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May 25, 2013

For most of that time, I kept very quiet about political matters. Mostly because I knew the things I was going to say weren’t popular and would almost definitely cast a cloud on people’s ever fervently wished for optimism (on America). In 2008, people said to wait for Obama to fix 8 years of Republican evil and corruption. He will shine down the light upon us and lower the sea levels. In 2011-12, people said the election will show how Americans can’t be fooled by a con artist in the White House. They would win the political election because the Left was incompetent, lazy, corrupt and too obviously sabotaging the economy. The economy is what gets votes, they thought. Wrong. Almost, but not quite right.

Now a days, I can speak more evenly and feel that people are on the same wavelength as me. They no longer speak of politics as politics. They no longer speak of the Leftist alliance as some petty political party that is of no threat to the US. They no longer make fun of those who could predict the future of America’s evil producing Leftists. (Everything was a social game of musical chairs up until the gov stomped on their child’s head, then they couldn’t make fun of the conspiracy extremist peeps as much)

Yet, in the end, not even that will be enough to save us. Knowing the value of something only after it’s been lost… is of no value whatsoever.


The Leftist Alliance: Deconstruct in Detail

May 25, 2013

The original members of the Leftist alliance were basically insurgents/terrorists or wannabe revolutionaries that sought to the change the world, if only because they could not change themselves for the better.

For those that sought to change the world, it became more and more of an excuse to avoid changing themselves. If environmentalists can change the world and make people do things their way, then faithful zealots won’t have to pay attention to the fact that they couldn’t change themselves to help the environment. No matter what evil they committed or who they railroaded, they began to tell themselves that it would be justified so long as they made an impact on the world.

If there’s something you cannot do as a human, something about yourself that you hate and wish to change, but either cannot or fail in the doing… even then you can still get a gun, point it at the head of another human, and make them do what you could not. This is called “changing the world”, in so far as another human is a separate existence from yourself, thus external along with the world.

The Leftist alliance’s chosen model of totalitarian tyranny and a slave economy was perfect for their existence. After all, the whole idea of controlling people is to force them to change their ways. It is mutually opposed to the concept of individualism and freedom, where it says one’s duty is to change oneself and ONLY that.

Grim asked about the Left’s logistic supply chains in order to disrupt operations. While I gave a simple chain, it was simple to the point of almost inaccuracy. First, the breakdown of the existing model and its lack of detail.

taxes -> gov -> unions -> Democrat politicians -> Leftist alliance special groups

1. The Leftist alliance is composed of a thousand to 1 million special groups, their own faction often times run almost completely with self sufficiency from an ideological point of view. They don’t “take orders” from other Leftist totalitarian factions. They cooperate much as the 13 Colonies did against a common enemy, only through being “united states”.

2. This is not so much a chain as it is a circle. A perpetual Ourobos circle of self-replenishment. Once established, it needs nothing apart from itself. It is neither male nor female, thus reproduces by itself, on itself, and needs no external good, evil, light, darkness, food, or existence to sustain itself. This is what I meant by the Left has established a self-regenerating supply chain. Thus:

taxes -> gov -> unions -> Democrat politicians -> Leftist alliance special groups -> taxes -> gov -> …..

Grim mentioned the Republican tactical and strategic initiative to cut down on taxes, increase economic growth, improved limited government, etc as a solution. First of all, the GOP didn’t intend to break the Left’s power, back, or logistics. Thus they can’t fail at what they didn’t try. They just didn’t try it. Secondly, even if the government is forced to reduce tax revenues by 10%, that is not the majority of their revenue or war funding. The gov also prints money, out of thin air. The war funding source isn’t negated by cuts of that nature, in some ways Leftist power increases when government is forced to shutdown or have its funding cut.

Gov -> unions -> Democrat politicians -> Leftist alliance members -> print money -> gov.

The government protects and empowers unions. Unions support politicians. Politicians make laws that allow Leftist alliance members to operate in printing more money that goes back to the gov.

The other method the government uses is this.
-10% taxes -> government funding decrease – > Democrat politicians produce corrupt deals -> Leftist alliance benefits = decrease in military funding, funding of Republican colleges, and funding in disfavored bureaucratic factions in DC. This in turn leads to basically -10% taxes -> increase in power of Democrat politicians. By being the one that controls the redistribution of resources, they force those other factions in their alliance to obey even harder. Those other factions don’t necessarily need to be in their alliance either, as GOP leaders are convinced by Democrat money as well. Union money. Printed money. Tax revenues. Social security fund raiding too.

This doesn’t mean Democrat=GOP. In terms of simplistic math sum theory, Leftist alliance > Democrats > GOP. In short, Democrats are smaller and part of Leftist alliance, which is greater and more powerful than the GOP, which is less than the Democrats. This power equation has sometimes changed over the course of US history, but not by much.

The method they have used the most is probably social security fund raiding. Whenever Republicans decreased taxes and state/federal level alliance factions had to cut back, they relied more and more heavily on the federal Democrat faction's war chest of social security funding, conveniently provided to them by FDR.

This is like killing an insurgent when the enemy has 1 million more cannonfodder children ready to send to the front lines to die for Jihad. You're not really accomplishing as much as you think you are on the strategic and logistic level. Tactically, sure it feels like a victory, but only tactically.

All the actions of the Leftist alliance, whether one wants to talk about homosexual activism, Mexican immigration, labor laws, minimum wage, corporation taxes, high school and college education "curriculums", public and private unions, US spending on defense, domestic security, and local state boondocks… it's all interconnected in a web and a circle of logistics.

The Left's vast resources have become so interconnected, and full of regenerative capabilities, that even if you took out one node or one faction's entire war capability, the others will flood in and fill up the gap, defend the fallen faction until the fallen faction recovers. Think "safe harbors" in COIN. Middle East "Cease fires".

The only thing that would likely take it down would be a full frontal purge and total war deployment committing 90+% of your side's full military/economic capability: a last ditch attack/stand. But then that can just as well be called a civil war or a nuclear holocaust, because that's the kind of damage that would have to be inflicted to shatter the enemy's morale as well as supply source.

I believe the correct path in life is not to change the world as oh so many brainwashed cannon fodder journalist degree factories advocated we should do. Instead, people should strive to their utmost, putting their life on the line, to change themselves for the better. Only then, not before, will they ever receive the ability, power, and right to change the world.

A substitute for the difficult work of changing yourself is changing other people through the mere ability to force the world, and its people, to be remodeled upon a special brand of social justice. However, how can evil bastards ever know what is just for society?

Those that refuse to accept the existence of the Left’s evil, certainly won’t be able to do anything to change the world. For the Left has already accepted that their enemies, you people, will need to be exterminated and enslaved to pave the way for a new Man Made God powered Utopia of Perfect Resolutions. Until people change themselves for the better, they will not deserve victory against the Left. Nor can our side make them change, that is the job of the Left. Mao once wrote that insurgents are fish that swim amongst the people, that need the support of the people. If the people will not support you, then merely wait and engineer for the occupation to change the people for you, by burning them alive if necessary. Such is the nature of war, especially with or against the Left.

Heart, Soul, and Body

May 20, 2013

In changing oneself for the better, first one must know what exactly is “oneself”.

This is why people understand things in the order of instincts, emotions, and then logic. The first is always truer than the second, yet the second is also truer than the third.

The Japanese call it ai or love. Religious believers say it is loyalty and love of God. Warriors speak of the moment separating life and death, where truth outsines the redness of blood and the blackness of hate/fear. Yet it is the intellectual that speaks of science, of creating/destroying life for material gain, of laws and how to game those laws.

Sankarea + Suisei no Gargantia + Shingeki no Kyojin

May 20, 2013

After having watched 3 episodes of Sankarea, 7 episodes of Suise no Gargantia and Shingeki no Kyojin (Gargantia on the Verdurous planet and Attack on Titan), there are some things I’ve been thinking about.

Shingeki started off almost on the classic hero/shounen story line. A young child faces adversity and obtains the motivation to strive for power in order to defeat a foe or obtain a goal. However, it readily departed into a Muv Luv Alternative universe where the concepts of life and death drive the plot and characters.

Gargantia started off in that total war of extermination/extinction, just like MLA, but then started providing a cultural glimpse into a different lifestyle of peace and cooperation. Shingeki appeared to be predictable in the plot, but that’s not how it turned out. Gargantia felt like it was going to do the military high casualty war but most of its episodes so far went in the other direction. These unexpected surprises and changes in the plot setup are refreshing and keeps me guessing.

Sankarea is also getting deep on the dramatic moments. Even though on its surface, it appeared like a romantic comedy about utterly fantastic/fantasy elements portrayed against regular teenage high school life.

All of them I like, if only because the power of life cannot be appreciated until one accepts the power of death.

A Quantum Internet

May 9, 2013

I can’t help but recall how many times Japanese science fiction has used quantum mechanics as the basis for the plot or a world creation. The fact that they expect the common consumer in Japan to understand these things while the US is mostly concerned about making money off of Hollywood gun violence, porn, and abortion is its quantum paradigm.

Full Body Control: Martial Art Training

May 9, 2013

This is an example of a previous concept, rooting, used to fuel or compose different techniques and applications. Much as a car can be customized with different rims, hoods, paint, and various other components, the martial artist trains in two diverse fashions.

1. Acquiring techniques from others or creating them from scratch.

2. Learning to control their body in order to apply power to action.

The popular method to learn or train in martial arts is to do 1 first and then 2. People learn a form or two, some techniques, and practice them. All in the hopes that they will get to 2, the ability to control their own bodies. Why don’t people just start with 2? 2 is required to get 1, but 1 isn’t required to get to 2. A person lacking any techniques and have created none, will still be able to adapt to a conflict and find a way to victory. Simple is better in battles and wars, so long as you have the power.

In many ways, customizing one’s martial arts is either the goal or the road, depending on one’s objectives. However, there is a significant difference between an add on that adds functionality to a car and an add on that is merely cosmetic or even reduces the functionality of a car. Those who know techniques, but do not know how to construct or deconstruct them, will be unable to tell what is functional vs what is non-functional. Their best bet is to listen to gurus and others, some con artists, to tell them which way is best. That’s about the same as an artist sketching out somebody else’s painting as a way to produce art. In the art world, a forgery may bring you shame or embarrassment. In martial arts, it’ll get you killed.

The application in the video is rather simple. All the power being applied to the upper torso is redirected to the ground via the spine, hips, and legs. Muscle control is merely used to maintain the alignment to prevent power from being blocked. The person being pushed isn’t exerting much energy and thus will appear to gain power over a long fight. Utilizing the energy of the earth’s gravy well and mass is very fuel efficient.

Rewrite: Visual Novel Review

May 7, 2013

This was pretty good. Either at the top 5 or near it in my personal estimation.

I started normally, finishing the routes for the 5 heroines. 3 were open at first, 2 were unlocked later. I suspected, however, that there was some secret ura stories like in Muv Luv. It turned out to be true. The details, of course, I will leave the reader to find out for themselves.

The dramatic component was done quite well, with different combinations of sadness and sublime beauty combined together on each story plot. Each route essentially tells the story of one world line in quantum mechanics, split based upon player decisions and then plot forking.

The romantic elements were varied between action sequences, dark heroic moments, hero of justice moments, and various gray shades between. Multi themed, I would say it was. This VN is listed as having routes being completely different in plot from each other. Thus it makes it similar to Fate Stay/night, the first VN I read. Very exciting and far less boring to redo the common route from the beginning.

Those with weak mental or stomach tolerances, perhaps should watch out or at least train yourself to a higher tolerance as you read the story. Many of the things in the story I have experienced myself, faced the question of doing, or otherwise dealt with in my life, so I found it easy to accept some of the more dramatic confrontations. Others may feel different.

Overall, the protagonist was someone, especially at the end, that I felt very close or comfortable with. In that sense, it takes away some of the adventure (people doing crazy things that would be too scary to do yourself) and excitement from it for me. In compensation, I felt comfortable and pleased with the True End. No disagreements or fundamental disgruntled emotional opinions. For those with little or no experience of certain human phenomenon in the world, they may be more disturbed emotionally by the events depicted in Rewrite. Which is part of the fun, challenging your own self to change emotionally or intellectually. See if you are up to the challenge.

This is a great story for males that want a combination of romance, action, and seinen (teenager grows into an adult) story lines. I can’t speak too much for what females may like in the story, except that the romance is quite well done. Romance is often a side plot in action movies, a way to justify two characters being together but not much else. When I say “romance” in Rewrite, I mean the kind of story where the man is motivated to save or destroy the world because his love of his woman demands it. That kind of epic romantic adventure.