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Casualty rate for Iraq

May 30, 2007

Recently there was some kind of argument over deaths for Iraq as opposed to accident rate deaths for Clinton. Here’s another piece of data.

Believe it or not it came from 2005, and I dug it up only because it was in my bookmark, under a subgroup (conservatives) that I don’t hit very often. Most of the bloggers I read regularly are liberal bloggers and military bloggers, like blackfive, Bookworm, Neo-Neocon, Synova, etc.


The Power of Al Qaeda

May 30, 2007

To piss people off that is.

Melissa Garvin

May 30, 2007

Story Courtesy of Jimbo at Blackfive

Godspeed Melissa Garvin. May the winds of fate carry you towards what you desire the most.

Molly Pitcher’s story

Beauty amongst the ugly

May 30, 2007

[This is like my continually being edited post, because I am constantly adding stuff to the end]

It is sad in a sense that you have to have such ugliness amongst such beauty. It taints the human experience and the progress of humanity. Towards something better than just our base animalistic instincts and desires. Sad, but justice is not an easy concept. Not for us, and not for anyone else. Not even with the sacrifices of Americans in the past for such concepts.

Michelle Malkin provides greater detail on what the ugliness was and still is.

You can see Miss USA’s answer to the final question here.

Now that’s professionalism people. Her evening dress was very very attractive. Glossy and very slick, it lent her a gliding sort of grace. As if water flew over her.

You can see some other things concerning Malkin’s post as well. Miss USA generally looked sad when I saw her. No big smiles, no radiant face. She mouthed “thank you” it seemed when she got the top 15 nomination. Did she expect her unpopularity with the Mexicans to take away even a nomination at the bottom ranks? I respect her ability and her strength. I admire that. The ability to stand up to a crowd and to be expected to perform, under limitations, never truly expressing your feelings unless those feelings are of joy. While the audience gets to do whatever animals do in the sight of grace.

I don’t like people that treat kind hearted folks unjustly. It really really incites the rage, because I don’t even need the meta-Golden Rule to punish them. Simple manners would be appropriate.

This is Malkin’s latest post on the event in question. A sort of summary.

VDH on Greece

May 30, 2007

He took some tourists to Greece, but got us the goods nonetheless.

War Story

May 29, 2007

Just a little something from WWII with Patton.

Courtesy of Grim Beorn.

At the party, I did what I always do, I got him talking about WW2. He was a heavy machine gunner with the 101st airborne. You know that show “Band of Brothers?” If you saw it on there, he was there. He has hundreds of stories like the time they locked him in the wine cellar of a vineyard to guard the wine because he was Baptist and they knew he wouldn’t drink , only to come back the next day and find him drunk from the fumes. Or the time he destroyed a German convoy from a elevated position with his heavy mg by hitting the gas tank on the lead staff car and then igniting the fuel tanker in the back trapping all the Germans in the middle of a burning bridge. But his best story, I want to tell you right now because it gives you a idea of where I get a lot of my personality from.

Blood of Patriots

May 28, 2007

Whenever I see a rose that red, I always think of blood. And it isn’t just cause of the thorns either, with that “if you prick me, do I not bleed”.