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Posted July 21, 2016 by ymarsakar
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The RNC convention and the pangs of conscience.

Nuclear weapons, 50 tactical nukes, in Turkey that Hussein probably won’t move.

Back in 2013 people feared flash riots on FB

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If anyone is going to be able to give the motivation of hate to the residents of the tax farm, it will be the Left. All we have to do is to provide the support and militia training. And prevent the LEftist death squads and lawyer sharks from landing on the militias for defending their women from rape squads of black Obamacans.-2013 from Ymar

Now they fear Dallas assassinations of the police by BLM terrorists. What a coincidence.

But go through those old comments of mine, I certainly did, and I had a lot of interesting things to say. A kind of inspired writing, a period of absolute calm and true perception, which only comes in spurts at the time.

**Essentially, at this point, society is too stupid or unethical to be protected by anyone. This is an intentional design, not a mistake.

First people must learn to protect themselves, for a person that can be made to submit to force, is not a free human. Just a slave.

Until people figure out that freedom is something they want, it can’t be forced on them or given to them. They can’t be made to do things, unless you cattle prod them like the Left does.

Before we or anyone can protect Chicago or the malls, first we must protect ourselves from the Leftist regime. And if we cannot even do that, then the children and women at the malls will just go up in smoke, at the sacrificial altar, the same as happened in various African countries.

Those who cannot protect themselves, have no ability to claim the power to protect other people.** -Also from Ymar in 2013

Then there’s the prophetic statement that surprised me.

**What the Left sacrificed countless millions of lives in human history to achieve, is just as vulnerable as all the fallen nations turned to ash in their wake.

The Leftist alliance, for all of their mind control powers and their rising dominance, cannot defeat one power that is out of their reach.

Death. They can’t resurrect their human resources that are dead.

Money they can regenerate. Elections they can re-steal. But they very well that once a freedom fighter is dead, that freedom fighter doesn’t come back up as a zombie to fight against the Left any more. There’s no dragon’s teeth there.

But when people called me paranoid, i wonder what they would think some years afterwards, looking at things right now.

The Left’s army is composed of several interesting units. But more importantly they have been conditioned and armored using modern military training and kill on sight authority triggers. Using modern psychological processes, humans have been successfully conditioned to pull the trigger when authorized to do so. This has resulted in confirmed extreme kill ratios for SWAT teams doing no knock raids in the dead of night, often against the wrong address and shooting everything in the house (including the pets).

These are just training courses for the real targets. Which aren’t drug distributors.

So Leftist re-engineering has actually flipped “off” the switch that would normally be flipped on for interspecies conflict. Instead they have so dehumanized parts of the species, using class warfare, that it is like the old tribal days where one Rwanda tribe thinks the other Rwanda tribe is a bunch of demons and needs to be cut into pieces. This isn’t natural. This is human societal re-engineering at work. They’ve been testing these processes for awhile, to put them to the final test in America.

Well, whether people believe me or not doesn’t really matter any more. The Leftist alliance will do the convincing, as always.**- 2013

That whole bit about “class warfare”… well, people will find it easier to understand it as “warfare” given BLM and Black Panther’s terror cell in Dallas. That was a cell that utilized US military conditioning, operant conditioning, along with cross fire lanes for snipers combined with agents on the ground. In 2013, I still had something interesting and new to say. These days, I just do old analysis of stuff I’ve already analyzed and made conclusions about, dozens of times over. Unfortunately for the rest of America’s patriots, this kind of incident is “new” or “surprising” or “shocking” to them, *chuckles*. It isn’t new or shocking or surprising to me.

Background for police tactics : Dallas BLM terrorist shooting

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The direct link only goes to the playlist, so click on the upper left and go to the 21st vid, the Police must see one.

Star Citizen pyramid scheme or fraud risk

Posted July 8, 2016 by ymarsakar
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For those that had invested in this project, emotionally or financially, here is a photo record of a message between one user and Sandi and various other support ticket customer service members.

For those that don’t know the dire straits that Star Citizen is in, financially or PR wise, they can read about it here.

In short summary cap, Star Citizen was crowd funded for over 100 million, to produce a game, sometime around 2012, but has yet to make substantial product deadlines.

Police shooting and video of Castile

Posted July 7, 2016 by ymarsakar
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Hotair has some interesting video of a shooting by police, captured by witness phones not the dash/body cam. I first saw it over at Grim’s blog.

I’ll describe operant conditioning, what may be behind the trigger pull reflex in many police scenarios that end up with either too many civilians dead or too many LEOs dead.

Operant conditioning sidesteps that issue of martial arts training and time requirements, because they don’t teach people to “kill” humans. They teach people to “pull the trigger” X times when Y, Z, and B happens. To the people being conditioned, they aren’t thinking in the higher combat state of mind, they’re just reacting to stimuli. If they ever thought about what they were really doing, they might hesitate and stop themselves from pulling the trigger, which would mean their conditioning had failed. In those instances, the story would be about some crim killing police officers instead.

As for what I mean by combat state of mind, I can illustrate a few incidents.

1. A certain staff sergeant in a national guard (forgot which) unit, was writing online about his experiences in Kosovo or Iraq. One time he saw some guy on a building’s roof, qualified the target as a threat because he was carrying some kind of shoulder rocket thing like an rpg, and he took the target in his sights and was about to pull the trigger. He said he could remember his movements exactly. Right as he was about to pull the trigger and terminate the target, something in his eyes told him that the threat was not a threat, and he stopped. Later on he, reflected that it looked like the man was actually carrying some kind of construction equipment on his shoulder that just looked like an rpg. How did he detect the minute differences in the time of heartbeats between pulling the trigger and not pulling the trigger? Now that was the un explainable part. Time compression, was the default response. Time just compressed and he had a lot of time to consider it, but he always said he worried and feared what would have happened if he hadn’t stopped himself.

2. The second one would be me, trying to determine whether a car that stopped at an intersection and had yelled out, was a threat or not. The number of potential threats in the car equaled about 2-4. I dropped from Green or White, as frontsight might call it, directly into orange, skipping past yellow or the in between warning stage. No cover. No direct lines of concealment to cover escape. Only option is to pull range on the target and verify the threat scale and nature. So I walked up to the stationary car, at an angle, to ensure that they can’t easily pull any gun on me, so that I could get close enough to them to either neutralize or determine their lack of threat. I didn’t yell out. Speech centers are irrelevant at that stage of alertness. Hearing isn’t necessary either. I ascertained the nature of the potential threat via their body language. When I obtained sufficient proof to convince my instincts, I turned around and continued my walk.

There’s no need to yell. There’s no need to wave your biggest weapon around and use it before even ascertaining the threat level. The problem with having other people set your triggers, is that you become their tool. You can’t turn off the triggers. You can’t modify them. How does that make you in control of anything? Some of these LEOs fresh off the academy are told “shoot first, we’ll back you up, better than being dead in this war against the crims”. And they are fresh off the academy for police, and they soak it up, along with their operant conditioning to pull the trigger. That’s all they need to do, pulling the trigger isn’t hard to condition.

Yes, the heartbeat goes up past 150, but so what. The test to determine how people can think well in emergencies is how fast they can get their heart beats down from the 180-220 survival state. The woman filming the video, was calm, until she had some time to think about it in the police box at least… The police officer may have the excuse “well, I just acted instinctively”. Like the BART guy who pulled out his gun and shot the black kid on the ground, when restrained by 3-4 others. He was supposed to pull out his TAZER but I guess his incomplete training made him forget momentarily which holster it was in, so he pulled out the one he normally used. The one he was qualified to use on range, his normal lethal force holster. One shot, dead.

But this LEO can’t use that excuse, because after he realized what he did, he just stood there waiting for backup. Obeying procedural rules of his society, at the expense of a life he knew he shouldn’t have taken. At that point, it wasn’t instinct any more, he was starting to think, even if his heart rate was up.

Speech, hearing, and even emotions are sometimes de-prioritized in the combat state. The LEO has conditioning, but he wasn’t able to get into the combat state, to obtain clear mindedness and self control. He and others like him, are guilty of obeying the authorization of his superiors, which end being evil. Then when his free will returns and he can make a choice, he made the choice of staying there and waiting for backup to tell him what to do.

Anyone can blame their training for a mistake. How you recover from the mistake, is the test of moral character and free agency, which is a test from God, the supposed creator of humanity at large. Yet Lucifer also gets his pick of a test as well. People can choose which path they want. Do they save lives and restore the civic body through family and order, or do they choose to destroy the family unit and anything else, in favor of creating hundreds of criminals that will kill even more LEOs in the future?

Jean De Arc

Posted July 6, 2016 by ymarsakar
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Watching this movie by BYU tv, was very enlightening. The concept of direct divine guidance and teaching, to produce an eiyuu, a warrior hero, and a savior is very interesting. Given the ancient saints and those who covenanted with Judaism’ Old God, Jehovah, it is hard to determine their life details. The records are either distorted or lacking sufficient details.

Yet records of Jean De Arc and Socrates, seem rather well formed.

The Japanese also did an interesting fictional account of her, although they chose not to create a story about Jean De Arc. The female warrior used a sword and had aesthetics and background very similar to Jean De Arc, but they ended up making it about a change up of another legend. It was a great false trail, however, when I was trying to guess what historical person they were modeling that character after.

So in short, Jean was an illiterate peasant of 19 years, who somehow learned martial techniques at such a level that she routinely beat in sparring professional knights and warriors. She successfully convinced old dog military officers and aristocrats to follow her in lifting the siege on Orleans. She successfully won open field battles. She overcame the English army using psychology and pristinity of Christian rituals such as the Eucharist on the Sabbath Day. She sieged a town and overcame it, fighting personally on the front lines. She arranged artillery and siege works via planning. All of this apparently came to her via her visions and voices, in the 4 years before she was called to serve. She first met Archangel Michael and other spirits, when she was about 14-15. 4 years of direct neutral education from spirits and angels, bypassing the visual linguistic method of learning.

It’s nice to know that Charles Martel and Charles the Great (Charlemagne), had such a strong connection to God, even if the clergy of the medieval world at the time had lost touch.

The story and its details also gives a unique and useful glimpse into how God communicates with humans and how humans react. They pretty much react as one would expect, for the normals. While a person, especially a realist military noble, would not believe Voices from Heaven or anyone claiming there of, they can respect results and they can learn to read an aura. When you beat them in H2H combat, they can recognize and learn from that, even if they reject or refuse to understand the spiritual lesson. The fact that Jean had the physical capability in martial arts combined with strategic vision and miraculous changes on the battlefield, paints a great story and provides much better detail than say the Old Testament concerning Moses or Abraham. Human nature stays the same, so we can triangulate based on certainties and sources.

Jean ran into court politics and was betrayed outside of a city, prevented from entering the city, after she had held the rearguard to ensure her cavalry and troops entered the city safely. The gates were then closed, and she was captured by the English [Correction, captured by Burgundians, which are SouthEastern French near Switzerland and Italy]. The English army then ransomed her for some 10,000 gold crowns or ducats, to a Catholic Bishop, that politically sided with the English and got chased out of France as a result of Jean winning battles. He had a grudge, and set up his own private Inquisition. Sort of the reverse of the FBI vs HRC right now. The Bishop and his hand picked judges, interrogated her, to pick up on some political or religious flaw that they could use against her. After 4 months of trying to break her, she was burned at the stake for various legal excuses and the stamp of the evil Bishop. Evil comes in a lot of forms. It took them that long to find something to accuse her of heresy for. And what of Charles, the King of France? They didn’t see it worth much to attempt to rescue her or ransom her. Bishops were pretty rich back then, 10,000 gold coins is probably more than Charles had. To frame it another way, nobles earned around 100-1000 gold ducats every year. Most of that money goes into weapons and armor, and buying food for war horses and troops.

[Reading further into the history, I was glad to know that Jean’s military compatriots, including allied dukes and counts, did try to siege the city she was held in, but they failed numerous times. It’s good to know that not all the French loyal to Charles the 7th, abandoned her as a sacrifice.]

Japanese view of gender equality

Posted July 4, 2016 by ymarsakar
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A couple of interesting topics such as military training women, the specific roles available to the sex/gender, and questioning Christianity vs Budo and equality vs special roles.


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