Primary Sources: Church of Lucifer

This won’t be a sermon about why Lucifer is bad or witchcraft is bad. I believe in freedom of humanity to believe in whatever god or goddess they want. Think of it as a scholarly research into secret and semi secret societies.

Many communities and human churches tend to be overly paranoid. They are constantly going with “spiritual warfare” against Others or those outside of their organization. They call them cults or heresies or apostates, and treat them as enemies. Then they turn around to a convert or potential convert and it’s all smiles, sunshine, and love…

Here are some examples of what chasid translated to agape translated into English as love meant. Here is a sample context of how it is used in the Old Testament Hebrew, when translated into English.

NAS: With the kind You show Yourself kind,
KJV: With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful,

It’s the Meta Golden Rule, not necessarily the Golden Rule. Treat others as they treat their subordinates. How you treat subordinates, your superiors will treat you (even a god). This is not a brotherly love or relationship but a different kind of relationship. This is not romantic love or unrestrained love of a parent. The complete love of a parent is not negated even for serial killers and serial rapists. That kind of love means that no matter what you do, you are still loved. Chasid and agape are closer to the meaning of Righteous Justice. Yes, there is room for love, but the primary aspect is giving people what they deserve, whether good or bad. It’s not about complete love as we understand it.

It’s not about loving your enemies because how can people be afraid and so hostile with enmity towards spiritual enemies then? Pretty sure that isn’t love but “fear” or “enmity” in the heart. How can you force yourself to feel love for someone or something that you Do Not Love? Humans, by trying to adhere to Jesus=Love, just ends up hating people because it forces their hearts into a corner. If they instead treated people the way justice required, it wouldn’t require such a subjective criteria as “love emotions”. In the legal system, it doesn’t matter if we love or hate the defendant, his due process is still his due process.

Whether the State Mainstream religion is dominant or not, whether witches are dominant or not, is meaningless before the Most High’s Justice. You are all treated as equals. Your actions and intent are judged individually, not collectively. This is what has been missing for 2000 years in the State Religions. It is what led the Vatican to declare a Holy War against Albigensian Christians, burning alive around 1 million of them. It is what led the Vatican to Declare War against Islam for the Holy Land, but while enroute sack and loot Constantinople, the capital of Eastern Christianity. That’s some Holy War, dontcha know, we got to kill them Muslim infidels. Apparently anybody that is not in your State Religion is an “infidel” that can be killed without legal consequence. It doesn’t matter if a human church declares X or Y as their leader. The Divine Legal standards are the same. That is what chasid and agape were meant to convey.

Human language has changed over the millenias. Now we look back and think it was about “love”, even though that was a word we created from different contexts and cultures later on.

On a different topic, the video soon talks about card games like Pokemon in the second hour. My view is that just like sexual education, education on the existence and nature of the supernatural is critically needed. If parents and priests won’t educate the children, the children will find the information they want online or through games. This isn’t the Amish community lifestyle, people. This is the 21st century, and even the Chinese have smartphones with internet access. When teenagers and young people ask me about whether giants are real, gods are real, whether spirits and rituals work, I tell them the truth. I don’t hide what I know. I just tell them fire burns and steam also burns. It’s up to them to decide what they want to do. If people don’t like Magic the Gathering, make their own trading card game like Gwent online. The knowledge of power isn’t something that can be restrained forever. It is like trying to control technology while using technology.

For people that are worried about deception being taught to their children: there’s a model of a globe Earth in elementary school. Kind of too late to worry about putting a stop to misleading information.

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  1. ymarsakar Says:

    Found a mirror to the removed vid.

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