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Japan’s Ministry of Defense

July 28, 2013

A few keynote addresses translated into English.

From one source, I heard mention of a Ministry of Defense and decided to cross reference it against modern internet sources. What came up was surprising.

Japan will have to hold their own line and be their own alliance leader for East Asian security and liberty soon enough. The US, after all, will be busy in various internal wars and conflicts for the forseeable future and can drop out or ditch the US-Japan alliance at any time. Not because we want to, but because American politicians would rather defund our allies and our military overseas to pay for their cronies and corruption back home in the US.

When money runs out, they’ll get the money wherever it is, even as they print up more trillions of cash to pay their own salaries with.

The US could have used a larger and more effective SDF force in Afghanistan and Iraq as well. One of the problems of being a “security umbrella” is that countries like Europe tend to rely on it too much, like welfare. It makes them crippled and useless for actual military operations.

The US can no longer project power overseas alone, not because we lack the power or wealth to do so, but mostly because we lack the will. We would prefer to fight our own people in the US politically or via political activism. Bush’s talk about liberty in Iraq may have really scared those out for US Totalitarianism back home. That was the last chance of the last chance, for America to prove that there was a will large enough to grasp hold of victory overseas. Vietnam was one of the first signs of decadence, but the US is too powerful to be stopped by one defeat. Unlike Russia, economic power makes for a hard opponent in war.

Now that changing the world has failed and the US can no longer change itself for the better by changing the world, we are left with only one option: changing ourselves first. The new civil war in the US will thus be between those who believe in changing the world by bending it to our will vs those who believe in changing ourselves through facing challenges of war and economics. Not war and economics in Iraq or elsewhere, but war and economics right here in the US, that which foreigners call the land that has never been successfully invaded since its inception.

After a totalitarian regime is finished bending Americans to the will of the slave masters, the rest of the world will then be left to toy with. Until then, the fight between the Left+Islam vs American patriots, continue without any ceasefire or mercy.


Zimmerman got out of his car, again

July 24, 2013

A lot of people told him to stay in his car, or else. Well, obviously it was because they didn’t want the particular brand of solution Zimmerman offers by his existence.

The comment at the end there almost sounds like me. Almost.

“The most important thing to understand about Zimmerman is he is an example of what the evil liberals will do to any one of us, out of the blue, and the consequences be damned. The people on our side that refuse to see that the Left is evil, from top to bottom, and to a man, are the weak-sisters in our camp that allow our side to find reason to comprise with The Left.

“Until The Left picks you out of a crowd for no reason, only then will the weak-sisters in our camp finally understand they routinely destroy innocent people for fun and profit. The weak-sisters think ( or is it hope?) if they are careful enough they will be spared.

“They think, if they follow the rules, they will be spared.

“They think, if I am nice enough to a few liberals, I will be spared.

“They’re fools. The Left will attack you and accuse you of walking on your hands around Mars and hundreds of ‘witnesses’ will come out of the woodwork to declare they can also testify to your use of the N-word, beating a child, or anything else. However, until each of the weak-sisters are the target of The Left they will not recognize how fictitious ALL of The Left’s charges ultimately have been. And your fellow weak-sisters will stand back and wonder why you weren’t more careful so it wouldn’t have happened to today’s target.

“There are no nice liberals. They will, to a man, sacrifice you the moment it is necessary for them. The person you think is an exception just hasn’t been tested yet. They will abandon you. They have evil in their heart. They’ve ignored 100 million dead and 100 years of history.

“Learn from others’ experience.”

King of the Jungle: What if you were at the bottom of an urban food chain?

July 18, 2013

In inner city gangsta life, black people really fear (hate) gays. Because homosexual relationships are built around domination and destruction of the weaker party’s ability to refuse.

Thus Martin couldn’t let a situation go where he was being chased by a gay rapist and all he did was run away. He had to prove to himself, and to anyone watching, that he had the balls to get it done.

White people don’t get why urbans think like this because white people don’t (usually) live in prison jungles 24 hours a day. If you have ever lived in a prison jungle, concrete or otherwise, you should immediately understand why Martin felt he had to “step it up” against creepy rapists following him around in cars.

You “know” why. It was because if word got out to the hood that Martin was someone so afraid of being raped he’d run for miles on end, he really would be hunted down and raped by the male gangs of his neighborhood. Really. Or if not that, he’d be harassed, his stuff stolen, and he would get beat down, or even killed, depending on the whims of the “kings” of the jungle. Which Martin knew he was definitely not: a king.

And the reason why he thinks the “hood” would know, is because of that friend of his on the phone. He knew immediately seconds after that, that “she would talk” about it to her friends and it would spread. So unless Martin came back and said “well, I beat that white cracka up that was following me, and taught him a good lesson on who the real dominant male is”, Martin was, in his eyes, facing perpetual fear in his life in the “hood”.

This probably sounds very strange or wild to people, but that’s what happens when you encounter denizens of the jungle. Thus a sane, civilized person might have just ran away from danger with all his might, Martin was so afraid of his hood that he went back and attacked Zimmerman as Zimmer was going back to his car. Perfectly logical… for a jungle denizen.

When you don’t think for yourself and follow authority’s command: guess what

July 16, 2013

It’s not like you are risking great things for great rewards. You’re been conned. Relying on “society” to help you is a con. Society and all of its arms of authority should go to hell, because that’s where you will find mindless zombies in need of salvation. Humans who can survive outside of society doesn’t need such ‘help’ and would in fact be killed if they take it.

Trust your instincts over what your aristocrats tell you to do. Or else.

Target Focus Training Review 2: 8 years after

July 9, 2013

It’s been a somewhat long time since I first bought the TFT Nuclear Weapons dvd series.

In the time since, I’ve used that base to help me learn martial arts, both as a beginner who didn’t know the difference between kung fu, karate, or aikido as well as a person who wanted non-lethal tools in the toolbox to supplement the lethal ones.

For those that want to know if it is worth the cost, I say it was worth it to me. I had to do a lot of homework and individual training (self training) in the years since then. What TFT’s trainers taught me, however, set me on the right path in more ways than one. In Ancient China and Japan, martial arts wasn’t a hobby. It was a man’s life work, the sum total of his knowledge, skills, and ability to be employed as a mercenary or the mark of his competence in the warrior’s caste. Skills of a warrior, martial arts, were seen by those ancient societies as equivalent to our modern college, Ph.D., and high school diplomas. If you didn’t have one, you were seen as either common, inferior, or an easy target. Just as Sarah Palin was derided on the national stage for having a community degree rather than an Ivy League degree. However, while there isn’t much difference between an Ivy League education and a 4 year community college one in the US, there was a huge difference between various martial art levels of skill and knowledge. And that difference wasn’t determined by the unjust, fickle, rules of society, but by who lived or died.

Thus martial arts was originally something taught to kill and that was the first and perhaps only goal. Only later on was the “non lethal” methods and philosophy tacked on. Thus in the modern era, learning non lethal methods, complicated ones evolved from baser more easy to apply lethal methods, is very difficult. It’s not difficult because people can’t spend 12 hours a day on it, it is difficult because that’s not how human martial art techniques evolved.

So if you want to get back to the real “base”, TFT can teach this base. I personally don’t consider trying to educate people on how to make nuclear energy plants a “fundamental technological base”. First they should be able to build a fire, and then maybe a steam engine or a waterwheel. One doesn’t immediate go from “here’s some sticks, make a fire” to, “here’s some uranium, make a nuclear power plant”. It takes 2-4 decades of a modern person’s life to become recognized as a black belt or master. That’s not because they have jobs or anything of that sort, although it plays a part. Primarily it is because people are attempting to jump too far up the tech tree without comprehending the basics. Nor would I consider the “basics” as being a miniaturized, scaled down, model of advanced nuclear energy plant construction. The basics for that isn’t “being able to make one atom fission, now you can make a nuclear energy plant work”. That’s not a “basic”. Basic fundamentals go wayyyy back. In many ways it is learning that 1+1=2 and why it equals 2 and not 10. Because it can equal 10 if you comprehend numerical systems at a fundamental level. Say a binary numerical counting system. 1+1=10

Those who are taught to mimick a punch or kick, without comprehending the anatomical theory behind it all, aren’t getting the “basics” or “fundamentals”. No matter how talented they are, they are merely being asked to reproduce a water wheel from some water and some wood, without any idea of what energy even is. The extremely talented in martial arts and H2H can do it, and figure out the principles later on. The rest are considered incompetent, slow, or worthless.

TFT’s methodology flips that world view over and considers it the other way around. Attempting to find a way that doesn’t require such sacrifices and inefficiencies. Some people, when they heard that this was the source of my training, were naturally inclined to take that as my style, that I was a member of said organization or philosophy. One of the things I took away from the path TFT started me on was the ability to think for myself. I no longer need organizations, laws, societies, or groups of people to tell me what is left and what is right, what is true or what is false, what is light and what is darkness; I can figure that stuff out for myself now. I can deconstruct any martial art technique in the span of a few days of working with. I can reconstruct it and recombine it with my own methods. I can debug my own mistakes and dead ends. I can fix and explain other people’s problems as well.

While there is much yet to learn, this is far different from those stuck at a plateau because they never understood why 5×5=25. They just memorized a 12×12 chart that their teachers told them to. They never attempted to think things through by themselves, for themselves. They are thus stuck. You’re going to need to know more than just a memorized 12×12 table to solve derivative equations. And yet, no matter how much effort you use, you will not get it until you figure out the fundamental basics and principles that are underneath the reality we see.

[EDIT: Good video review]

Target Focus Training Teleconference: Time provides the highest cruelty

July 9, 2013

Date: Thursday, July 11, 2013
Starts: 6PM, US PDT / 9PM EDT
Duration: approximately 75 minutes
Click Here to register for the call

While there were hundreds of unique questions & comments, many were asked repeatedly. Including questions like. . .
* I’m terrified that I’ll freeze (from fear) if attacked?
* How do I know if I really need to fight back?
* How do you flick the mental switch so you can use violence to protect yourself when you’re normally a peaceful person. . .
* What’s the best technique to use when you’re surprised?
* I’m really struggling with the idea I’m going to need to hurt another human being (like gouge his eyes out).
* Is it REALLY possible for a woman to defeat a bigger, stronger attacker?
* and many more.
These and other critical questions & comments need to be addressed if women are going to have any chance of living their lives without fear.

Black vs White: Videos NSFW

July 4, 2013

Not Safe For Work. Not Safe for Family too.

There’s not much comment or analysis I got for these stuff. It’s potentially good material for demagoguery, but the time of Katrina and other such opportunities are past.

I got nothing to say other than “pay attention and feel the atmosphere”. The content is not necessarily important, but the atmosphere in those videos is.