The Mormon Christians and the Church of Latter Day Saints

I was doing some background research on the Latter Day Saints church, aka the Mormon/Christians, due to the article Book linked to some time ago.

What my open database sources showed was interesting. Did people know that Stephanie Meyer, of Twilight fame, and Harry Reid are both confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ, Mormon Christian?

Oh yes, and the juicy part is Reid’s arrogance. He’s still Reid, a Democrat, and helping advance the cause of evil. That hasn’t changed.

Apart from accusing Romney of not paying any taxes for decades on the Senate floor or via whisper campaigns, Reid also said the Mormon church was wasting money supporting Prop 8 in California. You know, the one that opposed state enforcement of homosexual marriage. And of course people know why now what “enforcement” really means, it’s not merely an armchair re characterization, that was what they intended it as. Not a right or a privilege or an open/equal access law, but an enforcement upon the Disobedient and those Against the State.

And supposedly, Reid received critical injuries from some exercise equipment falling on him… which brings us to the other thing I researched and pulled data point wise. Connecting the dots.

“Reportedly, “About three weeks after this, Sidney was lying on his bed alone. An unseen power lifted him from his bed, threw him across the room, and tossed him from one side of the room to the other. The noise being heard in the adjoining room, his family went in to see what was the matter, and found him going from one side of the room to the other, from the effects of which Sidney was laid up for five or six weeks. Thus was Joseph’s prediction in regard to him verified. “[10]

On July 28, Smith re-ordained Rigdon to the high priesthood for “the Second time” after Rigdon had “repented like Peter of old.”

Sidney Rigdon was an early church leader in the Mormon branch line and histories, but eventually split with the mainline Latter Day Saint church and formed his own splinter group due to succession issues after the Book of Mormon prophet Smith died.

The histories on the aspect are interesting, because Reid might not have just had something fall on him…

If you read the subsections here, there is various information on divine punishments inflicted on people who misuse their authority and Church membership. The mainline difference between Catholicism and Mormon Christianity is probably the belief that God/Jesus is no longer a God/Savior of miracles, while the Mormon Christians believe that God is still directly linked, spiritually, to prophets on earth and saints on earth, with the concurrent Biblical power to go with it, as an Eternal god of covenants (Look at the House of Israel banished for almost 2000 years from their homeland as one notable example).

Here’s a good contrast, since a lot of people may know Romney is a Mormon, but they don’t necessarily know the details or what it means. Me, I like to look things up on my own and verify it using my own reliable methodology. Too bad there’s a lot of details I couldn’t put into it, but the information is merely out on the internet if they want to look it up. Pay close attention to Reid’s alleged injuries and what else Reid has said about the Mormon vs Democrat/Republican split.

I got some odds rolling around concerning what’ll finally break and destroy America, the continent or the nation. Divine Punishment is definitely one of the options. Along with the Russians and the Chinese, of course. But the point of argument is generally, at least the Chicom oligarchy and Russians have the strike capability to do something, but if God doesn’t exist, why fear punishment from the heavens? So evidence and data point correlations where humans connect the dots, that demonstrate that there is some unexplained power at work, would produce a lot of questions. More evidence than can be found in Global Warming death cult anti humanity streams at least.

P.S. Usually when I start down this kind of road, I end up somewhere very unpopular. Just like in 2007 when I wondered “what if the Left wasn’t what it appeared to be, what if it wasn’t a political party or a bunch of idealists”.

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3 Comments on “The Mormon Christians and the Church of Latter Day Saints”

  1. ymarsakar Says:

    An interesting look at a branch off of the main LDS church, G6. Of course, much of those weapons profits comes from Democrats selling guns. It’s why they want to ban guns, as black market guns in the US would raise the price.

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