Blast from the Past: Palin and Joe Plumber

That was a reminder of how many people fall for Leftist propaganda like that Gibson video interview.

An old comment from Fred about things I can relate to. I also felt similarly back in that era.

FredHjr Says:
October 16th, 2008 at 11:47 pm
I am really more angry now than I’ve ever been about political events. What these thugs have done to this man’s life. I am so pissed off about it that it may just carry over into my feelings for Obama supporters, the bootlicking, goose-stepping parasites they are.

Obama is evil. There is no other way to finesse it.

This man just asked a simple honest question. He got some publicity for it, and now the Chicago gangsters are ripping his life apart and destroying it.

People, wake the f**k up. If this is not chilling, then you haven’t a brain and definitely no soul.

And the people who collaborate in this project are filth. What right does Obama and his gangsters have to the information they are getting about Joe? The people who hold that information in confidence who give it to Obama’s agents are scum. They contaminate the environment and culture.

I now have a very different take on Obama’s supporters. It is decidedly negative, because if they have no problem with this evil act then what does that make them? I’m not kidding around here; I’m dead serious with my moral accusations. It is deserved. Any Obama supporter who does not condemn this forfeits good standing in the human race.

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