More background on the Alternative Right

In response to this link post by Neo Neo, I wrote my own intel digest of the Alternative Right.

First, an analysis of the word “cuckservative” which Neo’s linked article claims is about miscegenation or pornography.

Cuckservative comes from the term cuckhold. And that comes from the word cuckoo, the bird that lays eggs in the nests of other birds. Sort of like fed welfare.
I was there online when the Alternative Right was coming up with the term, before it got popular. A lot of this comes from how Palin fought against McCain’s traitorous and greedy staffers, which weren’t Democrats I remind people.

Then there’s Peggy Noonan, Reagan religious priest and speech writer, who voted for Hussein. Need I go on.

The fact that Leftist bribed agents at NR don’t even know this much or are unwilling to state it with some modicum of accuracy, implies that they are hopelessly contaminated. The next thing they might as well claim is that Hussein is the Light Bringer and will calm the oceans and remove Global Warming, humanity’s Original Sin.

The Alt Right is an alliance, just like the Left, and that means there are often factions in it which have mutually exclusive ideologies. Just as the Leftist alliance has blacks who hate homos and gaystapo who hate blacks and other homos even.

While the Leadership Cadre of the Alternative Right is exemplified in Breitbart and Milo, as well as various other internet Gray Market economies and leaders online, the majority are content consumers not creators. They, whether consumer or creator, aren’t political operatives, which probably confuses people when they look for who is in charge. It is grassroots like the Tea Party, but not organized in a fashion that the IRS can comprehend. So just like with the Tea Party, they begin their plan of attack with charges of racism, just as they accused the Tea Party of spitting on Black Caucus zombies.

The connections to Russian propaganda and operations are interesting, although still very vague at this point. The Russians are very good at promoting nationalist points of view, their own nationalism that is, when invading Georgia. Just like the Chinese, all Russian nationalists and patriots are required to defend Russian foreign policy, even if they don’t agree with it. They defend it by attacking the incompetence of the other people, like Georgia’s presidency. The issue is whether Russia has enough English language channels to promote their ideology to the Anglosphere. China’s foreign propaganda arm is CCTV. What is the Russian’s?

If they have one, they don’t actually need agents online, because their culture spreads automatically and their pov is picked up automatically given the faster mutation and breeding of memes online now a days.

The Alternative Right is just as good at picking up Russian propaganda tricks as they are at picking up useful Leftist tricks. The only thing the Alt Right lacks is the military arm, which is exemplified in survivalists, patriots with guns in the US, and those of us with a peculiar interest in logistics and military strategy. But even there, they might not be lacking for one, for long. If they can incorporate that group, they will gain real punching power, outside of the political sphere and arm.

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