Why Hollywood makes movies for the world instead of Americans

This also has the effect of promoting anti American values, rather than American values, although these days even American values have been degraded and corrupted by the Left in time.

The reason for the design difference is where the money comes from.



An American centered film uses 75 million to make 100-200 million in the American audience which includes making its budget +25% in one week, but also gets 500 million in total overseas vs 300 million total domestic, estimated of course. These numbers are rounded approximately.

Whereas an international centered film, one designed for foreign audiences, like 2012, tends to make less than its budget in America, 166 million vs the 200 million budget, while making the super majority of its profit back from international income, 603 million.

An American centered film, makes 300/800, whereas foreign audiences provide 500/800 million. And that’s one of the better ratios.

Thus until Hollywood is taxed on their foreign exportation, their culture will continue to become unAmerican, antiAmerican, and everything else for that matter. Because part of human nature is to do what is profitable, what gives better returns.

As for wealth redistribution and taking money from the rich to feed the poor, it’s long past due for a progressive profit tax on these foreign exported Hollywood movies. 50-90%, I believe, is the going rate, depending on profit size, in income gaps. If America is going to suffer a cultural decadence and corruption effect from producing and creating films designed to profit from foreign cultures, America might as well profit from it, not merely the directors, stars, and producers. The Left, however, doesn’t apply their rules to themselves. The Leftist alliance is a WMD designed to destroy Western civilization, thus their rules are only an initiation of force and devastation, they do not plan to follow them.

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One Comment on “Why Hollywood makes movies for the world instead of Americans”

  1. G6loq Says:

    Bill Maher asserts that the reason there aren’t more black actors in Hollywood movies is that the movies are made to succeed in foreign markets… “And Asians really are racist.”:

    Why read fiction?

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