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New Species of Animal Kind

August 21, 2008

I thought these photos of Justitia were very funny. She is a photographer in Australia, who posts her amazing photos online.

I highly recommend going through her archives.


Free Will and the Consequences of Individual Liberty

August 20, 2008

You should borrow these three books from a library, Book. Or now that I’ve posted this to my blog, it would be rather you, my readers, that should do such things.

The Golden Age, by John C Wright.

The Phoenix Exultant

The Golden Transcendence

The dichotomy between free will (economic boycotts) and government force (censorship) is discussed in great detail via extrapolations into humanity’s future.

We, who are classical liberals, believe that death is fought, life is lived, and chaos controlled only through human ingenuity and free will. Prevent the individual from making choices that do not harm anyone other than themselves, and you lock down humanity into stagnancy. Yet, reality is consistent, A is A in identity, and actions have consequences. Human society does not yet have a reliable system or force or government or way of life that ensures that one human action does not harm any other. Thus our penultimate expressions of liberty must naturally deal with and adapt to issues of security and protection. We are not free, unless we are all protected, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our thoughts, our life and limb, and our ability to choose.

This is why we prefer economic boycotts where each individual makes his own decisions, over government sanction or censorship. The chaos of the free market, the chaos and sheer unpredictability of humanity’s free will, is the ultimate solution to the ethically wrong decisions and consequences in reality.

For ethics, morality, and reality are all intertwined and consistent with each other, in one fashion or another. Even morality is consistent within their own sub-cultural identity, even if morality from one culture is not logically consistent with morality from another culture.

This is the underlying premise from which all classical liberals adhere to and live their lives by. That reality is rational and sane. That A is A, that A cannot be B while also being A. That causality exists, that actions have consequences and consequences were created. This extrapolates and derives the fundamental core philosophical beliefs of the classical liberal in American history. Given that reality is rational and consistent, within all parts and from all parts to each part, this means that any sufficiently intelligent and enlightened being will come to the same ultimate conclusions on life, death, and ethics. They will live their lives differently according to their will and desires, but in the end, the philosophy of what life is and what it is meant for, will be the same.

The totalitarian schools of thought, socialism, Marxist-Leninism, the greater alliance of the Left, and the Democrat subset of individual American politics, believe that chaos, free will, will disrupt the orderly manner and way of things in life. That it will create entropy, death, decay, and wars because people will want things that they cannot have and will disagree about fundamental issues that cannot be resolved except through violence. So their solution is to have an underlying or overwhelming organization that forces people to do the right thing. Like the Un, the EU, NATo, or what not; they are all organizations and institutions designed to control chaos, to make people and nations do the right thing even if such people and nations don’t wish it.

Doctors must show no favoritism because the rights of the individual cannot be allowed to disrupt the orderly manner of life in which we currently live; The Golden Age must be preserved, even if it costs the individual.

But who decides. Who decides what will or will not happen, if it is not the individual? Wise all knowing gods? UN corrupt and mendacious bureaucrats? EU tools and traitors? In the end, totalitarian and nihilistic systems always give you one answer to that question.

The people who decide are the people with power.

But I ask you, where does power come from and how does one acquire it? My answer is, they acquire it through the exercise of free will, by allowing free will in such things as the free market to make decisions wiser than any that could be made by limited individuals. People acquire power through the exercise of virtue and ethical behavior.

The Totalitarian belief systems of the Islamic Jihad and of Leftism believe you acquire power by making people submit to your will and sacrificing their own. Doctors must sacrifice their will and desires for the greater good. And the greater good is whatever I decide it is, because i have the power. For I am the government and the government can always get more power by stealing it from citizens, if they so wish.

Obama will make you work, he will make you care. For he will create paradise unto earth only by enslaving the minds and wills of free men and women.

Georgia vs Russia

August 17, 2008

Kat over at Donovan’s has some pretty good analysis on this issue. Sorry for the lack of blogging, real life combined with reading the news on Georgia and commenting, hasn’t left much for here.

In Chronological order from latest to earliest.

Armed Negotiations: It Ain’t Over ’til the Fat Russian Lady Sings

Georgia, Ossetia, Russia, Oh My!-By the Donovan

Information Warfare: All the World is a Stage-This is particularly good due to how Kat discusses propaganda, which people might have noticed was a subject of great interest to me. Still is, but I have learned about as much as I can, given current events and resources, on that topic as it is. But others have not, and Kat explains what they are missing.

Tbilisi Check: How Crazy Is Ivan?

Why Not Ossetian Independence?-Good explanation of why Ossetia is strategically so important to both Georgia and Russia.

From Russia With Angst
-The email from Bill which started it all, at least at the Donovan. This is the early days of the conflict when we just knew about it, and a Russian soldier buddy of bill emailed his view on the conflict and Bill posted it.

Grim linked to the President of Georgia’s article in the Post. It’s a great resource if you want his side of things, which I did.

Here’s another speech from 4 months ago on NATO membership and why the President of Georgia felt NATO was stiffing him.


August 17, 2008

This was nice to look at.

The Decision of Truth or Deception

August 6, 2008

I am sympathetic to this story given the Neo-Neocon and Bookworm are at the top of my favorite list when it comes to reading blogs.

The basic story of redemption or change or the comprehension of different viewpoints over time, is very interesting. It’s not static or stagnant. It is very vibrant and dynamic, rather than parochial, it is cosmopolitan. Real cosmopolitan, that is, not limousine liberal cosmopolitan or NGO and UN Staffer cosmopolitan.

This is my response that I wrote under Neo’s post. (more…)

The Will to Fight When Doomed

August 4, 2008

This is an interesting set of comments that’s about McCaffrey’s AAR. But it’s really about other things concerning wars and the will to fight them.

What should people do when they are doomed? How can you tell when you are doomed?