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Child’s Play Charity ended due to Penny Arcade’s Internal Politics

March 26, 2012

That’s basically how it happened.

The specifics have more to do with Tycho’s actual PR attack against the Retake ME3 movement. Cutting through the context and the incorrect wording, it’s quite obvious that for a number of reasons, such as Penny Arcade’s own personal ideological biases, they decided they didn’t want “their” charity to be associated with ME in this fashion. As if “their” charity was actually theirs. It can be used to promote “Penny Arcade”, but perhaps not issues they disagree with, such as changing ME3’s ending.

Just imagine if Valor IT told the Marines their donations weren’t accepted because if they want to donate to Valor IT, it has to be FOR Valor IT, not for Marine vs Navy or whatever other “stuff”.

As the main point of contact for Child’s Play, Jamie has been buried under mail about this situation. Apparently some of the people giving to the cause seemed to think that they were paying for a new ending to Mass Effect. She’s been asked what the goal is, and how much they need to raise in order to get the ending produced. We’ve also been contacted by PayPal due to a high number of people asking for their donations back. This is in addition to readers who simply couldn’t understand how this was connected to Child’s Play’s mission. We were dealing with a lot of very confused people, more every day, and that told us we had a problem.

Tycho’s “problem” is that he is either confused or digging that dagger in the back for good measure. PR gurus and propagandists know that people don’t mention things like this that can be easily used to attack an organization’s donations to charity, especially that they are demanding that their donations be “returned”, without a specific agenda and goal in mind. These issues are also, as Tycho mentioned, private correspondence designed to deal with issues that Tycho is bringing to a public light for… what purposes again? Where is the expression of gratitude for 80k US dollars raised in THIS economy to go to a charity drive, that Penny Arcade claims is owned by them? Is that charity drive owned by Penny Arcade because it is only allowed to promote Penny Arcade?

This is Gabe, the individual who was probably one of the most strident of Penny Arcade writers against the drive to change ME3’s ending.

Krahulik has been in press online, thanks to hostile phone calls from Jack Thompson regarding an email Krahulik had sent. The email was in response to an offer Thompson had made to video game creators about creating an ultra-violent game based on a man whose son was murdered by a supposedly video game-influenced teen. Thompson claimed he would donate $10,000 towards a charity of former Take-Two Interactive chairman Paul Eibeler’s choosing if the game was made (which it eventually was). Krahulik, in the email, said he and fellow gamers had raised about half a million dollars toward charity. According to Krahulik, “Jack actually just called and screamed at me for a couple minutes. He said if I email him again I will ‘regret it’. What a violent man.”[2]

Mike Krahulik, along with the rest of the Penny Arcade staff, later opted to “step in” for Jack Thompson. Thompson refused to donate $10,000 to charity because he considered the game put forth to meet his challenge subpar. He also claimed that his proposal was satirical and not a serious offer. Penny Arcade donated the money in his stead to the Electronic Software Association Foundation with the note, “For Jack Thompson, because Jack Thompson won’t”

That money raised to make Penny Arcade look good against some goon on the internet wouldn’t have turned out to be Child’s Play would it?

So now ME3 Retake movement and all of its derivatives, you’ve learned an important lesson. Don’t use other people’s charity funds, since those were designed expressly to promote their interests and PR campaign. Make one up yourself and organize it. That’s what these charities drives are in the end, suppliers of PR. Rich people get PR, and in return, poor people get the money for something. Most of the time, a mutually beneficial relationship. Until one rich group of gamers meets another rich group of gamers, and the latter group already has their charity drive and they don’t want their charity related to another gamer group’s charity.


Why the World Hates the US

May 19, 2010

Japanese eroge. Leftist causes. Feminist movements. Legalized prostitution and women’s rights. Freedom of expression and speech.

There is an interesting issue I just came across. It concerns a US based feminist group conducting a psychological warfare campaign against the government of Japan as well as certain private industries there as a result of Rapelay being successfully removed by Amazon from Amazon, in the UK and elsewhere. Nothing like success to breed more success, as they say.

To a certain extent, the Left likes to say that the US is hated because we butt in everybody’s business. In actuality, it is the Left in the US, who interferes then blames it on Republicans and conservatives in order to win local elections. When we have to interfere in Afghanistan in order to fix Carter’s mistakes, when we have to interfere in Iraq because of the Left’s pro-Islamic President, Jimmy Carter, and his destruction of Iranian democracy, then it is said that the US is now Imperialistic and a Hegemony. When the Left and their paid child rapists at the UN interfere, it is always with a justification, a pretext, something that sounds and looks good on the surface. And it works. It works because there’s nobody resisting. No organization can afford to resist given how the Left has designed their terrorist cells for maximum pressure and attack power. A purely defensive, static, institution or organization, one that cannot bend easily, will be shattered regardless of how powerful it is. Even the United States of America, which has lasted 2 centuries, is currently being crippled by the progressive deterioration and decay of the Left. No small time organization can face such brutal firepower and relentless political activism defined by the very existence of the Left.


  1. UN Statistics for 2000: Rapes per 100,000 people:
    Canada 78.08 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned
    Australia 77.79 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga De Jure Banned
    USA 32.05 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned (Constitutionally Invalid)
    Sweden 24.47 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned
    UK 16.23 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga, BDSM to be Banned
    France 14.36 “Simple Possession”
    S. Korea 12.98 “Simple Possession”
    Germany 9.12 “Simple Possession”
    Russia 4.78
    Taiwan 4.08
    Japan 1.78 “Simple Possession” (Just introduced)

An Irish rag on a slow news day picks up the story that importers have been selling Rapelay via Amazon. The theme is that the game encourages rape and is child pornography.

Amazon completely drops the product, including in Japan. Other retailers soon follow suit.

Feminist busybody group “Equality Now”, which organises spam campaigns to keep its members busy without actually having to deal with problems directly, targets the game, accusing it of human rights violations and telling the Japanese government it should be banning this sort of thing, like low crime paradises such as the UK.

The developers tell the foreign feminists to get lost.

Soon after the Rapelay developers cave in and completely remove the game from distribution.

Equality Now’s Japanese lawyer (the group has no presence in Japan) drums up anti-eroge media attention.

A Japanese diet member, an avowed feminist, picks up on the scandal and starts calling for a ban. Objections start with the opposition and minor parties and soon the ruling party jumps onto the bandwagon.

A “study group” is organised to decide how best to ban the games.

Broadcaster TBS falsely reports that the EOCS has banned the games.

The EOCS bans the games.-Source

To a certain extent, the feminist movement is a global movement only in the sense that people like power and they tend to follow whoever has more of it or whoever promises to give them more of it. So a US based group can affect people in Japan, if they can control their leaders and shakers. Of course, that’s how the Left controlled American politics as well. What works here, definitely works elsewhere. Still, there’s a certain problem here. The feminist movement is now actively lobbying for more rape and child molestation. Just as the Communist Party and their Leftist members intentionally infiltrated members into the Catholic Church simply to bring about just such a scandal as those that involved homosexual priests. They engineer the problem, they make sure more rapes happen, and then they come in and expect to be given power to solve the problem. They engineer the crisis first, like the housing crash of 2008 in the US, and then they ascend to power based upon it. After all, they know exactly why it will happen, when it will happen, and they spent a lot of time preparing themselves to take advantage of it while everyone else will be shocked and surprised.

As a student of Target Focus Training’s methodology on violence, as a student of Colonel Boyd’s OODA loop construct, as a student of politics, history, psychology, and human nature, it is not hard to see the reality behind the thin veneer of the Left.

Now I wouldn’t remove the possibility that Equality Now designed it such that other nations would hate the US precisely because Equality Now is pressuring them. This gives the Left more fuel to say that the extremely vociferous Tea Party and their enemies in the Left, liars and murderers, are “dangerous” because they make the US look bad in front of the world. See, Bush was said to have made us look bad, so Obama and his Leftist freaks will then make us look good to ultra-civilized places like Europe. And Japan.

Another lie they sold the masses and the Democrat voters just swallowed it up as if it was the only water in a vast desert.

The real reason the world hates the US is because we don’t exterminate the weaklings and traitors in our presence, who make the US look bad in the world. That’s the reality behind the superficial claims. The Left also gets to make people in Japan less prosperous, by destroying that particular economic sector. It’s a double bargain. Rapes go up, so more women get chained to feminist causes or politicians using feminism to gain power. Economy goes down, more socialism and safety net bonuses are permanently demanded. If that sounds familiar to you, and you’re living in Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, or LA, you aren’t the only one.

I hate the Left. There is no method I would be against should it aid in the Left’s defeat. They must be amputated. They cannot be left alone. They certainly won’t leave anyone else alone. Most people when they feel emotions, allow emotions to control them. Thus they lose their way. They can’t figure out a way to get revenge, they can’t figure out a way to protect their loved ones, because they’re too pissed to think straight. Their monkey is driving the bus, giving them a crack distorted view of the world. This is where personal improvement comes in. This is where training comes in. This is where H2H training comes in, given to me by Target Focus Training and their instructors. It all fits together. There are many different things that can be done to eliminate the Left’s rotten visage from this planet. For a time, of course. But even a moment in time is worth it for a world that is free to lift itself up free from the demonic influence of Leftist Utopian ideology.

The Left will increase SWAT raids using “terrorist” attacks by “right wingers” as an excuse. If this builds up the bank accounts of Public Sector unions, that’s just icing on the cake. The Left will increase pornography in order to destabilize marriage and families. Then destroy freedom of expression, while legalizing prostitution, while banning… erotic comics and games? And they will do this in alliance with the religious and conservatives because the religions and the Republican party have been programmed by the Left to think porn and what not the same as indecency? This is just too much of a system. Too much of a con game where every element fits too nicely together.

In order to counter such people, we need just as much flexibility as they have shown. Just as much, if not more, ruthlessness. Just as much, if not more, funding and organization. It will not be a single person that does it. It won’t be a politician like Sarah Palin or Obama. It can’t be a single person, no matter how virtuous or disgusting they are, because this is a problem created by many people and it will only be fixed by an equal or greater amount of people. Leaders are necessary, but only as hubs, as pillars to support those that do the real work. The extermination and amputation of the Left does not have at its purpose the destruction of human potential through death or violence. It is simply a necessary component. It is necessary in order to preserve my people, those working for the betterment of humanity. For them to live, for them to work, for them to have a future, the Left must die. Whether it be a temporary death or a death that continues on for a 1,000 times each year of each millennium, matters not in the least.

For people to live and prosper, the Left must be destroyed. Their allies must be destroyed or absorbed. Their tools must be crushed and melted down so that we can make plows from their weapons of war. There is no other way. There is no compromise that will lead to the new world. There is no potential for co-existence except when the Left has been crushed. You leave them alone and you won’t get the American Dream. You’ll get gangrene and then they’ll come and take from you everything, leaving you an IOU. As in an, “I Owe You” death by euthanasia since you have now become a burden upon the state. Does it matter that you got gangrene because the government messed up safety standards and the ability for people to fix problems? Not really. When the bill is due, it is your problem .When it is time to buy golden toilets and sweet caviar, then it is Pelosi’s problem to solve, with your money. It is never your turn to get the goodies.

Islam is similar in threat, but the Left is far more of a danger. But just as many people refuse to speak of Islam as a mortal danger, even more refuse to say or think the same of the domestic insurgency here in the United States of America. Oh wait, they are no longer the insurgency. They have gained power and are now the occupying forces: White House has a bunch of Obama photographs dropped everywhere. Who does he think he is, Saddam’s replacement? Oh wait.

Culture Wars: The One Man Army

January 26, 2009

I filtered these particular conversation from Rose’s blog comments for one reason: as an example of our times. Read the conversation after the link and if you wish to read all of the comments surrounding this argument, including my little modest contributions, click on the link above.


Ethics and Zoriah

July 15, 2008

People interested in debates about ethics and journalism and the topic of Zoriah’s wrongness or rightness should read this post by Cassandra of Villainous company, which also includes several of my comments I posted there.

On Media Manipulation and Fighting Back

June 1, 2008

One of the things that has infuriated me for years in the roiling battle between Israel and her neighbors is Israel’s utter ineptitude at courting the media.


Be sure to read the comments

  1. Ymarsakar

    That is why every faction that is Good needs a counter-propaganda capability. Not having a counter-propaganda agency to counter enemy propaganda, is like not having missile defenses or nuclear deterences against enemy thermonukes.

  2. on 31 May 2008 at 9:23 pm 3SADIE

    Point well made, but…….

    If a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one there to hear it, does it still make a sound.

    Even if there was a counter-propaganda agency would the press hear it – report it?

    Certainly, within the Israeli media investigations and the outcomes are reported. The looming question is whether or not the results, rebuffs, counter measures would be covered by AP, UPI, BBC, etc.

    I had to read EJP (European Jewish Press) to follow the ‘press’ coverage in the French courts over several months.

  3. on 31 May 2008 at 9:47 pm 4Ymarsakar

    Even if there was a counter-propaganda agency would the press hear it – report it?

    A proper counter-propaganda agency would already have manipulated, infiltrated, and subverted the “press”. That is what competency in the cloak and dagger world is all about. Converting enemy resources to your own. Counter-insurgency=converting Al Anbar enemy tribes to allied tribes.

    Competent leaders produce such results. Incompetent leaders get led around the nose by the MSM, who are themselves led around the nose by Islamic Jihadists and anti-American activists.

    I had to read EJP (European Jewish Press) to follow the ‘press’ coverage in the French courts over several months.

    Neo-Neocon did a good job covering those trials, especially since she went to Paris about the same time this thing was starting.

  4. on 31 May 2008 at 10:02 pm 5Ymarsakar

    The reason why you need competent leaders to complete manipulation operations against such agencies as the MSM is because of several factors. One is legality or what is known as your weak spot. If the enemy observes you have a weak spot which can be cavitated in with legal challenges, then you will be forced on the defensive and the only thing you’ll be countering is litigation lawsuits.

    Look at what they did and are doing to Bush when he fired those prosecutors.

    The point is, you have to use the enemy’s OODA cycle, get inside that cycle, and then wreck damage in such a way that the enemy will never be able to react and get his balance back.

    There are many methods to do this, but only a select few work depending on what situation it is.

    Nixon tried to conduct surveillaince on the media and got caught covering it up. That kind of action was both passive as well as fraught with obvious weaknesses that enemies will exploit once they see it. And exploit it the media did.

    The media, like the jihadists, are not demi-gods and aren’t invulnerable. This means that they have human foibles and they can be deceived and manipulated using their beliefs the same as the Islamic Jihadists can be.

    That is not the difficulty. The difficulty is that the “Good guys” have become so used to having the “overwhelming air and land superiority”, that they have forgotten and thus have scorned the use of deception operations. The big guy with muscles will almost never favor deception as opposed to brute force, for why should those with more brute force than anyone else have to lower themselves to trickery?

    In this sense, their morality is wrong. For one can never achieve the acme of battle knowledge or skill, as Sun Tzu described it, if one refuses to use deception in warfare and not only that, but refuse to train and get better at deception.

    How do you think people or the West will get better at deception when they refuse to deceive the media? How will American citizens get better at deception when the citizens and their political leaders refuse to counter the deception of the media?

    This puts the initiative and attack plan straight with the Main Sewer Media and their allies, not us. They will be the ones that are going to decide what the story is going to be and what stories will or will not be covered.

    This is a monopoly on deception operations that must be broken.

    As for the “how” of it, one method would be to conduct disinformation campaigns against the media. Force the media or manipulate them, ala Dan Rather, to report false information that is then used as an attack against us or the war. Discredit the media by using the media’s own attack plans against them.

    The reason why the “NO WMDs” blood libel by the media works so well is because Bush himself chose to use WMDs as the prime media justification because it was the only justification that could work to convince the members of the United Nations to back Bush. And Bush only went to the UN because he needed Britain’s support (Chirac’s support too).

    The media will report every anti-American propaganda event and anything that sheds a negative light on America. People may see that as a problem, but I see that as our salvation. For that makes the media predictable and when an enemy becomes predictable, he also becomes dead against competent foes.

    Currently the media is discredited not just because conservatives view them as biased and unreliable, but because Leftists and activist Democrats themselves view the Main Stream Media as biased: biased in favor of their parent corporations and what not.

    You have to shatter this perception, otherwise people can justify ignoring Fox News or good news about Iraq as “Haliburton trying to make more profit off the caskets of American soldiers”.

Dick Morris has a much more solid set of credentials than me when it comes to political subterfuge and media knowledge. HIs disaffection with Clinton policies and character assassins would also make him more useful as an inside contractor to Bush.

The point is, my ideas are not in a vacuum and there are many people that can and would do the same, if Bush had hired them as his advisers instead of Tenet, Powell, and so forth.

The President’s power comes directly from the people and that is only magnified by the Electoral College. He represents every American just as he represents every State in the Union. THe people in the Executive or Legislative branch gets their power and status from him, the President, not the other way around. Yet President Bush has allowed things to be that these bureaucrats and petty public officials are the ones that determine the tone and theme of the relationship of the President with the nation and its people and institutions.

Historically, when Emperors have wanted to break the corrupt and stagnant power of the aristocrats, meaning the bureaucracy, they have always went directly to the people. Emperor Krushru the Just of Iran and non-Iran in the times of Belisarius, the greatest Roman General in history, bypassed the nobility and the various aristocratic houses when those aristocrats refused to support the Emperor and did much to overthrow and destabilize things. Did you know that the Great Houses of Persia were the ones that, in the end, decided who would be Emperor? Krushru decided to change that balance of powers and he did so with the minor nobility or rather the small time land owners. He gave them Imperial territory and authority and they in turn directly served the Emperor. He created a new power base that he could call on for support against the internal enemies of Iran should they ever develop a spine to challenge him.

This, in modern times, is translated as political capital and political interest. Capital is what you have when you start out and interest is the increasing payments you get from your capital. The greater your capital and the less often you use it, the greater your interest and rate of increase in capital will be.

Bush has often allowed people like Tenet or the other people he appointed or kept on to decide the spending of Bush’s political capital with the people of the USA. This has bankrupted Bush in terms of popular support for such endeavours as Iraq.

Take Katrina for example. Bush, instead of nationalizing the National Guard and throwing the Mayor and Governor of New Orleans and Louisiana under the bus for gross incompetence and criminal negligence (cue congressional hearings), he chose to allow Blanco and Nagin to put the blame on Bush and to fetter away the political capital of the President of the US by creating a disaster zone within a disaster zone. Bush gave three days to those two to kill lives and ruin those that have survived. That is not what the leader of a nation who cares for its people should be doing.

I also recall that the “blame Bush” thing didn’t occur until after Nagin and Blanco had taken care of their own personal political fallouts with retarded public comments. There was plenty of time for Bush to take the initiative and destroy the character and public career of those two, but he didn’t and thus Bush’s record on Katrina was the one that got destroyed. First they hit FEMA and after that, it was obvious who their next target was.

In this kind of war, there is no surrender and there is no compromise. It is either destroy or be destroyed. Do not count on the Democrats to return your “mercy” with compassionate and fair treatment just because you treated them fairly and Constitutionally.

But of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just read this post by Cassandra.


Once upon a time there was a serpent who was badly injured in a fight with another animal. It managed to slither away to safety but would have surely died if a benevolent man had not seen it suffering by the side of the road. The goodly man carefully wrapped the snake up and took it to his house, where he bestowed the kindest and gentlest care on the snake until it was healed and could return to the wild. Just as the man was releasing the serpent back into the grass, the ungrateful snake turned and bit him on the hand.

“What did you do that for?” cried the man, who knew that the bite of this particular snake was usually fatal. “Didn’t I take care of you when no one else would?”

The snake shrugged (no small feat for a snake!) and replied to the benevolent–and now doomed– man, “What did you expect? You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”

– CWCID: Dr. Sanity

Hollywood and Communism

September 2, 2007

A history, if you will, ontop of a narration. It is very good.

Every so often someone in Hollywood uses his power to break the movie colony’s rules. Consider this year’s Total Eclipse. Odd as it may seem, this is the first serious American film set against the background of the 1939 Nazi-Soviet Pact, the deal that allied Europe’s two totalitarian powers against the West and helped plunge the world into war. With an ally on the eastern front, Hitler sent his Panzers west while Stalin helped himself to the Baltic states and invaded Finland. A film like this could easily have turned out as big a didactic dud as the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s 1982 bomb, Inchon, with Laurence Olivier as Gen. Douglas MacArthur. But this time the verisimilitude of the script, carried by some outstanding performances, is the source of the film’s dramatic power.

Dustin Hoffman’s persuasive portrayal of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin obviously emerges from his close study of how power and perversity converged in the dictator. Likewise, Jurgen Prochnow sparkles as Hitler’s foreign minister, Joachim Von Ribbentrop, and so does Robert Duvall as Vyacheslav Molotov, his Soviet counterpart. Duvall’s delivery of Molotov’s line that “fascism is a matter of taste” is a key moment, and deserves at least as much admiration as Duvall’s famous quip from Apocalypse Now about the smell of napalm in the morning. The Molotov speech has drawn some objections for being over the top, but it was not invented by screenwriter William Goldman (Marathon Man); it’s an actual quote.

The sheer unexpectedness of the film is almost as shocking as its content. In one of the film’s more chilling sequences, the Soviets hand over a number of German Communists, Jews who had taken refuge in Moscow, to the Gestapo. Modern audiences may find this surprising, but that incident too is taken from the historical record. Indeed, former KGB officials are credited as advisers on the film, whose cast also includes some of their actual victims.

Courtesy of Zabrina over at a comment over propaganda at Book‘s.