Where hatred of the Jews came from

This was an interesting question, which I had thought about for some months now.
Where anti-Semitism comes from is a puzzle. Most of the accusations against Jews seem, to me, to be after the fact. First, the anti-Semitic believer hates Jews and then takes up or makes up falsehoods to support the hate…..

So where did it start? Why?– Richard Aubrey

From my research, it goes back to Islamic slave raids, where Italian/Lombardian merchant patriarchs and Jews in Europe and the ME, helped in the selling of European slaves to Islamic Caliphs and harems.

Islam had a direct market for slaves, they would go raid for them directly. Then there was a secondary market, economic, where slaves in general were sold, to the highest bidder.

Europe’s DNA was built upon hatred and fear of Islam, and to a lesser extent the Vikings. The Vikings mellowed out pretty soon in Normandy, and converted to Christianity soon afterwards, by around 1000 AD.

Islam was significantly more virulent and aggressive in expansion.

Humans tend to fear foreign enemies, and begin hating them. But it was easier to develop a genetic hatred of Jews, who they could touch and kill, than to take on the Islamic war machine, which they could not even touch. They could only huddle in their fortified baronies and pray.

That’s my theory and research results, at least. Some of it is explained by epigenetics as well.

  1. relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.
  2. relating to the peoples who speak the Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic.
    A question in the future is why anti Semitism is only used for the Jews, when in fact that also includes the Arabs too. The Arabs and Muslims have figured this out, but the Westerners only talk about the Jews, as if the only Semitic people are the Jews. That’s why Arabs and Muslims often claim they aren’t anti Semitic. They don’t hate themselves, they just hate the Jews.
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3 Comments on “Where hatred of the Jews came from”

  1. I frankly believe that there is a spiritual influence at work here.
    The evidence is there, but not the proof.
    It has to do with the promise of the Messiah.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    Jihad and the Crusades had a lot of influence on people. But spiritual influences only affect the people directly, from one person to another. There’s nothing connecting a previous generation to the next (invisible energy vs genetics), unless the water and blood are physically near to transfer the information.

    Supernatural explanations like prophecies or superstitious beliefs about prophets, don’t explain anything. It’s not about proof or evidence, it doesn’t explain anything. You can’t reproduce it, even on a theoretical level, with people living now a days.

    There is a way to reproduce some of the previous religious miracles of course, not reproducing Jesus, but reproducing unclean water to clean water. That’s in the next post.

  3. G6loq Says:

    Kicked out by the Egyptians, whacked by the Babylonians, hacked by the Romans, baked by the German and soon to be zapped by the Mooslimes ….

    The current Jews/Ayrabs kerfuffle is a family matter:

    A very, very messy people.
    Stay away from the targets ….

    As to Neoneocon …. wrote a piece feeeeling sorry for a concentration camp Kapo.
    Just what we need hear in these times.
    Messy …. Terminal smugness.

    As to Hitler and all that… there was a context oddly reminiscent of our times:

    I am posting but who cares … the patterns will repeat.
    Stereotypes do not arise out of thin air …..

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