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Knowledge shall rise in the latter days

May 16, 2018

Babylon may be rising in the US, but so is the knowledge of the world. It’s balanced in many ways.

A very good discourse on the Law vs Israelite commandments from YHVH.


Primary Sources: Church of Lucifer

April 26, 2018

This won’t be a sermon about why Lucifer is bad or witchcraft is bad. I believe in freedom of humanity to believe in whatever god or goddess they want. Think of it as a scholarly research into secret and semi secret societies.

Many communities and human churches tend to be overly paranoid. They are constantly going with “spiritual warfare” against Others or those outside of their organization. They call them cults or heresies or apostates, and treat them as enemies. Then they turn around to a convert or potential convert and it’s all smiles, sunshine, and love…

Here are some examples of what chasid translated to agape translated into English as love meant. Here is a sample context of how it is used in the Old Testament Hebrew, when translated into English.

NAS: With the kind You show Yourself kind,
KJV: With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful,

It’s the Meta Golden Rule, not necessarily the Golden Rule. Treat others as they treat their subordinates. How you treat subordinates, your superiors will treat you (even a god). This is not a brotherly love or relationship but a different kind of relationship. This is not romantic love or unrestrained love of a parent. The complete love of a parent is not negated even for serial killers and serial rapists. That kind of love means that no matter what you do, you are still loved. Chasid and agape are closer to the meaning of Righteous Justice. Yes, there is room for love, but the primary aspect is giving people what they deserve, whether good or bad. It’s not about complete love as we understand it.

It’s not about loving your enemies because how can people be afraid and so hostile with enmity towards spiritual enemies then? Pretty sure that isn’t love but “fear” or “enmity” in the heart. How can you force yourself to feel love for someone or something that you Do Not Love? Humans, by trying to adhere to Jesus=Love, just ends up hating people because it forces their hearts into a corner. If they instead treated people the way justice required, it wouldn’t require such a subjective criteria as “love emotions”. In the legal system, it doesn’t matter if we love or hate the defendant, his due process is still his due process.

Whether the State Mainstream religion is dominant or not, whether witches are dominant or not, is meaningless before the Most High’s Justice. You are all treated as equals. Your actions and intent are judged individually, not collectively. This is what has been missing for 2000 years in the State Religions. It is what led the Vatican to declare a Holy War against Albigensian Christians, burning alive around 1 million of them. It is what led the Vatican to Declare War against Islam for the Holy Land, but while enroute sack and loot Constantinople, the capital of Eastern Christianity. That’s some Holy War, dontcha know, we got to kill them Muslim infidels. Apparently anybody that is not in your State Religion is an “infidel” that can be killed without legal consequence. It doesn’t matter if a human church declares X or Y as their leader. The Divine Legal standards are the same. That is what chasid and agape were meant to convey.

Human language has changed over the millenias. Now we look back and think it was about “love”, even though that was a word we created from different contexts and cultures later on.

On a different topic, the video soon talks about card games like Pokemon in the second hour. My view is that just like sexual education, education on the existence and nature of the supernatural is critically needed. If parents and priests won’t educate the children, the children will find the information they want online or through games. This isn’t the Amish community lifestyle, people. This is the 21st century, and even the Chinese have smartphones with internet access. When teenagers and young people ask me about whether giants are real, gods are real, whether spirits and rituals work, I tell them the truth. I don’t hide what I know. I just tell them fire burns and steam also burns. It’s up to them to decide what they want to do. If people don’t like Magic the Gathering, make their own trading card game like Gwent online. The knowledge of power isn’t something that can be restrained forever. It is like trying to control technology while using technology.

For people that are worried about deception being taught to their children: there’s a model of a globe Earth in elementary school. Kind of too late to worry about putting a stop to misleading information.

Hebrews recognizing Yeshua and suffering setbacks as a result

November 13, 2017

The Arabs have commonalities with the ancient Hebrews, since they are Ishmael and Isaac: in competition.

Just as Islam has issues with converting out of it, Judaism, the religion of the human tribe of Judah, and the Vatican, have similar reactions.

Those 3 religions have one thing in common : The State Religion where the secular state tells the religious heads what to do and the religious heads tell the population what to think and how to behave.

As Islam advances what did the Vatican do in our past

November 4, 2017

Two competing narratives.

To respond to the Vatican side, the Old Hebrews had many factions: Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, before Titus destroyed the Second Temple.

It is not surprising that the Essenes were considered “mighty men” and were the faction responsible for preserving un altered scripture in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Caves of Qumran. The latter Jewish Masoretes not only altered scripture, but it was a death penalty if you went against their human made laws under the Pharisees. Something Jesus of Nazareth took care to point out as hypocrisy. They tried to kill him for blasphemy too, but he had a time schedule that prevented him from dying until a certain end point. The Masoretes in the 3rd century and beyond, attempting to fight this Christian heretical sect of the Nazarene, rewrote the scriptures taking out important doctrine points such as the Two Powers of Heaven. Once accepted even by Caius the high priest and the Pharisees, but now deemed a Nazarene heresy.

So the Vatican argument from the Catholic news agency that “friars” and other monks preserved scriptures, doesn’t really mean anything. Those monks were not Dominican torturers or Jesuits, they were some other faction. And so long as they kept their scripture copying to the authorized copies and were under Authority of the Patriarch of Rome, they were deemed fit to survive.

Additional history here from the Vatican’s own archives.


One Vatican official, Father Pagano, was one of few figures allowed into the archives when he was sent, on the Pope’s orders of to collect the documentation referring to the Galileo case.  He told the Italian newspaper La Stampa last week that the archives of the Inquisition and Index, housed in two rooms, had suffered badly down the centuries and were now “modest.”  Pagano said the Church had a tradition of burning many of the most delicate heresy files and the Inquisition’s archive was almost entirely burned on Pope Paul IV’s death in 1559


Index of Forbidden Books, which Roman Catholics were forbidden to read or possess on pain of excommunication.  They showed that even the Bible was once on the blacklist. Translations of the holy book ended up on the bonfires along with other “heretical” works because the Church, whose official language was Latin, was suspicious of allowing the faithful access to sacred texts without ecclesiastical guidance.

Protestants, who split from Roman Catholics during the Reformation in the 16th and 17th centuries, were allowed to read holy works directly.   The Index of Forbidden Books and all excommunications relating to it were officially abolished in 1966 [only 3 years prior to I becoming a Christian!].  The Inquisition itself was established by Pope Gregory IX in 1233 as a special court to help curb the influence of heresy.  It escalated as Church officials began to count on civil authorities to fine, imprison and even torture heretics.

Not quite the history of the virtues of the West that people want to hear about as they wage another holy war on Islam. Islam killed and enslaved many saints of the Christ. Well, so did the West’s Vatican. Hard to argue for moral superiority there.

I’m not interested in the Crusade arguments or the Galileo divide, because those are merely distractions.

Ancient Israeli standards vs Hollywood standards

October 23, 2017

There are numerous instances in the Old Testament, or parts of the Torah as the Jews might say, that mention the events and consequences of sexual predation against a woman that belonged to a tribe of Israel.

In one of the first instance, when the daughter of Jacob was kidnapped by Canaanites and they planned to marry her off to the city’s prince, Jacob, or the Sons of Israel (just two of them) planned to take her back. First they sent servants, which were rebuffed. Then they negotiated a marriage contract. They utilized deception to buy time, and then when the Canaanites were weakened from circumcision, went around somehow killing hundreds of males in the city, as all of the city obeyed the Prince. Nothing was left in the city, except women and children. The livestock were taken. The men killed or fled.

A city fell because of one woman. Like Troy.

Then there was another story later on, concerning the tribe of Benjamine. Two guests of a Benjamite stayed for the night, under the host’s protection. Other Benjamites came and wanted to use the strangers in whatever “seemed good” to the raiders. The host tried to compromise by saying “take my wife or concubine instead” but the Benjamite raiders in the night refused.

So the Israeli husband or male master, gave over his woman to the Benjamites, and in the morning she came back crawling to the doorstep and then died. So he cut her up and sent pieces of her body (as a message) to all of Israel. The Israeli tribes came together, hundreds of thousands of battle hardened warriors and tribalists, and came to the city of the Benjamite raiders, and demanded that the guilty be relinquished and judged for adultery. For which the penalty is always Death.

The Benjamites refused. The tribes of Israel consulted the Divine Counsel and the prophets, and the message was to gather their forces and to annihilate the Benjamites. To which, they did, and nothing much remained of the Benjamites. They had to be given women from the Tribe of Judah, just so the tribe wouldn’t die out.

Did any relative or friend of these Hollywood girls who became whores, did any of them try to wage war against the world for her? Nope, and they know. They know it. (This topic was inspired by reading this blog post about rabbinical concepts)

I utilized my memory off script, so the references aren’t available yet. Assuming I can even remember whether I read this in Leviticus or Deuteronomy (yes, there are actually people who read the Old Testament that are not Jews…)

Theism vs Atheism

October 21, 2017

I’m not an atheist, at best I was a Deist. As I did more research on the supernatural, I found out that most likely it existed and it did interfere with humanity. So, no more Deism heh. At least, not in an objective Clockwork that doesn’t care about humans. Then the next question is “why does a superior entity care about humans”.

After going to Bible collegeand coming to the startling realization that the Bible is terribly flawed and could not be the inspired, inerrant work of God, I had to face an even greater question. If the Bible is not a revelation of God, what is? Is there another way to know God? Is there even reason to conclude, outside of the Bible, that there is a God? Does God exist? Can God exist? Could any God, not necessarily just the God of the Bible exist? Is it possible for an intelligent being to precede everything else that exists? Is God, as first cause, a logical argument? Some would say that it is illogical to believe that any matter could ever exist without a creator. Some would say that the ordered universe that we observe today could not exist without design. This chapter will be devoted to these questions.

This passage, by an atheist I suppose, is well argued although it requires a rather high literate IQ to understand. I will only address certain logical points in it, but it might be worth reading all of it.

On a smaller scale, I had a friend who was trying to demonstrate the order and design in nature by pointing to various examples of what she called perfection in nature. She said “Look at the miracle of childbirth.” I asked her to consider all of the birth defects that occur naturally in humans, the product of some transcription error in the DNA.

Fair enough. I would counter point out that the Watchers had already changed human DNA during the time of Jared. Before Noah… when all flesh had become corrupted, remember that. Perhaps when the angels mated with human women, DNA errors could be transcribed, did they think of that one?

Where is perfection in nature? It does not exist. Our perceptions of order are merely products of our environment. That is why what might be orderly conduct in one culture becomes disorderly conduct in another culture. Order and chaos are subjective terms.

It is not surprising that Marx and the atheists, often stick to materialism. If they want perfection, they won’t find it here on this earth. That is because this Earth cannot be perfected until humans get “fixed”. That “subjective” term might also apply to men and women, good and evil, justice and injustice, or wealth. This is why Marxism often is the religious dogmatic cult of the atheist or vice a versa.

What about more intricate natural objects? What about people and animals? Don’t they by their sheer intricacy and man’s inability to duplicate them require a designer? A college level biology class would reveal that these organisms are produced with time and countless repetitions of basic chemical reactions. Organisms are not designed to be a certain way. They are that way because the environment has rewarded some arrangements of molecules with survival and punished others with extinction. If you can’t accept that we are nothing more than that, if you must believe that we are incredible, special beings, then consider this. If there did exist a being who was capable of designing a creature like man, with all of the alleged complexity and intricacy that proponents of this theory point out, would this being not be even more complex and intricate than man? If God is so much wiser and greater than man, wouldn’t that make him, as a being, even more complex and intricate than man? If the argument holds that complexity and intricacy and form and function are all characteristics of design, wouldn’t God then, display characteristics of design? Wouldn’t God’s existence, by virtue of that same argument, be dependant upon a designer? It is an endless argument. God as the necessary designer could not exist without an infinite line of preceding designers. That argument is dead.

Author is getting hotter and closer… What he calls god, is Yeshua or Yehovah. Or by extension, the omniscient and omnipotent Most High, used a divine counsel of entities to create heaven and Earth. Let “us” create. That us may be the trinity, but it is more likely that it includes the entire divine counsel of plural entities. If mankind is not special, then you are just a slave and proper cog of the State. You are weaker and no better than the State, after all. But if you are special, then the author gets close, but not quite there. The omniscient one designed Yeshua’s powers, but not his eternal intelligence or spirit. The Elohim (gods) creates bodies, but nowhere does it state that they created the personality and spirits of old. Even in ancient pagan religions, they often don’t state this. Cause and effect creates that “infinite line of preceding designers”. Once you get unstuck from the box of human stupidity, people might realize that “cause and effect” only affect low order entities. When you are outside of time and space, you are not affected by “cause and effect” because there is no cause, and there is no effect. Or rather, you are both at once. The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Yeshua calls himself the Alpha Omega, after his deification from mortal form. So what is the omniscient omnipotent original? Is he also the Alpha and Omega? Why are there two ALpha Omegas, while the other spiritual angels are inferior and weaker? We’ll get to that.

The more intriguing question is this: could there have been an intelligent being capable of creating before there was any matter? I say no, absolutely not. Here’s why. Creation and design would require intelligent, organized thought. Organized thought requires a language of some sort. When most Americans think, we think in English. When most Russians think it occurs in Russian. We think with words because we have learned to use words, audible sounds, to represent objects, places or ideas. When an English speaking person hears the word “spoon” it conjures up the idea associated with that sound, a spoon.
But what about those people who can’t hear? How do they think without ever having heard words? They use imagery. They associate images with objects and ideas much the same way hearing people associate sounds with objects, places or ideas. But what about those who can’t see or hear? They are certainly capable of thought. Helen Keller is a remarkable example of that. They rely on touch, smell and even taste to communicate ideas. We all use our senses, all of the time, to identify objects or ideas. Without our senses we would have no language. We would have never heard a word, seen an image, felt an object, smelled a rose or tasted a thing. In short, we could not know anything.
What if we had all of our senses, but there was no matter? That is the environment one would have to imagine a creator in. If God created all matter, then initially he would have existed out of time and space in an environment with zero stimuli. He could never have heard a noise, because there was no air for sound waves to travel in and nothing or no one to make a noise. He could never have seen anything, because there was nothing to see and no light to illuminate anything. He could never have touched anything because there was nothing to touch, nothing to smell, nothing to taste. There was nothing.
In a state of total sensory deprivation, how could there have been a language, of any kind, to produce thought? You say that God never needed sensory input to know anything or to have the capacity for thought? He just knew everything? There was nothing to know! What could God have thought about? Nothing existed. Could he think about himself since he existed? In relation to what? Could he consider himself holy? Compared to whom? Could he consider himself mighty? Compared to what? Could he consider himself wise? Compared to whom?
Some have said that matter could not exist without God. I say that God could not exist without matter. Without matter there is no context for thought. There is no sensory input. Without sensory input there can be no language. Without language there can be no organized thought. Without organized thought there could be no creator.

This edges close to the core of Wisdom and Divine Truth, but again the author slides right away before reaching the conclusion. The questions are pivotal, but without the Holy Ghost upgrade, they cannot reach through the Veil.

The human soul can be considered the union of Mind and Body. Or Mind/Spirit and Body. That means the two powers of heaven, Yeshua and Yehovah, the Father and Son, both have a body. The spiritual dimension existed before the material one. Yeshua, Jesus, was said to be the Word, and this Word created the earth and heavens. The solution isn’t all that weird. If an entity with the powers of creation, was lacking in things to sense and taste, then all he had to do was think “I want to experience more”, and “more” will be created according to their knowledge and power. Notice the philosophy at work here. Superior entities cannot have created what we use today because they need sensory input. But biological organisms can self code in upgrades because they have sensory organs. What about before they had sensory organs? The same problem applies to evolution in the creation of species.

Yehovah knew that other things could exist because of Yeshua, his son and heir. When you know something other than “you” exist, then it is easy to create other things that are not “you”. And until those others become “like you”, they are not your equals. And thus the “Plan of Salvation” can be planned out on the spiritual “digital simulation plane”, before we get to matter and energy. Since those other entities are “not like you”, they need to work on a world that they can understand, a lower world, like one made out of limited dimensions, energy, and matter. Btw, there is no such thing as matter, given the Standard Model of Quantum Mechanics. Matter becomes non existent once you reduce observation to below Plankt length. Quantum effects are “spooky”. Quantum entanglement is reminiscent of why Yehovah is Yeshua and Yeshua Yehovah. Two entities as one.

One god creating things from imagination is difficult. Two gods or more than two… then it becomes easy. Monotheism? That was created by humans, centuries after 1st century AD. The Divine Counsel has been a Hebrew staple since Deuteronomy 32 and Psalm 82 NIV. Read them if you dare. They are shorter than the link.

Creation requires a point of origin in time. There must have been a time when something did not exist before it can be said that it was created. There must have been a point in time when the idea for something had not been conceived to accurately describe it as being designed. I cannot make a coffee cup and take credit for inventing it because I already knew what it was and how it functions. My prior knowledge of coffee cups prevents me from creating the concept and taking credit as its designer. At most, I can take the existing idea and materialize it. The Bibles description of God as omniscient, eternal and unchanging prevents God from taking credit for inventing the universe, for creating the concept, or for the design of the universe because he would have had prior knowledge of it. So, you see, it is quite impossible to place an intelligent, thinking, creative being before matter.

If Yehovah was the omniscient and omnipotent one, and Yeshua was just the entity chosen to assume mortal form of energy to enforce the plan, then the person that created the plan is not the same person who executed it. Proper division of labor. Yehovah created C++, and Yeshua created Crusader Kings 2 using C++. That means if Crusader Kings 2 was given to a people that didn’t know C++, they would still be able to run it, but they would say that this is impossible to create, as the designer would have to have prior knowledge of the C++ programming language. If he had prior knowledge of C++, then he can’t take credit for creating Crusader Kings 2. So, you see, it is quite impossible to place an intelligent, human origin for C++, before the creation of CK2. C++ must have coded itself or have always existed.

It isn’t hard to make fun of human thinking. It is sort of like ants thinking they can build more than humans can. To be serious, this author’s material is near the “summit” of human thinking, but it is far inferior to the divine wisdom. Humans have a hard time thinking outside the box they were born in. If you have prior knowledge of what a “book” is, you have no ownership of that book you just wrote, because you knew about it before and thus your book is in no way your own creation. But do humans actually behave the same as their logic leads them? No. Cause they would lose money doing it… just like Marxists would lose money if those like Ayers gave up their mansions and wealth.

Analysis of Hollywood’s sex corruption and Joss Whedon

October 17, 2017

This is about the Joss Whedon, the producer/writer of Buffy/Firefly.

Whedon always seemed like a true neutral in Hollywood, meaning he was like the writer and creator of Babylon 5. They weren’t Christians or loyal to gods anti thetical to Hollywood’s gods. (And by gods, I mean Watchers of elohim class)

I was never particularly interested in him nor Buffy. Like Babylon 5, the art that some of these people channel are mostly not from their own minds, but from external spirits.

Joss was tempted by spirits loyal to the Satanic alliance on the set of Buffy, and he gave in. He thought it was going to be over? Oh no, maybe if he had something like the Holy Ghost or Trinity backing him, he might have become clean again, but that doesn’t happen in Hollywood or when operating with Hollywood actor assets, the rich and beautiful. Every follower of Jehovah has a territorial aura around them, that creates a territorial border and domain. The same is true of Lucifer’s Own. The more you operate in Hollywood, the more you run up against these borders, and if you refuse to choose a side like Joss, then he literally has no defenses.

This is why the Western conception of “demonic possession” is outdated, obsolete, and inaccurate. It is not what Hollywood movies portrayed it as. Isn’t that obvious.

I didn’t pay a dime for his products, so I’m free in that sense. It’s also why I have negative reactions to people giving Hollywood money, in return for entertainment.

Humanity’s need for idols and hero kings, like Hussein their messiah, Hollywood directors as their gods, or Trum as their hero king, is a weakness that Lucifer exploits. I know that very well. You may think that the first taste will be enough… but it is never enough, once you are shackled.

The Germans fell for it. The Japanese fell for it. The Spanish fell for it. The Italians fell for it. The Russians fell for it. America fell for it even before CW 1. Who wants an encore? The only ones that didn’t fall for it are the true believers of Jesus of Nazareth, first century ad body of believers. Be not deceived. Too much to ask of humans without the aid of the Holy Ghost it appears.

The idea that “feminists” are allies of women in general… hah, that’s like a joke to me. Whedon isn’t a feminist hypocrite, he exactly emulated the power megalomaniac abuse methods of Lucifer’s Own that hijacked feminism and suffrage. In that sense, he became the Greek god playing with mortals of old, except he was the mortal Lucifer was playing around with. Lucifer is said to be the “god of this world”, although that isn’t necessarily true any more, and “Prince of the Air”. Controlling Hollywood given how many domains belong to him (bodies), isn’t that hard.

In Western mythology, there is talk of the Archangel Michael fighting dragons, or St. George fighting dragons, or 1/3rd of the host of heaven falling. These are all allusions and references to the true events, distorted by time and humans, concerning the fallout of the Divine Counsel. Multiple incursions, penalties, and rebellions occurred. This is because elohim, the angels, are given free will and thus a domain. They can absorb spiritual power by having humans worship them. That is why angels loyal to the Most High or Jehovah, paid special attention “not” to let mortals worship or bow to them. The angels have several powers orders of magnitude greater than the “demi gods” of Greek/Pagan/Lucifer’s Own Hollywood directors. If they can sin, and they have, imagine what happened to humans thousands of years ago… nothing pretty. The Most High is exactly what the term means, the highest of the elohim and the Creator god or set of gods that initiated existence as we know of it. This power was then delegated or partitioned, because most likely the original reason for why an omnipotent and omniscient entity created anything, was due to boredom. It’s not fun being at the top, when nobody is below you, and it is not good to have people always being inferior to you, if they cannot grow. So let us make them grow, so that they can become our equals.

Lucifer kun was once of the Divine Counsel, given powers and authorities to administrate part of creation. He didn’t like how Jehovah or the Most High was running things…. so what does a human do when they don’t like how the boss runs things?

As for what is going on in Hollywood, my intel analysis is beginning to inform me that a kind of spiritual struggle is going on there. The true meaning of a Holy War or spiritual warfare. The Most High, has begun covert operations infiltrating the domain and territory of Hollywood. Mel Gibson’s movie, the actor he chosen to portray Jesus of Nazareth, was a true believer and his testimony became ultra hardened and strengthened with faith, since he got electrocuted by lightning while filming in Italy. The actor thought “why are you opposing me when I am doing your work” directed towards his god. I, had other ideas of who actually “owns” Italy right now, and it isn’t Jehovah. It is supposed to be Jesus of Nazareth in his god stage form, but the only way that god can occupy space and territory is with his body of believers, what is called the church. At least that is so until he descends to this world in body and spirit. There were some instances when the Most High descended to the Earth as well, during the chronicles of Israel, and nothing safe happened then either. It was like a tactical nuke going off.

Many christians have been praying for the evil of the US to be exorcised, defeated, or brought into the open so we can fight it. Whatever the Left may have been thinking about Harvey, this has opened the doors, with the help of Alt Right/Breitbart, for the CHristians that have infiltrated and set up frontier outposts in Hollywood, to begin taking over territory and holding it. That does not mean Reese Wither whatever or Courtney Love will convert, but it does mean that the shackles of the Watchers, such as Lucifer, will be weakened over the souls of man (which also means Wo Man).

What year did Mel Gibson make his film? Compare that year to now, and that is how long the “initial preparation phase” of a god looks like. Full final completion of plan A might take 30 more years. That is only Plan A. A god does not ask his followers whether they agree or not with a plan, that is not delegation but micromanagement or lack of confidence by the leadership. A delegation means the leader has an idea of what to do, but relies upon his vassals to do the job, only providing hints, and does not tell his other vassals what is going on unless they Need to Know.

This is why 50 year, 100 year, 200 year “conspiracy” theories about the Left doesn’t make sense to humans. No human can think that far nor enforce plans on free agents that far. They have not accounted for the presence of “immortals” or “sennen”.

Since words are not the Dao or the Way of Harmony, I thought people would find it easier to get the difference between Hollywood angst and true belief with this video.