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The future in America’s past

July 27, 2015

Reading the past like this feels different, when one understands that it is also one’s future.

Ethnic Cleansing in America

July 27, 2015

The crackpots and paranoid freaks seem to think Hussein hasn’t killed anyone nor executed them. They can continue to think so as things change around them. Perhaps when the American population is reduced to a tenth, they will become the majority opinion once more.

Classic techniques for playing music

July 23, 2015

If Bruce Lee could find synergy between martial arts and dancing, then why not music too for the rest of us?

Courtesy of Grim Beorn’s post.

List of American Casualties

July 23, 2015

• Jonathan Ferrell — Charlotte NC, running to the police after surviving an auto accident….gets gunned down.
• John Winkler — LA, gunned down running towards a sheriff’s deputy as he was fleeing the man who had held him hostage with a knife.
• Michael Davidson — USAF, gunned down by a state trooper as he was walking towards him after a traffic accident he was involved in.
• Alfred Redwine — Albuquerque, NM, unarmed and shot on the front porch of his home after he’d been SWAT’d and was dumb enough to come out into the direct line of fire as the police had demanded.
• Eric Scott — Las Vegas, NV, gunned down in the Costco parking lot because he had a concealed carry permit. And the security camera that was watching the incident reportedly ‘malfunctioned’ so that evidence of the shooting was lost.
• Tamir Rice — 12-year old playing in a Cleveland, OH, park with an airsoft pistol. Police shot him dead within 2 seconds of their arrival on the scene.
• Aiyana Stanley-Jones — 7-year old in Detroit. Shot by police while she slept on a couch.
• John Crawford III, 22, was fatally shot by law enforcement inside a Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart on Aug. 5 within minutes of a 911 call from a fellow Walmart shopper. He was carrying a BB gun he considered buying.
• Dillon Taylor — Unarmed. Killed by the Salt Lake City police because he moved his hands when the officer demanded he show his hands. The DA found no reason to charge the officer.
• Jose Guerena — Tucson, AZ. Shot 60 times in a no-knock drug raid that found no drugs. He had the temerity to think the crashing of his door down was a home invasion and was prepared to defend his wife. So they shot him.
• D’Andre Berghardt — Las Vegas, NV, had been walking down the highway trying to hitch a ride when police approached him. His behavior was erratic, and eventually he tried to climb inside a police vehicle — at which point he was shot dead. He got a ride….in a meat wagon.
• Jerame Reid — Bridgeton, NJ, shot six times by police with his hands empty and up.
• John Warna, Jr. — 95-year old WWII veteran shot to death—five 12 gauge bean bag rounds at close range—by police in his assisted-living room because he refused to take his medicine. The officer ‘feared for his life’ because Warna had a shoe-horn in his hand.
• James Howard Allen — 74-year old war veteran. Had recently had heart surgery. Saturday afternoon the family in North Carolina asked police officers to check on his welfare. In response to the request, the cops went to the man’s house at midnight, broke in, and then shot him dead.
• Lavall Hall — Mentally distrubed in the care of his mother. He had an episode so she called the police to help calm him down. When the police showed up, he waved a broom at them. So they shot him dead and then cuffed him. He’s ‘calm’ now.
• Darrell Gatewood — Oklahoma City, was having a fit. His girlfriend called the police to help him. They tasered him until he was dead.
• Derek Cruice — Shot in the face and killed during the botched raid in Deltona. Unarmed and half-naked, wearing nothing but basketball shorts, he approached officers breaking down the door of his house and was immediately shot.
• Walter Scott — North Charleston, South Carolina. Unarmed and running away from Officer Slager when shot in the back.
• Freddie Gray — Baltimore, run down and beaten to death by police for no apparent reason.
• Justin Way — Florida, shot by police after girlfriend called for help because he was threatening to harm himself. So to prevent him from going to Hell by killing himself, they did it for him. Police tell girlfriend….’That’s what we do.”
• Deven Guilford — Murdered by County Sheriff Sergeant Jonathan Frost for flashing his headlights at Frost’s vehicle because his cruiser’s highbeams were on. And Frost didn’t like that common vehicular ‘comment’. Caught on the sergeant’s body-cam. No charges filed.

That came from a source online. However, expending the resources to verify each line is going to take a substantial amount of time. But later on, who knows.

Firearms self defense myths

July 20, 2015

A lot of those in the list reminds me of martial arts or H2H training arguments. The primary reason why people think something can’t be done, that’s high level, is because:

1. They’re incompetent, they’ve never done it, so they think nobody else on the human plane of existence is better.

2. The experts that taught them were incompetent, see 1.

The training methodology to squeeze out high dexterity and accuracy in situations where the heart wants to beat at more than 180 per minute, is already known to mankind. The thing is, a lot of people don’t do it, they don’t obey the training guidelines, or they just plain refuse to believe it. Then later on, they take the “evidence” of 99% of the race “failing to do this” as the proof that it can never be done. Crabs in a bucket.

In a normal feudal society, the representation of the best would be determined in tournaments or life and death duels (Miyamoto Musashi). Our modern world, however, is too soft for that. So we argue and debate and try to out capitalize the competition. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. Firearms at least have easy data to access and loads of practitioners, citizen or criminal, to source off of. H2H, however, is much more difficult to parse out. We’re not Hong Kong in the 1960s, with everyone fighting on the roof tops to test things. We’re certainly not at the Miyamoto Musashi level of muga shugyos (training pilgrimages).

Breaking Gender Norms

July 18, 2015

They call us homophobes or people who are scared of society, so we obey the “gender norms”. That’s actually a deception. That’s because this video about a cross dresser was posted on VoxDay’s blog. VoxDay, the right wing Hitler that the Left describes him as !

But that actor isn’t broken, like many Leftists are. He exudes a fun aura. There’s no hostility to genders. When Turd threatened to send Ben Shapiro, the Breitbart guy, to a hospital, that wasn’t fun. That wasn’t the loving atmosphere they accuse us of denying with their homo marriage policies.

So what’s the difference? I think the difference is that Leftist homos are broken inside. They allowed society to determine their identity and path, and are unhappy to the point where they justify oppressing the rest of us, because of how they were treated in the past. This Lady Beard, started cross dressing to entertain people at parties. He’s a panda. He didn’t change his sexual identity, he instead found a way to make his job into what he loved, like martial arts. Gender parameters weren’t something he allowed to hold him back. Being bullied wasn’t something he allowed to form his personality. And that’s why when you see that video, the reaction is not the same way we react to hostile, poisonous, Leftist homos or other such variants.

In most of the Western world, the Left is breaking gender norms in order to colonize and produce an insurgency, a militant society that is dangerous and hostile to the rest of us. In Japan, kawaii (adorableness) and cross dressing is for entertainment purposes, to induce or maintain social harmony. The Leftist alliance does not control Japan’s entertainment or otaku sub cultures.

Notice how different things can be, without the Left’s evil influence. If the Leftist alliance and all their cultural artifacts were to be extinguished from the face of existence, we wouldn’t go back to the regressive “bad old days”. We would move forward as a Race, the Human Race.

Counter Revolutionary methods against the Left

July 18, 2015

Occam’s B was a commenter at a certain blog. While I didn’t consider his scientific opinions to be superior to the common mob of the “scientific consensus”, he was pretty clever in other areas. This methodology is something I’ve applied myself and it works. Perhaps because it is a counter technique, not a defensive technique. Defense, huddling in a turtle ball while you get raped and beat on, doesn’t necessarily breed confidence or joy in a human.

Occam’s Beard Says:
September 29th, 2010 at 8:23 pm
“Yesterday, we sat and listened to diatribes about Reagan being terrible for the US, gun-rights proponents being wrong and dangerous, Tea partiers being radicals, etc., etc.”

We’ve commented on this before – the peculiar tendency of leftists/liberals to presuppose that everyone agrees with them, election results notwithstanding.

It may be a social signaling device, a shibboleth, on their part to pre-emptively assert their “coolness” and then await accolades from the assembled comrades.

Or it may just be garden-variety ignorance and lack of social graces.

“But I am very embarrassed at my own lack of self defense.”

No need to be embarrassed; it’s probably a waste of breath to present the opposing viewpoint. Perhaps more productive is to plant the seed of doubt/thought in the fertile soil between their ears, and let it go at that.

One example is turning leftist viewpoints back on one’s interlocutor apparently without noticing the conflict, viz., if talking to a liberal physician, go on a tear about how Obama’s absolutely right that doctors yank out body parts just to turn a buck, and that you for one are glad that Obama (keep using His name) has had the courage to punish such parasites and cut back their income. It’s for the children!

Other examples include:

1. Talking up militant unionism to anyone who has to (or in some future development, may have to) deal with them.

2. To a liberal mom holding forth about her child’s performance in school, talk about how the Dems are absolutely right that grades are elitist and merely reflective of class advantages, that her child should be sent to an inner city school to learn about the downtrodden, and that since all children are equally valuable they should therefore all receive the same grade. (If anything brings out the hard-nosed side of most women, it’s something that disadvantages their children. And quite right, too.)

3. To a liberal dad who’s proud of his son, talk up homosexuality, and tell him you agree that all children should be taught the …uh…ins and outs of all the myriad “lifestyles” Dems support, and encouraged to try them all. If he’s proud of a daughter, talk about how you approve of abortion without parental consent, and think that the Dems are right to support illegitimate births among teen-aged girls.

4. To accusations of “Islamophobia,” from a liberal who is female, Jewish, homosexual, or a non-believer, extol the virtues of Islam, and speak approvingly of Islamic policies toward the group to which your interlocutor belongs. (“No, no, I admire Islam. They sure know how to keep their ________ in line, don’t they? We could learn a lot from them.”)

5. To union members, talk about how you approve of the Dem’s environmental policies. “Barack’s right, we must preserve the environment for the spotted howling cockroach, no matter how many jobs are lost. Losing blue-collar jobs is a small price to pay for seeing the cockroaches gambol merrily in a pristine habitat.”

6. To someone who makes a lot of money, talk about how everything over some sum (choose, say, 70% of the guy’s annual income) should be confiscated in taxes and given to the poor. He’s got so much, they’ve got so little. It’s not fair!

7. Car buff? Government Motors should produce only strictly utilitarian transport (Trabants!) They’re good enough for the proletariat.

You get the idea. Dem policies have a thousand cleavage planes in them, because they’ve cobbled together a whole bunch of groups that have mutually exclusive views. Jam the person’s face in the part that’s repellent to him, but act as though you presume he – as a Dem – will agree. The hard part is keeping a straight face.

Additionally, just for fun, with people who don’t know my actual views, I sometimes like to use psychic ju-jitsu; express agreement, and then go progressively (sorry) even further left to titrate their views, ending up waxing eloquent about policies that would make Karl Marx squirm. (Think Kim Jong Il’s press secretary and you’ve got the idea.) The trick is to see how far you can go without the other person realizing that you’re engaging in parody. It’s amusing to watch initial smiles of agreement slowly slip, and even more so if they start arguing a more conservative line.