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A new generation bred in the deserts without decadence

October 5, 2015

Generally much has been exposed over the Left’s brainwashing of youths in universities and federally funded schools. People realize now that if they don’t pass on the inheritance, the traditions of freedom, it will never be seen again any time soon. The funny thing, the gaming community is seen as liberal or at least decadent. To find that they are the most fanatic and harshest resistors against the Left… is puzzling and unexpected given standard models of prediction.

After all, where could these people have connected together, even with home schooling? How did they escape the mind control of the Left, which is all around the newer generations and peer groups?

A female FPS player or Eve Online player is probably at the upper 5-1% in terms of population samples, since the pure difficulty of the environment fails people out. What else had a 3% percentage of the population?

If you have any interrogation or body language/voice tone reading skills, you can see the kind of damage the Leftist alliance can do even indirectly.

Which is why the toughness needed to continue the fight, to continue reporting on the Left’s atrocities against humanity, PProfit undercover stings and O’Keefe style journalism, is not easy to acquire. So where did they acquire it? American universities? Sitcoms? Hollywood? Did Hollywood’s MPAA and rap culture teach them to have that toughness? Do Parents go around teaching their kids how to fight against enemies of humanity, to never obey authority? How much of that would stick after the peer groups and Leftist entertainment takes over, I wonder.

The US military being hollowed out by the Leftist alliance for zombie utopia

April 17, 2015

I suspect this is to ensure that when the military gets the order to Stand Down and let the American citizens die, that order will be obeyed instead of disobeyed as happened with Benghazi.

A civilian security force…. ah, those will be trusted to do the job, just like the Vietcong had their own special squads.

Protected: Temporary Response to Art

September 26, 2014

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Black Hole Democrat stars

August 31, 2014

It starts over here. Then it quickly becomes unfunny, and then funny again.

Occasionally the patronizing, pompous vapid ‘Twits just have to be smacked.

Let me take a guess.

Something people should realize, unlike Art, my specialization isn’t technically theoretical and abstract knowledge concerning history. It’s more of the other kind of thing.

What that means is that he often doesn’t know how to handle people or backstabbers or those like me that act like his detractors but for different reasons and motivations. And why am I bringing up Art? Because I found something.

Yes, treasure.

Sensitive. Restraint of tongue, pen and keyboard is what I’m exercising at this moment. If the pathology’s involved that I’ve seen from the start of my presence here a scant few weeks ago, then, trust me, Y’all, this thread has made his February. But, giving it any rent-free space in my ol’T-Rex haid is silly. So, I won’t.

I’m absolutely fine with my aforementioned ‘Landlord’s Site-Landlord’s Rules’. Side Note, cuz I’m a newbie at Neo-Neo’s fine site: I’m a 1944 baby, lifelong student of(primarily)Modern History–particularly 20th century tyrannies & monsters–which, after grad school, took an unexpected turn into the film industry(TV, primarily)and thus has remained my avocation & love rather than career. My experience with artists, egos, infantile behavior, NEED, blather, FICTION and Grift is close-up and massive. I’m a 35-year student of Stalin and his tender ways, as a whatcha’call diversion. Winter Park, Florida, is now home after a lifetime in the Peoples Republic of LA.

Haven’t recently fallen off any turnip trucks, have a fine developed smell for the descriptives listed paragraph before last and will probably make no(or certainly minimal)further mention of my ‘stripes’.

Oh, and a 30-year Neoconservative. Thank you, Jimmah Cawtah.-You Know Who

Ymar has been categorized as an artist (or an Art) in the “egos, infantile behavior, NEED, blather, FICTION and Grift is close-up and massive” category. Guess what my reaction is.

No, seriously, guess. What’s my reaction?

If people don’t know that I know now… well they should know now that I get it. And if you don’t get it, when are you?

Here’s a hint, managing those people…. doesn’t work on people like me. People like Art can be poked and prodded and they get more paranoid or react strangely somehow, poisoning the well so I can’t even get a word in edge wise because I’m compared to all of his bad previous experiences. Which autistics tend to fabricate into a some kind of matrix of Truth and Knowledge. It locks their responses to an inflexible sort, which makes social communicate difficult, even for people like me who never meant Art any intellectual or spiritual harm. Unlike other people, I can actually admit that Art’s writing is difficult to understand and that it takes some brainpower to decipher, which I can’t spare most of the time unless he is talking to me. Other people just say that his stuff is long, code for they don’t get it.

The Landlord, whom I like & respect, has expressed her wishes and I shall obey to the limits of my ability to keep my oversensitive gag reflex for BS under restraint.

The inability to clear my Evil Neocon throat in under 8-paragraphs has never been a problem for me. Comprende?

Using German or Spanish type words to elevate one’s influence over the artists that couldn’t graduate high school, is one thing. Using time stamps that only some people will refer to and correctly diagnose, while everyone else thinks you’re talking about something innocuous, is one thing.

They don’t work on me.

To follow the guidelines Neo, I have to Read the Stuff. And this is what happens when I Read Stuff.

Occasionally the patronizing, pompous vapid ‘Twits just have to be smacked.

There’s nothing you can say or do to me, certainly not on the internet, that will change a single thing about me. You know it. I know. I know you know it… maybe. So you’re only doing this because you’ve used your old tricks on a new target, me. Except you picked the wrong target.

And if you don’t understand, then keep going.

At least he was speaking regular English back then.

Now we got egos, infantile behavior, NEED, blather, FICTION and Grift is close-up and massive Sensitive. Restraint of tongue,

Uh-Huh…General SCHWARZ…Uh-Huh…Cannot possibly make this Scheiss up. Schwarz…As in Norman the Schwarz..? Uh-Huh….

since I tripped across such a prime Black Hole of Need.

That’s what that sentence means. Need. People think I don’t get their special code thingy they’ve used since the Vietnam days. Of course I get it, they keep telling me what their code means.

Oh btw, Charles Krauthammer is still lacking in a spine.

And yes, I’m writing at my original length, before Art came to this blog, because I know.

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Wisdom of the Ages

May 12, 2012

Here’s a quote hunting contest mini game.

I would rather die having spoken in my manner, than speak in your manner and live. For neither in war nor yet in law ought any man use every way of escaping death. For often in battle there is no doubt that if a man will throw away his arms, and fall on his knees before his pursuers, he may escape death, if a man is willing to say or do anything. The difficulty, my friends, is not in avoiding death, but in avoiding unrighteousness; for that runs deeper than death.

‘He either fears his fate too much,
Or his desert is small,
Who fears to put it to the touch,
And win or lose it all.’

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Apathy, the soul of brevity

Lacking core strength or real accomplishments, bereft of the courage of their convictions, the only thing the low quality human has is the self-aggrandizement through the praise of others.

To be honest I do not think whether they live or die is the matter at hand. Life is not always better than death. It is not that simple. Living and being made to live are very different things. What matters is what the person chooses of their own free will. Whether or not it can be achieved or how difficult it is.

I want you to think about this: imagine if what matters most to you was taken away against your will. If that is indeed worth less than your life

This time you will be tried by the media and convicted by the aristocrats: Zimmerman

March 29, 2012

There will be no due process. There will be no trial by jury.

Mass Effect 3 Readers and Referred users

March 15, 2012


Go here if you linked here wanting to read about ME3.

One ME customer sums up his experience thusly

A very long post ahead. If you don’t have time for it, feel free to skip it.

This…this whole mess, especially with this final hours in light, infuriates me. To the core of my very being, even.

I was a bit of a late bloomer to Mass Effect. For the most part, I ignored it, since I hadn’t really been exposed to it and nothing struck out at me enough to research it further. I only got it last year because one of my friends was interested in Mass Effect 2, so I gifted it to him. Watching him play it, I quickly saw a game right up my alley. A sci-fi third person shooter-RPG hybrid from the guys who made Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, where all of your choices actually matter? Holy crap! It only took watching about 45 minutes for me to immediately buy myself a copy of both it and the first game, and, some time in the future, all of the DLC.

I loved it. I loved it so, so much. The depth, the complexity, the realistic characters who seemed like actual people [I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a serious crush on Tali. ], since you got to see their thoughts, vulnerabilities, dreams and ambitions, and how their personalities rub off against each other, for better or worse, and you got to play a character that was in tune to your line of thinking, with it affecting what you ran into and how people reacted. All of that on top of the codex enrichening and fleshing out the universe all the further and it was a pure delight. All it took was a little bit of exposure to the game for me to go from “disinterested” into “This is my favorite game ever.” Same with the first mass effect, which I quickly came to love as well.

Since the two mass effects had completely won me over, I naturally became excited and eagerly anticipated the third one. I’ve never pre-ordered a game before; Mass Effect 3 didn’t take long for me to make that decision. Considering how excellent the first two were, I was sure the third, with all of the statements that Bioware was promising, would be the most fantastic thing I’ve ever had the delight of playing. Despite rumors of the leaked endings and how “ridiculous” they were, I ignored the temptation of checking them out, so that my experience with ME3 would be untarnished. In retrospect, if I had gave in and checked those endings, I wouldn’t have pre-ordered.

It didn’t take long for some other things to start bothering me about this game as well. The Day 1 ‘From Ashes’ DLC issue perturbed me considerably. I’m normally indifferent to DLC, but not if it’s available immediately on release. If you can release it the same day as the game itself, I see no reason why it couldn’t just be included with the game besides the reasons of milking the consumer. Despite this matter annoying me, however, I pressed on. It was bad, but it wasn’t bad enough to warrant canceling my pre-order, especially since I knew ME3 would be amazing and satisfactory. Everything else from Bioware’s been that way.

Then the day came. March 6th, 2012. I could unlock my pre-loaded ME3 and play it! Oh, it was so exciting. I knew already from the demo a month prior that I appreciated the improvements to combat. It was nice to actually have speed to Shepard! I sunk in about twenty hours right then and there. The thrill and horror of seeing the Reapers attack en masse for the first time, completely obliterating Alliance forces. The horror of Cerberus indoctrinating their own soldiers and being against you. The sorrow of seeing Mordin and Legion sacrifice themselves for a greater cause, but the pride of doing what none thought possible; redeeming the Rachni once again and getting their aid, curing the Genophage and uniting Krogan and Turian, ending the Geth/Quarian conflict and uniting those races as well. This Shepard was happening, pulling off the impossible, holding a close bond with his crew, and brewing up a massive force to teach the Reapers just how clueless they really were about the tenacity of life itself. Even the Illusive Man’s resolve cracked against my Shepard’s, realizing just how wrong he was. The Reapers underestimated all of this cycle’s races, and they were going to bite the dust for it.

…Only, they didn’t. They WON. Not by any surprise tricks, not by superior firepower, not even by managing to calculate the possibility of this armada and managing to completely shatter it through unforeseen variables.

No, the reapers won because the writers of the games themselves gave up and coped out, for lack of better terms. The greatest victory for the Reapers wasn’t even against Shepard and the massive armada backing him; it was against the players. Those invested in the series for so long were rewarded, for all of our time, passion, sweat, tears, and blood, with the absolutely appauling, horrifyingly shallow ending, which comes almost entirely out of left field.

What the hell is the Catalyst? We were never told or forewarned about this possibility. Throwing its name in a few times prior does not equal foreshadowing, nor does it explain it. As far as I can tell, the Catalyst is the collective mind of the Citadel itself. What came first, then? Did the Citadel exist first, and the Reapers second? Who built the Citadel, if that’s the case? Is the Citadel itself some kind of bizarre Reaper? What IS it? Where does the Catalyst’s consciousness come from? Is it, like the other Reapers, the collective minds of an entire race? If so, which? The race that built the Citadel? How does it control the Reapers? Does it even control the Reapers, truly? If it does control the Reapers, and is the Citadel, why was Sovereign needed at all in ME1 to unleash the Reaper invasion? Couldn’t it have done it itself? Why is my Shepard, which has stood as the pinnacle of hope and self-determination, not even questioning this strange being? Why is he just accepting what this self-proclaimed “Controller of the Reapers” says for granted? Why are these my only three choices? Why does the Crucible supposedly allow these three endings? Why not others? Why doesn’t any of my other choices up to this point make a difference? Why doesn’t the Collector Base’s fate matter? How do we know the Crucible itself wasn’t a trap by the Reapers to further keep the organic species under control? Why is their whole pretense so flimsy? Why aren’t any of the endings elaborated upon when picking them? Why is the Normandy fleeing? Where did they crash? How did my crew standing by my side suddenly end up on it? Why didn’t they do anything to help me earlier? If I was still kicking, couldn’t they have just used like all of our medigels to get me in working shape again? Why is there no elaboration at all, despite Bioware stating this ending would bring closure!?

The more I think about this ending, the more it boggles my mind and seems like the ultimate middle finger to the fans, courtesy of the Reapers . There’s just so much that we’re supposed to just take for granted, or fill in the blanks ourselves, let alone the plot lines that were completely dropped or the contradictions that it makes.

When an ending, that’s supposed to resolve the story of the Reapers and Commander Shepard alike, leaves you with more questions than answers, and wondering why massive chunks of the plot needed to happen, something screwed up.

At first, when I encountered the ending, I was numbed to it. Something was seriously off, and it bothered me, but the rest of the game up to that point had been so fun and involving, that the pain and confusion didn’t kick in immediately. It was only after a night’s sleep that I started to really question everything.

However, as horrible as I ended up feeling the ending to be, I figured there were a few possibilities as to what happened. It seemed likely to me that the publishing monster that is EA probably rushed Bioware, thus forcing them to compromise a satisfactory ending in favor of meeting the deadline. Bad, to be sure, but since Bioware’s always seemed to care about its fanbase, it seemed pretty obvious to me that something to resolve the ending would occur in time. Perhaps it still will; I hope so, although that hope is fading. The Indoctrination theory seemed intriguing to me as well; was it possible we didn’t see the whole ending, and what we did see was a fabrication? It certainly gained plausibility, and gave a reasonable enough handwave for most of the questions above. Although, if it was Indoctrination, couldn’t it have been hinted at with more glaring issues? We could’ve had those strange oily streaks the entire moment after Harbinger blasted you. We could’ve had Admiral Hackett be at the Citadel, which would’ve been a great red flag to indicate to everyone that something was seriously off here.

All of this was completely destroyed with the revelation Final Hours brought up to me. Bioware, not EA, chose this ending. They fully knew what they were working for, and chose this. This poorly placed, spontaneous, suspension-of-disbelief shattering star child and him shoving his choices to us to gobble up. No other endings. Doesn’t matter how you played your Shepard; all that mattered is how many war assets you got so that the Star Child can give you a certain number of prefabricated choices. These ending choices are pitiful; I’m reminded of those 500-in-1 game cartridges which are the same game copied many times over, only in storyline ending form. It’s possible that the endings could be different than that, but, gee, it’s all moot if they don’t elaborate on it at all, isn’t it? It all feels like an indoctrinated nightmare; are we all on the reaper-devastated Earth and aren’t even aware of it because they want to harvest us?

This ending is, to me, a betrayal. If not for the poor writing itself, then for how Bioware handled it. Choosing this ending as preferable over another one they had planned , and giving virtually no relief or official statements to the clearly disgruntled fanbase to talk about their concerns in the slightest. Throw your fanbase a bone, for crying out loud.

There is no curse or word intense enough for the loathing this has brought within me, overall. If you wish to treat me like a mindless ragdoll, Bioware, fine. I don’t need to support you one bit, and i’ll be sure to let anyone I know how I feel on the matter, so that they can also determine for themselves if you’re worth supporting or avoiding.

Thanks for your time to those who read my two cents. Even if we disagree on points, I hope you can at least understand my perspective. :>

-Bouncy TEM