Yuri Bezmenov Defector from the KGB Twice Again

I first saw Yuri Bezmenov’s video from a commenter on Neo Neo’s site, Art I think it was. And probably later, I also saw it at Cassandra’s blog, but doubt it was more than once in total over the entirety of the observable internet from my point of view. At the time, I had already observed the various data points, although more were soon to come as I became self educated on the matter. Once I saw the data points, I drew lines connecting them and realized their significance, much in the same fashion Bezmenov noticed certain things happening when he was de brainwashing himself in India. My experiences and skill sets are different from Bezmenov’s, but also very similar in some respects. He also came to see his own culture and nation with a more accurate and objective view/judgment, after learning from a foreign culture/language. By definition, he thought outside the box, the box of the social restrictions he was born with and the box the Soviet regime reinforced using social consensus and other control techniques.

At the time, so many years ago, I had wondered why so many people, on the internet, chose to downplay or just pretend to be blind to these conclusions, which became ever more obvious to me as time went on. Why is it that people do not connect the dots? And the answer I’ve consciously and subconsciously arrived at is, “they do not connect the dots, because they don’t see the dots”. Why do they not see? Because they lack the personal experience or ability in certain fields, to be capable of recognizing the existence of certain things they have no experience/expertise/capability in. The rest would be blamed on a lack of Willpower.

2007-2010 period for above. More recent scenario below.

If people are beginning to recognize and accept what is going on now, that is because of the actions of the Left. That is not because ordinary normal humans have gained any peculiar experiences or obtained expertise in any particular field. It is an outside force acting in on them, not an internal force pealing away the onion of the world. I have no expectations that they would improve, an individual would already be different if they had an internal motivation. Theoretically, I had predicted that people would come to know in time, but that was an abstract conjecture. It didn’t become reality until recently. Which is probably why I am still surprised, in a state of surprise, lacking appropriate contextual settings.

Watching 8 minutes of a 1 hour plus interview, isn’t going to provide the context or the data points. Just as watching an hour long plus interview is not going to provide the data contextual points for people to connect the dots. More is needed. Just as a person on September 11 of 2000 needed more than just empty promises, to believe the claim that Islamic Jihad was a threat to the world’s only superpower, a mortal one even. For those that had no idea about the Caliphate or the history of Islam, it would seem preposterous, crazy even. A conspiracy theory, right. It would be downplayed on September 10, 2001, almost a year later. Certainly it would be. Certainly it was. Certainly it will be in the future in some other context or scenario.

That is how humans are.

[Reproduced in full because the internet is going to delete the data eventually, as the original website is down]

Taking Down A Nation: Lessons From Yuri Bezmenov

In the early 1980’s a Russian KGB agent, a disinformation specialist, defected from Russia to Canada and was given political asylum. At first he began a simple life with his wife, attaining a job and settling down, but his conscience gnawed at him. Yuri, felt like he had something to say to the western world, and although President Ronald Reagan was battling for the revision of a Constitutional government in America, there were troubling signs. Bezmenov felt that he needed to warn the west, in particular, the United States.

Awaking the sleeping giant

He began a lecture tour and traveled from Los Angeles to NYC giving instructive discussions on how the long range plans of the Soviet Marxist doctrine targeted peaceful republics, created social unrest, and eventually brought down a government with false narratives of class warfare and racial inequality. Soon, a relatively orderly and prosperous society would be thrust into demonstrations, rebellion, and the government would be compromised ripe for an overthrow!

Informing the electorate

Yuri Bezmenov warned the citizens as he taped his informative lectures that all the signs were present in American society. These signs that a concerted effort of propaganda was paying off even surprised him at the level that they had attained. This, the former KGB agent illustrated, was the cost to freedom if the conservative voice in a society did not rise up to oppose the leftist false narratives that permeated the airways and classrooms through a process he called indoctrination.


From political television shows like “Face The Nation” on Sundays continually parroting Washington DC double speak to radical professors regurgitating their hatred for the American heritage from college campuses, the US media and academia in America have conspired to influence the American public into a socialistic mindset accepting big intrusive government in place of the Constitutional Republic that is supposed to exist and be recognized by the federal government. That big government according to Yuri Bezmenov would be spouting the false promises of social justice, racial inequity, and attacks on the moral values of our society.


The Soviet method of destabilizing a society consisted of infiltrating the government with appointees who obstructed the legal process and begin disrupting due process of law. By installing radicals in the judicial system, the left could attain unthinkably outlandish court rulings that set future precedents that would allow for corruption of the system. Remember that Adolf Hitler’s Nazi government legitimized atrocities and genocide by enacting laws first as insane as they were.

Lawlessness on Capitol Hill

Today we can see the enactment of laws that are counter to everything our forefathers stood for when they drafted the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Laws that were designed to protect the individual from the corruption of an out of control government have been intentionally overlooked by the federal government in Washington DC. Even President Obama admitted that the had problems with the US Constitution. Why? Because obviously it conflicts with his executive order by pass Congress type of rule. It makes no difference that Congress refuses to enforce the US Constitution and stop the president, this does not overrule or render the US Constitution irrelevant, rather it demonstrates just how corrupt our top down leadership has become!

More on Yuri Bezmenov’s revelations in Part II

Part 2 is lost, on to Part 3.

Taking Down A Nation: Lessons from Yuri Bezmenov Part III

In the early eighties a most unlikely figure entered the public arena in the midst of the Reagan presidency as America fought to reclaim its lost prestige at home and in the world. Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent, just defected from Russia, was making his rounds in America on a lecture tour. As the Reagan administration reconstructed an American economy smitten by the blunders of a Jimmy Carter administration and the idiotic Keynesian economics of the 70’s, an experienced observer from a hostile super power made the lecture circuit and attempted to enlighten the American public.

Unlikely cohorts

Amazingly the unlikely forces of conservative Ronald Reagan and a seeming former enemy Yuri Bezmenov came together to aid America in returning to its former Constitutional roots and becoming, once again, a major force in the world ending the cold war and helping the US rise to a new level of prosperity. The irony of a patriot like Ronald Reagan, who championed the US Constitution and held a liberal Democratic Congress in check from spending sprees and imposing more regulatory interference with the US economy had an unwitting allie in Bezmenov. Yuri’s lectures made it clear that not only was a malignancy emerging in American society, but that it needed to be extricated as soon as possible.


it is interesting to note that as the Soviet Union collapsed under its own weight of oppression of its masses, a GDP that was primarily measured in government expenditures for the military, and an arms race with the capitalistic might of its main nemesis, the United States, that it could not win. Yuri Bezmenov, once a tool of the very iron fist that had driven the cold war, now fought to keep America from being consumed by the same pitfall that had caused the collapse of his own nation. The naivety of US society being reduced by the entitlement mentality of overbearing big government using socialism to enlist the masses plagued the US then as it does now under the Obama administration, only President Reagan succeeded in turning the nation around at that time. The present future of this nation now seems in grave doubt.

Classic pattern of repeat

The lessons of Yuri Bezmenov resonate now even more perhaps than they did then, yet America is a different country today with as many as 51 million illegal aliens who have not assimilated effectively enough to distinguish between the leftist ideology destroying the very society they have come to for opportunity, and the conservative heritage that brought America to greatness. The lawlessness Bezmenov warned about within our system under the Obama administration has doomed our government with a Department of Justice that refuses to enforce the law, radical justices legislating form the bench, and a Congress that will not stand in the way of an out of control Executive Branch that has by passed lawmakers in favor of dictatorial executive orders.

Warnings unheeded

Yuri warned of this kind of corruption being installed within the highest branches of the federal government disinterested in complying with the US Constitution while imposing the agenda of creating an all consuming welfare state that overpowers the nation’s policy. The unappointed public officials creating political obstacles, activist judges opposing the Constitution, and government investigations that go no where because subpoenas are stonewalled. These are just some of the symptoms of an infiltrated political system that Yuri warned America about. Yet, under the Obama administration all elements of this insanity have come true.

White House sanctioned unrest

When a former KGB expert on disinformation can see all the signs within America with even more promising results than he could have imagined, the public should have taken notice. With Eric Holder’s and President Obama’s insistence on racializing immigration policy and blaming US law enforcement for discrimination, one again Yuri demonstrated that these tactics were utilized as one of many principles of Soviet incited subversion designed to disrupt a peaceful society in order to create tension and strife. Chaos is what disinformation is designed to achieve in a culture targeted by the KGB. Bezmenov utilized it through printed propaganda, media, and though social conflict. Violence, agitation, social unrest, all ingredients used by the KGB as well as the Obama administration to impose more government control parallel the precepts Yuri was taught as a KGB agent to inject into a society chosen for an overthrow!

Persecuting intellectuals

Mercilessly employing these aspects of collectivist tactics was the job of a disinformation agent deployed by the Russian government to foreign lands that they had set their sights on. Bezmenov had seen the aftermath of KGB tactics and despised the great lie of the Communist Manifesto authored by Karl Marx, yet it was continually reconstituted by the hardliners again and again in answer to the capitalistic ideology of America and the West. Yuri Bezmenov would become the target of his former bosses after more than a decade of his instructional efforts.

A demise greatly exaggerated?

A vague and suspect certificate of death appeared to be that of one Yuri Bezmenov in 1993. Many felt that Yuri, aware that he could be a target of opportunity and assassinated, could have engineered his own departure from authority with an engineered death since details of his supposed demise were unclear. His efforts will be remembered even if his lessons did little to curtail the efforts of the Obama White House today. Yuri Bezmenov might be considered an unsung hero to some, but he was indeed a patriot from a dubious source for the cause of America.

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4 Comments on “Yuri Bezmenov Defector from the KGB Twice Again”

  1. ymarsakar Says:

    I hadn’t seen that video yet, and I was searching for his name in 2012. Yuri sensei’s great work did not take off, mostly because there was no Youtube and no internet, no civilian resistance could grow, no water, no fish. The other reason would have to be the amount of traitors in the US who were expressly there to get rid of people like Yuri or isolate them.

    A new generation, bred in the desert of Arakis, will be able to put up a better fight. Unexpected, since between 2007-2010, there was nothing. No internet rumours, no comments online, nothing I could find.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    Thanks faustus, works for me.

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