Ancient Gods, Technology, Construction, Metallurgy, Genetics

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Ancients had slaves so they could build the pyramids, including the ones underwater near Americas, right… maybe not.

Snowden and Soros updates

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One time a few years before the advent of Trum, a few people remarked that George Soros was just an American exercising his free speech and that whatever bad things I was stating about him was an encroachment against that.

Ironically, those same people then voted Trum because of their fear of the Leftist alliance, fears which were much more exaggerated than anything people attributed to Soros.

That interview with Soros also came back like a bad example of Hussein’s ebola.

Back when Snowden first appeared on the US scene a few years ago, people argued back and forth about whether he was a traitor. Based on the propaganda, one would think Clinton and Hussein were the patriots. Looking at his interviews and other videos, I had come to a different view of things than what the fake news had lead most human sheep to fall for.

After all, whatever damage may have been attributed to Snowden, I can say that it leads back to the OPM leaks and Hussein and Clinton and Leftists selling Americans to Islamic Jihad. Snowden is just a good scapegoat. Or perhaps the whole CERN black cube cult and the ufo religions are right about the CIA and what Snowden has may have scared off some pretty powerful black budget committees.

My “sociopath” and “demonic spirit” detectors tend to go off surprisingly accurately against the known human ones. Meanwhile, people get their thinking, not just their news, from Leftist mind control programs and then start telling me that I am the crazy one. As the 2016 election shows, I’m not alone in that label any more. Finding company, is not pleasing to me, since a bunch of human crabs and livestock are rather without use to my cause.

Genesis Retranslated and Reinterpreted

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Just the tip of what I’ve been researching lately, but generally it’s about the whole Bible movement or what an ancient disciple of Jesus would have thought of his time, the way we mention star wars all the time as a reference.

By refocusing on the text itself, we get a more accurate historical account of what Noah’s time had been like. Why the Flood came, what the Tower of Babel was for, and basically what the spiritual war between Lucifer and God was even about to begin with.

The video, btw, is potentially a good fictional account or just an example of CERN making parodies of what they know to be truth or just the truth being stranger than fiction. Because CERN has said they want to open a door way. They do make parodies of satanic or pagan rituals, in front of world leaders, showing them being pulled into a gate, doing the Shiva dance of destruction and recreation. (Because if Lucifer kills God the Alpha and the Omega and gains the Powers of Divine Creation, guess what he is going to do next)

CERN, surprisingly, has major political and economic capital and pull. For a scientific conglomerate, that is rather strange. Since before the Green revolution of carbon indulgences and Gaia worship, scientists were generally poor like Leonardo DaVinci, Galileo, Kepler, or Tesla. They were individuals, perhaps even mad scientists, who didn’t quite work well with the status quo power structures. Since they, like Einstein and Newton, had their share of eccentricities and quirks, mere normal mortals could not really comprehend them. It would be very difficult for them to lead a large organization, since their IQ and intellect would be so far above their followers that they would lose trust and connection with their subordinates.

Yet CERN functions quite well at the large cartel level. A secret society that promises eternal loyalty and mutual aid, like the Free Masons, would help explain the compartmentalization. Since one way a high IQ oligarchy can rule over the masses of ignorant workers, even the ignorant scientists at CERN, is to compartmentalize who knows what. In the military, they call this Need to Know. The private doesn’t need to know what the general or President knows, or even have the IQ to comprehend it. They have middle managers that relay orders, that can understand a bit more.

To get to the point, there’s something in Revelations about the Gates of Hell where Apollyon and Abaddon will rise from. Those are linked back to the giants and nephilim, the divinely condemned genetic experiments done by fallen angels and Watchers. Where Apollo is the Sun god, or one of the Firstborn angels like Lucifer or Shiva. God after the Tower of Babel got sick and tired of humans being humans, and gave our overlordship to the Watchers, the Firstborn sons of God. The covenant with Abraham and thus Israel, became God’s own people, the line of the messiah. The Firstborn Watchers became corrupt and also the gods known in pagan circles. Strangely enough even the Apaches and the Norse have had legends about various wars between the gods, involving giants. The Greeks also had that. These would be post-Flood Tower of Babel giants. The pre-Flood giants were wiped out by the Flood, except for genetic indicators left over. The giants were the genetic sons and daughters of the Fallen Watchers, who probably listened to Lucifer the way Eve did.

Which brings us to epigenetics.

There is a purely agnostic or atheist interpretation of modern scientific results, and by that I don’t mean interpretations of Gaia worship in the Green energy movement. One can see God’s hand in creation or merely human/Lucifer’s hand in creation. Technology can be interpreted or used either way, for good or for ill. One can make bank by aborting babies via Planned Profit and then selling the parts to bio R/D for good cash gains. Or… you can realize that there are tags on dna sequences which are affected by your environment and actions, namely sin. The Wages of Sin are death. The DNA code self destroys itself from the Fall, since Adam was said to live a thousand years. We too could live a thousand years if not more, if our DNA telomeres didn’t destroy themselves after a time. The sins of the father is inherited by the son for some generations, cause of DNA. A sin, so to speak, causes a degradation of the genetic code, and in epigenetics this changes the software that causes genes to activate in unique ways. Righteousness, provides God’s grace, and protects the DNA sequence from corruption and degradation, to an extent. I think of it as obedience to God provides blessings, like Jewish IQ. Jews don’t even need to believe in God now a days, but they still have the blessings of a higher IQ and more patents than any other nation on Earth combined, except perhaps for US history. Places where God didn’t manifest all that reliably, like Africa, tend ot have lower IQ. Some say this is due to your inborn genetics, that the KKK were right and you shouldn’t mudshark around. Human understanding of genetics is about equal to the Wright brothers understanding of human flight. Better than most, but still in need of improvement.

There is the purely materialistic conclusion from quantum physics, but there is also the spiritual, non materialistic, conclusion from quantum physics.

The doorway, thus, is the doorway between dimensions. The ability to transverse this dimension and get closer to the Prison that holds the Watchers/giants. Ancient peoples have various stories about a Hades or hell that chains dead gods or defeated gods. CERN just happens to be built upon an ancient primary temple to Apollo. The “key” as mentioned in Revelations may merely be a quantum entangled data string code, which D wave’s computers can crack through. It explains why so many people, who aren’t even Christians, are receiving the gift of prophecy, miracles, and various other inspired gifts.

This combination of religion and science, which the Gaia cult has already done, is interesting. Since CERN at least produces real physics experiments and results, unlike Gaia’s fake science and the Left’s fake news. The Vatican has funded a telescope which is called the Lucifer telescope, and they are watching entities in near earth space which they say are invisible to convex lenses and the human eye. Invisible entities like… angels perhaps or demons. These dark and light entities watch human cities and are in lunar orbit.

And if the human eye can see such things sometimes due to their unique quantum or spiritual state, then that would tie into all the UFOs people talk about. Instead of the physics holy grail of Unified Theory, it seems like we already have a Unified Theory of everything, for those of us with eyes to see.

As for me, it has always been difficult to discern human deception, from disinformation, from the truth. Which is why it helps to have a spiritual conduit to the Godhead, since the spirit of truth and the God of truth is necessary to parse all this and pass it down to me. Which I then interpret and investigate, using mere human mortal tools. What we see and read are merely symbols, they do not represent the spiritual realm or what we hear or speak of. Much as the Tao is said to be in Chinese ancient philosophy and religion. The moment we put the entity and ideal into human words and abstract concepts, it loses its true nature. But we have come closer to the truth than ever before in human history, now that we have gazed deeper into God’s creation with quantum physics, the so called Big Bang or Creation from Nothing (in the beginning there was the Word or God).

As for what the rest of humanity thinks, well they couldn’t even accept Hussein and the Left for the evil that they were. Waste of my time paying attention to the rest of human trash on what they think, since they think on the same level as sheep do. Jesus did say you need to be a good shepherd, but that automatically means a good shepherd is above the sheep, they are not quite the same so to speak. The sheep do not get to tell the shepherd what to do each day, they just have to be cared for because sheep will kill themselves and get lost.

As for spiritual matters and religion, I think for people that don’t like God because of Roman Catholics or the society always talking about Jesus this, Jesus that, they should study up on who Lucifer was. Because even if you can’t understand God or Jesus…. because of all these symbols people shove around, without understanding the truth, Lucifer’s motivations and state of mind is far far easier for us humans to get. Lucifer is far closer to what we are, than we are close to God.

Christmas singing practice

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This usually gets filed away in the “Ancient Greek rhetorical” education requirements, that I often simulate and emulate in order to run experiments comparing ancient and modern teaching methods. With sound recording tools, one can even make a choir out of a single person even.

Rhetorical skills were essentially speech and charisma abilities talented individuals trained in order to have political and social influence. In peace, that would be so, in war it would be used for slightly different purposes such as improving unit morale. Singing allows modulation and control of tones, which is borderline between rhetorical skills and hypnosis skills. The breathing practice also improves internal martial arts applications and dexterity skills.

Christian Conversion stories : David Wood

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High IQ Societies for Outsiders

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Mensa, Triple Nine Society, Prometheus; these are not secret societies inhabited by the special elect, but open non profit organizations with select/private membership. By non profit, think of the status the Tea Party attempted to get in order for massive donations to come in, which the IRS blocked, sabotaged, and use to harass the donors and organizers in a specially targeted act before the 2012 elections in the USA.

These are non profit but also non political alliances and loose societies. They function with a email list, chapters (like local churches in the Southern Baptists), as well as a magazine or journal (like peer review journals and scholarly products). While studying this subject, as an adjunct or tangent to the 2400 scored SAT vs the older 1600 scored SAT, I found an interesting article that was published in one of these aforementioned journals, concerning scholarship on high IQ individuals.

Much of the conclusions tend to line up with what I have already discovered on my own, and deduced using my own methods. It’s nice to see someone who can do the same, even though we exist on different time-space coordinate. I’m not a member of Mensa nor are my gifts quantified by mental energy or standardized testing. What they term the gifted, those below or above IQ 150, qualifies for about 2+-% of humanity. The upper part that is. I am merely above average, during early tests showed me in the 90-95% more or less on various IQ related tests. I do not have the mental energy or inherent abilities of the prodigies or geniuses, yet I am high enough in the echelon hierarchy to understand them as well as “rotate down” higher level material to my level, which is digestible by a far larger proportion of humans. It’s not a method I came up with, but something I discovered when looking at various martial arts teaching methodologies online. Some instructors had a natural or innate ability to “rotate down” material they understand to verbal-linguistics.

To give a minor example, the statistical inferences and methods used by Grady is easy to understand. Yet I came to the same conclusion he did, using my own methods, the ability to analyze human behavior and infer the cause of it. In this specific case, looking at autism and how society has treated them, easily allowed me to infer the conclusion that many of those high level savant talents are malformed and turned to self destructive tendencies by the idiocy or corruption of human society. Humans don’t understand idiot savants, and as a result those with autism, even the higher functioning Asperger’s, become less and less capable of functioning in normal society. This distorts and destroys their ability to use their gifts, which causes a correlative decrease in their own stability and potential growth. But before the “autistic” label came out and drugs were used to treat them, there were individuals that had several savant level abilities who did conform well to society, and even managed to learn enough languages to explain his phenomenon to the world via a book. As Grady supplied, it is not high IQ or the kind/level of gifts which corrupt or damage humans, it is the environment they are around and how they manage to manipulate/control their own abilities to adapt to that environment.

On the other hand, I do understand personally what the High IQ societies speak of when comparing themselves to the rest of humanity. There is indeed a distance, between people who can understand these concepts and people like Newton who had to come up with calculus to even write in mathematics what he was seeing with gravity laws. Trying to explain my original hypothesis and conclusions, which often turn out to be correct to the chagrin of the modern scientific consensus quo, to the rest of humanity is pretty much pointless. Either they’ll figure it out on their own, or they will not. Explaining things is useless for people who cannot form the ideas on their own initiative.

As for Socrates, he was also a hoplite citizen warrior, so intelligence is probably not merely mental. It is also spiritual and physical. I do agree with the idea that only the highest of humanity tend to have the talent and will to develop that talent, which pulls the rest of humanity forward in knowledge and progress. But those individuals are the worst ones to lead or guide humans on that path, they can only carve a new one. The IQ difference between a leader and its followers can only accommodate about 30 points of difference, which is something else I’ve also witnessed. Feudalism and delegation starts sounding better and better. The idea of a purely centralized totalitarian system for the governing of humans only works when they reduce all humans to livestock or make “equal” humanity’s talents/gifts. It is a rather moronic idea, as expected of New Eden globalists and utopians. Other than a God level power, it’s impractical, if not impossible.

There still remain, however, four adjustment problems that continue to perplex the gifted throughout their lives, two applying to all levels of giftedness, and two applying almost exclusively to the exceptionally gifted–i.e. those with childhood IQs above 170, or adult Concept Mastery test (T) scores above 155.
One of the problems faced by all gifted persons is learning to focus their efforts for prolonged periods of time. Since so much comes easily to them, they may never acquire the self-discipline necessary to use their gifts to the fullest. Hollingworth describes how the habit begins.
Where the gifted child drifts in the school unrecognized, working chronically below his capacity (even though young for his grade), he receives daily practice in habits of idleness and daydreaming. His abilities never receive the stimulus of genuine challenge, and the situation tends to form in him the expectation of an effortless existence [3, p. 258].
But if the “average” gifted child tends to acquire bad adjustment habits in the ordinary schoolroom, the exceptionally gifted have even more problems. Hollingworth continues:
Children with IQs up to 150 get along in the ordinary course of school life quite well, achieving excellent marks without serious effort. But children above this mental status become almost intolerably bored with school work if kept in lockstep with unselected pupils of their own age. Children who rise above 170 IQ are liable to regard school with indifference or with positive dislike, for they find nothing in the work to absorb their interest. This condition of affairs, coupled with the supervision of unseeing and unsympathetic teachers, has sometimes led even to truancy on the part of gifted children [3, p. 258].
A second adjustment problem faced by all gifted persons is due to their uncommon versatility. Hollingworth says:
“Another problem of development with reference to occupation grows out of the versatility of these children. So far from being one-sided in ability and interest, they are typically capable of so many different kinds of success that they may have difficulty in confining themselves to a reasonable number of enterprises. Some of them are lost to usefulness through spreading their available time and energy over such a wide array of projects that nothing can be finished or done perfectly. After all, time and space are limited for the gifted as for others, and the life-span is probably not much longer for them than for others. A choice must be made among the numerous possibilities, since modern life calls for specialization” [3, p. 259].
A third problem faced by the gifted is learning to suffer fools gladly. Hollingworth notes:
A lesson which many gifted persons never learn as long as they live is that human beings in general are inherently very different from themselves in thought, in action, in general intention, and in interests. Many a reformer has died at the hands of a mob which he was trying to improve in the belief that other human beings can and should enjoy what he enjoys. This is one of the most painful and difficult lessons that each gifted child must learn, if personal development is to proceed successfully. It is more necessary that this be learned than that any school subject be mastered. Failure to learn how to tolerate in a reasonable fashion the foolishness of others leads to bitterness, disillusionment, and misanthropy [3, p. 259].
The single greatest adjustment problem faced by the gifted, however, is their tendency to become isolated from the rest of humanity. This problem is especially acute among the exceptionally gifted. Hollingworth says:

1, he gets it. 2, he also gets it. 3, yes he gets it.

Our senpai gets it.

Aldous Huxley once wrote:
Perhaps men of genius are the only true men. In all the history of the race there have been only a few thousand real men. And the rest of us–what are we? Teachable animals. Without the help of the real man, we should have found out almost nothing at all. Almost all the ideas with which we are familiar could never have occurred to minds like ours. Plant the seeds there and they will grow; but our minds could never spontaneously have generated them [4, p. 2242].

Strangely, another senpai that is usually mentioned in the political dystopian context, gets quoted. If he is that “Huxley”, of course, then that would be an interesting tie in. Right now I just realized I’m rotating Japanese sentence structures and memes down to English. One of the after effects of thinking with two language cores at the same time, there’s a timing issue just as there is with dual core first gen cpus. For someone that learned latin at 3-6 years of age, how many language cores would that ‘human’ be capable of using at age 25?

Another off hand theory concerns modernish neurological brain states or models. One model, the atheist materialist ones, has it that the brain creates and is the origin of consciousness, will, and personality. The other model, the half spiritualist model or quantum physics model, is advocated by Penrose (if I recall correctly) and others who claim that the brain is merely a filter, a radio, that captures signals from this plane of existence (4 dimensional space time) so that the soul (in another dimension) can manipulate and be manipulated by events on this plane or dimension. This other plane of existence would house the soul or the Quantum data form.

Now in light of that relatively new theory, due to the intersection of quantum physics with Christian supernatural theology and neurological brain models, how would one place the High IQ individuals into this paradigm?

It’s something that statistical analysis, logic, mathematical models, which high IQ individuals are known to excel in, comes face to face with other elements that they aren’t well known for. In other words, there’s a problem with using logic or statistics to observe God or divine level entities. One theory even has God planning to raise up humanity to the level of divine beings, gods or angels, who are as perfect in body as in intellect and heart. Can a human with an IQ of 250 accomplish the same? Can they even attempt to formulate such a plan let alone acquire the resources to implement it? Thus is the difference between the highest of human minds compared against the Most High, the most wise and intelligent, as claimed in human theology. Not a problem I want to try solving. Above my paygrade. Make it somebody else’s problem. Raise the level of humanity? The reply from many high IQ society members would be, “why would anyone want to raise livestock to the level of humans” or something of that nature. Beware the Watchers though.

Reference materials:

IQ table and what percentile people are in.

Black belt poses as BJJ white belt

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It’s a miniature class prank in motion, aided by the instructor in the brown belt.

Many of his arm and leg movements, seem to nullify force, rather than fighting his opponent. Instead of force against force, it’s leverage that bypasses incoming force and diverts/negates it. That’s something I’ve also felt at that range standing up, when opponents try to cross into grappling range past my arms. Even if I can’t out wrestle them, I can still stop them from closing the range by using my arms as levers stuck to the other person.

The vid had some useful training tips at the very end.