that the most prominent Hofmann documents used to attack the origins of the Church—including Martin Harris’ so-called Salamander letter, Joseph Smith’s treasure-hunting letter to Josiah Stowel, and the Joseph Smith III blessing—were all made public by the Church many months before the bombings triggered intense public interest in this subject. We should also remember the Church’s repeated cautions about the authenticity of these documents. For example, President Gordon B. Hinckley said this about the Martin Harris letter:

“No one, of course, can be certain that Martin Harris wrote the document. However, at this point we accept the judgment of the examiner that there is no indication that it is a forgery. This does not preclude the possibility that it may have been forged at a time when the Church had many enemies.” (News Release, 28 Apr. 1985.)

Another document that has been headlined in these charges of suppression is the so-called Oliver Cowdery History. This mythical manuscript has been the subject of hundreds of column inches of newspaper speculation and innuendo because an anonymous source claimed to have seen it in the Church’s possession. The so-called “deep throat” source also claimed that the manuscript’s contents were embarrassing to the Church—specifically, that it was Alvin Smith, not Joseph, who found the golden plates. This was the basis for the critics’ reasoning that the Church had an Oliver Cowdery History and was suppressing it.

In a few minutes I will describe the conclusion of this particular allegation of suppression. Suffice it to say now that as far as we were able to determine in the months that followed, the so-called Oliver Cowdery History was a figment of someone’s fertile imagination. Mark Hofmann has now admitted that he was the one who invented the story. Hofmann’s claim that the Church possessed a damaging document acquired a life of its own because too many unsophisticated persons were quick to repeat and embellish sensational rumors hurtful to the Church, and too many newspapers and television stations were eager to trumpet the unauthenticated claims of an anonymous informant.

These are merely two excerpts out of the total sum of my research on this topic, which I found out via correlative processes unique to my methodology. It’s no different than what many researchers of Islamic Jihad have done concerning the European Dark Age, African slavery, and Islamic piracy links. Gather data, connect the dots, then stand amazed that even though the world rejects it, it becomes true and accurate as time goes on. Almost like growing a herb.

In other words, vis a vis the NYTimes and New York culture, the history doesn’t so much repeat itself as it rhymes. And it also repeats itself.

As for my view, I think humans are easy to con and deceive, even more so for self proclaimed Saints of Christianity, who are not noted for being capable of out thinking or out predicting murderers or con artists. That is very different from defeating an entity like God or a 4th+ dimensional entity which sees time the way we see crossing the street. The existence of evil I have more than found enough evidence for. The existence of its opposing element, thus becomes more concrete over time, not less. I see the calling cards of the war between good and evil all the time around me, in the human world. Hoffman is a perfect example of the inverted Paul to Saul conversion, or perhaps Hoffman was always sociopathic in that nature, although not all sociopaths are evil. Being given excellent abilities and then choosing to use those abilities for evil and Lucifer’s gain in the world, is a natural thing to expect as a byproduct of human free will, for so long as that exists, the opposite must also exist.

Let those who cannot tell truth from fiction, ask of God what is the truth, and beware of the deceptions of the opposing force/faction. That is, of course, if people believe or can prove that a personal God even exists. Higher powers almost certainly exist, even if atheists merely think of them as alien Gaia lovers. Trust not in human capabilities, for demonic or divine inspirations are always superior to human capabilities. Nor do “experts” know what they are talking about, when it comes to true genius, those who are gifted with capabilities exceeding average human expectations. That, for America’s Civil War 2, will be even more important as we proceed along this finely crafted line of fate.

On Internet Competition aka Pirates

August 24, 2016

Following the updates on this subject, we came to know that the social network Facebook and the iPhone-maker Apple were a helping hand in the arrest of Artem Vaulin, the alleged founder of KickAss Torrents.

A special agent named Jared Der-Yeghiayan, who works for the US Department of Homeland Security, was investing his efforts to catch the man behind the operations of KAT. Jared managed to lift the curtains off the hosts of the seven domains of the KAT family:,,,,,, and

He used the reverse DNS lookup method to obtain the IP address of all the domains which led him to two of the domains hosted on the US soil, the prime ground for the US Police to catch the Vaulin.

Using the website WHOIS, Jared harvested the contact details of the registrant of these domains. The domain name was registered against the name of Artem Vaulin of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The bitter Apple for Tirm

From WHOIS, Jared got the email address of Vaulin which he was able to match with an Apple email account. Vaulin was using the same account to his KAT-related operations. Now the funnier part comes. The data provided by Apple on July 31, 2015, disclosed that the same Apple account was used to make iTunes purchases.

The IP address logs were analyzed to conclude that the same IP was used to operate the KAT’s Facebook page, for which the data was provided by Facebook. It’s quite ironical to hear that the founder of the world’s largest pirated content hosting website was arrested by tracking the legal purchases by him. This time, the security agencies nailed it.

Apple and Facebook, plus Homeland security. It’s almost as interesting as Department of Justice and the IRS, or FBI and Hillary Rodamn Clinton.

As with Waco 2 and SWAT killings, they generally have to go after people who don’t have political allies. In order to cut down on the “competition” for the powers that be. Once that competition has been cut down and power has been consolidated, something like Venezuela happens. It makes perfect sense to me that the tech companies that used lack of regulation to make it big, are using government regulations to get rid of the competition. This also includes various stories about Google handing the US gov, the encryption keys to encrypted data or emails.

This story is also a solid example of how not to cover your tracks online. Or, alternatively, it’s a story about the power of open source data mining.

This is how Islamic countries treat immigrant workers

September 9, 2015

As for America,

The New Black Panthers and their racist allies in the Leftist alliance, have been unleashed by Hussein’s protection and encouragement.

Americans have lost their moral righteousness as well as the shield of divine providence. It is over.

Copyrights vs Hollywood

April 4, 2014

Home Invasions

December 27, 2013


People in Australia and Britain think they live in a superior utopia to the US, because they think they don’t have shootings and mass killing sprees. Instead, they have this social benefit, called home invasions, where burglars and other criminals think a house is just some rest and recreation station along the way of a criminal career in getting rich.

In many parts of the US, that isn’t controlled by EUropean style politicians such as the cities, burglars do not ever want to confront a human when conducting theft, burglary, or breaking/entering. Why? Because chances are they will be executed. Being shot is not worth 1000 dollars. Or 40 dollars. Or 40,000 dollars. Because being shot means you can die, and even if you don’t, you’ll likely be in a hospital when the police come pick you up. Which isn’t bad, as prison is just another R and R spot for career crims, but it puts a stop to their money making. So while the profit and the value of sexual satisfaction may be high, it’s not worth the damage or the prison time. Criminals are free to make this decision, the state and Leftist utopias cannot stop them, short of keeping them locked up as animals.

For every killing spree that the Aussies and Brits think they avoid, they only do so by sacrificing countless families and children, to save themselves. America is no different, at least in the cities. Outside the cities, though, like I said, criminals would be fools to risk such things. Contrary to public opinion, Brits and Aussies that support their gun ban laws are merely sacrificing the lives of strangers and their families, in return for a false sense of security.


When a crim demands my money, most people raised as cattle on the city farm say, “just give it to him, your life isn’t worth 50-150 dollars anyway”. Well, yes, my life is worth proportionally more than 50 dollars. But a criminal’s life is also not worth 50 dollars. But he’ll give his life to me, in return for 50 dollars? Let’s re-frame the issue. Whether I kill him or not, is my decision alone, not anyone else’s. By getting in my range, he is trying to make me decide whether his life is worth more or less than the money I have. And as such, that is the difference between the thinking of prey vs a predator. That is the difference between a city raised livestock cattle and a person raised in freedom and independence.


“Citizens” that cannot even protect their own life or property, have no ability to command their government or higher authority to do anything. The livestock on a farm doesn’t tell the human owners what will be.

Guns: It’s about Justice and Trust

May 7, 2013

Some people think America’s going through this phase or trend about how to make gun legislation and control better. What they don’t know is the truth behind the smoke and mirrors, what is going on underneath the table.

In essence, it’s about who is on the side of justice and whether one faction should trust the others. Without a knowledge of why people are for or against justice or why they support this faction or that one in America, there’s no way people can decipher the truth from the propaganda or the propaganda from the truth.

Most of the actual human reasons and motivations are included in the article. It’s a convenient way for me to avoid doing the linking.

I often told people that tens of millions of Americans would rather fight criminals and terrorists with their bare hands than trust the government with their protection. There’s also the issue that there’s no particular reason to trust elected federal officials over one’s neighbors. Guns in the hands of a neighborhood work rather well, since people can learn to trust each other. Guns in the hands of the government or urban cities controlled by socialist gangs, is a different matter since they are above the common man, and DC considers itself part of the ruling class. Trust in one’s neighbors has nothing to do with trust in one’s “ruling aristos”. It doesn’t matter if somebody wants to vote in a tyrant. That doesn’t mean I should trust them with my guns, my kids, my house, or my vault full of gold. People should seriously consider fences and property lines when it comes to trust. It’s not an omnipotent or all encompassing thing, at least not for humans.

American gun control isn’t international gun control

December 19, 2012

(Title: But even if it was, it wouldn’t matter to domestic American policies)

(Increase in violence with confiscating and elimination of gun ownership) OP, my response:

It has happened in the UK. Whether it will continue to happen in Australia or Canada, is up to those countries. The only thing that should matter to Americans is the American Constitution and internal politics. Those who look outwards, are either using Switzerland as a defense against the people who want to transform America based upon the British and Euro model, or looking for ways to convince the anti-US Constitution and pro Europeans of other things. Either way, international law is not American law, no matter how many people wanted to vote in the US elections because they think US law affects them overseas.

“This is what “gun control” means. As far as I’m aware, no one in the US (aside from a loony fringe) is suggesting the outright “banning” of all gun ownership.”

You don’t really understand what’s going on in the US at the moment. Nor what has gone on in the past. There are some parallels and similarities to other nations, but again, it’s not necessarily the same thing because even if people had the same political and religious beliefs, they are Australians and British/Scottish/Irish, not Americans.

The issue about knives still apply, but in a different fashion.

It is true that guns are still allowed in Australia and the UK. The difference is that the government won’t let them be used to defend oneself against crime or other types of violence, except if one is a duly authorized member of said government or part of the bodyguard detachment assigned to said government’s protection. In almost all cases where one could use firearms to defend life, the government takes that power away and invests that power in itself, whether this means prosecuting home owners or releasing criminals, doesn’t matter in the end.

When Americans talk about gun control, they’re really talking about a couple of ancillary issues the international world doesn’t pick up on. First of all, the reason why the Leftist alliance for human totalitarian utopia prefers the term gun control, is because they consider or at least claim guns as being evil totems where just touching one corrupts the soul in unsafe manners. This is also derived from the transnational Leftist alliance where gun control has been favored and put into law. Whether it actually outlaws guns or not, isn’t the issue. The fact that it eventually leads to the government monopoly on force and the conversion of citizens into subjects, not defenders of society or of themselves, is the primary issue America’s 2nd Amendment was installed against.

Japan actually has a more or less workable system against guns and swords. But that works for Japan because Japan is Japan (a police box containing an armed officer every mile or so). Australia is not the UK, nor is America either Australia or Japan. To confuse the politics between countries is sort of like why America thought Iraq would rebuild itself into a democracy on day 1 or at least day 95. But it didn’t, because people had their own domestic problems international critters didn’t seem to know much about.

Australia, or at least Sidney, has some pretty bad knife crimes. That nation or city tolerates it, because they would prefer to be assaulted with violence on a regular basis, so long as they aren’t killed by it. The American philosophy has always been, and still is to some degrees, the refusal to accept 24 hour violence. Instead, we accept the penalty of death for stupid actions and expect our fellow citizens to realize the folly of their actions, or we will, not the state or the feds, execute them in defense of our own civilization, community, society, family, etc.

In our bar fights, we don’t pull out guns and shoot people when we start losing. It’s primarily because if anyone was going to do that, they would do that in the beginning. And when everyone saw the gun, they would just run for it, and stop fighting for stupid chest thumping justifications. Flashing guns and what not, has actually deterred more bar room brawls which escalate into killings overseas than people might expect. Those that didn’t believe this, usually did something stupid when talking to a gang banger and got killed for it. In Sidney, where no one carries guns while walking to or from the bar, there’s fights, that escalate into beatings, that escalate into stabbings. In the UK, the perpetual aura of violence around urban cities is on a similar level, although their issue seems to be home invasions and family murders/rapes that are just opportunity crimes stacked on top of other issues. That which Australians and UK loyalists believe is safe and comfortable, isn’t exactly what the rest of the world thinks.

” Because you just don’t have the accuracy, the rate or number of rounds to do the “job”.”

You conveniently forgot Ft. Hood.

Again the international focus is not the American focus. We here in the States don’t really like living in slavery, whether that’s due to dependence on the government or on somebody else for protection. A degree of national protection via communal sacrifice is tolerated, but it’s not the preference. The US is big enough that even this baseline doctrine is challenged by urban policies.

The division in this country is between urban cities that are basically fiefdoms controlled by the Democrat politicians at the top, and “other places”. Urban cities have even more severe restrictions on guns than international countries have, yet produce the majority of US crime statistics. Such restrictions were witnessed when New Orleans police officers going house to house before Katrina started confiscating hand guns. NOPD then promptly disappeared and went awol, letting the robbers, rapists, and murderers start looting and breaking stuff. Now with a populace totally disarmed, except the ones that didn’t volunteer to hand over their only defense, New Orleans descended into a chaos that was wholly man made, yet instigated by a natural disaster. But American domestic policy makers never talked about banning cities, mayors, police, criminals, or natural disasters after that event wrecked havoc with people’s lives. Even though such things were the direct cause of the destruction. There was no political power in it, so to speak.

New Orleans isn’t particularly liberal or conservative. It’s a Democrat fiefdom in a Republican state, but it’s still a fiefdom because it is an urban center. The rest of the nation doesn’t particularly want to become like New Orleans, Oakland, Los Angeles, New York, or any other place controlled by 99% Democrats either. They may not realize exactly why they dislike it, but the form it takes is usually a response to the “gun control” deceptive speech and propaganda by the Left.

We don’t need Australian cities or Japanese cities or UK cities as examples for American laws banning civilians from defending themselves. We already know where we are going because our cities are already there. So it has never been the case of some delusion or slippery logic slope as international critics would like to see it as. Frankly, Americans don’t care what happens in other countries. Even the Democrats that say we should become like Australia and the UK, because they don’t have people shooting each other, only care about their domestic power inside the US, not outside it.

Unless the mass media decides to cover it, Americans don’t even realize the crime and killings going on in our inner black neighborhoods and white ghettoes. The fundamental problem is not gun control or banning guns, but has gone far beyond that little caricature of a propaganda phrase.

“Leaving aside the practicability/possiblity of “cultural change” (which I will discuss in a minute), is it not more appropriate to compare the US to another frontier Anglo-based society like Australia? ”

Only if you have a position that would benefit from said comparison. The reason people compare it is not because we are similar to Australia, but because they benefit from the comparison. Americans have been doing this with the EU for decades now. Domestically, unless you fought a civil war to kill your British masters to gain said freedom, it’s hard to make the comparison. It could easily be said that South Africa, Liberia, and Iraq/Afghanistan have more in common with US problems than modern Europe or Anglo Saxon speaking countries. Americans speak the same language, yet our beliefs and problems differ greatly from state to state, city to city, Alaska to Detroit. China and Japan had states warring against each other, even though the people they fought spoke the same language. Just because somebody speaks the same language and shares the same culture, doesn’t mean the differences diminish to nothing. If anything, the differences are magnified and distorted precisely because people speak the same language.

The fact that foreigners understand more about their own country than they do about the US, is obvious. What isn’t obvious is that most everyone expects the US to be ignorant of things outside the US, but never applies that perspective to their own cultural perspective. CNN and other American so called media, don’t do much of anything to educate Americans inside America about the things going on in America. That is why that actor told people to stop watching the news, and instead investigate using the internet and use something called critical thinking, not sitting in front of a box being told the gospel. It isn’t going to do much to educate foreigners about America if they watch CNN either. The same goes for Hollywood movies and other such cultural artifacts from the US.

The United States of America is progressing towards another civil war. If we don’t even understand why it is so or what is causing it, foreigners won’t have much of a better chance.

To end that line of thought and go back to another one I glossed over: knife violence, UK crime statistics, and anti Ft. Hood tactics.

One of the things that foreigners don’t hear much about, since Americans don’t hear about it much domestically either, is the incidents where mass murderers have tried to kill a lot of people with guns, but failed. There are a lot of reasons they failed, but primarily they failed because the citizens themselves, the so called victims, fought back and disabled or killed the would be mass murderer. This cultural and societal belief that one is the defender of oneself, one’s family, and one’s community, is not exactly strong in other places that rely on military and police for protection.

One might notice that these incidents didn’t involve people killing the gunman. It just resulted from a certain idea, that is usually associated with church goers, of a community and one’s duty to it. It would be hard to find courage to do something similar when one has invested the police and military forces with the firepower and the right to use it all the time.

These are the live shooting examples.

As foreigners are fully cognizant, whether you are living inside the US or outside it, you don’t get much say in US policies regardless of what you think “should be” the case. But if you did have full awareness of the problems and solutions, many Americans would still trust you, the foreigner, to make a rational decision about the Final Policy, than we would trust the people in our very own country that we have seen deliberately increase the number of victims to mass killings.

Ft. Hood= Gun Free zone, all guns confiscated to the armory with MP exceptions. Columbine=gun free zone. Virginia Tech=gun free zone. Churches=usually gun free zones, unless you’re in the Bible Belt, then you’re kind of screwed if you try to kill people there. Cities=not gun free zones, just gun free for people who aren’t criminals or part of the government elite class.

People outside and inside the US should really ask themselves why they don’t hear about mass killings that were stopped. Why do they only talk about and hear about the failures? Because the failures give the power brokers justifications to make more failures perhaps? If people wanted “solutions”, America has plenty of them. But they aren’t the ones people talk about vis a vis gun control. There’s a reason for that. And it’s one that benefits the dead not at all.

If and when the power brokers in our nation want to make it turn citizens into protected children, there is no “gun control” solution, unless the solution is to disarm the people of their only defense. Whether that only defense is their hands or their knives or a bat. We’re definitely talking about gun control and not ignoring it, but a lot of domestic American policies are worded in a sort of “war is deception” mode in order to deceive both domestic and foreign audiences. Things are not what they appear to be. But even if they were, many Americans would still not accept the role of victim sheep forced to survive based upon the random dictates of luck and some guy with an armed bodyguard telling them who is part of the protected class and who is not.

We’re not interested in whether knives are more dangerous and lethal than guns. If anything, we prefer guns because it requires less work and is more lethal, since a woman defending herself against rapists and mass murderers, better be as dangerous as she can be, without 10 years training in “knife fighting” to compensate. What is true with criminals using guns and knives, is 1000 times more effective and applicable when speaking of the broader civilian and citizen defense forces. A nation that has gotten its people to think of security as giving more power to the elite nobles, rather than doing things for themselves, has created a habit in its people that will not lead to anywhere safe or good. The US is not particularly interested in whether Japan or Australia can make such a philosophy work. What we are interested in is whether the people enforcing such philosophies and religious doctrine in our cities, is going to be able to enforce their views on the rest of us who don’t live in Democrat states or urban cities.

The TSA has stopped 0 terrorist attacks. The civilians on Flight 93 stopped the White House or the Capital (full of bodyguard protected Ivy League lawyers and politicians) from being burned to ash. Americans will always favor the latter over the former. Until non-Americans and anti-Constitutionalists win the civil war, at least. Until then, though, it applies.

Freedom is hard. It is not safe. And it definitely isn’t luxurious. People don’t climb mountains and train in martial arts because it is fun like eating chocolate is fun, but because it sharpens the senses and makes living worthwhile. America has always taken such beliefs to a certain extreme, beyond what other nations were willing to do. If the case ever ceases to be true, then you will have known one side or the other won over completely. But before then, expect nukes to explode a few times on this planet and a few millions to die. Australians would never rise up in armed rebellion against the local or state government, primarily because they lack the means. United States is slightly different. We’re much more similar to barbarian states and old historical dramas like Japan’s Sengoku period, than many people would expect from the vision of the US as exemplified in Hollywood (that of a gluttonous, gun violence filled, pathetically weak and decadent culture focused on no beliefs worth living for whatsoever). Some of the barbarian/decadence element is exemplified in our invasions of foreign nations, but most call that just bombing people from a safe place: cowardice essentially.